From Part 1.....

After I stood up me motioned for me to put my cock back through the hole. I did and he slowly sucked my cock to completion and swallowed my load. I pulled up my pants and headed out of my booth. As I did, the door to the booth next to me opened.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 2...

We both stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and glanced at each other. Instantly, we both froze, our eyes locked together.

After a frozen moment in time, the other guy stepped forward to pass me and said softly, "Outside."

I followed him out to the parking lot and to a car. once at the car, he turned and looked at me again and said, "What the fuck just happened?"

"Well, unless I'm greatly mistaken, we just sucked each others cocks," I replied, looking my brother, Dustin, in the face.

"Get in the car," he said. "We need to talk."

We got into what had been our mother's car but was ours top share while away at college. In silence, he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Are we going back to the dorm to have our talk?" I asked.

"Fuck no! There are too many interruptions and nosy assholes there."

We soon arrived at the park by the lake and after he parked we got out and sat on a picnic table. Looking at me, he asked, "Cory, when did you start?"

"It was in my senior year of high school. My friend, Josh, and I began messing around and soon one thing led to another and we were doing it all. But, my curiosity began before that. I have a confession to make to you."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I used to hear you in your room and I started peeking in and would watch you jerk off. Then I'd go back to my room and do the same."

He let out a chuckle and said, "You little shit!"

"When and how did you start?" I asked.

He took a deep breath before beginning. "Like you, I was curious, but I knew that in the Army I had to keep my curiosity hidden. Then, another sergeant and I started becoming friends and it was the way he looked at me that increased my curiosity. We had leave one weekend. He had rented a cabin on the beach for the weekend and he invited me to join him. When we got in the cabin, he suggested that we hit the beach. I agreed and he immediately stripped in front of me and I saw his long slim cock. He noticed me looking but didn't say anything. I then noticed him getting a boner and by the time he had his swim trunks on we were both boned. We made a joke of it."

"So what happened," I asked when he paused.

"When we returned to the cabin, he made no attempt to put any clothes on, saying how comfortable he was and suggested I do the same. I hesitated a little but finally agreed. Once we were both nude, we started getting boned again. He looked me over and said that my cock looked good enough to eat. Without thinking, I blurted out, "Well, if you want to eat it, go ahead."

"Did he?"

"Oh yea. He immediately stepped up to me and dropped to his knees and before I Knew it, he had swallowed my cock ant the feeling was awesome. I was getting my first blow job. He finished me off and after swallowing, he looked at me and said, "I'll do that for you anytime you want, but it has to be our secret."

"Then, we were laying on the only bed in the room and my curiosity got the best of me. I reached over and began stroking his cock. as it hardened, he began to moan softly and say how good it felt having another man's hand stroking him. Then, in a flash, I leaned over and swallowed his cock and sucked him off. I figured that if he could swallow cum so could I. I found I liked it.

"We started spending most weekends together, and within a couple of months we were not only doing oral but anal also. Then one weekend he said we were meeting a couple of his sex buddies. It turned out to be a lieutenant and a captain in our unit. Things really got wild with them."

"What are we going to do about us?" I asked.

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"Dustin, I have to be honest. After tonight, I feel so much closer to you. We now have more in common and I'd love to have more sex with you."

"I know how you feel. I want more of you," he replied, then asked, "Does dad know anything?"

"Fuck no!" I exclaimed.

"Well, you know that the walls in the dorm are extremely thin. Maybe we can find a small apartment to rent and talk dad into helping out with the rent."

"It's worth a try," I said.

"But for now, let's have some fun."

We got in the car and headed for a cheap motel. After checking in, we hit the room and immediately began hot tongue kissing as we undressed each other. Moments later, we were on the bed hungrily devouring each others cocks. Almost simultaneously we climaxed and eagerly swallowed each others loads before returning to our kissing.

A short while later, Dustin rolled me over and began eating my ass drilling his tongue deep into my waiting hole. I moaned in pleasure as he went as deep as he could with his tongue. It wasn't long before I told him to fuck me.

He did gladly and it was awesome. Never had I enjoyed a fucking more than I did with Dustin in my ass. After making his deposit, he climbed on my cock and began to ride me like a wild man, forcing me to fire my load deep into him.

We had sex most of the night and the next morning before check-out time. We immediately began looking for an apartment and soon found a one bedroom apartment above the garage of a man in his ate forties. The rent was reasonable and when he found out that we were brothers and both students, he agreed to pay all utilities.

We went home and visited with dad and proposed the deal to him saying it would be quieter and we'd be able to study better. He agreed and helped us move. The apartment was furnished but dad commented that it just had one queen bed.

"Dad, get real!" Dustin exclaimed. "We're brothers!"

"Yea, you're right," dad replied.

Dustin and I had noticed that dad and Greg, our landlord, had seemed top get friendlier than expected in such a short time. Then Greg asked us all to join him for lunch on him. We did and at the restaurant, Greg quickly took a chair next to dad.

After lunch, Dad left for home, and after seeing him off, Dustin and I headed up to our new apartment and as we did, Greg called out, Don't you two boys do anything I wouldn't do."

We turned to look at him and saw a sly smirk on his face. We felt sure that he was gay also, and wondered if he was putting the make on dad. Could our dad be gay also? No way! we decided.

We kept our grades high between all the sex we were having. Then one Friday evening, we decided to go down and sit by the water feature Greg had in the yard.

As we passed his den door, the blinds were open slightly. Casually, I glanced in and instantly stopped and motioned for Dustin to join me.

There on the den floor was Greg and two other guys who looked younger than him, all nude. We noticed the two other guys tongue kissing passionately as one fucked Greg's ass and the other fucked his mouth. We were right in our assumption that Greg was gay.

As we watched, we both eased our cocks out and stroked off as we watched the show taking place inside. We also did our share of kissing.

The next morning Greg invited us down for coffee. As we had coffee in the same spot where we had seen him having sex, Dustin spoke up.

"Greg, what you do in your own house is definitely your business, but you might want to make sure the blinds are completely closed."

Greg began to blush as he asked, "Just what did you see?"

we told him and as he smiled he apologized and said if we had wanted we should have joined. "I'd have been glad to take care of you two."

"What's wrong with right now?"

Looking shocked, Greg said, "Not a fucking thing. Shall we get comfortable?"

We all three began to strip and moments later Greg was on his knees alternating between sucking our cocks. Before we allowed ourselves to climax, we had both sucked on Greg's huge cock and fucked his ass. Then we let him finish us off and eat both our loads.

As we dressed, he smiled and said, "Stop by any time for a repeat."

"You can count on it," we told him.

A couple of weeks later, Dad said he would be driving up on Saturday morning. We were looking forward to seeing him.

Friday night, we went out to one of the clubs for a short while and as we returned home, we noticed a car exactly like dads parked a couple of blocks down the street. It made us curious.

When we got home we eased out of our car and around to the back yard. Before going up to our apartment. we began searching for a crack in the blinds. We finally found it.

Looking in, we saw Greg and another man, whose face we couldn't see, eating each others ass. We watched for a moment then as they changed position, we watched as the other guy began hungrily sucking Greg's cock. We froze watching our own father suck cock. We decided on our plan of action.

We eased up to our apartment, and after stripping we eased back down stairs and with hard cocks pointing the way, we eased up to Greg's back door. We knew Greg seldom locked the back door, we hoped it was unlocked now.

Dustin gently grasped the knob and quickly turned and opened the door. Before they could react, Dustin and I entered the room saying, "We want to join the fun."

Both were shocked but dad seemed to relax some after I started sucking his cock and Dustin started kissing and making out with Greg. As the shock wore off, dad Flipped around and we had a hot sixty-nine as Greg and Dustin watched. After dad and I had swallowed each others loads, Dustin grabbed his cock and waved it around saying, "I've got another one for you dad."

Dad smiled and immediately sucked Dustin off. Afterward, we all had a long talk and found out that dad had been gay almost his entire life but kept it hidden.

That night, Dad spent the night with Greg but Saturday night he stayed with Dustin and I and we all sucked and fucked and made out most of the night.

After graduation, at dad's insistence, we joined his construction company and moved back home with him. We each considered the other two as our lovers. Greg visited often and joined us in sex, as did Dave, one of dad's foremen who was hot as hell.

We're all so much happier now that everything is out in the open. Dustin and I love nothing better than having dad fuck us and the feeling of his load shooting up us and filling our hole. Being bred by dad is awesome.



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