I woke the next morning with a raging boner as I remembered what had happened yesterday, my own studly, marine brother had sucked me off and I had done the same to him and the craziest thing was I had loved it. I began to pump my dick hard as I thought of how good his mouth was on my dick and how it felt to have his cock in my mouth. It didn't take me long as I pumped a huge load all over my abs, I scooped it up in my fingers and decided to try it, I knew my bro liked it. I put it in my mouth and swallowed it, the taste was not great but it was so erotic I hungrily cleaned myself up.

My mom was just leaving for work when I got downstairs and I said my goodbyes before sitting down to eat breakfast with Liam. He smirked at me but didn't talk and he could see him rubbing his crotch and my own dick was rising even though I had only just cum. He stood up and came next to me before pulling out his big dick, I didn't hesitate as I pushed my lips around his huge tool and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him deep into my throat.

I eagerly sucked and played with his dick, savoring the taste of his salty precum while his pubes tickled my upper lip. I felt him grab my head hard as he pushed me deeper onto him and that's when I felt the cum shoot inside me. Rope after rope hit my throat and this time I knew I was going to swallow and I hungrily ate every last drop he pumped into me.

'Aww fuck man, you're a natural' he said as slowly withdrew his dick from my mouth.

'Thanks' I replied awkwardly, kind of embarrassed at the complement.

'Right buddy, I got some things to do today so i'm going to get dressed'

'Umm ok' I replied, a bit annoyed he wasn't going to return the favor.

'Don't worry I'll be back soon and we will have a lot more fun'

Liam went to get ready and soon left as I watched tv, casually rubbing my softening dick. Maybe about an hour after he left, my cell started ringing and it was Liam.

'Hey man, what's up?' I answered

'Hey bro, I've met a guy who wants to come back with me'

'Oh really? Do you want me to leave'

'Hell no, I told him about you and he said it would be hot to have brothers'

'Wow, ok'

'I thought it would be hot if you watched us and saw what other stuff goes on and maybe join in a little'

'Fuck, that sounds awesome'

'Ok buddy we will be there soon'

My heart started beating fast and my cock rose again, I was little nervous to do something another guy when I had only just started but also fucking excited to see my bro and the guy do other stuff. I decided it would be hot to greet them with no clothes on so I stripped and sat on the couch, slowly working my cock.

About 10 minutes later I heard the door open and heard voices getting closer and the excitement rose within me.

'Holy fucking shit' the unknown voice said.

I looked up and nearly shat myself as I saw my best friends dad - Mike. I knew him pretty well as I was always round his house and I was shocked he was into man sex, he worked in construction and always seemed so manly and his voice was so low and gruff you wouldn't want to have a fight with him.

'Looks like you guys know each other huh?' Liam asked awkwardly

'ummm' was all I could say.

'Your bro is a good friend of my son' Mike said in his deep voice.

'Is this gonna be a problem?' asked Liam

'Not with me, I think it makes it even hotter' mike said, walking over to me and knelt down and took my dick straight down his throat.

'fuuuck yeah' I moaned as he worked my dick.

Liam came over to join him and they shared my dick as if it was a lollipop; taking turns sucking and caressing it and playing with my balls. Mike them pulled my forward a little, my ass hanging off the couch before pushing my legs up and revealing my hole.

Before I had a chance to say anything his face was buried between my cheeks and I felt his tongue lick against my hole.

'Shiiit' I whined as he continued to tongue and eat my ass, giving me pleasure like I had never felt. Liam was still working my dick and I was in heaven as these two studs worked me over and I knew I was gonna blow soon. 

'I'm coming!' I shouted as my load blasted down Liam's throat and he eagerly sucked up every last drop before pulling off and turning to kiss Mike and I could see them sharing my cum.

'Damn, that was a tasty fucking ass' mike said as I tried to catch my breath. 'and now i gotta try the other brother'

He quickly knelt down and began to suck on Liam's dick who moaned in pleasure as he expertly swallowed his cock. Mikes beautiful hard dick was sticking out and I licked my lips as I laid down to try it out. It was a lot thicker than Liam's and it took me a few attempts before I was able to take it all but I soon managed and was hungrily playing with his huge tool. 

We then changed positions; Mike lay on his back across the table and Liam sat on his face while I continued to hungrily suck his dick. I could see Liam was in ecstasy as he got his ass eaten and I began to switch between the two beautiful dicks in front of me.

'Well I think that ass is ready to be fucked, Mike said as Liam rose off his face. 'and you know what would be really hot, seeing you get fucked by your brother'

'Hell yeah' Liam said.

'Ok but I've never done this before' I replied.

'Don't worry, I'll take you through it' said mike.

Liam got onto all fours and pushed his ass out towards me, revealing his tight pink hole. Mike gave me some lube and I rubbed it along my dick and some on Liam's ass before lining up and pushing at his hole. At first nothing happened until mile said 'come on you gotta push your way in, it's not like a pussy'. I gripped Liams hips and pushed hard until I felt my cock push through and I slowly sank balls deep into him.

'oh fuck that feels good' I shouted

'yeah it feels even better for me, now fuck me'

I began pounding his ass, my balls slapping against him as he moaned. Damn, I had never felt anything as good before, it didn't even compare to fucking pussy - I was in heaven. I felt something wet brush across my ass and realised mike was eating me out again, giving me even more pleasure.

I was enjoying fucking my brothers tight ass I hadn't noticed that mike had slipped a finger inside my ass until i felt him push another one in. I moaned a little bit as he did it but it made fucking Liam feel even better so I didnt say anything. The next thing I knew there was something much bigger and blunter pushing against my hole.

'What are you doing?' I asked breathlessly

'You can take it, I had four fingers up there'

'Umm I don't know, You're real big'

'Come on, you'll love it, look how your brother loves it'

I didn't say anything else but leant over Liam's back, exposing my hole, giving a signal to Mike to let him do it. I wanted to feel him fuck me but I was still worried it was gonna hurt real bad, but he was right, Liam was loving it. His cock head rubbed along my crack, teasing and exciting me before I felt the head sink through and penetrate me.

'Aww shit' I shouted, it did hurt but as I was buried in Liam I didn't have anywhere to go so I took the pain as Mike slowly sank his fat dick deep into me until I felt his hair tickle my cheeks.

'I'm all the way in, how does it feel?'

'I feel so umm full' was all I could say.

'Damn, I can't believe you've taken all that' Liam said from underneath me.

'I'm gonna let you adjust for a second before we get to the real fucking' Said Mike.

The pain was beginning to subside and the fullness was starting to feel good, I slowly began to pump in and out of Liam's ass, fucking myself on the dick inside of me.

'Aww yeah, he likes it' I heard mike growl.

I was soon in heaven as the thick dick plunged inside of me as I fucked my brothers hot ass, the feelings in my ass were getting me really worked up, I couldn't believe getting fucked could make me feel this good. I couldn't hold it in much longer and my balls contracted as the load shot out my dick, filling Liam's ass with warm cum. Liam quickly pulled off me and turned around, pushing his dick into my mouth just as he unloaded down my throat as lapped up the cum and swallowed.

'Aw shit' Mike growled as he slammed hard into me and I felt him cum inside me, his load coating my insides before he slowly withdrew his softening dick.

'Who's gonna clean me up?'

Me and Liam both dropped to our knees and cleaned up the cummy mess on his dick as cum ran out both our asses. We made out with each other, swapping the cum between us before sitting on the couch; a cummy mess.

'Holy fuck, that was intense, I need a sit down. I can't believe I just fucked my son's football playing best friend ' Mike said as he sat next to us.

'How did you like that little bro?' Liam grinned.

'It was fucking amazing, I loved it'

'So how did you guys get started?' Mike asked. Liam told him the story of how he started and then how I got involved.

'Damn, that's hot'

'What about you Mike?' asked Liam. 'You're married right?'

'Yep I sure am, I love my wife but working on construction sites is full of man sex and I started working there when I was 21. On my first day I walked in a whole group of dudes fucking and was convinced to join and haven't stopped since. I love sex with my wife but sex with a man is even more pleasurable.'

'You got that right' I said. We chatted a bit longer before Mike left, kissing us both and promising to meet again.

'Man, I got cum, running down my legs'

'I will clean that up' Liam said, pushing my legs up, revealing my hole before sticking his face in and lapping up all the leaking cum from my ass.

'Mmm. One thing you learn in the marines is not to leave a mess' He smiled as he pulled away.

Without saying a word I copied what he did and pushed his legs back, sucking the sweet juice from his hole, damn, it tasted good, and licked up every last drop I could find before moving back up and making out with him, sharing the cum between us.

'Shit Liam, that was amazing, where did you find Mike?'

'There's a park where guys cruise for sex'

'Hot. Can you take me there some time?'

'Oh yeah you're gonna have a good time' he smiled before he leant in to make out again, how fucking lucky was I?


Chris Miller

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