'Hey buddy'

'Great to see you' I said as I hugged my brother in the airport.

He had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq with the marines and I hadn't seen him over over 6 months. We were pretty close as we weren't that far apart in age; I was only 18 and he was 20 – he had joined the marines straight out of high school. We had both played high school football and had worked out together for many years so he had a great body and he made a great soldier.

'How are you then? Excited to go to college?' Liam asked me.

'Oh yeah I can't wait'

I had got a football scholarship and was heading to state in the fall, I had thought about following my brother into the marines but I was lucky enough to get a scholarship. I helped carry his luggage to my truck and we drove back home to go see my mom, my dad had left us when we were young and she had brought us up all alone.

'I thought you would be going to see Sara first?' I asked we drove.

'I would of but we broke up'

'Oh shit, i'm sorry'

'No problem, she wasn't for me anyway, I survived that long in Iraq without a woman, I think I can survive a little longer' He smiled at me. 'You still with that girl?'

'Yeah still going' I replied. 'But I guess we will break up when we go to college'

'I guess that might be for the best, you will have way more fun if you are single'

'I guess'

We continued to chat while I drove home, and I remembered how cool it was to have a brother to talk to, he was almost like my best friend. My mom and the rest of the family greeted us when we got back, my mom started crying and it was nice that we were all back together again. We all got changed and headed to the restaurant my mom had booked and we all continued to chat as the waiter handed us the menu's. Liam leaned quietly towards me.

'Gay or straight?' he asked.


'The waiter; gay or straight?'

I was puzzled at why he was asking me this because he had never asked me anything like this before but I looked more closely at the waiter. He was almost as muscled as Liam, and his clothes clung to his bulging muscles, no way that guy was gay.

'He looks straight to me'

'You sure about that?' he smirked.

I then noticed the way the waiter was looking at me and Liam, checking our bodies out and he smiled at me when he noticed me watching. Shit, maybe he was gay and how did Liam know that straight away?

'Haha how did you guess?' I asked.

'Me and some buds got used to guys checking us out in uniform and we started to play a game'

'Haha I see'

We continued with our meal and I noticed the waiter even more, smiling and brushing past Liam and me and how he checked Liam out as he went to the bathroom. I still had a hard time believing that guys was into dudes, he was so built but I guess I had just stereotyped gays in my mind.

We were just leaving and about to get in the truck when Liam said he had forgot something and ran back inside. I suppose it was his cell or something because he came back out again pretty quickly, a smile over his face.

The next few days was really just me and him chilling out, my mom was working during the day and I only worked at the weekends so we had the daytime to hang out. Sometimes he would leave to go visit his friends, I had got used to being an only child for a long time so it was also sort of nice to have some time alone and do what most teenage boys do; watch porn and jerk off.

One morning he left and I decided to go on his laptop, to see if he had any hot porn videos, I saw one named 'college orgy' and clicked on it. I jumped loudly as the music blared out and saw a video of 5 guys sucking each other, not a woman in sight. I closed it quickly, I guessed he had downloaded it by mistake.

The next one I clicked on was called 'fucked by the boss' It started with two guys talking, I continued to watch to see if any girls were coming in, but instead one of the guys dropped to his knees and started to suck the other.

'What the fuck are you doing?'

I quickly turned around to see Liam stood right behind me, his face turning red; as was mine.

'I was just trying to find some porn, why have you only got this gay shit?'

'Why do you think?'

I couldn't believe it, my brother was gay? He was one of the manliest men I knew and I couldn't get round the fact he liked dudes.

'You're gay?'

'Totally' He replied, smiling.

'Since when?'

'Well you spend a lot of time alone with guys in the Marines'

'Holy shit' I muttered. 'Does anyone else know?'

'Only the guys i've had sex with, did you not suspect when I asked about that waiter?'

'I was little puzzled but I didn't think it meant you had sex with dudes'

'Guess where I was this morning?'

'With the waiter?' I replied

'Oh yeah, he's a great fuck, at least 9 in....'

'I don't need to know the details' I cut in.

'You sure about that, you look like you're enjoying it' He smiled at looked down at my crotch.

He was right my cock was enjoying it, whether it was the porn that was still playing or the talk, I didn't know but my cock was stretching out in my shorts and I couldn't hide it. Liam climbed on the couch next to me and I could see his crotch bluging.

'It's ok, we all get like that sometimes' He said as he rubbed his crotch. 'Lets jerk off together'

I didn't have time to respond before he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his 9 inch hard dick and began to pump it. I watched him for a while as my own dick strained in my shorts until he reached over and pulled it out.

'Come on man, i'm just your brother, you can jerk in front of me' he said as he pumped his own dick and I started to jack my hard 8 inches. We both jerked our own dicks as we silently watched the porn in front of us; I don't know why but the gay porn was turning me on, it was sort of hot seeing a guy get fucked. I suddenly felt something touch my dick and I jumped, realising it was Liam starting to pump it.

'What the...'

'Relax man, have you never fooled around with a guy before?'


'Damn, well i'm gonna show you a good time'

Without having time to hesitate Liam had bent over and his face was in my crotch and he licked the tip of my dick before taking it all the way down and I moaned loudly.

'Liam no' I said quietly, but he didn't hear me and truthfully I didn't want him to stop.

He started hungrily deepthroating my dick, sucking it in now way a girl had before and I was in heaven as he expertly tongued and played with me. Fuck, I couldn't believe my own brother was sucking my dick, I knew it was sort of wrong but it felt so good and I knew my load was coming soon. I felt my balls contract and my load build up and I decided to warn him, my girlfriend always pulls off before I cum and I guessed he would to.

'Aw shit, i'm about to cum' I moaned.

But Liam just pushed his face even deeper into my crotch as I screamed out and my load shot out my dick, pumping rope after rope down his throat and mouth. The orgasm was intense and Liam didn't pull off until he had swallowed every last drop of my cum, and licked my cock clean.

'Damn that was good' he smiled, 'Your turn now'

'What?' I replied. He had already stood up on the couch in front of me, his legs either side of me and his rock hard dick pointing at my face, precum glistening on the slit.

'Come on try it'

'I've never done this before'

'Come on, just lick the tip, you'll enjoy it'

For some reason I wanted to try it, I had never had a gay thought in my life but here I was with a big dick sticking in my face and I wanted to suck it. I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked across the slit, getting a taste of the salty precum, I was suddenly so turned on I opened my mouth wide and Liam wasted no time in thrusting his dick straight into my mouth. I gagged a little but I soon controlled it as he fucked my face; moaning loudly.

I soon was getting into it and started to control it a bit more, grabbing his cock and licking the tip and slit; tonguing and teasing him before taking it back down my throat. I couldn't work out was I was enjoying it; maybe it was because I liked giving him pleasure but I sure was liking sucking dick.

I felt him grab the back of my head and push me deep down on his cock again, pushing down my throat, my nose hitting his pubes. His balls contracted and his cock throbbed and I knew he was cumming, but he held my head on his cock so I couldn't pull off. He filled my mouth with his load, and fuck it was a big one, cum run out the corners of my mouth as he moaned wildly. When he stopped cumming he slowly pulled out his softening dick and I didn't know what to do with the cum in my mouth and so I spat it out all over my chest, Liam quickly bent down and licked it all up; swallowing it.

'MMM it's too good to waste' He said as he pulled away and smiled. 'How was your first time?'

'Well it was pretty good' I admitted. 'I didn't think sex with dudes would be that hot'

'There's more I want to show you as well'

'How did you get started?'

'I was walking around base one evening and caught two guys sucking each other, I was so horny I said I wouldn't report them if they sucked me. They both happily did and it became a regular thing then I tried sucking one day and decided I enjoyed it. Things developed and soon we began fucking and I found I loved fucking and getting fucked'

'Holy shit' was all I could reply, 'Were you not worried about getting caught?'

'Not really, most guys were doing it and when we went to Iraq almost every guy was happy to fool around a bit, even the captain'

'No fucking way'

'Oh yeah, it's good to resist, you sure liked it right?'

'I guess'

'I knew you would, and i'm gonna show you a lot more'

My head was still spinning from finding out my big, studly marine brother was gay and also that I had just sucked cock and liked it, what the fuck was going on? But I couldn't help feeling excited that there was more to do.


Chris Miller

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