Vincent, or Vinny, as we called him, was an awesome guy, actually during high school he was my hero. Built like a greek god, muscular, handsome as fuck and had a personality that oozed charisma and charm, outgoing to a fault, so helpful it made you wonder if he was a priest in training. Vinny we about a perfect as a guy could get.

I was especially proud because he married my sister Angela.

Now Angela could sometimes be a real bitch, Oh I loved her and wouldn't trade her but she was a demanding little cunt sometimes.

On more than one occasion we had out brother and sister battles, and even as we grew older there was Vinny stepping in to referee the war, which neither of us would win, I guess because we were two peas in a pod.

But I did love her and was so happy when she married Vinny.

I had played on a local ball team with Vinny and I knew what he was packing between his legs, lucky bitch Angela, you see as popular and athletic and well built that I am, I'm gay, yeah, you got it, Im a cocksucking, cum guzzeling, ass fucking faggot of the highest order.

Vinny had not evidently figured that out, even tho I would go out, but never with a chick.

Oh I had tried the pussy thing a couple of times as a matter of fact, but once you tried 'Jack, you'll never go back,' and Jack has tried you, cause Jack's gay too.'

Well Angela and Vinny had a little girl named Marcie, she was a little Doll I loved her so much, she was our little Angel, then it happend Marcie wasn't even a year old and that very large endowment between Vinny's legs had done it again, with a little help from Angela, she got pregnant again.

Things were going along really good for the first five months and then, without so musch as a hint of a problem complications set in and she became under bed orders, she was only allowed to be up for some twenty minutes at at time, no lifting and evidently no sex, Poor Vinny, I know how he had told me that he loved getting his nuts drained every few days at least, It was almost a necessity for him.

Well It was in the middle of July, the heat was really intense, and Vinny came by and asked if I would like to go on a campout with him, he said, the Change of scenery would do him some good. Sleeping next to his wife and not being able to touch her was driving him crazy.

Angela and Marcie came to our house and stayed, and Mom was there to help with her while we were gone.

Vinny wasn't too keen on going and leaving her, but Angela insisted that he needed some time away, to help him settle down some.

We got to Bull Shoals Lake in Southern Missouri, and got settled into a one bedroom, lakeside cabin, it was fantastic, boat dock, boat and motor to rent for fishing, just all the eminities you could ask for, even a kitchenette, with cook stove and frig.

I was starting to get that feeling like maybe I should sleep in the car, I was getting all horned up watching Vinny change into his fishing clothes.

Vinny was a Construction Iron Worker, and he was built like a solid stone wall, fucking strong, hairy chested with dark close,smooth hair, muscular chest, legs, washboard abs, and his ass was something out of a dream, and when he turned and he was wearing these tidy white briefs, I thought my tongue would hit the floor.

'Oh my god man,' Vinny turned around and said,'What,what happened,' being startled at my statement.

'Oh nothing, just saw a deer out the cabin window thats all,' I needed to watch myself.

We went fishing that afternoon and we had a great time, both of us liked to fish, and we caught our supper, and I fried some fish and potatoes, and just had a nice supper, since I am a fairly good cook.

We settled back in the cabin, listening to the sounds of the nightime country wilderness there along the lake, and drank a few beers each and watched the local television station.

at about ten o'clock we decided to hit the hay, I started to watch Vinny as I got undressed and I saw that ass of his again, I was so fucking jealous of Angela I could eat shit, I wanted his ass and his cock so fucking bad I was almost hurting.

I was just gawking at his crotch when he turned around, and he started smiling as he noticed what I was looking at.

Vinney smiled and said, 'Man, you just horny and needing some release or you getting a hardon over me.' then he laughed at me. I realized my seven inch cock was harder that a nail and sticking straight out of my boxers slit in the front, making a definate appearance.

Then Vinney said something that seemed allmost strange coming from him, 'Hey Mick, thats one nice looking cock you got there, and your cut. Then My brother in law pulled down the elastic band from the front of his briefs, and hooked it under his thick lowhanging nutsack and there flopped out before me was my brother-in-laws eight and a half inch slab of uncut meat, damn now my cock got even harder as I stood there and noticed his gorgeous meat.

I watched him string at me, as he stroked his cock a few times, and it was beginning to thicken up.

He looked seriously into my eyes and said,'Whats the matter Mick, never see a guy stroke his cock before?'

I started studdering as Mick gingerly worked up a very impressive looking hunk of manmeat before my eyes.

'Ye-ye-Yeah, I have, a couple times when I was younger.'

'Well Mick, didn't we come here to enjoy ourselves?'

'Yes we did,' 'Then I would say lets hit the bed and enjoy ourselves.'

I had to reach over and pinch myself to see if this was real or not.

I came to the realization when Vinney reached out and started playing with my nipples and rubbing my body and sensually telling me how good looking he had always thought I was, Damn, I was about to pass out with the pleasure, something I was always wanting to try but never had the balls to try getting that intimate with my brother-in-law.

Vinney was making sensations flow over my body like waves of warm water, I was slowly loosing it.

I felt like I was in a dream and didn't want to wake up from it.

Vinny looked into my eyes and gently kissed my lips, I felt his little goatee thing on his chin against my skin,and he began to work me over with his tongue.

I fianlly got up the nerve and started to reciprocate and before I knew it I had his cock, thick, hard and getting wet from pre-cum, in my hand working it over, to sounds of Vinny vocalizing his appreciation.

It took me about ten minutes of warming up to get into the groove and before I knew it, I had Vinny on his back with his balls in my right hand and my left hand swirling his cock as I sucked on the first five or so inches and was feeling like I had gone to paradise, nothing was more wonderful than this.

Vinny told me he had wanted to get it on with me since before Angela and he had gotten married, but was afraid to make the first move.

Well baby we were moving now, I had his cock to the hilt in my throat and he was loving the fuck out of it, Angela wouldn't suck his nasty old cock, I would have sucked the top layer of its skin off, I loved its taste, its feeling, its smoothness and most of all it was attached to Vinny, God it was awesome.

It took Vinny about twenty minutes to empty his nuts in a rash of vocal sounds that were getting very loud as he approached the climax and I didn't slow down, as I drank from his fountain, the essence of his body. It was awesome, tasty and fullfilling.

Vinny layed back and just groaned a while while getting his composure back.

Vinny loved my expertise as he said, 'Fuck Mick, I didn't know you were that experienced at sucking a cock, man we would have been getting in on for several years now. Do you like to get fucked too?'

'Yeah if its the right person,'

'How about me, Am I a right person?'

'Oh Yeah! Your just fine man, your just fine.'

Well before that night was over Vinny had sucked my cock, he wouldn't take my load tho, but he said he would work on that, but the next night was the Apex of the trip.

We had been out on the lake all afternoon, and we decided to take a little nap before fixing some supper, I had gotten into the shower and then In walked Vinny, Naked, and almost hard, stepped into the shower with me and began to wash my back I said,'If your gonna shower and bathe me, you gotta do my front too.'

'Not a problem Mick.'

He had slathered me up to a sexual frenzy before we had gotten out of that shower. We stood out on a big towel and dried each other being mindful of each others privates, which by now were sticking upward saluting the clouds in the sky.

We crawled on the bed and started getting with the program, Vinny was kissing me like there was no tomorrow, god I was turned on, and feeling his hot body next to mine was awesome, sexy, hot, sensual, erotic and everything sexual turned into to one experience, I wanted Vinny in me and bad.

I looked into his lust filled eyes and said so lovingly, 'Fuck Me Vinny, I want your cock in me now.'

I felt him roll over and get a tube of this stuff from his bag.

I rolled over on my back and he lifted my legs up over my body and felt his fingers begin to probe my anus, god it felt so fucking awesome, He had at least three fingers, maybe four, in my turd tunnel opening, and then he raised up on his knees pulled my legs up over his shoulders and slid back that awesome foreskin and placed his lubed cockhead against my asshole and sank that awesome cock to the balls in one hot, swift thrust, god it felt so fucking awesome, finally I had Vinny inside me, My dream fulfilled.

He settled into a smoothe medium rythm and took me to paradise before that night was over, I never dreamed getting a cock like that inside my anal entrance and inside my intestines would feel so awesome, I never wanted it to end.

I was humping back up at Vinny, as he just smoothly fucked me weak. I could feel his cockhead gently rubbing over my prostate, which enhanced the sensation and I knew My body was going to explode in an earth shattering climax any minute.

And explode was an understatment, I felt my body start to jerking as Vinny's pace began to pick up. He was gettin more intense and his fucking began to get harder then he let out this fantastic grunty growl, and rammed his love log to the root in my asshole and fired his cum deep into my bowels, just as my own cock had finished it firing off.

We layed there exhausted, kissing and making out like two high school lovers after their first time at making love. It was fucking fantastic.

Needless to say fishing wasn't all we enjoyed that week, and enjoy it we did.

When we got back home Angela just smiled at us as we handed over our fish, already cleaned and ready to cook or freeze, and she said, 'Wow Guys, looks like you two had a great week, Did you enjoy your vacation and fishing week?'

Vinny looked at me and smiled and said, 'Well now I at least have a fishing companion to always go fishing with and I will be doing a lot more of it now that I know about Mick, Liking to fish I mean.'

We smiled at each other and went out and got another beer, while mom and Angela got the fish taken care of. I heard Angela say to Mom, 'Man Im glad that Mick liked to fish and Vinny found someone to go with, personall I hate fishing, and he loves to fish.'

Mom said, 'Yeah that is awesome, but strange, I never realized that Mick had ever even tried fishing.'

I yelled back into the kitchen at Mom, 'Hey Im a quick learner.'



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