My name is Toni , I am 5'6 , it was my freshmen year of college and this is my story...

As I struggled up the stairs up to the 2nd floor to my doorm room I was nervous to find out what kind of room mate I had. I hoped i didnt have one of those homophobic jocks and yet i was kinda hoping that a had a room mate that wasnt to bad to look at either. I walked up to room 214 and as i opend the door i was shocked. To open the door to a nearly naked stud putting aways his stuff in the shelf on the right side of the room.

" Hey, my names Josh. " the nearly naked stud said helding you his hand.

To stund at the sight i didnt notice. I was to busy taking in every last inch of his hot tan body. From his bulging hairless pecks to his sexy six pack abs. " Oh... Hey, im Toni " i said trying not to blush or let him know I was taking in the sight of him. As I reached for his hand i saw his abs clench and tightin.

" If you dont mind I took the right side of the dorm. " Josh said

" Oh... No I dont mind at all." As i settled in and organized me stuff on my side of the dorm. I spotted a pack of condoms on his bed side table. " Looking foward to long nights I see " I said with a sly grin on my face looking towards the condoms.

" Look theres something we need to talk about Toni " Josh said with a nervous look on his face.

" Okay... Anything, theres nothing you cant tell me... We are room mates now and I dont want you to feel like you cant talk to me. " I said with a conserned look

" I... Im gay " Josh confesed looking ashamned.

" Its okay " Isaid as i looked at him with a shocked look on his face. " Im gay too " I said excidedly. He turned towards me with a happly look on his face.

" Now that we got that out of the way I hope you dont mind but I might be naked around the dorm sometimes cause thats how I am most of the time at home " Josh said with a flirty look on his face

" No of coruse not but since you could do it then I can too " I confirmed back smiling a devilish grin

" Okay... But if i sprout a boner Im just ganna let it all hang out "

" Fine with me " I remarked

" Oh... Yeah maybe you could meet my brother he comes here too... He is just like me "

" Yeah of course if he is anything like you we might hit it off good "

A few months past and we havent tried anything with eachother disbite the urges, until one night

It was late at night and I was awoken by the sounds og Josh jacking off in his bed. I didnt really say anything but i was getting kinda hard my self and Josh noticed it.

" Hey... I knew you were watching, but i didnt want to say anything " He said with a little chuckel.

" Yeah... And you seem to be having a little trouble there " He snapped back devensivly but not to angry.

" How would you know? " Josh said not trying to be loud.

" Because you have been trying for the past 15 minutes " I said in a small whisper.

" Well then come give me a hand " He said in a sexy vocie.

" Okay but just remember you asked for it " I replied in a seductive tone. I stubbeled in the darkness tryin to find my way to Josh's bed. When i got there he qiuckly took charge and sat my an his lap. So I wrapped im legs around his waist and pulled him closer. He gently pushed his warm lips agianst mine. Forcing his tongue in my mouth. As our tongues wrestled in both our mouths I felt his hand reach around and place his 9 inch cock on the rim of my hole.

" Fuck me ! I want you so bad right now " I wispered in his ear.

" Are you sure? " Joshed asked in a protective tone.

" Of course I am. I wanted you to shove that monster in my the very first time i walked though that door "

" Well then get ready for your wildest dreams to come true " He smerked. As he raised my up and lowerd me down slowy on his uncut cock. Luckly he gave me enought time to get used to his his size in my ass. Soon pain faded away and pleasure filled its spots. He raised me up and down on his shaft nearly coming all the way out of me but the shoving it right back in. After a half hour or so he tensed his whole body and i felt his warm cum fill up in side me. The warm filling made me cum all over his thick pecks and rock hard six pack abs. He laid on his back, i tried to get of to go back to my bed but he just grabed my waist in a invatation to stay the night in his bed. In the morning I woke up in his arms, i silently slid out and got up to put on some clothes. In the process i felt Josh's hands gently on my waist. I turned from shock. And there he was naked in fornt of me.

" Josh... Can i ask you something? " I said looking at the floor.

" Sure... Anything you want ? " Josh replied in a soothing way.

" Well... Given what happend last night ... Um ... Well... Are we a couple now ?"

" Well i dont want to be in a relationship with anyone right now... I just want it to be sex... Is that okay with you ? " he asked.

" No ! Im just your sex slave... Im not just ganna fuck you when ever you want ! " i said in a anrgy voice storming out the room .

" What ! I wasnt finished " He yelled running after me .

" No well talk about it later i just dont want to look at you right now " i said speeding up. I was practicly running when i turned the corner I litteraly tackeled some guy coming from the showers. He was wearing nothing but a towel which let him show off his strong body.We helped each other up and i coudnt help but notice his now half erected cock. And from what i could see it was pretty big. He noticed me looking and said " Hey, im Brandon " he said looking me from top to bottom. He smiled and put out his hand.

" Hi, im Toni " I said as i checked him out.

" Why dont we get together some time and get to know eachother " he said still smiling in approval of what he was looking at.

" How about tonight "

" Sure just let me go get dressed " He said now excited to be going some where with me.

" Meet me at room 214 , to pick me up "

" Okay " he said as he ran to his room to get dressed .

" When i got to the room Josh was gone and there was a note on my bed but i didnt read it all i saw was a big heart on it , i threw away still a little mad at the thought that he just used me for sex. There was a knock at the door i opened it . It was Brandon. He barged in and started making out with me . In shock i pulled away

" Whats wrong " he said in a confused way

" Nothing its just that i thought we were going to get to know each other"

" Well we can get to know eachother on our next date" he said with a smirk

" what ? I thought you were just ganna use me for sex... Just like my room did"

" I will never you use for sex. I know its soon and we just met but would you like to be my boy friend " Brandon ask

" of course... You just my type" so it was offishal i had a boyfriend . A couple of minutes later we were bothe naked and making out on my bed. He had just started to fuck me when i phone rang . I looked at it and it was Josh I answered it and as soon as I did i heard him say " Toni i do want you to be my boyfriend "

I was shocked but yet brandon was still fucking me and all i could do was moan. Josh hung up and 5 minutes later the door busted open and there stood Josh with tears in his eyes . At that sight i jumped off Brandon and then there was a silentl pause for a moment.

" BRANDON ! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM ! " he yelled running toward brandon i got in the why so that he didnt get to him.

In shock i yelled " Wait . Yall two know each other ?"

" Yeah he's my brother " Bradon said in shock him self

" Well Josh its to late im with bradon now "




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