The room was silent. I reached over to grab something to put on. With out noticing I put on brandon's briefs. This just pissed off josh even more.

" Toni I need to talk to you in private ! " josh said inraged.

" Okay, ill meet you in the hallway just let me get dressed " i was beggining to pick up some pants.

" No ! He needs to leave this is my room ! " he said flinging the door open. So brandon can leave .

" Look... Were family and all but ill kick your ass if I have to ! " brandon said rising off my bed with his fist clenched.

" No ! I dont want yall to fight over me. Im not worth " i step in front of them so they couldnt reach eachother.

" Yes you are ! Your worth evreything." brandon yelled.

" Look brandon im ganna talk with josh then im ganna go talk with you. Okay ?

" Okay, babe " he said picking up his clothes and kissing me on the forhead.

" Babe " i said looking at him. While josh was just watching us.

" Oh... Sorry... To soon ? " he said with his head down looking at the floor trying not to make eye contact with me .

I lifted his head by his chin and kissed him on the lips " Of course not... We can move as fast as you like "

" Oh and by the way you look so hot in my boxers " he winked at me while holding my waist and gave me the most passionite kiss ever .

" Get out ! " josh yelled pushing brandon as hard as he could.

" Dont ever put your hands on me ! " Brandon yell charging at Josh . Before he could reach Josh I stepped in and gave brandon a kiss. He relaxed and hugged me as tight as he could. I broke the kiss by pulling aways from him and said " Okay, now let him talk to me "

" Okay but if he lays so much as one hand in you tell me . And ill kick his ass. " brandon said looking straight at josh in the eyes.

" No i dont want yall to fight " I led him to the door kissed him on the nose and said good bye. As soon as I closed the door I turned to see Josh sitting on his bed sobbing in his hands

" How couls you do this to me ? " he cryed out.

" I didnt do any thing your the one that didnt want to be with me remember ? "

" No ! You didnt let me finish talking earlier. I was ganna say i didnt want to be with anybody... But you " he looked me straight in the eyes and leaned in and kissed me.

" I cant... Im sorry " i backed away

" Why ? " he asked with tears running down his cheak and on to his neck.

" Because... What about brandon ? " i was looking straight in his eyes which were red from crying.

" what about him ? All you need is me "

" Ill think about it I care about both of you i need walk and think " I walked out the room shut the door and walked around the campus. When i got back to the room and there was a ' do not disturb ' sign on the door handle. I thought to my self ' he is just trying to get me jelous ' i opended the door and what i saw just broke my heart.

Josh was sitting on MY bed getting his dick sucked by some random girl. He looked up and gave me a wink and said " Hey rommie " he gave me a smile " do you mind closing the door I need some time to finish up "

I shut the door and ran to brandon's dorm i knocked on the door and before I could move my hand back to my side the door swung open and he attacked me with kisses and his hands rubbed me all over " I was so scared you werent ganna pick me. He had tears in his eyes " I know it sounds dum but in the time i was waiting for to pick i relized i didnt want to go out in life with out you "

" Awww ! Thats so cute " I tipi-toed and kissed him on his chin.

He picked me up and walked to the door closed it and i wraped my legs around his waist. We got to the bed and we just layed there his chest was on my back in a spooning position. " I know its a little early but when i was waiting for you i also relized that I ... that I love you. " he kissed the back of my neck."

" I love you, too " I said really meaning it.

" Hey Toni " he said with a bit of worrying in his tone.

" Yeah ? "

" I was wondering if you wanted to meet my family over Christmas break "

" Yeah, sure i would love to meet them but theres just one thing wrong with that.

" What "

" Josh. He'll me there ." I said looking at his hand holding mine. His grip on me tightened when i said joshs name.

" I dont care about him. We could get there early before him if that really bothers you." he said excited at the tought of getting there early then planed.

" Okay, when do we leave ? " to tell you the truth i was excited to meet his family.

" Well I was thinking tomarrow ? " he said with worried look on his face that I wasnt going to approve.

" Fine with me " i said backing more up into him. He was practicaly jumpinh with excitement . I got out the bed and walked to the door .

" Were you going? " he said with a pouty face. Which made me laugh .

" Im ganna go pack. For the trip " I said

" Okay, but you better be here in my bed when i wake up. " he said getting out the bed and undressing until he was only in my black breifs. I laughed.

" You look hot in my briefs. " i said with a little laught.

" you look hot in mine . And remeber you better be in my room when i wake up or else. "

" Or else what ? I said teasing him

" Or else im only ganna kiss you on the cheak for a whole week. " he said with his thumb rubbing my ckeak

" Okay, Okay " i said fast " i dont think i cant take that ill hurry as fast as i can " I said kissing im on the lips and then walking out the door. When i walked in my dormroom Josh was on his bed with sitting down with the lights off.

" Look Toni im sor..."

I cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

" I dont care, you made your chose and i made mine " I started packing my some things

" Are you changing dorms ? " he said with a frown.

" No im going away for the break. " i said still packing

" Me too... Im going to with my family for the break. "

" I know. Me too " i said looking back at him.

" Oh, your going with you family for the break ? " he said playing with the blankets.

" Nope. Yours" i said walking out the room with my packed bag.




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