I've made a dire mistake. I took something that didn't rightfully belong to me. The lust inside consumed me so much so that I had to let it out in some way.

When Danny my oldest friend suggested that he come visit to celebrate my 19th birthday I was...hesitant to say the least. Danny was gorgeous. Girls on campus overlooked him because of his socially awkward tendencies, but in my eyes he was an Adonis. He stood rather short at 5'5 but his body was muscled in all the right places. His sandy blonde hair covered his eyes if he didn't flip the bangs out of his face, and his icy blue eyes melted me every single time. I knew that having him crash at my place for a couple of days (in my bed mind you) wasn't the best idea for a closeted gay man, but I also wanted to have a fun weekend with my best friend.

After spending what seemed like days at our local amusement park, we returned to my house and went to my room to crash.

"I'm so exhausted, man!" Danny said sitting on the edge of my bed. "We were there for hours."

"Well I wanted to leave earlier, but you insisted that we spend forever on the more terrifying rides!" I took off my shoes and plopped down in the chair facing the bed.

"Well we got our monies worth didn't we?" Danny chuckled lightly. "I've got to take a shower. Those water rides left me smelling terrible after baking in the sun."

I often tried avoiding watching Danny disrobe whenever the situation arose. I knew that I was attracted to men, but I also knew that that was a far as it went. This was one of those times that my head down under overruled the head on my shoulders.

Danny took off his shirt, and slowly it seemed. It was like watching one of those really corny commercials where a hot guy took off his top in slow motion except better because it was right in front of my face.

Danny's nipples jutted out as hard as diamonds. His smooth almost milky skin accentuated the tight lines running across his abdominals and chest. He even had that V that pointed directly to his cock that I so anxiously wished that I could taste. Unfortunately, Danny was as straight as they came.

"Dude are you eyeing me?" Danny looked over at me puzzled and very suspiciously.

I realized that I had probably been staring at Danny for far too long to justify as a man with whom everyone thought was heterosexual.

"What?" I said startled. "Man shut up." I was just noticing that you have gotten way paler than I remember!" I laughed and averted my eyes. Danny seemed to buy it, and went to take a shower. I took all of my will power not to watch as he jumped out of his shorts and sauntered off but thankfully I managed to do so.

I had been right about one thing. Danny's body had changed quite a bit. During high school Danny had been the ultimate skinny dork with knees that rivaled even Bambi's. What stood in front of me

I undressed and crawled into bed. Danny would flip if he found out my sexual orientation. His often homophobic remarks let me know that he would definitely not be open to that fact, and our five year friendship meant had been the only thing for the both of us that had gotten us through high school.

Suddenly, Danny entered the room...sans towel. It was literally as if God was laughing at him. I instantly grew an erection at the sight of his glistening hair and wet, lean body, but aloud I said, "What the fuck are you doing man?"

"Sorry! There were no towels in the bathroom, and I tried calling you!"

Apparently, I couldn't hear Danny's calls throughout my own lustful thoughts. "Well there are some in the hall closet." I screamed at him. "And put some damn clothes on."

By the time he returned and climbed into bed with me my cock was the hardest I had ever felt it, and the head was oozing precum.

We proceeded to make small talk throughout the night ranging from the meaning of life to how hot the girls at Six Flags looked in their short shorts. Oddly, enough we ended up on the topic of being gay.

"There's no way I could be gay. First of all my ass is way to small to be penetrated by any sort of dick. Secondly, that's gross as fuck." Danny jovially bantered.

"I don't know man," I joked seriously. "I think you could take it.

"You offering fag boy?" He said throwing the covers off and sticking his ass in the air causing me to almost erupt in my own pants.

His perfect, round bubble butt had been perfectly crafted for fucking. His gluts were so strong looking that chestnuts should have feared crackage.

Finally, conversation died down toward three in the morning and I started to hear the sound of his light snoring. Danny was the soundest sleeper that I had ever had the pleasure of knowing which I then had decided to take advantage of. My dick was still as hard as diamond so I decided to try and relieve some of my pent up sexual frustration. First I slid closer to where Danny was sleeping so as to be closer to his warm body. In the pale moonlight I could make out the entirety of his body. Only after much hesitation did I dare to touch the contours of his abs and the firmness of his pecs. I started moving my hand toward his nipples when he awoke.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He sat up groggily in the bed staring at me.

For several moments I remained breathless before muttering something about just playing around.

"No, you little queer, you were feeling me up. I've seen how you've looked at me ever since I bulked up. I've known for a very long time."

"Y-You have." I tripped over my words.

"Ya, I've just always wanted to drag it out of you, and now I can't wait to tell everyone about your little secret."

I stared in horror at my friend. Had he honestly known all this time? "You wouldn't do that. You're my friend."

"I was your friend! You've been lying to me for this long, and I really don't appreciate being awoken in the middle of the night to your pervy ass hands groping me.

Craig leaped up to grab his clothes. "I'm out."

Desperately, I swung to my feet, boner out and anger unleashed. "No, you little shit. I will get what I've been wanting from you for a long while." Saying those words out loud made me realize how long I had yearned for him. It was as if a raw, carnal and definitively horny spirit swept over me. My 6'1 bulky, frame towered above Danny. "How dare you threaten me?" My chest heaving angrily and my ebony skin glistening in anticipation for what was to come. I grabbed Danny and flung him back on my bed.

"Ea-ease up man. I was joking." Danny stammered suddenly aware of how much stronger and angry I was than him.

"Too late fuck face," I snarled leaping on the bed towards him. "I'm finally going to take what I've been wanting for years."

"What's that?" He said in fear.

"Your ass." I said grinning.

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