Danny was terrified at the look on his former friend's face. Craig had an other worldly furor on his face that dared him to move or even breathe funny. Danny sat up carefully on the bed. He knew that he couldn't stop Craig from taking his ass if he wanted it. He was five foot nothing with a little bit of muscle on him not even large enough to feed a small dinosaur let alone fight off an angry ebony god bent on taking his ass.

"Man look I'm sorry," he pleaded. "I won't tell anyone just please take me home, and I'll forget all of this happened."

Craig cocked his head to the side and slid off the bed slowly as if possessed. Danny then noticed Craig removing articles of clothing. First his shirt hit the floor revealing a well muscled six pack and strong arms. He stared at Craig the entire time while he took off his underwear revealing his eight inch cut dick.

Danny grew frantic. "Fucking stop!" "I'm not gay. We're friends! This is rape."

Danny shouted to no one. The house was empty for the weekend because his parents were away on vacation. Craig knew that no one would hear him if he tried screaming louder, and he also didn't want to antagonize his friend further.

"Strip." Craig spoke for the several time in moments. Danny was only wearing underwear at the time to trick Craig into feeling him up.

"No!" Danny was blocking the only way out of the room, and Craig knew that the only chance for salvation was to get out of the door. He leaped from over the bed and juked Danny out. He reached for the knob and was almost outside of the door had it not been for Craig's incredible reach. He had managed to reach him in a short bound of steps by grabbing the young stud's ankle. Danny hit the carpet floor hard, and tried kicking his friend to get him off to no avail.

Danny swiftly ripped off Craig's underwear in one smooth motion revealing his medium sized uncut cock and grape sized balls. Craig moved his hands to cover up Danny's lustful glare while Danny slowly dragged him back to his room kicking and thrashing about where he was ceremoniously thrown back on the bed. However, this time Danny took no precautions. He slammed the door shut and leaped onto the bed with Craig.

Danny could feel the heat radiating off of Craig's body. Sweat poured off of him while he pinned Danny's legs and chest with his lower body, and his hands with his glistening arms.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Danny struggled against the man without effect. He was way too strong to fight off.

"You know? This is almost poetic," said Craig in between kisses down Danny's body. "You threatened to rat my ass out, and hear I am about to fuck yours." Craig grinned and Danny suddenly realized how hard Danny's dick was between his legs.

"Don't do this!" Danny said in between sobs. He felt betrayed in that moment and he wished that he didn't feel so powerless.

"Shut the fuck up and face it!" he said to the traumatized stud. "You're getting fucked."

In that moment Danny's legs were spread by the stud, and he shoved the full eight inches into him.

Danny let out a blood curdling scream. The pain was unbearable. He hadn't had ample time to prepare for the penetration, even though the precum that had been leaking from Craig's dick had acted as sort of a lubricant. He continued to scream and Danny stroked inside of him. Craig tried to go rigid and clench his asshole, not knowing that the more he clenched the better Danny felt.

For Craig it was the best feeling in the world. He could see it in his eyes. In between strokes Craig's moans were louder than Danny's cries for protest. His body glistened with sweat and he close his eyes as if in a sex induced trance.

"Shit man, it hurts. Take it out it hurts too badly." Danny sobbed. Craig began playing with his nipples twisting them and making Danny sob louder. Danny thought about trying to escape again, but realized that he had no where to go. He was fucked in every sense of the word so it didn't matter any more of whether or not he got away.

After fifteen more minutes of long and hard strokes, the pain in Danny's ass subsided making way for a new feeling. Suddenly, his ass felt warm. Every new stroke felt good as Craig's cock hit his love button. Soon Danny's cries of pain and distress were replaced with feelings of lust and maximum pleasure.

All of a sudden Danny felt wetness surge into his ass hole, and he knew that Craig had finished inside of him. Exhausted, Craig collapsed on top of him giving him no room to move but plenty of room to think.

Toward the end he had felt...well pleasure. Every stroke had felt amazing inside of him. His friend had worked every sensitive nerve in his body to great success, even if hadn't been initially consensual. Initially? Craig thought to himself.

As he broke down sobbing once more Craig didn't cry because he felt violated. He cried because he realized that he was hard. He cried because his nipples were so erect they could cut glass. Most importantly? He wept because he realized that he had enjoyed every moment of it.



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