After working out of town for a week and a half, I was anxious to get home. It was payday weekend for the troops at the Army base about fifteen miles out of town and I knew they would be in town looking for action. I could always find one to provide that action for in any way he preferred.

To save some time, I took a short cut on some county roads than needed some repairs. I was out in the middle of no-where when I began having trouble with my steering. I knew it had to be because of the many pot holes in the roads.

I pulled to the shoulder and called 9-1-1 and explained my problem. She assured me that she would send help. About an hour later I saw a car approaching. It turned out to be the local county sheriff.

"I understand you're having some car problems," he said in his country drawl.

"Yes, sir, I am. I'm Mark Roberts and I was on my way to Cooperstown when my steering began acting up."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Roberts. I'm Sheriff Ray Dixon and I assume you need a wrecker," he said with a sly grin.

"You got it," I replied, "and please call me Mark."

"Got it, Mark, and you can call me Ray," he replied. "We're all on a first name basis out this way. Now, let's see about getting you into town."

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number as he walked away from me. During his conversation he glanced at me a couple of times before disconnecting. Turning to me he said, "My brother, Clay, runs the only garage in town and he is on his way with the wrecker. You can leave the keys in the car and ride into town with me or stay and wait for him."

"I've got some electronics in the car so if you don't mind, I think I'll stay here with the car and wait."

"Not a problem," he replied. "See you in town." He turned and walked to his patrol car and with one last glance at me he smiled and headed back to town.

Ray looked to be in his early thirties and had a military style haircut and a neatly trimmed moustache ad goatee, He was at least six-two and was extremely muscular. His uniform was very snug, and I was surprised that I hadn't developed a boner being around him.

About half an hour later, I saw the wrecker approaching. He pulled up and made a U-turn and backed up to my car. Climbing out of the cab, he offered his hand saying, "I assume that you're Mark. I'm Clay."

Shaking his hand, I said, "Yea, that's right. Nice to meet you."

I looked him over and my heart raced. Clay was in his late twenties with jet black hair down to his shoulders covered with a bandana, scruffy beard and wore a black mesh tank top under an unbuttoned shirt. The mesh tank top revealed a very hairy chest. I could feel my cock trying to stiffen and I knew I had to will it not to.

He hooked up the car and as we drove into town, I explained the problem.

"I'll have to check it out, but if I have to order any parts I won't be able to do that until Monday, then they won't be here until late Tuesday or early Wednesday."

"Mother Fuck!!" I exclaimed loudly.

"Let me check it out before we get too upset."

By the time we got to his garage and he checked it out, it was approaching dusk, and I was beginning to worry. I also knew that my weekend of sex with the hot Army studs was shot to hell.

He finally came into his office and as he wiped his ands, he gave me the bad news. It needed parts that he didn't have in stock and needed to order.

"I'm going to call the parts house and see if anyone answers," he said.

He put the phone on speaker and dialed the number. As the phone rang, he slipped off the outer shirt, leaving him in his mesh tank top an snug work pants. The phone continued to ring as he opened the fridge in his office and offered me a beer. I agreed and suddenly the phone was an answering machine saying that the company was closed and would reopen Monday morning at seven.

"Well, it looks like I'm stuck here for a few days," I said. "Is there a motel in town?"

"Yea, there is, if you don't mind sleeping with roaches and bed bugs."

"You have to be joking," I replied.

"Mark, I wish I was. Some morning when I head down to the café I actually see truckers coming out of their room butt naked and go to their rigs for clothes. I'd see them in the café and ask them about it and they would tell me about the bugs and that they decided to leave their clothes there in the room."

"Is there any rooming houses in town?"

"One but it's full. But I have an extra room if you want to use it."

"It doesn't look like I have much choice," I said. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm just pissed."

"Hey, I understand. And to be honest, I'd enjoy the company."

I agreed and after locking up he led me through the garage to his house behind the garage. It was an attractive and well maintained small cottage fifty foot or so behind the garage. It had a nice yard the inside was spotless and well maintained. Behind the cottage, behind a high privacy fence was a sparkling in ground pool.

He showed me to the spare room and after setting down my bags I returned to the living room and heard him call out from his room, "There's beer in the fridge. Help yourself and bring me one if you don't mind."

I got me a beer and grabbed one for Clay. After opening both, I headed for his bedroom to hand him his beer. I found the room empty then heard him call out from his bath room, "I'm in here."

I stepped in and froze. He was just about to step into a large clear glass stand up shower. He was totally naked and my eyes almost immediately went to the long slim cock hanging above two large round balls.

When he saw the surprised expression on my face, he said, "Sorry if I shocked you. I forget that not everyone is as open and uninhibited as I am. I see nothing wrong with nudity."

"Hey, no problem," I said, deciding to see where this would go. "I feel the same as you. I stay nude most of the time when I'm home. Besides seeing you there in the shower is no different that seeing guys in the shower at the gym."

"Very true," he replied. "There is plenty of room so feel free to join me if you like."

I couldn't believe how open he was until I saw his cock slowly stiffening.

"It looks awesome. You sure you don't mind?"

"Fuck no. Come on in," he answered.

I knew now why he had been looking me over as we drove back to town and when in the garage and office. I stripped right there, and after opening the door, stepped into the steamy shower with Clay.

We each began to wash up and suddenly I felt Clay washing my back with the bar of soap. He slowly worked his way down and soon was rubbing his soapy hands deep into the crack of my ass. I loved it.

He stopped and turned his back to me and ask me to wash his back. I did and as I did my cock completed stiffening and was rock hard. while washing his back, I managed to peek around his body and saw that his cock was rock hard also.

I decided to take it further and see what his reaction would be. After washing his ass crack, I quickly stepped closer and let the head of my hard cock press against the lower part of his crack. A second after it did, he began backing up to me letting my hard cock slide between his legs. As he began working his body back and forth on my cock, I slipped my arms around him and began caressing his hairy chest and large nipples.

Turning his head slightly he said softly, "Fuck me! I've wanted you up my ass since I met you."

I pulled back and as I moved forward he grasped my cock and guided it to his hole. Moments later he was moaning in pleasure and saying how great it felt as I worked my cock in and out of his ass. Moments later, I filled his tight awesome hole with my huge load.

After I was drained he pulled off and turned to face me. "Thank you, that was awesome. I loved it."

"My pleasure," I replied before leaning down to kiss him. After a hot deep throat tongue kiss, I looked into his eyes and said, "Will you now fuck me?"

"Let's do it in bed," he said.

We stepped out and dried off and headed for his bed. Moments later I was on my back with my legs pulled up and his cock working in and out of my ass as his tongue swirled around inside my mouth. Soon, he filled me with a huge thick load.

After he was drained and had pulled out we kissed again then I asked, "Do you always shot big loads like that?"

"Yep, every time I cum," he replied, then said, "How would you like to share my bed with me while your here?"

"I was hoping you'd ask," I replied.

We dressed, minus underwear, and went to the local café for dinner. Just after we arrived, Ray walked in and Clay invited him to join us.

As he sat down, he said, "Since your still here I assume Clay had to order the parts."

"Yea, but they were closed," I replied. Clay spoke up and said, "I'll order them first thing Monday morning."

"Where are you staying?" Ray asked.

"With me," Clay quickly replied. "I warned him about the roaches and bed bugs and the motel."

"I'm glad you did. That place is the pits."

We ate and Ray headed out as Clay and I returned to his place and both stripped. After several more beers, we headed to bed. Once in bed we kissed and fondled each other before Clay flipped around and we enjoyed a hot sixty-nine.

Clay had been right. His load was indeed huge and after we both swallowed and kissed, we spooned together and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning round six, alone in bed. As I slipped out of bed, I smelled coffee brewing. As I neared the kitchen, I got a glimpse of Clay's hairy back then saw another man's arm slip around his neck.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................



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