From Part 1......

I awoke the next morning round six, alone in bed. As I slipped out of bed, I smelled coffee brewing. As I neared the kitchen, I got a glimpse of Clay's hairy back then saw another man's arm slip around his neck.


Part 2.........

I leaned over further trying to see the other man, but Clay's head hid his face as they kissed. I could see that, from the patch on his sleeve, that he was a member of the sheriff's department. However, when I heard his voice, I knew it wasn't Ray.

"I'll call you later," the voice said.

I quickly slipped back to the bedroom and after a moment walked out pretending that I had just woke up. "Good morning," he said casually.

"Morning," I replied, as I poured a cup of coffee. He stepped closer and kissed me then suggested that he blow me while I enjoyed my coffee. How could I turn that down?

After servicing me and eating my load we dressed and headed for the garage where he went back to working on a customers car. After he rolled under the car as far as his waist, I eased down next to him and gently unzipped his overalls from the bottom. He was completely nude under them so it was easy to extract his quickly stiffening cock. Once it was exposed, I quickly swallowed and took my time in bringing him to his huge fantastic delicious climax.

I gently replaced his cock and re-zipped his overalls. I excused myself and called my boss at home to let him know the situation and that I would be out of commission for the beginning of the week and that I'd let him know when my car was repaired.

Later in the morning, during a break, we again enjoyed coffee while kissing and fondling each other. Both our cocks were boned when we heard a car pull up. Before we could adjust our boners, Ray entered and upon seeing our situation, smiled and said, "What the fuck is going on here that's giving both of you boners?"

I could feel my face turning red as Clay chuckled and said, "Oh, just some casual kissing and fondling."

I was totally shocked at his confession When Ray smiled bigger and said, "I had a strong feeling that you two would be compatible. How was last night?"

"Awesome," Clay responded. "You should have been here."

"Sounds nice. Mind if I stay the night with you two tonight?"

"Not at all," Clay replied. "It should be fun."

Ray adjusted his own boner and as he left said, "See you two tonight."

"Just what the fuck is going on here?" I asked, stepping back a few steps.

"Well, it's like this, Mark. Ray and I are both totally gay and have been since our early teens. There are only a few people here that know it. Ray is an expert at sizing up people. When he went out to check on you and called me, he told me that he was certain that you played. That is why I was so open when we got into the house."

"I see. So tonight will be a three way I assume."

"Oh yea, and I promise you will enjoy it."

Knowing what was ahead, the day just crept by. Ray called and invited us to meet him at the diner for dinner. After eating, he told us that he had a few things to do at the office then he would be over.

We returned to Clay's and after stripping, we waited. After a while, Clay said, "Fuck him! Let's start without him."

We headed for the bedroom and after making out for a while, I lay on my back and Clay straddled me and slipped his cock into my eagerly waiting mouth. A few moments later, we heard the front door as Ray called out, "It's just me."

He entered the bedroom, and after turning my head slightly, I watched Ray strip as I sucked Clay's cock. Ray's cock was as beautiful as Clay's and equal in size. I then felt Ray ease onto the bed and a second later I felt his hot wet mouth close around my hard anxious cock.

Bringing Clay to his climax encouraged me to reach my climax and the instant Ray's cock began flooding my mouth, my own cock began filling Ray's mouth. after we each swallowed Ray came up and pulled my fact to him and kissed me passionately.

After the kiss, I was eager to see if Ray's load was as big ad Clays. I immediately got between Ray's legs and swallowed his hard leaking cock. As I hungrily sucked Ray's cock, Clay lay next to him and they began eagerly tongue kissing each other. Watching two brothers kiss like that turned me on again.

Moments later, Ray fed he his huge load, which I hungrily swallowed. We then had a three way kiss, before taking a break. They told me about how they started together and eventually having a friend join them.

"Do you still get with your friend?" I asked.

"Oh yea, at least a couple of times a week," Ray replied.

Looking at Clay, I smiled and asked, "That wouldn't, by chance, be the deputy that you were kissing this morning, would it?"

"Uh, you saw that?"

"Sure did," I replied.

"Yes it was. His name is Hawk. He had stopped by, hoping for a quickie."

"Well, maybe he can join us before I leave."

"I think that might be possible, maybe even tonight," Clay answered.

"He's the reason I was later that I planned. When I got back, he was getting fucked by that guy I stopped yesterday for speeding and DUI. I just had to watch."

"Where were they?" Clay asked.

"They were both totally naked in the cell, with Hawk bent over the side of the bed."

"Hell, I would have watched also," I said.

"Well, while he was fucking Hawk, he sucked on me a while but I wouldn't let him have my load. When I left, he was hungrily sucking Hawk's cock."

"How old is he?" I asked.

"Twenty- two," Ray replied, "from over in Duncanville."

Moments later I had my cock up Ray's ass while Clay fucked me. After we both climaxed, Ray took Clay's place and emptied his load up my ass.

Then later, when things began to heat up again, Ray suggested he call the jail and invite Hawk to join us.

Moments later, Hank was there with us and I insisted that all three fuck both my ass and mouth, one after the other. I later fucked Hank while he sucked his boss, Ray.

Sex continued most of the day Sunday, with practically no limits, and it was awesome.

Then, Monday morning after I sucked Clay and Ray sucked me, Clay confessed that he did indeed have the part for my car. I smiled and said, "But I bet you can't find it until Wednesday."

"Probably not," he replied with a smile.

He did get my car repaired Monday afternoon but earlier Monday and all day Tuesday and Wednesday there was sex. Clay would take a break from work and there was sex. Ray would drop by and there was sex. While on patrol, Hawk would stop by and there was sex.

I finally left early Thursday morning after a hot sixty-nine with Clay.

I now go back every other weekend and spend the weekend with them. We have awesome four-ways and on weekends when the young guy from Duncanville comes to town for sex, the five of us do it all. It's unbelievable.

We have become great friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END..........................................



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