Holt circled the tractor around the end of the field and started back across. The radio was playing his favorite internet station, electronic music most of his friends didn't care about, preferring rock or country. He pushed the rpm's back up and started back across the field. The diesel engine roar filled the air as he made his way over the field his family leased from the Brown's. It was a ninety acre field, large for the region in south Alabama, where most were forty to sixty acres in size. Holt's father was at another field over in Windsor the community just to the north where the family's old home place was located.

It was mid-afternoon and the temperature was soaring in the hot cloudless day. Even the humidity was high, making the air conditioner work extra hard to make the cab hospitable. A few minutes later he was back to the rear of the field and was preparing to turn when he notice an older tractor in the neighboring field pulling a disk. It was the McCurry place. They had a small farm, and struggled to make a decent living, not helped by the fact they had eight children. When he was turning the open tractor was close enough for Holt to see it was Lamont, who had been a year behind him in school. Holt remembered how he would stare at the boy on their bus rides to and from school, how his dirty blonde hair was roughly cut, stuck out around the old ball cap he always wore. Holt remembered how Lamont was taller than his classmates, filled out more, more masculine. He was so attractive, but was painfully shy for he had never dated any of the girls. Holt had wondered so many times, just tried to imagine, what it would have been like to do something with him, to be able to touch him.

As he turned he waved at Lamont who waved back. They had always been cordial to each other having farmed next to each other for years. Holt made a few rounds and was soon getting to the place where the McCurry place stopped. He was approaching the fence once again when he noticed Lamont was stopped near an old oak tree that was on the fence line. As he began his turn he saw Lamont was at the disk trying to break a bolt loose. Holt finished his turn and stopped, shutting the tractor down. The image of Lamont shirtless, his broad tanned back shiny from sweat, was seared into his mind. He climbed down and made his way to the fence.

"Lamont, what seems to be the problem?"

"Hey Holt. This goddamn section of disks has shifted out of alignment because this bracket is bent, and I can't get the bolt loose."

"Can I help?"

"Maybe, if both of us throw our weight against it maybe it'll break loose."

Holt climbed over and came up behind Lamont. He saw how the muscles moved across his back, saw how his shoulder blades shifted under the skin and the sweat ran down to his waist band, His boxers were riding slightly higher than his jeans, the white strip seeming to make his dark skin look even better.

"How do you want to do this?" Holt asked Lamont. Lamont stood up and went over to a tool box mounted on the side of the tractor, where he pulled a section of pipe out. At the disk he inserted the pipe over the handle of the wrench, giving it a much longer handle.

"Reach over me and grab hold and let's see if we can get the damn thing to break free" Lamont told him as he dropped to his knees and grabbed the pipe a little ways from the end. Holt leaned over him, catching the scent of him and he held his breath a moment, afraid to breath. He grabbed the pipe at the top and the two of them pulled, using their body weight to put leverage on the bolt. It was too rusted and didn't give. Lamont got another grip on the pipe and Holt leaned against him tighter and took hold of the pipe. As they pulled, Holt couldn't help but push against Lamont, feel the heat of him against his body. His cock was getting hard, pushed up against Lamont's lower back.

"No, not now, please, not now" he thought as his cock stretched out, got hard. Lamont didn't seem to notice as they both pulled against the bolt, until finally it turned. The sudden shift caused the pipe to slip off and sent Lamont and Holt flying back into the loosened dirt. Lamont landed between Holt's legs, his head on Holt's chest. Their caps flew off. They laid there breathing hard for a moment.

"I guess we got it to break free" Holt finally said as his breathing slowed down.


"What is it?"

"You got a hard on?" Holt couldn't believe he brought it up, said it out loud. He had to respond, think of some excuse other than the truth.

"Sorry man, I've been horny all day" he stammered.

"Oh" Lamont replied, sounding disappointed by his response. Lamont sat up and Holt stared at him, wanting him to turn, to tell him he knew he was lying. Lamont turned and looked back at him, looked down his chest and down to his crotch to where his cock was bulging his jeans out. He looked back up at Holt. Holt had the look of desperation, he looked lost.

"I'm horny all the time too, but around here, I just don't find...it's frustrating...ya know?" Lamont confided as he kept looking at Holt.


Holt laid there, in the dirt, his breathing nervous, shallow, as he kept staring at Lamont, at the way his hair curled down over his forehead, over his ears and the way it was matted down where the cap had been positioned on his head. He noticed the line of freckles that ran over his shoulders, the darker hair under his arms and the way sweat ran down his sides leaving trials in the dirt on his skin. Lamont shifted around and ran his hand up Holt's leg, over the worn faded denim of his jeans, then rubbing back and forth over his thigh, getting closer and closer to Holt's cock.

"Is this ok?"


"Can I move up further...touch you there?" Lamont asked as he nodded toward Holt's crotch.

"Yes" Holt replied again, barely audible. Lamont slide his hand up and groped Holt's cock, felt its hardness, the stretched out length. Lamont moved around completely and shifted up over Holt, leaning down putting his mouth to Holt's neck, pressing his lips to his hot dirty skin, running his tongue over him, moving up to his ear as his hand kept squeezing and rubbing the hard cock confined in his jeans. He moved in front of Holt and looked at him for a moment then moved down and kissed him. Holt responded immediately, passionately, wrapping one arm around Lamont's neck, pulling him down on top of him. They kissed forcefully, roughly as Holt's hands roamed over Lamont's broad back, feeling the slick hot skin. Lamont moved to his ear, tonguing it, nibbling the ear lobe.

"I've always thought you were cute" Lamont whispered to Holt. Holt was shocked that all the times they were around each other, all the times he had fantasized about making it with Lamont; Lamont was doing the same. Lamont ran his hands under Holt's t-shirt and pushed it up to his arm pits. He shifted down and tongued Holt's nipples, took one then the other between his teeth, lightly biting them, feeling them get erect, stick up. He tongued them; then ran his tongue over Holt's skin pushing his t-shirt up over his head, dragging his tongue along up to his neck. Holt tossed the shirt in the dirt, carelessly. Holt ran his hands back over Lamont's back and down to the waistband of his jeans, running them along the top of his boxers, slipping fingers underneath.

"I want you...Lamont. Please...let me..." Holt begged, his words not making sense, but Lamont knew what he wanted. He got up on his knees between Holt's legs. Holt reached out and began to undo his jeans, open them up and push them and his boxers down to mid thigh. His cock flopped out hard, its skin darker than the rest of him, making it stand out, framed by the dirty blonde hair of his crotch. Holt took it in his hand, stroked its length, felt its hardness. He used his other hand on Lamont's ass, pulling him forward, getting him to move up over him as he laid back, head held up waiting. Lamont moved up and pushed his cock into Holt's face, rubbed it over his face, across his lips and when Holt opened his mouth, Lamont pushed it in, ran it over Holt's tongue, felt the heat of his mouth as it engulfed his cock. Lamont held Holt's head feeling it move back and forth over his cock, making it hot, slick, and even harder. Lamont worked his hips, moving his cock through Holt's mouth, over his tongue, until he was close. He pulled out and backed up, tugging his jeans and boxers down each leg, struggling to get them off. Holt started undoing his jeans, undoing his belt, unbuttoning them, and about to unzip them when Lamont moved up and took over. Roughly, impatiently, Lamont got Holt's pants undone and pulled them down his legs. Holt was the way Lamont remembered him when they had had gym together back in school. His black hair on his head, under his arms and over his crotch stood out boldly on his fair skin, skin so smooth, stretched over his lean toned body. He had sparse hair on his legs and it felt good to Holt to have Lamont's hairy legs slide along them as he moved between his legs. Lamont fell on top of him, crushing him with his big body; hot, sweaty, dirty. Holt loved the feel of it on top of him. They kissed and made out, grinding cock to cock, and feeling each other's hardness press against each other.

Lamont got up and pulled Holt up, turned him around and pushed him over on to his all fours. Head down, Holt waited, wanting it, wanting to feel Lamont against him. Lamont moved between his legs, kicking them further apart, pushing his cock into the cleft of Holt's ass, leaning over his back and nuzzling his face into Holt's hair, tonguing his ear, as he wrapped his arms around his chest holding him tight.

"I want in you."

"Please Lamont...be easy."

Lamont kept nuzzling his neck as he moved a hand down, fingers searching for Holt's opening, running up and down his ass, probing, pushing against him, finding their target. Lamont rubbed his fingers over the opening, tested its tightness, until he penetrated him, sliding one finger in, twisting it around, feeling Holt's hot insides. Lamont slid a second finger into Holt, then a third, opening him up, stretching his hole open, preparing him. Lamont pulled his fingers out and got up on his knees. He pushed his hard wet cock against Holt, rubbed it up and down, and pushed it against his hole.

"Goddamn I want in you so fucking bad" Lamont said in a low far away voice. He leaned into Holt, penetrating him, feeling Holt's tight hole squeeze his cock as it slid into his hot depths. Lamont eased into Holt, gently, slowly sliding inch by inch into him. Holt reared up as his hole stretched to accommodate Lamont, and he pushed back, feeling Lamont probe his insides. Lamont began to move, sliding out a little then moving back in, working his hardness though Holt's tightness; feeling the squeeze along his cock as it moved through his opening.

"You feel good, Lamont" Holt uttered as he pushed back a little harder, his need building. Lamont began to fuck, to move his hips with more urgency, his desire, his lust driving him onward. Their hot, sweaty bodies, streaked in dirt, slapped together as Lamont drove his cock into Holt. Lamont's pace quickened, fervent, voracious, as he worked himself in Holt. Holt took his own hardness in hand and stroked it in time with Lamont's hard fucking of his hole. Sweat poured from his hairline, ran down his face. His cock was slick with pre-cum and gritty with dirt, and he kept his fist tight around it as he stroked himself. Lamont drove himself hard, his breathing ragged as he worked his cock in Holt. Holt had never felt something so good, something that gave his body such a sensation, to be penetrated, to open himself up to someone, to Lamont. He was pushing back as Lamont pushed forward, slamming his fist down on his cock. Soon the sensations were too much, the way Lamont hit his insides, making him see stars, making his toes curl, his skin tingle and his cock swell up in his fist. He jerked his fist over the head a few times and felt it; felt his load blast out, shooting out on the ground, sling off the head of his cock and hit him on the chest and stomach.

"Fuck, your ass..." Lamont stammered as he slammed into Holt as Holt came, his ass gripping Lamont's cock, squeezing it, milking it, making him come, making him shove in hard and push his load into Holt's depths. As he kept up his thrusting, he felt his cock slide through the load he was pumping into him, slicking him up. Lamont slowed down, sliding his cock slowly through Holt's hole, feeling his cum push back out. He fell over on Holt's back, their heat trapped between them, mingling sweat and dirt, breathing hard, exhausted. Lamont rolled off Holt and sat down on the ground his head held down, arms spread out in front of him over his knees. Holt rolled over to sit flat on the ground, leaned back on his arms. Cum, sweat and dirt streaked his chest, shining on his fair skin.

They sat silent for a while, neither not sure what to say. Holt looked at Lamont realizing he looked nervous, worried. Holt kicked him in a soft friendly way.

"Hey, Lamont, that was hot, wasn't it?" Holt asked, letting his nervousness slip into his voice. Lamont looked up and over to him. A small smile spread over his face. "Yeah, it was. You're not going to get mad or anything are ya?"

"Oh hell no...Lamont?"


"Have you ever thought about doing this before...I mean had you considered doing this..." Holt was stammering, afraid to admit he had thought of it before, or doing it with a guy, of doing it with Lamont. Lamont interrupted him.

"Holt, I always wanted to do it with you" as he looked at Holt, a serious expression on his face. Holt smiled back. "Me too."

Lamont suddenly smiled in a wicked way. "You want to get together later?"

"Hell yeah. Let me help you get this fixed so we can get done. We can go grab dinner and then...then do something."

"Yeah, I'd like that...eat and do something."



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