So picking up from Part Two..... And those of you wondering is this truth or fiction well let me tell you this is a true story and well I have tried writing fiction and hell it is a lot harder then you think.

A little recap Bray and I had started emailing through this gay hookup site after many years on and off of fucking. A little info for all Bray is reading these stories as I write them I send him a copy.

So at the closing of part 2 we have:-

Taking up the courage I email this incredible hot looking muscle stud with the amazing ass. Thinking nothing will come of it or course nothing happens for a few days. When I finally get this response and we start exchanging emails.

Finally I get this email...... (and yes Bray you did email me not message me!)

"So Tim do you not know who this is?"

"Holy fucking shit Bray?"


We continue to email for a month or two being respective of each of others features etc. How we have aged, who might be referred as the hottest Daddy etc.....

However it finally came to a head one night:------

I had finished a semi grueling night at work plonked down in my computer chair husband was fast asleep, and logged onto my favorite gay cruising website.

Nothing seemed to be happening so opened another tab on my face book page, as I was scrolling though messages and other inane posts by friends of minions doing weird things, I over heard a ping on the gay website.

Sitting in my email box was a message from Bray....

I glanced through it, since Bray is not a paid subscriber I decided to message back.

"You want me to come down tonight?"

"Yes" he responded "I want to feel you inside me again!"

I will be honest with you I hemmed and hawed! We where talking about an hour and half drive. But memories flooded back to me. The pictures on his profile sure helped and that sweet ass I remembered so well.

I knew I was different I had changed and yet I felt an attraction I cannot refuse does he remember me as the top that couldn't satisfy him or was it all about my thick cock.

I was confused shouldn't I drive down or should I?

Finally with much trepidation I thought what the FUCK! Being early spring a lot of animals of course where starting to head out and about and deer where prevalent for running in front of your car not say at least coyotes.

I flicked on Google Maps to look at the address that Bray had sent me, was having a bitch of time Google had updated and the maps program was different I couldn't get out of search function.

Texting him I told him the challenge I was having. He told me call when I get closer and he would walk me through directions so to speak.

So speeding down highway nine towards Calgary. Listening to fast and boppy music I barreled down the highway to Bray.

Of course all these things kept going through my mind I am thicker around the middle I have hair growing in places where I do not know the fuck why. However I knew I was different as I had said I am a confident top who knows when he want a great ass.

Boy did I remember Bray's ASS! I wanted it again after all these years and come hell or high water I was getting it again.

So sometimes slowing down and other times speeding up I was driving to Bray's house at a rate that if I had been pulled over I knew I would be in trouble.

Can you imagine the scenario with the cops here I was with Pajama bottoms a fleece hoodie and in the passenger seat a cock ring lube and poppers (illegal in Canada).

Finally the lakeside community reared its head. Wow it had changed in the years more spacious houses and massive strip malls. Thank god I had finally got Goggle Maps to finally work.

At a red light I texted Bray..... "In the area soon there"

As I found his street "Okay entering your street"......

Finally I pulled up outside of Brays home. Nice to say the least a modern style duplex with well manicured lawns. Turning off the engine I sat in the car and wondered why he hadn't responded, to the previous texts.

"Here!" and nothing. Thinking to myself WTF! So I waited a little longer and still nothing back from Bray.

"Okay fuck this!" I spoke aloud to myself and grabbed the poppers lube (silicon my favorite) and the illegal poppers and got out of the car.

Advancing to the front door the light was on as he said it would be and I braved myself to actually reach out and touch the front door handle. Pulling back I was starting to doubt myself. Muttering under my breath "Come on Timothy grow a pair!" I reached out and tried the handle. It was unlocked. Opening the door I slowly entered.

It was very nicely decorated home obviously his wifes taste but still you could see that even then it was well taken care off.

As I moved further into the house I spied to dinner plates and two wine glasses sitting on the counter top of the kitchen counter.

"Fuck!" I thought to myself "Hope he gave me the right address!"

Off to the right was a doorway and as I peered through I could see a sleeping figure in the bed. The room was illuminated by a bed side clock the figure was half covered but the face was memorable there was Bray snoring lightly a little gray at the temples but definably Bray.

I stood for a moment looking at the object of my sexual desire. Feelings and lust overtook me and I reached out and touched his shoulder.

"Bray!" I whispered nothing but a snort and a mumble.

Shaking him a little more firmly and saying his name again he startled awake.... Siting up in bed he looked alarmed at me almost aggressively.

"What the fuck!"

"Hey it's me Tim!" I assured him.

He smiled at me in the dim light I could make out his features yes a little older and yes still fucking hot it was my Bray.

"Cool you made it!" he said sitting up.

"Yes I said I would." I responded back "however I need to piss like a race horse!"

He gestured towards a darkened entry behind me "Lights to the right."

I reached in feeling for the light switch and illuminated the spacious bathroom with double sink jacuzzi tub leading into a large walk in cupboard.

Looking back I could see Bray had positioned himself on his knees on the end of the bed pushing is still very muscular ass in the air. Looking back at me he smiled.

"This is what your here for right?" His ass hole visibly winking at me. My cock started hardening up which was making it hard to finish pissing, but I quickly finished and took my clothes off walking back into the bedroom with my cock pointing the way.

My skin was nearly all the way back. Pre-cum dribbling to the head quickly. Fuck that ass was mesmerizing it was beckoning me to take it.

Getting on my knees I brought my nose in close and inhaled that tight looking ring. Grasping his cheeks firmly I spread and dove in tongue first. Attacking his hole with a feverish endeavor to get my tongue inside of him.

Bray dropped his head to the mattress and spread his knees some more moaning and pushing back at the same time. I shuddered and tongued deeper. His hole was very receptive almost gasping to take my tongue.

I thought back to the two wine glasses on the kitchen counter..... Hmmm was someone in his ass before me tonight I wondered. It flashed me back to the first time we had met in the bath house twenty years before and I fucked him after another guy had him.

It excited me more and my tongue was digging deeper as if for gold. My cock was twitching like crazy the pre-cum was practically pouring out of me I partially came thinking about someone else in his ass before me. My cock was beyond dripping it was soaked I pulled back and gazed at the spasming hole his silken hairs where soaked and dripping with my spit.

Lifting his head up Bray looked back at me "I want your penis in me!" reaching for my Silicon lube I opened and spread it onto my already naturally lubricated cock. Bray asked for the poppers to which I handed him and he inhaled deeply, standing up I aimed my cock at his opening running the head up and down his crack.

Teasing his spasming hole with just the tip. I wanted to savor this re-entry that had been for so long, where as before he seemed to be in charge of taking my cock into his ass this time it was all about me and what I wanted. How I wanted to be inside him for as long as I could and as deep as I could.

Finally after enough teasing I eased in and as I did his asshole seemed to open and caress my hard throbbing cock and I slowly slid in until I was balls deep all seven and half thick inches in him.

Bray sighed and moaned "Oh my god," he talked into the mattress "I forgot how good your penis feels inside of me!"

With that I grasped his hips and with restraint and control began to ride my muscular former fuck buddies ass. It was not fast furious thrusts but deep and determined actions in control at times slowing down and gyrating my hips in circular motions as I was whipping eggs in ass.

I was enjoying myself and reveling in the hot depths of his ass. As a speed up my pace and slowed down at my control.

After 15 minutes of fucking in this action I pulled out and Bray flipped over on his side moving up I presented my cock to his mouth he enveloped my cock into his waiting mouth. Hmmm his cock sucking skills where sure better! Poppers where passed and I laid down beside from behind him entering him for a second time.

This time I picked up and slowed the pace at times jack rabbiting him and at other times, taking it down to a slow pace just enjoying the depths of his incredible ass.

"Jesus!" Bray stated. "Pull out for a bit I need a break!" with that I pulled out and told him to get on his knees again.

Sliding down onto the floor in a kneeling position I lowered my face to his recently fucked hole and inserted my tongue now getting into the distance recesses of his ass that my cock enabled me entrance to now.

Begging for the poppers I passed them forward after taking a hit myself and went back to going to town on that incredible ass.

He was moaning appreciatively at my ministrations until he finally requested "Put it back in put your Penis inside me!"

I got up and inserted my cock inside him again a little harder this time and rode his ass for all it was worth.... By this time we had been fucking on and off for a good 40 minutes.

Finally as I thrust one last time deep and hard and grinding my pelvic bone against his hard muscular cheeks, Bray finally asked me to stop.

"Holy shit man! You have turned into a power top!" I pulled out at his request. And we lay side by side. My cock was throbbing on my stomach as he caressed my chest.

"Want to see you cum Tim!" I chuckled and reached down to my cock, turning my head and kissing him on the mouth, and yes his little mustache still tickled.

As I stroked what I had suspected came to fruition he told me his new regular fuck buddy had been inside him before that evening and he was super horny after smoking a little weed and wanted to go down memory lane.

I asked him why didn't you leave his cum in you? He responded I thought you would prefer me clean. Like a 20 year old I blew a load of cum halfway up my chest almost up to my nipples.

We kissed some more, and reminisced about old times.

After a bit I told him I had to get going and cleaned up, I gathered everything and prepared to leave as he was snuggling into the bed dreamily I reached down and kissed him.

See you Bray... See ya Tim he responded.

Locking the door behind me I got into my car. Putting everything away I realized I had forgotten my cock ring. So I texted him to hide it. But no response.

So I began my hour and ten minute drive home.

A few days later I did receive a message from him, should he throw away the cock ring or save it for the next time we meet.

Of course my response was save it.......



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