So two years have passed since I saw Bray at the bath house and since then I had changed jobs and was now house sitting for a lady at Brentwood.

Near to where I was living was this great strip mall with a lot of major chain stores that I used to frequent a lot of the time to browse. I had the day off during the week which was not unusual for myself since I worked shift work, so with free time I thought I would check out London Drug to see what new movies were available to buy.

As I am walking past a Bath and Beyond store I see a ladder leant up against the window, and this amazing muscular jean clad ass clenching as he was reaching with a squidgy trying to clean the top corners of the large display window.

He looked familiar well I should say the little muscle stud looked familiar from behind and I thought nothing of it except for what I thought a nice hot fuckable ass!

After browsing for movies and grabbing a couple to add to my collection I was slowly making my way back home stopping and checking out the window displays. As I approached the Bath and Beyond store I noticed that the hunky window cleaner was gone.

I thought oh well what the hell when a throat clearing from behind followed by a "Remember me?" made me turn around.

There was the same hot stud who I had fucked a few years back in the bath house.

He was leaning against his work van smiling at me in a way that made me want to fuck him there and then.

Of course I fucking remembered him but the name eluded me, but the smile was the same and fuck he was one hot little fucker.

I cleared my throat "Clay? Of course I remember you!"

Chuckling "Close Bray." he smiled as he looked me up and down paying close emphasis on my crotch. His sandy brown borderline blondish hair glinted in the sun and his eyes crinkled as he smiled at me.

"Glad you remember me almost buddy." he then leaned forward "Tim right?"

I was shocked he remembered my name.

"Hey just finished a job and free for the rest of the afternoon." clicking at an imaginary spot on his shirt, then looking up at me those amazing eyes stared right into my core which almost made me shudder, "You got time to play?"

He conspiratorially leaned into me and although no one was around to hear, "I remember that penis of yours can I feel it inside me again?"

FUCK THE MOVIES in the bag FUCK MY PLANS this afternoon I thought, "Sure I live just around the corner." I gestured.

"Great" he said "Give me a couple of minutes to clear up a few things here and I will be right over." he smiled at me.

I gave him my address and looking over my shoulder he was checking me out and waved.

You know what it is like guys you have a sudden invitation to fuck you rush home and look at the mess and go "OH fuck!"

Racing around the house picking a few dirty dishes in the livingroom off the coffee table I threw them in the sink if I remember I think I broke two dishes that day and a coffee mug. Then racing to my room grabbed what few clothes that where on the floor into the cupboard so he wouldn't see them.

Closing the louvers I turned around and was straightening up the bed when I heard a clear knock from the front door. Turning back into the main hall I opened the door and there standing was my dream man fucking Bray, trying to act cool and nonchalant I ushered him in.

Bray came on in clutching a water bottle with the label off, "Hey bud where is the washroom I need to clean up." I showed him where the washroom was and the bedroom and went to the room nervously waiting for him to come in.

After a few minutes he came in jeans unbuttoned his uniform shirt out and leaned and kissed me as I remember his mustache as always tickled which was weird considering I have a beard, but it did this time as the last. As his tongue entered my mouth my nervousness fled and we both embraced as men should and our tongues began to do battle, sighing deeply I pushed his shirt all the way back sliding my hands up and down his muscular back finally reaching into his jeans and grabbing those incredible glutes.

This time it was more relaxed it was my bed not a sleazy bath house we could take our time. We spent what felt like an eternity wrestling around on the bed kissing making out and in all this time getting an article of each others clothes off.

Finally we where both naked and I reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock. As I mentioned not the biggest cock in the world but perfectly proportioned to his body and was it fucking hard. I went down on him and return he went down on me his cock was perfect in my mouth jutting the back of my throat enabling me to taste his precum and in return he was actively pulling my foreskin back give me the best work out on my cock as he could orally.

As Bray was working on my cock and remember he is shorter then me by at least a foot I reached behind him and spread his glutes of steel, trust me his ass was so firm you practically needed a crow bar to spread his cheeks. With not to much difficulty I was able to angle my mouth down to start lapping at his balls down to his asshole. But getting my tongue to my target was proving difficult.

Finally in frustration I threw him off and yelled "Get on your knees ASS in the air!" Bray looked at me and grinned and assumed the position pushing his ass in the air without delay I settled down and spread his cheeks thrusting my face and tongue into what I view as perfect heaven! I lapped at the puppy probing it with my tongue I swear to all that is holy I partially came that day just eating his ass! Either that or I was one hell of a sloppy mess with a load of precum. I just couldn't get enough of that ass I wanted it all and kept going to town.

Finally Bray spoke. "Got any poppers bud and lube?" I pointed to the bedside table not wanting to take my face away from this incredible ass. However as he reached across to the table his ass left my face and I was disappointed.

I looked and watched as he opened the bottle of poppers inhaled and screwed the lid back on, then taking the lube he applied some generous amounts on his fingers and began to stuff them one by one in his juicy ass.

He looked over his shoulder at me grinning a little misted in his eyes from the poppers. With a gesture and a word he got off the bed and asked me to sit on the edge feet firmly planted on the floor.

To which he sat on my lap and put his arms around me then as he rode up and down I could feel my hard aching cock riding his ass crack. He opened the bottle of poppers and thrust it towards me "Snort!" was his command. I inhaled deeply through my mouth not once but twice and then a third time. (A little note guys I find for some reason I cannot take poppers through my nose it just gives me an instant headache!)

As I was floating on this high Bray inhaled himself a few times then closed the lid dropping the bottle on the bed next to us, he reached down and kissed me deeply all the while riding my cock with his ass crack. The lube he had previously applied was making my cock lubricated including the incredible amounts of precum pumping out of my cock head.

Without warning or any notice on one of his thrusts my cock suddenly pierced his anal ring and he slide down slowly and determined on my cock until he bottomed out.....

With a sigh, "Gawd bud you have an incredible penis!" and with that he began to ride my cock slowly at first but then with more determined thrusts.

Okay so I have to be honest here I had this amazing muscle hunk riding my cock bareback with the most incredible anal muscle control I mean fuck he was MILKING me and in no time I lost it and blew an incredible load deep into him. I practically screamed as shot after shot erupted into him.

I flopped back exhausted and he rolled over stroking his cock I languidly reached over pinched his nipples and stroked is balls until he finally came.

After all that was said and done I had blown and fucked the most amazing bottom to date I think I had ever encountered. We both lay back and cuddled for awhile.

Finally Bray and I talked about his marriage and more intimate details about an Uncle took him fishing and introduced him to gay sex. How he was happily married but had this itch to scratch every once in awhile. When it came time for him to leave after his shower I offered to exchange numbers all I got was "Well Bud I can take your number but I can't give you mine."

So began our journey, I would wait for his call which at times was frequent at other time would be a couple of months.

I kind of moved on got a room mate and Bray of course called it ended up with me fucking the room mate and then Bray fucking him while I fucked Bray.

There was a lapse for awhile a boyfriend here or there I had moved and then Bray came back into my life with a vergence we where fucking regularly and then it kind of started slipping away.

You know it had to make me question my abilities as a TOP was I not good enough at pleasing my bottom? His anal muscles where incredible I mean I came quickly every time. Was that the problem?

And over the years he was back and then disappear leaving me frustrated. I couldn't contact him it was always in his ball court.

Finally we lost touch the last time I saw him I felt like he wasn't interested and it was of all places at the bath house.

Now speed warp through 11 years, I have moved from a big metropolis to a small country town, married to a man I really love who sexually doesn't turn me on. But I love watching him getting fucked and he sure loves watching me fuck. So consequently we have our own separate profiles on a fuck website.

Would I leave him no, do I sleep with yes, do I have sex with him no. But I love him.

There I am looking through a profile or two and this profile looks at mine all I can see is this incredible ass looking at me and I practically salivate it is so fucking hot to look at and all I want to do sink my face into that ass and devour it.

Taking up the courage I email this incredible hot looking muscle stud with the amazing ass. Thinking nothing will come of it or course nothing happens for a few days. When I finally get this response and we start exchanging emails.

Finally I get this email......

"So Tim do you not who this is?"

"Holy fucking shit Bray?"




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