Oh my God, he's in the house, downstairs, I can hear him. Oh God I want this soooo bad. He's sooo good, just get the fuck up here. I'm just what he told me to be, naked on a big bed with no sheets. I've turned off the air conditioning so it's hot and I can feel the sweat drip down my balls and over my dried bone hard tusk.

I'm thinking about the contract, what he promised, what I paid for, all the choices but...I went with good old fashioned violent rape, he said it was a specialty. On the phone, growling at me, forcing me to strip, measure my cock, weigh my nut sack, ordering me to squeeze them until I scream then, immediately jerk off into a measuring cup, after I tell him how much, drink it, mix it with piss if I want. This is one of those things I ordered, didn't quite know but it sounded different, dirty, painful. He called it "Captain Hook". From his bag he takes a leather pouch, opens it, pours the contents on my belly. I can just look down and see...fish hooks, fish hooks with barbs, big ones, small ones and, from somewhere, a hook at least six inches across.

Thought I'd give you a demonstration about when I treat men as pigs. Here, I got a hock to stuff in your mouth. See, this goes behind your Achilles tendon and then, I'd have another one of course, you'd be swooping up, down the butcher line, nuts cut off, par boiled to get you hair out, bashed in the back of the head and then slit down the front. Don't get many takers for that option.

He takes more hooks, fish hooks with barbs and starts slipping them into my body, through my nipples, through my lips, through my nose, ears, tongue and with that one he has it attached to some monofilament line which he threads through the hole on the top of the hook on my right nipple, carries it across, threads the hole on my left nipple and back up where it all originated in my tongue. But that's not the end, takes the line from my tongue, pulls it Jesus, the pain is horrible and I'm...loving it. The ten grand, Captain Hook, why didn't I just check everything? Was there one for "snuff?"hell, after what he could put me through, it would seem like an E ticket ride at Disney.

I cannot shoot. No shoot. He told me not to shoot. That's for later and it will feel sooo good, just spit that fertilizing fluid all over hell and who ever wants it. On the stairs, yes, I can hear one tread just barely suggest a footfall. I've set up the lights as I was told, all of them facing at me, my whole stripped, steaming hot body waiting for his hand, his, whatever he wants, he's just soooo good. I am ready for this. Paid my ten grand, got confirmation. Asked for preferences and I told him, just a gold old fashioned brutal rape, I want to bleed when he's done, he says I will. The lights go on, Jesus they're bright, I can see nothing but hear him. He's there, I mean he's here, he's in the room with me. My God, he's stripping, he flashed his huge cock in front of a light and it made a shadow on the ceiling that would scare a bull. He's coming toward me, holding a bright flashlight in my eyes so I can't quite see him but his outline is large and heavily muscled, and....

...HOLY SHIT, Look at that Cock! Ten inches and it's not all hard yet and about as round as a soft ball and those aren't just nuts he's got hanging, motherfuckers must weigh two pounds without the sack. And, shit, each one is pierced and theres a chain that goes to the ring in his piss hole. A hand comes up and takes the chain out and leaves the ring. And now I'm blindfolded and fast, very fast, my arms are stretched out and he knows how to do it, just like cinching a horse, you first tighten then pop their gut and they puff out and you can get a few more inches. A strap over my abdomen, legs pulled out, very wide and very stretched. No way to move but motherfuck it feels good!There's a clunk, like something made of heavy fabric filled with metal things dropped on the floor. He's playing with my balls, stretching them, flicking them with his fingers, pinching them, grabbing my cock...I don't get I, he's putting some sort of large plastic..thing over the cock head, kinda like the things you stick a flower in that can hold a little water

He squeezes the seal, and begins to slowly jack me off and I can hear him quietly saying, "it'll be good, it'll be long, we got a long time and I want to do this and you want it done to you, don't you, cunt. Don't you want to feel gizz dripping down your ass knowing you'll get it again. I want to milk you first and make you drink your own juice then seal you mouth. Stick a catheter in you so you can pee on yourself while I fuck your balls off. Good fucking, you look like a good fuck, strong, big, ready to fight but...you can't can ya buddy. Just me and your shit chute and your nuts and your cock and they're all mine. Just like you want them to be. Just like you ordered them to be. In fact lets make it interesting. For what you paid, you're entitled to more than my usual. I got something down here...yeah, got it. Keep you from juicing till I want you to do.I'll just press it open and, hear that snap, feel that pain? That's the elastic holding your sack closed until I'm ready for it.

Better gag you, here's a good one with a cock on the inside, just like a rubber tongue depressor, you can deep throat this, cause nobody can swallow all of mine. But you'd like to try.. sorry buddy, that's not on the menu. I cost extra an my creamy load is sold by the drop. I got whores who want kids like me and I tie 'em up, about like you are now and drip, drip, drip my sperm into their bloody cunt. Just like your cunt's going to be bloody, and both get bloody from the same thing, she looks at her daddy cock and her clit damn nears jumps up to bite and it and you want it cause there's nothing you'll ever have again like it. You'll remember it forever but I only do this once per customer. Get tired of the same old faces, need new screams but lets get that sample jerked out of you, yeah, I can see your belly spasming, you're about to shoot, aren't you, try not to, I'll slow down just a bit, I want you to enjoy the first and last time I'll do this for you. And don't even think more money...cause it won't get what you want.

WOW, that was some load. Shame you didn't tick the "Edging" part of the contract, looking at those nuts, you aren't blue balled, you've navy blue balled. Must have saved it up. Lets just pop off the seal and open the gag..there, pour it in nice and slow while it's still hot and runny, let it slide down your throat, I'll make sure you get some on your taste buds, every guy wants to know what they taste like but only a few eat it when they pump it out. But that's good eatin'sperm. Okay, here's the last drop and...here's your cock back in to try and chew on.

Got one or two more things, get those legs... I wonder, over my shoulders or, yeah, for the last best fuck even my dick only works to finish you off but we need to get you stretched, start your motor. I've got one here...about like this that we'll grease it up good and stick it up there, not too fast don't want to tear the lining and align the lump so it's on your hot spot, you guy's g spot and, just turn the dial-I think you deserve the full ten and, there you go, a good guys cunt massage. Lets get ready for the last two or three things. Okay, check my paper, got it. Can't feel my hand can you? That's an elastrator I slipped it around your scrotum and your nuts are dying, no bull left in you. Wonder what you'll tell guys in the locker room?. That's what I'm here for, I collect balls and yours will make a nice edition to the collection. Thanks for sending all those pictures off them, specially the ones after I told you to get 'em waxed clean.

Don't scream, here comes a big snip....




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