He was beautiful, hung.. and cumming down my throat. I tried to

pull off his spurting cock but his large strong hands held my head as his

tool fucked my throat, his thick salty jizz keeping me well lubed.

An hour ago he was a stranger, just a hot guy at the end of a bar.

It was hard not to notice his ass, round and muscular, held snuggly in

the seat of tight worn jeans. It was not hard to imagine that he'd

torn the sleeves out of his way-too-tight tee because his arms were too

damn big for them. When I walked over and sat down next to the young

stud, thinking about those big guns pinning me down during hot sex was

only a fantasy. Who knew I would soon find out what it felt like

to be his bitch.

After a few minutes of small talk, the stud got right down to business.

'I need my balls drained. You up for it?' I smiled, threw some

bills down on the bar and followed him out to the parking lot. He

pushed me down on the hood of my car, groping my bottom through my jeans,

oblivious to anyone else that was outside the bar.

His hands felt like heaven on my ass, but I was a little worried someone

might see. 'Should we be out here doing this?' I asked.

'You worried that someone might find out you're gonna be my bitch?'

I looked up into his smiling face and would have swallowed his leg there

had he offered it. 'You're right though, let's go back to my place.

I need you naked for what I want to do.'

Ten minutes later we were at his place and my clothes had been literally

torn off. The stud lifted me off my feet and tossed me like a bag

of trash onto his bed. I tried to roll over and offer him my ass,

but he was already between my legs, working my cock with his mouth.

His mouth was marvelous and he got me close to cumming in less than two

minutes. I was just ready to pop when his lips came off my dick,

his tongue stroking my glans.

'Close?' he asked.

'Yeah, I'm gonna cum,' I told him, reaching for my cock. He smiled

again, grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms over my head.

'Not yet, you're not. Not til I let you.' The stud kissed

me, licking my face, ears, neck and armpits. He teased my nipples,

keeping one hand around my wrists so I couldn't stroke my cock. 'Don't

make me tie you up,' he warned, his grin as sexy as ever.

I lay back and watched him strip, more impressed with each layer of

clothes that came off. Under the shirt were hard pecs and abs; under

the jeans thighs of solid muscle. He teased me with his briefs, but

it was clear he was hung; the bulge under his tight whites was beercan

thick and pushing at the edge of the elastic waistband.

'You want this?' he asked, sliding his briefs down to give me a look

at his beautiful cock. 'You want this meat buried in your throat?'

I couldn't answer, I just left him sit on my chest and feed me his cock.

The tears in my eyes from the sheer thickness of him seemed to turn him

on all the more. 'Yeah, that's it. You're making my cock feel

so good. Get it nice and wet so I can fuck you up the pussy with


I sucked him for awhile, until it was clear he was close. 'I like

to let it build,' he informed me, pulling out of my mouth before it was

too late. 'Roll over and let me see that hot ass.'

I went buns up for him and then buried my face in one of his pillows.

His hands had pulled me open like a melon and his tongue had found my hole.

For such a domineering stud, his tongue was one of the most gentle things

I'd ever felt against my slot. I think he knew the effect it was

having on me, since he wrapped his arms around my waist and hoisted me

onto all fours, lest I rub my cock against his sheets and get myself off.

I looked back at him and watched him slide a rubber down onto his cock.

With his hands on my bare back, I pushed my face back into his pillow,

trying not to cry out as his thick cock buried itself up my ass.

'You like that, huh?' It was obvious I did. My hole tightened

whorishly around his huge tool, willing him to spill his seed inside me.

The guy had stamina, I'll give him that. He would fuck me hard for

several minutes and then bury his dick to the balls, holding it still until

the desire to unload had passed. My own untouched cock had been leaking

since he's plunged into me, leaving a huge puddle of precum between my

legs. During one thrusting session, the guy inside me reached around

and began to massage the wet knob of my cock. I began to buck forward,

fucking his hand.

'Ah, ah, ah,' he chided, pulling back, leaving me close, but uncummed.

'Please let me shoot,' I begged. 'I need to cum.'

'So do I,' he said, but I want you to wait until I'm ready. I

want to feel the muscles in your ass clamp down on me when I'm shooting.

I want your ass to milk the cum right out of my balls.' He gave my

right cheek a playful slap and began to fuck me again, alternating hard

thrusts with long slow ones. I was slowly going insane, being driven

to the brink of climax, but not pushed over the edge. This guy was

a master.

Finally, mercifully, he let me cum. As soon as I got close enough,

he began to fuck me hard, my ass pulling him all the way in. He told

me he was cumming, and let loose with a string of dirty talk that was only

matched by the jets of hot cum I was blasting out onto his sheets.

He was surprisingly gentle after we had gotten off, but an hour later

he was ready to go again.. and I was his willing fuckslut.




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