Bored Househusbands


In a quiet suburb, just outside of Chicago, there is a cul-de-sac with six houses on it. Each house is a different architectural style, and each has a different floor plan. Anyone observing the cul-de-sac would see a perfectly typical suburban street.

But this street is different; not unusual in this day and age, but different. In the two houses at the center, where the cul-de-sac arcs, live two househusbands. They have similar stories. Before they had children, they both had good jobs, as did their wives, but the women had better jobs.

John Brown was an account executive in an ad agency, and his wife, Mary, was a pediatric neurosurgeon. Francis (Frank) Petri was a staff accountant in a CPA firm. His wife, Penelope (Penny), was a high priced corporate lawyer, whose skills were feared by many male attorneys. Behind her back, she was known as 'The Shark'.

When each couple decided to have a child, there were long discussions held in both households, and it was decided that the husbands would be stay-at-home dads, and put their careers on hold, until the child was at least old enough for pre-school. In addition, both couples decided on having two children, spaced three years apart, but only if things worked out well with the first one.

The wives got pregnant on the same night, and when their pregnancies were confirmed, they both decided to buy a home in the suburbs within easy commuting distance to the central city. They zeroed in on a brand new development, just outside the city limits. Each couple was among the first to buy, and so they had their pick of building lots.

They bought side by side houses in the center of a secluded cul-de-sac, on a street named Maple Circle. The builder named it that, because of the unusually high number of maple trees he was able to leave growing on the property. The trees would nicely shade the new homes. The Browns bought a Colonial style model, and The Petri's bought a split level home. They signed the contracts about three hours apart.

The Petri family moved in first, early in July, and the Brown's moved in a week later, each with three month old baby sons. The women were hardly ever home, and left everything to the husbands regarding furnishing and setting up their households.

The men did not meet each other until the third day after the Brown family moved in. Both men went down to the curb at the same time, and for the same purpose. They were putting out the day's allotment of flattened packing boxes, for garbage removal. The contents of the boxes had been removed, and neatly stowed in the houses.

Since all the lots were pie shaped, their two driveways practically touched at the street. They smiled at each other, introduced themselves, shook hands and went back into their houses, where their babies were sound asleep.

About two hours later, Frank knocked on John's door. John was pleased to see Frank standing there. He had his hand on a baby carriage. "I was just about to take my baby for a walk and air him out some. I thought you might want to join me, and we can get acquainted."

"Terrific idea. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll be right out."

They began their walk around the growing neighborhood, but it turned out to be a bad idea. There was so much construction, noise and dust, that they decided to go home.

"There must be a peaceful park somewhere around here, where we can take the kids," John lamented.

"Yeah," Frank agreed. "I'll call the Town Hall later and inquire. In the meantime, how about coming over to my place, and I'll make us a cup of coffee while the boys are still asleep."

Frank brewed coffee, which he served with toasted English muffins. The two men began to tell each other their backgrounds, and how they came to be stay-at-home dads. They realized that they both had much in common, and that included their ages (twenty-nine), and their stunning good looks.

Frank was six-two, and very well built. Before the baby came, he worked out steadily. Now all he had at home was a treadmill, which he mounted as often as possible. John was six-one, and also very well built. He too, had given up the gym, but he used a stationary bike at home as often as possible.

When they found out about the two pieces of exercise equipment that each owned, John suggested that Frank could come over and use the bike, and occasionally he could go next door and use the treadmill, if Frank wouldn't mind. They agreed it would be a great idea.

They were really beginning to enjoy each other's company, and agreed to have a ten o'clock coffee klatch every day. They exchanged each other's telephone and cell numbers.

Reluctantly they had to say goodbye. Both babies had awakened, and were crying for attention. "I'd better get home," John said. As he was leaving, he asked, "By the way, what's your son's name?"

"Joseph, after my father," Frank said smiling.

John smiled even broader. "Mine's named Joseph also, after my father as well. Isn't that a hoot? I'll call you later."

As it turned out, Frank called first, not too long after John left. "I called Town Hall, and they told me that there's a kiddie park just two blocks from the entrance to our development. They have swings, see-saws, sand boxes, jungle gyms, and the whole nine yards. Wanna try it tomorrow?"

"You bet. Little Joey usually fusses between twelve noon and three PM. Is that a good time for you?"

"Perfect. My Joey is usually fussing about the same time. Maybe we can create some diversions for them at the park. But before that, I'll see you for coffee at my place tomorrow at ten. I hope."

During that week, John and Frank were developing a deep friendship. On Sunday, both wives were home for a change, and the men introduced them to each other. The women were very cordial, but it was obvious that they had little in common, and they would never be as close as the husbands.

Both women were required to be very astute in their chosen professions. They sensed the friendship their husbands were cultivating, and realized that they would occasionally have to go out to dinner together, or invite each other to dinners in their homes. Each vowed inwardly to be as cordial as possible for their husbands' sakes.

In the meantime, the other houses on the cul-de-sac became occupied, and John and Frank became friendly with two of the housewives. The other two had older children and had returned to the work force. On the first weekend after each family moved in, Frank and John went to meet the husbands. Like their wives, they felt that they had nothing in common with any of them.

The other men were obsessed with their careers, and on Sundays they ran off to play golf. Frank and John would have liked to have joined them, but their homes and children had first priority. They had everything in common, and were drawn closer and closer together. Their relationship was reaching a level neither of them ever dreamed of.

One early autumn morning, when the air was crisp and fresh, after the heat of the summer, the men were sitting on John's front steps. The babies were sleeping peacefully in their carriages. Suddenly John's face clouded over.

"Look at that tree on the front lawn," he directed Frank with his forefinger.

"What about it?" Frank asked. "I don't see anything."

"Yeah, look close. There are a couple of yellow leaves already. Winter will be here soon enough. Shit, I hate the thought. We won't be able to take the kids to the park, or sit outside like this and talk."

"Not to fear," Frank assured John. "We'll just spend more time in each other's homes. We'll use our exercise machines more, like we said we would, and never did." He slapped John's knee and started laughing.

"Right," John said. "It would be foolish to let weather alter our friendship."

As the days grew colder and colder, the men spent more time together in one of their homes. The only exception was when they were cleaning their houses, or attending to the babies. They would have lunch together, and watch ballgames on TV, while their two sons played together in a play pen. The indoor atmosphere caused a subtle change in their topics of conversation also.

Out of doors, their conversations were light and airy. They would relive their wild bachelor days, the fun they had in college, exchange recipes they were trying out, and have lots of laughs together.

Indoors, as the weather worsened outside, their conversations began to get more serious. They became so comfortable with each other that they began to share their innermost fears and thoughts.

One cold November day, about two weeks before Thanksgiving, they were sitting in Frank's living room. The two little Joey's were playing in the play pen. Out of the blue, Frank said, "Tell me about your father, John. How did you come to name your son after him?"

"I barely remember him," John said. "He was killed in Desert Storm when I was a young boy."

"Shit!" Frank interjected.

"He had done something heroic. I'm not sure what, but he was awarded some sort of a medal, and I always knew that I would name my first born son after him to honor his memory. What about your father, Frank?"

"My story couldn't be more different than yours," Frank began. "My childhood memories are of a very unhappy home. My dad was, maybe still is, a fire fighter. My mother was a stay-at-home mom. They fought all the time. They just couldn't get along. As I grew older, I realized that they tried to work things out, but they just never could.

"I was always closer to my father than my mother. She was cold and aloof, and he was always hugging and kissing me, and telling me how much he loved me. A few days after my sixteenth birthday, my dad disappeared. I had no idea where he went, or how to reach him. My mother told me that if I ever tried to contact him, she would hate me for being disloyal to her. I was still too young to consider crossing her in any way. Where could I go anyway? What could I do?"

"Do you think he left because he finally had his fill of your mother?"

"I'm sure that had a lot to do with it, but one day I overheard my mother and my grandmother cursing him out. They did that incessantly. I listened to their tirade, and I learned that my father ran off to be with another man. Who could blame him? What I couldn't figure out is what took him so long. He continued to send child support money for me and my kid sister, and he paid for our college educations, but my mother would never tell me how I could reach him. She won't to this day. On my part, I never stopped loving him. I never blamed him for leaving my mother or even for being with a man. I'm sure he loved that guy an awful lot to have so drastically interrupted his life. That's why I named my son after him, to keep him in my memory."

"There's Google and computers now," John pointed out the obvious to Frank. "I'll help you, if you want to search for him."

"That's so nice of you to offer, but let me think about it. That would be a big move on my part. I don't want to rush into it."

The next morning at coffee klatch in John's house, Frank made an announcement. "Penny's going to New York on business. She's leaving Monday morning and won't be back until late Friday. I'm glad I have your friendship, John. Being a househusband has its upside, but basically, I'd be bored and lonely if you weren't in my everyday life."

Instinctively the two men hugged each other. John was so moved by Frank's declaration that he pulled his friend closer. Both men could feel their packages, and neither moved away, but it reminded John of something, and he asked, "Have you decided to search for your father?"

"I'm leaning toward doing it, but I want to sleep on it for another couple of nights."

The two men were still holding each other, and Frank had the crazy notion that he wanted to kiss John, so now he did pull away. To change the subject, he asked, "How would you and Mary like to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, unless you are going to family, of course?"

"We can never make plans because of Mary's crazy schedule, so I'll accept your kind invitation, but don't be surprised if only Joey and I show up."

Frank put his arm on John's shoulder. "That'll be just fine with me," he said.

John wasn't sure how to explain it, but that sounded like an odd thing to say. It was almost like Frank was saying that he would rather have his company without his wife around to spoil things. John was aware that Mary was never too friendly where Frank and Penny were concerned. He never could understand why.

John and Frank were having coffee together on the first morning of Penny's departure. They were making small talk at first, but then they seriously began to discuss trying to find Joseph Petri.

"OK," Frank agreed. "As soon as we finish coffee, let's try to Google him.

Just then John's cell phone rang. It was his wife.

"Where are you?" she asked.

"I'm at Frank's having coffee. What's up?

"There was a terrible school bus accident on Michigan Avenue a short while ago. They are bringing in several children with head trauma and brain injuries. The EMT's have alerted the hospital that surgery will be necessary. I'm anticipating a full day and night of non-stop surgery. I'll try to get some sleep at the hospital. Don't make dinner or breakfast for me. I'll be glad to get home by noon tomorrow. I'll call to check on you and Joey, if I get a chance."

"OK, Hon. Good luck," John said.

He didn't know why he did what he did next, but he smiled at Frank and said, "I guess we are both work widows until tomorrow." Frank smiled back, and they hugged each other.

The babies, now seven months old, were playing with each other in a play pen. The men took advantage of the quiet moment. They sat down at Frank's computer, went on line, and started their search. Hoping that Joe had not moved too far away, they began their search in the Chicago area. Five Joseph Petri's appeared immediately, but only one was the right age.

Frank was seated at the computer, and John was standing behind him. They zeroed in on the Joe Petri who fit the bill. He lived on the side of Chicago closest to their suburb, and he lived with someone named Michael Finn.

"He ran off to be with a man," John reminded Frank. "It sounds like the right Joseph Petri."

"What do I do now?"

"Call him, but not now. Call tonight after working hours."

"Will you be here with me when I call?"

"Of course I will. In fact, why don't Joey and I stay over here tonight, since Mary isn't coming home, and Penny is in New York?"

"Great. The kids can sleep in one crib, and you can use the guest room."

Frank was still sitting facing the computer. Suddenly, the enormity of his situation hit home, and Frank's shoulders began to heave as he started to sob. John was still standing behind him. He wrapped his arms around Frank, and his clasped hands rested on Frank's chest. John gently laid his cheek against Frank's. He could feel Frank's tears wetting his own cheek.

The two men looked at each other. Their lips were a scant inch apart. Instinct took over and they kissed each other. That first kiss was a tentative peck on the lips, but they smiled at each other and kissed again. This time their lips parted and they began to tongue each other.

When they came up for air, John said, "I love you, Frank. In the past few months I almost said that a hundred times to you, but I was so afraid."

"I feel the same way," Frank said. "I love you too."

"You understand, Frank, that I'm saying that I love you in THAT way, that very special way. You do know what I'm trying to tell you."

"Of course, my friend. I feel the same way. It's insane. How did this ever happen? How could it happen?"

"I have no idea. I just know that I'm aching to make love to you."

"Maybe we should wait until after I speak to my father and ask him what two guys do together." For a minute John thought Frank was serious, but then they both broke out laughing.

"I think we're both smart enough, and man enough, to figure it out," John said.

After lunch, when the babies were fed, bathed and cleanly diapered, the fathers put them down for their afternoon nap. They knew that their fussing periods would begin soon after. The boys were laid down head to toe in the crib.

As they left the nursery, Frank said, "Let's shower together." John followed him into the bathroom, where they dropped their clothing on the floor and faced each other naked. Neither was cut and neither was flaccid. They were both sporting tremendous erections, nearly eight inches for Frank, and about seven and a half inches for John.

They pressed their bodies together, allowing their cocks to rub together, and they resumed kissing passionately, but they were still reticent about touching least, down there, in that place. Finally John couldn't stand it any longer. He enveloped Frank's cock with his hand, and started stroking. Immediately Frank did the same to John, but not for long.

"Let's get in the shower," he pleaded.


Frank held John's hand gently, and led him into the bathroom, where he started the water flowing in the stall shower. When he felt the temperature was just right, they stepped inside. Immediately, they embraced and started kissing. With some reticence they started to fondle each other, but as their excitement grew, their reticence disappeared.

John dropped to his knees. "I've been dreaming about this for weeks now," he confessed.

"Me too, me too," Frank echoed. "I want to taste you right now, but let's not linger too long in the shower. I want to ravish you in bed," he said, with a smile on his face. After just a few strokes, they switched positions, and Frank gobbled up John's prick.

"You taste as good as I knew you would," Frank said. He stood up, and started to soap John all over. He paid particular attention to John's cock and ass. "I can't wait to taste your ass hole." He fell to his knees and started bathing John's ass with his tongue.

"Not here, not now," John begged. "Let's get as clean as possible and take it to the bedroom."

When they were more than clean, in fact, sterile, they dried themselves, and fell into Frank's bed. Frank had John lie on his back, and he proceeded to give him a trip around the world. It was a short trip this time. He was too anxious to taste cock and ass, and he did just that. First he bathed John's asshole, and was able to insert his tongue in about a quarter of an inch. John's body was bucking with pleasure, making Frank's efforts difficult. When he switched to sucking John's cock, John calmed down considerably, but he kept raising his butt to force his cock deeper into Frank's mouth.

It was obvious to Frank that John's balls were shrinking and beginning to harden. He stopped sucking and said, "Please, John, cum in my mouth. We'll fuck next time."

"Yes, yes, my love. Just do it." Frank resumed sucking John's cock. He ran his tongue up and down the shaft while his lips pumped the beautiful prick. John's entire body began to shiver, and he began to moan loudly, as he shot a tremendous load into Frank's mouth. Frank tried to swallow all of it, but some of John's jism ran down his chin. Quickly he scooted up, and began to kiss John, who happily ate his own cum.

They lay still for a while, kissing and fondling and proclaiming their love for one another. At last John fell over Frank and did not waste any time with world-wide trips. He sucked Frank's cock, and it was more than delicious. After a few strokes, he turned Frank over and began to bathe his asshole. John enjoyed rimming even more than Frank had, and he lingered so long that Frank had to beg him to suck him to a glorious conclusion. Frank turned over, and John did indeed suck him until he screamed with joy.

Again they shared all of Frank's cum, and while cuddling together, they confessed to each other that neither of their wives had ever given them oral sex. "Thank God, we were brave enough to confess our love to each other," John said, as they fell fast asleep.

They were awakened by the babies' cries. They went into the nursery to find the two boys embraced and hugging each other. They were also badly in need of a diaper change.

"Like grandfather, like father, like son," Frank commented, with a sound of laughter, and a little bit of irony, in his tone of voice.

They got the boys cleaned up and freshly diapered, gave them a bottle of milk (it was too early for a dinner of baby food), and finally they washed themselves. As they were washing their cocks, standing side by side, Frank whispered in John's ear, "I can't wait for you to fuck me."

"Same here."

"Should we call your father before or after dinner?" John asked.

"After, I think. They should be home from work by then for sure."

They never bothered to dress. They took care of the babies, and got them ready for the night, still completely naked. They were both enjoying their new found freedom.

After the boys were put down, Frank prepared two frozen dinners. They ate silently, but they kept reaching for each other's hands and smiling. When the kitchen was all cleaned up, John said, "I think you should call your father now. After the call, we'll either feel like joyously fucking our brains out, or not fucking at all. But you gotta do this, Frank. It's the absolute right thing to do. He's got to know that you have forgiven him, and still love him. More than that, tell him that you want him to have a relationship with you and your family."

"Do you really think we can ever have a relationship together?"

"Without a doubt. Now call him."

Frank fumbled with the numbers, but finally managed to complete the call. He heard the ringing at the other end. He marveled that it was a local call, not even long distance. His father was that close all these years. He wondered why he had not done this sooner, at least when he was out of his mother's clutches.

After three rings, the phone was answered. A deep, masculine voice said, "Hello." The voice sounded young, and Frank sensed that it was not his father.

He wanted to ask if it was Michael, but he resisted, and asked cautiously instead, "Is this Joseph Petri?"

"No, this is Mike. I can get him for you. Who's calling please?"

"Mike, I'm glad it's you. Please sit down, or hold on to something. This is going to come as a shock. I'm his son, Frank. Do you think he would want to speak to me?"

There was a long silence, long enough that Frank was prompted to ask, "Are you there, Mike?" Frank could hear Mike crying.

"Frankie," he said (that's what his father always called him), "your father cries for you all the time. He constantly tells me how much he misses you and your sister, how much he would like to hold you in his arms again, even if you are all grown up. Yes, Frankie, he does want to see you, more than you know."

Now Frank began to cry, and John joined him.

"Do you think I could speak to him now, please?"

"I'm going to have to prepare him for the shock, so please hold on. This may take a little time."

It didn't take any time at all. In just a few seconds, Joe was screaming into the phone, "Frankie, Frankie, my boy, is that really you?" That's all Joe could manage, because he started to cry, and couldn't stop himself. Frank let him cry it out because he was pretty weepy himself. Finally Joe got hold of himself.

"I'm so happy to hear from you son, but how come, and why now? I was so ashamed of what I did, that I was afraid to contact you. Anyway, your mother got a permanent restraining order against me, claiming that I had threatened her and you kids."

"First of all," Frank said, "please don't be ashamed of what you did, especially if you did it for love of Mike. I know that mom made you miserable, and if Mike has brought joy into your life, I love him already.

"As for why now, I owe it to the urging of the best friend a guy ever had. John is the kind of rare friend everyone should have, Dad. I can tell him anything, and he will not judge me. I poured out my heart to him, and I told him about you, and how you left your family to be with another man. He thought it was a beautiful thing, and he urged me to contact you."

"He sounds just like my Mike," Joe said. Frank took advantage of the hint.

"He is, Dad, in every way."

"Please fill me in on your life, Son, before I bust, and most important, where do you live?"

When Frank gave his father his address, Joe let out a stifled screech. "Please," he said, "Mike and I can be there in less than half an hour. Can we come right over? If I don't see you, hold you, and hug you soon, I'll go crazy."

"Sure, Dad, Come right over. Both our wives are away, and John is spending the night with me." If that wasn't telling his father something, nothing was. He also gave his dad his telephone number, just in case.

"Well, honey, fucking will have to wait. My dad and his partner are on their way," Frank informed John.

"Don't sweat the small stuff, honey. Your dad is more important. You and I will fuck, suck and more during the day when the ladies are at work. For now, we better get dressed."

About five minutes later, Frank got a call from his Dad. "Mike is driving, so start talking, I want to hear all about your life, and especially John's part in it."

Frank not only told his dad about his family, and how he came to be a househusband, but he filled him in on John as well, and the incredible coincidence and miracle, that they lived next door to each other, and could share so much of their lives. Without revealing in so many words that he and John were lovers, he made it perfectly clear, and Joe was sure of it.

Frank and John were barely finished dressing, when Frank spotted a car pulling in to his driveway. Mike's GPS had been accurate all the way. They ran to the front door, which Frank opened before they reached it. Father and son fell into each other's arms weeping and sobbing. They even kissed each other on the lips, but with closed mouths. While the reunion was going on, John and Mike introduced each other, and shook hands.

"That's not good enough," Mike said. "I understand that you're the one who made all this possible. He enveloped John in a bear hug, and planted a slobbery kiss on his lips.

When things settled down, Joe asked to see his grandson, even at the risk of waking the boy. Frank led them all to the nursery. He put on a hall light, which enabled Joe to see the two babies in the crib. Once again, they were lying side by side instead of head to foot, as when they had been put down.

"The one on the left is my little Joey," Frank said. "The one on the right is John's. His name is Joey also."

"It appears to me that these two little ones love each other, and they look enough alike to be brothers. In fact, Frankie, you and John could pass for brothers also."

The little boys were born on the same day, and John and I share a birthday also. Maybe we were twins separated at birth," he laughed.

"I can't wait to come around when he's awake, and smother him with kisses," Joe said.

"Penny is away on business all this week, and even if she wasn't she's never home during the day, so feel free to drop in any time, and if you want to meet Penny, please come by this Sunday."

"Sure I will. Tell me, does your sister, Cindi, live nearby?"

"Sorry Dad. She's married and lives in L.A. I'll give her your number and urge her to call you, but I can't promise you, or speak for her."

"That's OK, Frankie. I understand."

"Now it's your turn Dad. You know all about us, and our lives. We want to hear how you met Mike, and what brought you together."

"That's no problem. I can make it quick. I'm seven years older than Mike. We met when he began to work at my fire station. We hit it off as friends right away. I hated to go home to a nagging wife, so Mike and I started to have a beer or two after work. It helped me face what waited for me at home. One evening, instead of going home, Mike invited me up to his place. He said he would make us a light supper. I was happy to have another reason to delay going home.

"After that, I don't exactly know what happened. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were in bed together, and showing one another just how much in love we were."

"The truth is," Mike interjected, even though I had been previously married for a few years, I've been gay all my life, and I systematically seduced your old man. I just didn't expect it to be so easy."

Frank and John laughed, but Joe got a serious look on his face. "OK," he said. "It's obvious to me that you two are making it together. I'll bet Mike senses it also." Mike nodded. "We want to hear all about it."

Frank and John both turned beet red. This was all so new to them. They hadn't had a chance yet, to be, or not to be, honest with the world.

"Very well," John said. "I'll try to explain. It'll be easier for me. Even though I grew up without a father, as I understand it, it's difficult for fathers and sons to talk about sex. It wasn't so much the unusual amount of time we spent together, it was the quality of those hours. Little by little we began to reveal our most secret thoughts to each other. Nothing was too sacred, and we knew instinctively, that what we told each other, was like telling it to ourselves.

"Just this morning, after Frank located you on Google, he began to cry. I put my arms around him to comfort him. Our cheeks touched, and I could feel the tears on his face. Somehow the damn burst and we kissed each other. That did it. When the kids slept, or they played in the play pen, we had sex for the first time. It made us love each other even more. When we realized that we were making love, not having sex, we had no shame and no regrets."

"Have you thought about your wives?" Joe asked.

"It's too new and too overwhelming. I don't think either one of us has thought that far ahead."

"I have a question," Mike interjected. "Was today the first time either of you ever had sex with a man?"

"No!" Frank and John answered simultaneously.


When Mike asked John and Frank if today was the first time they had ever had sex with a man, they answered, "No" simultaneously. They looked at each other in shocked and utter amazement.

Finally, Frank said jokingly, with a big grin on his face, "Why John, you sly little devil. Tell us about it."

"I vowed never to talk about it," John objected.

"Mike and I can leave the room," Joe said. "You guys said that you could tell each other anything without fear of recriminations."

"You're right," John said. "I'll confess, if you will, Frank."

"Sure. There's nothing to lose. You know how much I love you, John. Whatever I tell you about my wild and misspent youth, swear to me that you believe me when I tell you that now you are the only man in my life."

"I swear, but I want you to come clean also, in front of your dad and Mike. I told you that we should bond with them, so I'll tell my story if you promise to tell yours."

"Your confessions are just as safe with us, as if you told one another," Mike assured John and Frank.

"OK then," John began. "When I was a young teen-ager, I became very friendly with Dennis Farmer, a school chum of mine. Every day after school, we did homework together, either in my house or his. On weekends, we played ball together with a bunch of other school mates. Denny's father took me everywhere he took Denny. He knew that I had no dad, and he became a surrogate father to me.

"One Saturday morning, just after my sixteenth birthday, Denny and I really hadn't planned on doing anything or even getting together, but I went over to his house to see if he wanted to go to the park, and maybe we could get into a pick-up basketball game or something. I had just gotten my driver's license, and my mom said she didn't need the car that day, and I could use it. When I got there, Mr. Farmer answered the door, wearing a bathrobe. I suspected that he had nothing on underneath. He told me that Denny and his mother had gone to the mall to buy Denny some clothes. He was growing out of everything at a rapid rate.

"I said I would leave and come back later, but Mr. Farmer insisted that I should come in. He figured that Denny and his wife would be home in about an hour. He told me that he was watching a videotape, and we could watch together while we waited for them. He said he would make us some lemonade, and sort of have a picnic. I was thrilled to spend some alone time with my surrogate father.

We went into the kitchen, and he made a pitcher of lemonade. He put the pitcher on a tray and added two glasses. I thought that we would sit down in the den or the living room to watch the movie, but he said that the film was in progress on the TV in his bedroom. He led me down a hallway to the master bedroom. He placed the tray on his night table, and climbed into bed. The TV, with a movie in progress, faced the bed.

"He told me to close the bedroom door, strip to my underwear, and join him in bed. Honestly, fellas, I thought it was a perfectly natural father and son event, and I was overjoyed."

"It was natural, John," Frank interrupted. "Dad and I did it all the time. Didn't we, Dad?" Joe smiled, nodded, and took Frank's hand in his.

Mr. Farmer was on top of the covers, and when I finally undressed, I joined him there. He took my hand and held it in his. I was surprised, and very pleased, that he was being so intimate with me. After all, I wasn't his real son, just someone he had taken under his wing.

"Finally, I looked at the screen to see what he was watching. Denny and I had sneaked a peek at straight porno films, so imagine my shock to see that Mr. Farmer was watching one. But something was wrong, and it took me a minute or two to figure it out. He was watching a male film. My first impression was that some guy was fucking a girl, but at the first close up, I could see that it was a guy fucking another his ass."

"Wow," Mike asked, "how did that make you feel?"

"I got so aroused, I was hard instantly. I tried to hide it, but I had nothing to cover up with. Fearfully, I looked over at Mr. Farmer. His robe was open and he was masturbating himself. His cock seemed enormous to me. I was overcome with lust. I wanted to do the stroking for him, but I was afraid, so I started to jerk myself off. As soon as I did, he pushed my hand away, and started to do it for me. I was so aroused I started to whimper. I closed my eyes as I drifted into outer space. Suddenly everything felt different. My cock was warm and wet. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Farmer giving me a blow job.

"I tried to warn him that I was cumming, but I guess he knew. He swallowed everything I gushed into him. When I could breathe again, he kissed me on my lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. He asked if I would do that to him. I didn't bother to answer, and went right down on him. He came so quickly, I didn't even realize it until he began to spurt into my mouth. I swallowed what I could, and he joined me in eating the rest of his stuff.

"We lay quite still for a while after that. I suggested we get dressed before Denny and his wife came home. He laughed and told me that he had lied to me. They had gone to visit Denny's grandma, and would be gone all day. I didn't tell Mr. Farmer, but I was secretly pleased. We watched the movie for a while. The two guys were still fucking, and Mr. Farmer asked if I would like to fuck him, because he sure would like to fuck me.

"I said that I would love to try it, and he said that I should fuck him first because he needed more recovery time than I did. He went into the bathroom and came out with a jar of Vaseline. Once more, he went down on me, slathering my cock until I was hard again. He applied the Vaseline generously all over my almost mature rod. He rolled over on his back, and lifted his legs. He put a dab of Vaseline on his asshole, and bade me enter him. He helped me line up my cock with his hole and I pushed right in. He winced, and accepted responsibility for not warning me to enter slowly.

"When his initial pain left him, he told me to start pumping. Nature had already taken over, and I was already pumping. He thrust up to meet my downward motions, and I came rather quickly.

"I was pretty well spent, and I fell out of him very soon after I climaxed. He got out of bed and poured us two glasses of the lemonade, which was a bit tepid by this time. He told us to have the lemonade, and hopefully he would be ready to fuck me by the time we were finished.

"We could never get him hard enough, and he was never able to fuck me that day. Apparently he needed another two or three hours of recovery time. He said that we would do it another day. There never was another day. My ass is still virgin, Frank. When my lust was abated, I became ashamed. I had done unnatural things with Mr. Farmer. I had committed mortal sins, or so I believed. I never went back to that house, and I avoided any further friendship with Denny. I knew that he was very hurt, but I couldn't tell him why."

"Looking back on it now, so many years later, how do you feel about the incident?" Joe asked.

"I wish I had gone back for more. I might have discovered my true nature much earlier than today. Instead, I find myself hopelessly in love with your son, Joe, but I'm married to a woman, and I have a seven month old boy." John buried his head in his hands and started to sob. Frank picked him up and held him in his arms.

Joe and Mike wanted to comfort him also, but they didn't know what to say or do. Finally Mike said, "OK Frankie. It's your turn." Frankie continued to hold John all through his narrative.

"Sorry, John baby," Frankie began, and he held John closer. "It was more than one time for me. It was lots of times, with my college roommate. It's funny, I can't even remember his first name. His surname was Baker, and that's what we all called him.

Late in the first semester of my freshman year, I told Baker that I had a date with a 'townie' that evening, and that it was a sure thing. Even if I didn't sleep at her place overnight, I was certain that I would be back quite late. I told him to feel free to 'entertain' in our room that night, if he got lucky. I was supposed to meet the girl at a diner downtown, but she never showed up. I tried calling her several times, but there was no answer. With blue balls, and an exploding libido, I went back to the dorm. Our door was locked and I had to use my key to get in. Talk about getting a shock, I was electrified.

"There was some guy, fucking the living hell out of Baker. I didn't know what to do. I was frozen in my tracks. I was sane enough to close and lock the door, hoping to maintain some privacy for Baker and his friend. In the calmest voice I ever heard, Baker invited me to get undressed and join them. I panicked, but like I said, I was so horny, and I was overcome with lust. I got undressed, but not knowing exactly what to do, I presented my cock to Baker, who began to suck it tenderly and lovingly, while he was still being fucked. I got off quicker than the guy who was fucking him. I watched as the two guys came simultaneously. I could only conclude from what I witnessed, that the guy being fucked was enjoying it as much as the guy doing the fucking. After all, Baker had an orgasm.

"Finally Baker introduced me to his friend, who got out of our room as soon as possible. I think he was embarrassed. Baker certainly wasn't. I asked him why he hadn't ever told me he was gay, and he asked me why I hadn't ever told him that I was straight. I got the point and shut up."

We didn't mention the incident for several days. The next Friday night, I asked him if he had a date. He said that he didn't, and he asked if I had one. I said no, and I foolishly asked him if he would like to hang out with me. I guess that was an open invitation in his eyes, because then he asked me if I'd like to fuck him. I said yes without even hesitating. I couldn't believe it. I fucked him that very night. It was such a great experience, that I let him fuck me. We had good solid male sex almost every day after that, but it didn't last long.

"A month later, just before winter break, the unthinkable happened. I returned to our room after classes, and Baker's stuff was all gone. The room was completely cleaned out, like he had never lived there. He left me a note. His folks had been killed in a car crash during an ice storm. They lived in a rural area of Wisconsin. He had to rush home to make funeral arrangements, and he didn't think he would be back, because he would be taking over his father's hardware store.

"I didn't even know his home address or his cell phone number. It was long before I ever heard of Google. It marked the end of my experiences with a guy. I resumed making out with girls, and as you know I married and fathered a child. Just like John, I often regret the unfortunate circumstances that ended my activity as a homosexual. I also might have discovered my true self years earlier, and would not have married."

Frank was still hugging John tightly, and even after his narration appeared to be over, the two men seemed disinclined to let go. "It doesn't matter," John whispered in Frank's ear. "We have each other now."

It was like they forgot that Joe and Mike were in the room, until they heard, "Ahem!"

They separated, and Frank said, "I'm going to make us coffee, and I have a bag of fresh baked Danish pastry in the freezer. I'll defrost them, and we can talk while we eat."

"That's a good idea, Son," Joe said. "The situation you guys find yourselves in, certainly needs to be discussed."

"OK guys, let's all head for the kitchen. I'll start the coffee and put the pastry in the microwave oven. Why don't you set the table, John?"

When all four men were seated at the kitchen table enjoying coffee and Danish, Joe said, "It's a fine kettle of fish you two have gotten into, but Mike and I have been there also, so we sure aren't pointing fingers."

"Anyway, I've kind of made some decisions," John said, "and that is to do nothing right now. Neither of our wives is home very much, and Frank and I know that sex with them is a sometime thing. As long as we are together all day, Frank and I can be as intimate as we like. When the boys are ready for pre-school, and Frank and I go back to work, we can worry about it then."

"Geez, John," Frank said. "I was thinking the exact same thing."

While Frank was cleaning up, the four men gabbed continually, bringing themselves up-to-date about their lives. "Why don't you and Mike sleep over in my guest room tonight, Dad, and not have to drive home so late?" Frank asked.

"It's a tempting offer, Frankie, but neither of us has clothes for work tomorrow. I guess we'll head for home soon. What time does little Joey go to sleep. We'd like to come over after work tomorrow, and meet our little grandson, and maybe play with him a little too." Frank was impressed that his dad talked about him and Mike in the plural. He considered little Joey to be Mike's grandson also.

"I usually put him down between 5:30 and 6 PM."

"We'll be here before that, unless there's a four alarm fire," he joked.

When Mike and Joe were gone, Frank and John fell into each other's arms. "I know what you want, John," Frank said, but my nerves are functioning at warp speed. The excitement of seeing my dad again has really wiped me out. I don't know if I'm up for sex tonight."

"We haven't been a couple for a day, and already you have a headache," John quipped.

"I know. It sucks doesn't it? I promise to make it up to you."

"I told you not to sweat the small stuff. I'll be happy just to sleep in your arms tonight."

"That's fine, baby. I'd like that very much."

"You know," John reflected, "I didn't realize how tired I was myself. Let's hit the sack. I can't wait to sleep with you."

They climbed into Frank's bed, and John slept on the side Penny usually occupied. They wrapped themselves up, and pressed their flaccid cocks together. They were both asleep immediately, and the babies cooperated. The first one to cry, did not wake them up until it was nearly five in the morning.


Frank and John attended to the babies, and put them down in the crib again. They would sleep at least another two hours. They went into the bathroom, took a quick shower together and brushed their teeth. John ran back to bed, and Frank produced a jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet. He came back into the bedroom, waved the jar at John and said, "Let's fuck."

"You're the one with the experience," John laughed, "Lead the way." Frank put a generous glob of Vaseline in his palm, and rubbed it all over John's cock. He began to stroke John's pulsing rod.

"Whoa. Stop before I cum," John pleaded.

Frank lay down on his back, raised his buttocks and put a pillow under it. He rubbed some Vaseline at the opening of his ass. "Fuck me baby," he said, "and fuck me good. Cum up my ass. Fill me up with your love."

"Yes, yes, "John murmured. He placed his greasy cock at Frank's crack and tried to enter ever so slowly, but his cock seemed to be getting pulled in like a vacuum. He was savoring the moment, and tried to go in slower and slower, but he found himself actually fighting the suction that was pulling him in. When he was all the way in, he lay perfectly still. He and Frank were smiling at each other.

"I love you," Frank said. "I don't think I can ever touch Penny again. Stay inside me forever, please. He started to cry and John fell on top of him. The two men kissed as passionately as they could. Finally, John started to pump involuntarily. He came with one loud groan, and Frank could feel his bowels being filled with John's seed.

"That's what I needed," Frank whispered. "Stay in me as long as you can." But of course, John softened and fell out. Moments later they switched positions. Frank had a more difficult time penetrating John's virgin ass, but they worked at it persistently. At one point, Frank thought he was going to cum before he entered fully, but he restrained himself by sheer will power. He came to the edge several times, so that when he did cum, he cried loudly, and had a mind-blowing climax.

They lay in bed, kissing, cuddling and fondling. Finally John said, "I better get home, in case Mary gets out of the hospital earlier than expected. She probably won't go back to the hospital until tomorrow," he lamented.

"What if she wants sex tonight after she's rested?" Frank inquired.

"She'll be too exhausted and probably sleep through until tomorrow morning. Besides I can always say that little Joey knocked me out and I'm too tired. I'll do my best to save it all for you."

John was wise to leave when he did. Mary arrived not twenty minutes after he got home. He realized that his bed, and Joey's crib, had not been slept in, but if she noticed, he could always say that he made them up, moments before she got home.

Mary looked thoroughly exhausted. She gave John a kiss on the cheek, and hugged the baby. "I'm going to soak in a hot tub, and then try to get some sleep," she said.

"Don't you want something to eat?"

"No, I ate snacks all night, but thanks for asking."

"Why don't you play with Joey for a little while? I'll draw your bath, and then you can sleep as long as you want."

"Thank you darling. You're a dear. I don't know what I would do without you."

"I won't let the baby disturb you. If he gets cranky, I'll take him next door."

As it turned out, John stayed home all day, and Mary slept until dinner time. He made her a delicious dinner, and as they were cleaning up, the phone rang. John answered it, and said, "Maybe, I'll see."

He turned to Mary. "That was Frank. It seems that he has been estranged from his dad since he was sixteen, and he just recently reconnected. He'd like us to come over and meet him."

"Oh darling, I'm just too tired. Why don't you go over with the baby, and I'm going back to bed. I'm sure I'll sleep until I have to get up to go to work tomorrow morning. Besides, Penny is away, and you don't need a woman around to spoil your man talk."

John was sure that there was no hidden meaning in that last statement, but somehow he was disturbed by it.

He and little Joey arrived next door a few moments later. Joe and Mike were playing with their grandson, kissing him, hugging him, and falling in love. Frank put both babies in the play pen, and John greeted Joe and Mike with hefty kisses on the mouth.

"Well, it's just like I predicted. Mary has gone to bed and she asked me not to disturb her until she has to get up to go to the hospital tomorrow morning."

"I'm glad to hear that," Mike said. "Joe and I will be leaving soon, and you and Frank can play a little before you have to go home."

"Frank told us that he took your virginity this morning, John. Congratulations."

"Thanks, guys. It was the most wonderful experience of my life."

As soon as the grandfathers left, John and Frank got naked and started playing a sensuous game of sixty-nine. They wanted to stop sucking and start fucking, but neither could control himself, and they came copiously in each other's mouths.

Frank started to cry. "What's wrong?" John asked.

It struck me that in a few minutes you'll leave me, and go home with Joey to get him ready for bed. When I thought of you leaving me, our situation hit me like a sledge hammer. I want to sleep with you every night, not just have sex every day. I want to make love to you during the night if the mood strikes us. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"Of course I do, Frank, but it's like I told you, let's not rock the boat yet. We can be together every day except weekends. We'll figure out what to do when the boys are older. I'll tell Mary, I don't want any more children; I want to go back to work. It'll be easier to leave her when Joey is in pre-school, or at least, kindergarten. Please accept that arrangement for the time being, and please believe that I love you. No matter what happens, I will always love you."

Frank changed from crying to laughing. "You sound like that song," he said.

They got out of bed, and John dressed. He scooped Joey up, and went home. Another frustrating day was over.

As time passed, Frank and John got so used to their situation, that it became a normal way of life for them. Their wives were rarely home, and required very little sex from them, so they were able to satisfy each other to the fullest. By the time the little ones were two years old, they stopped napping in the afternoon. The best the fathers could do was close the nursery room door, where the boys would play with thousands of toys, and the fathers would have an unsatisfying quickie. They were reluctant to say anything to each other, but in their hearts, they both knew that it was coming close to decision time.

Whatever god or gods there may be. Whatever angels or fates may watch over us, and even control our destinies, surely they smiled on Frank and John.

While they were in agony, and bemoaned their fate, they were totally unaware that their wives were similarly frustrated. Each woman had begun to question her status as a wife, and as a mother. The thing they questioned most was their home in the suburbs. Mary was too far from her hospital, and Penny was too far from her office. Both women spent more time in their work place than at home. The final frustration for both of them was when they each fell in love with a man extremely different than their husbands, and infinitely more compatible to their needs.

Penny was the first to fall in love. She made at least two out of town business trips a month. She usually went alone, but sometimes her company's senior law partner would join her on the road. They were in Austin, Texas, and the merger negotiations were hot and heavy. It was a difficult time, and the meeting did not wrap up until after 10 PM. Scott Merriweather, her boss, asked her to have a late dinner with him, and a drink at the bar in his hotel. She was more than ready to unwind, and she accepted his invitation gratefully.

What they didn't realize was how late it was. Both the hotel bar and restaurant were closed for the night. Scott invited her to his room to at least have the drink.

"I've got a bottle of scotch, and we can see what's in the refrigerator," he enticed her. She didn't need much enticing. Scott was a divorcee and a very handsome man in his late forties. He had curly brown hair, just showing some tinge of grey. His eyes were a deep brown, His nose was straight and neither too small nor too large. His chin was square and manly, and he produced a dimple on his right cheek when he smiled. Penny was extremely attracted to him, as he was to her.

When they entered Scott's room, they looked at each other and no words were spoken between them. They merely fell into each other's arms. They made love all night, and Penny did things she had never done with Frank. She and Scott not only had oral sex, Scott entered her in the ass, and she squealed with pleasure. On that very first night together, she realized that her sex life with Frank rated an F minus.

Back in Chicago, Penny began to work later and later, and she and Scott made love more and more often, until he was begging her to divorce Frank, and live with him. She didn't care about divorcing Frank, but she didn't know if he would accept sole custody of their son. All she would want is that he make Joey available for visitations as her schedule allowed. She would have no trouble paying alimony and child support. As Scott got more and more insistent, she promised to speak to Frank that very weekend.

On his part, Frank was so in love with John, he hardly noticed their growing estrangement. He had no trouble accepting Penny's terms for a divorce. He had only one request which she granted. He told her that when Joey started the first grade, he wanted to put him in an after-care program, and try to get back into the work force. Penny had no objection and even offered to help him find a position with one of her many diversified clients.

That very weekend, Frank rented a small U-Haul and helped Penny move to Scott's apartment. She was amazed and delighted at how understanding Frank was. While they were moving, John took care of Frank's son. Mary did not come home the entire weekend.

Mary rarely came home, preferring to spend her precious time in the surgery to hone her craft. Most of her surgeries were solo, but often she would assist the chief of surgery. Lawrence Bridge was an imposing man. He was in his late fifties, but he was a macho, virulent man. He was six feet, two inches tall. His once blond hair was all silver now. What's more he had all of it, and it was thick and bushy. His eyes were blue, and his smile was what you noticed first. He could melt a heart of ice with that smile. Mary was very fond of him, and he was madly in love with her, but she was married and way too young for him.

On the very first Sunday that Frank was spending in his home as a free man, John had filled Mary in on what was going on next door, and the civilized divorce decision that the Petri's had made. Mary was shocked because she thought her next door neighbors had a perfect marriage. The phone rang and it was her boss.

"A five year old Caucasian boy was just admitted to the hospital," Lawrence explained. "He fell from a two story window. His skull is fractured in several places. The X-rays aren't definitive, but he may have some bone slivers in his brain. The operation will be long and tedious. I sure could use your help," he pleaded.

"I'm on my way," she said. She filled John in on the emergency situation, and ran out of the house. As she ran out the front door, she called back, "I probably won't be home tonight, so don't bother with dinner."

Of course John called Frank immediately. "How would you like a bed partner tonight?" he asked.

The operation lasted until 5 AM. Lawrence and Mary were exhausted. They both took a nap in the doctors' lounge which had several cots for the use of interns and residents, who were sometimes on duty for twenty four hours at a time.

The two doctors refreshed themselves as best they could. Lawrence looked at Mary, and he didn't ask her, he told her, that he was taking her to breakfast. All during breakfast she had trouble staying awake. He held her by the arm, and walked her two blocks to a very up-scale high rise apartment building. It was where he lived.

He took her into his apartment and laid her on his bed. He took off her shoes and covered her up, as she drifted peacefully into the arms of Morpheus. When she awoke, she realized that Lawrence was in bed with her. Not only was he sound asleep, but he was naked. He had an erection, and he was even bigger than her husband.

She panicked for a moment. Then she got out of bed, undressed, returned to Lawrence's bed and hunkered up to her boss. He awakened, and became aware of the situation. Moments later he made love to Mary, like John never had. Like Penny, she performed fellatio for the first time, and Lawrence delighted her with oral sex. They made love all day, and in the late afternoon, she called Frank.

"Frank, darling," she started. "It can't come as a shock to you that we have grown completely incompatible. I need to divorce you, and live on my own terms. Would you be willing to accept the same conditions that Frank did?"

John didn't wish to appear too eager, so he said, "This is quite a shock. Please," he continued, "call me back in an hour. I know you're perfectly correct, but give me time to let this sink in."

Mary had called him while he was in bed with Frank. The toddlers were playing together in the living room. John screeched so loud, he frightened everyone. The two young Joey's rushed into the room. The fact that their fathers were naked meant nothing to them. The four of them cuddled together and kissed and hugged until Frank said, "It's time for dinner fellas."


Three years later, the boys were in first grade, and their fathers were both gainfully employed in their former professions. Their ex-wives stopped paying alimony, but child support continued because both fathers had primary custody.

From the beginning, Frank and John wanted to sell one of their houses and live together. Whichever house was sold, only one wife would reap the benefits, so they decided to sell both houses. Together, they bought a condo in town, near to Frank's fathers. Joseph Petri, the younger, and Joseph Brown grew up with four great father figures, who were all gay, but to prove that homosexuality is not a choice, both boys were straight as an arrow.



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