"You left the other day."

My head snapped up. It was 3:00 p.m. the next day. Dead time at the Coffee Palace. I had been flipping through copies of Drummer, looking for the depiction of the wax sex. I knew I'd seen it somewhere in these pages before. I thought that looking at it now would give it extra meaning--an extra little jolt to my cock--for me.

The question gave me that jolt, though. I looked up and into Angel's dark blue eyes. The blue dragon wasn't just caged today, it was behind doors. The tight T-shirt Angel was wearing was a solid black.

"You left me, don't you mean?" I responded, trying, probably unsuccessfully, to keep the whine out of my voice. "I woke up and you were gone."

"There wasn't any breakfast in the house. I came back with enough breakfast sandwiches to choke a horse and had to eat them myself. If I become a fatty, it's your fault." He was just laughing it off. There was a worse part to this.

"You could have left a note or something."

It hit me then. He hadn't left me. God, he hadn't walked out on me. My spirits were soaring--at least until the memory of Jason's visit to the farm roared in.

"Not much in the way of paper or pen in the house," Angel answered.

"I came back last evening. Jason Slocum was there."

"I know that you knew that. I saw you watching us from outside. You couldn't have been too disgusted. You stayed through the first show. You could have come inside and I would have done you both in some special way. Maybe bound you together hanging from the hook, his cock inside you, and flogged you both together."

I knew it shouldn't have, but that made me tremble in arousal. I'm sure he wasn't lying.

"Just the first show? How many shows--?"

"There were only three. Jason doesn't have your stamina. He also didn't hold my interest as long as you did. He doesn't bring out the creative juices in me like you do."

"Is that some sort of compliment?" The suspended flogging and fuck seemed quite creative enough to me. I sure would have liked to have Angel do that to me.

"Yes, it is. Doesn't it sound like a compliment? I want to fuck you again. I want to take you beyond where we went."

I could feel my chest tighten, my air becoming constricted. I wondered if Angel could hear me panting. I was hard hard again. Yes, dammit, I wanted it.

"But you went right to Jason. You didn't come to find out why I'd walked away."

"For most of the day I'd thought that's what you did--walked away. And I had to give you that right. Seeing you coming back, I then knew it hadn't been too much. You wouldn't have come back if you didn't want more of it. You wanted more of it, didn't you, Casey?"

"Yes," I answered in a small voice--although not immediately. I was still struggling with myself on my own wants. But, shit, I wanted Angel to go on and on.

"You want more if it, don't you? You want it now. You want it harder. You want it more cruel. You want to show me stuff in Drummer and have me do it to you, don't you?"

"Yes. But if you're going to run right to the next--"

"I'll fuck anyone I want, anytime I want. Got that?" Angel growled. "If you accept that, most of the time it will be you. Can you live with that?"

"What are you saying?"

"I'm leaving town. Are you going with me?"

"Just up and leave? Just like that?"

"Yes, just like that. What is it you want, Casey? Clarksburg or excitement? Excitement and fear and not knowing what comes next? Pain and unbounded ecstasy? Do you want to live or do you want to die along with Clarksburg? You can always come back to Clarksburg; you can't always move ahead into new sexual testing."

"Well, when you put it like that."

The shot came out of nowhere, his fist connecting with my chin. I went down to the floor behind the counter in shock and total surprise. Then he was behind the counter, dragging me up by my hair, unzipping his leather pants, forcing his cock between my lips, making me suck him off.

"This is what you want, baby, isn't it? The excitement of never knowing what it will be when. This goes with the territory."

I couldn't argue with him. It was exactly what I wanted.

He gave into my only request before we left the Clarksburg area, me just leaving the Coffee Palace with him, thrown over his shoulder and dumped on the Harley, leaving my whole world behind, not even saying good-bye to Phil and Jewel, who were having their own party in the kitchen.

He took me back to the farmhouse, suspended me from the ceiling, flogged me, and gave me the same fucking I'd watched him give Jason Slocum the day before.

"I was thinking of your body the whole time I was doing Jason Slocum," he whispered in my ear as he was releasing my wrists.

I soared up to heaven on the comment.

"Did I give you what you want, Daddy?" I asked.

"You will always give me what I want. We will keep at it until you do. Now I have a little surprise for you before we go. Casey, I want you to meet Neal. He's going to be riding with us. That's after he and I ride you together, of course."

Angel laughed, as I turned to see that a hulking black man, swathed in black leather, had entered the room.

I immediately began to pant and Angel embraced me close so I wouldn't entertain any idea of bolting.

All I can reveal beyond the obvious about the surprise was that it was glorious and far, far more than Key West, where, before the week was out, I'd been doubled more than once. But nothing like Angel and Neal did it, right there, right then.

[The End]



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