From Part 2....................

I got home that evening to find two nice steaks marinating  in the counter and Buck preparing two salads and potatoes for dinner.

We soon ate and after dinner had a relaxing swim.  After getting out of the pool and sitting poolside, I could see Buck's cock begin to stiffen.  "You need me?" I asked.

Smiling, he said, "Yea."

"Let's go to my room," I said.

We lay on the king bed and I began to caress his hot muscular body not only with my hands but with my tongue.  I gently licked and sucked each nipple as he moaned in pleasure.  At the same time, I fondled his cock and balls. Then, I felt his huge rough hands begin to caress my body.  I decided to go for broke.  I move back up his body and pressed my lips to his and began working my tongue between his lips.

To my shocked surprise, Buck parted his lips and began to kiss me back extremely passionately.  We kissed for awhile swapping tongues and spit before I began working my way down his body to his rock hard cock.  I was kneeling beside him as I swallowed his cock and began sucking.  Then, without warning it happened.


Part 3..........

Suddenly, I felt Buck's hot wet tongue ever so gently licking the clear precum off the tip of my cock.  As I wondered if he would go further, I got my answer.  Immediately, he swallowed my cock and began sucking me with all the energy I used on his cock.  It must have turned him on, because within a minute or so he climaxed, feeding me the biggest load he had ever given me.  Hungrily, I swallowed every drop as he continued sucking my hard tool.

Moments later, although I wanted to feed him his fist load of cum, I was polite and warned him of my impending eruption.  He ignored my warning and sucked with more intensity that before.  I couldn't hold back and my cock began spurting rope after thick rope of white creamy cum into Buck's virgin mouth. I expected him to gag slightly but to my shocked amazement, he eagerly began swallowing all that I fed him.

Once he had me completely drained he rolled over onto his back and pulled my face to his for a hot wet tongue kiss.

After the kiss, I sat up in the middle of the bed and asked, "What the fuck brought that on?"

"Several things," he began. "First, I have seen the total pleasure you get from sucking my cock and wanted to see what it was like and if I would get that same pleasure.  And secondly, you are always pleasing me and I felt that I should some way return the pleasure.  But above all, even before I started this job, I began to have thoughts about having sex with another man.  I had heard that it was much more satisfying than sex with a woman and there was no drama.  I wanted o find out for myself."

"And what did you find out about servicing another man?" I asked.

"Mark,  I have to be totally honest," he said.

I knew then that he was about to tell me that it wasn't his thing and I knew I'd never feel his hot wet mouth on my cock again.

Then, he continued and said, "It was the most exciting and erotic sex that I have ever had and the most satisfying.  Your blow jobs have been awesome, but blowing you at the same time made it even more so.  The kisses are from the heart and so passionate.  But I truly never thought I'd be able to swallow your load but it was so exciting to have you become part of me and to be honest, I loved the taste."

"Well, what all does that mean pertaining to our relationship?" I asked.

"Just that we can have sex anytime you want and it will no longer be just one way. I want you in my mouth as often as possible.  I know  now that it is doubtful that I will ever have sex with a woman again.  Sex with another man is so total and complete."

"Well, since you agreed to spend the weekend here, I hope that you will also be sharing my bed with me."

"Agreeing to stay the weekend, helped me decide to do what I did and I was hoping you would offer your bed to me."

"So, when I suggested that you relax and spend the weekend with me, you decided to try sucking a cock?"

Laughing , he said, "Yea, something like that."

I leaned forward and as we kissed passionately, we slowly lay back onto the bed for a hot passionate kiss while fondling each others cock. 

We talked about our up bringing and he was fascinated to hear how and when I realized that I was gay and began sucking cock.  He was totally shocked when I told him that the night I of my seventeenth birthday that my dad caught me and my closest bud in a sixty-nine in my bedroom and he joined us. He said he would have loved to see that.

"So, your dad was gay also?" he asked. 

"Well, he was actually bi.  He enjoyed sex with both men and women."

"Damn," Buck exclaimed.  "Do you still have sex with him when you are together?

"Yes, an it's awesome," I replied.

"Un-fucking-believable," he said.

We had another beer and before cuddling and going to sleep, we had another sixty-nine.

The next morning, I awoke to Buck lovingly kissing me with a fresh cup of coffee in his hand. "Morning, hot stuff," he said. 

"Morning to you," I replied.

As I lay back in bed and sipped my coffee, he smiled and without warning, lay between my legs with his head at my crotch and began to lovingly suck my cock.  I decided to just lay back and enjoy it and for a beginner he was damn good at it.  I soon fed him my load which he eagerly swallowed.

Later in the day, we had a hot sixty-nine.  Buck didn't know about the plans I had for the evening.

After dinner, we swam, kissed and fondled each other.  Buck looked at me, smiled, and said, "The first time I saw you nude, it was nice.  Now I think it's beautiful.  I could watch you all day." 

"I feel the same about you," I replied.  "In fact, Monday, I'm going to clear my calendar for a couple of weeks and spend the time here with you.  And, I'm hoping that you will move in here for the remainder of the construction and share my bed at night."

"Fuck yes, I'd love nothing better, but you do realize that you being here for two weeks during the day is going to delay completion of the job!"

"I do and I don't care," I replied.  He came to me and kissed me passionately.

After the kiss, I led him to the bedroom and could see the smile on his face.  I lay him in the middle of the bed, then raised his legs and t his shocked surprise, I buried my tongue in his hole.  As I began to lick and drill, he moaned loudly and said "Oh, man, that is fucking awesome."  I rimmed his ass for close to a half hour, before stopping and kissing him.

Then, I had him move over and I grasped my tube of lube and lay in the middle of the bed. He looked at me curiously as I greased his rock hard cock them my hole.  As I raised my legs, totally exposing my ass, I looked into his eyes and said, "I want you to fuck me."

He got into position and placed his cock against my hole, gently pushing forward.  Once the head was in, he hesitated a moment and as I adjusted to his size, I reached around him and pulled him to me completely burying his cock in my hole balls deep.

"OH, FUCK!" I yelled. 

He tried to pull out but I stopped him.  "Baby, it did hurt a little but mostly it felt so awesome.  I've wanted you in my ass since the first time I saw you boned.  Fuck me and let me feel your cum load shoot up my ass."

Buck leaned forward and as he began kissing me lovingly, he began to piston in and out of my hole, gently working it around in a circle.  Looking into my eyes, he smiled and said, "Man, that is better than any cunt I have ever fucked n my life."

"And do you ever know how to fuck.  You can fuck my ass anytime you want."  We kissed again and before long he sped up and soon I felt his cock swell and deposit huge spurts of cum deep into my hole.  Once he was drained, he collapsed onto my chest and after a hot kiss, said,  "That was fucking awesome!"

We got up an showered together and while in the shower, he knelt and sucked me dry. We then headed for bed, both totally drained and after cuddling together, we both were sleeping soundly.

Sunday morning, he again woke me with a kiss and coffee.  We prepared breakfast and after cleaning up, he stepped up to me and said, "Take my virginity.  Fuck me."

I explained that being a virgin it was going to hurt but he didn't seem to care.  "I want your seed in me," he declared, as he led me back to bed. It was now his urn to lube my cock and his hole.  As we got into position, I looked into his face and said, "When I make entry, do not pull me into you as I did you.  Let me go in slowly."

He agreed and I began my entry.  as the head popped in, he let out a loud yell and I told him to take a deep breath and relax.  He did and after a moment I slowly eased in deeper.  By the time I was in him balls deep he said the pain had subsided and it was feeling erotic. I explained that the feeling was coming from my cock rubbing against his prostate.

"Fuck me stud," he said.  I began to piston in and out slowly at first but as my climax I began to go faster and he went wild. Suddenly, his cock exploded spontaneously, without either of us touching it.

"Yea, baby, fuck my ass!  Shoot that hot load in my hole.  Give me your seed." He began pushing back against my forward thrust.  Moments later, I shot my huge built up load into his hole as he yelled in pleasure.

As I slowly pulled out, he smiled and said, "That was awesome, and I can't believe that it made me climax."

"It's not uncommon,"  I said, as I leaned forward and began licking up his huge thick white load.  I collected it in my mouth and not knowing how he would react I gently kissed him  as he parted his lips, I began feeding him some of his own cum. He moaned softly as he accepted it and swallowed.

He smiled and said, "There is one more thing I want to try." He lifted my legs and instantly buried his tongue in my hole and began eating me out. As I moaned in pleasure he drilled his tongue deeper. After a few minutes he stopped and we kissed.

He turned and lay beside me and said, "Mark, this weekend has been the best of my life.  It was even better than my honeymoon weekend.  I'll be forever grateful to you for showing me my true self."

"Buck, just realize that if you do decide that you are gay, it doesn't in any way make you less of a man.  I'm sure that u have seen gay guys that are less than masculine.  It is their choice to be that way.  I assure you, you are the most masculine gay man I have seen in years and I've seen plenty."

"Thanks," he said before kissing me.

Buck did move in with me for the duration of the construction. and our sex was awesome.  One evening after I had fucked his hot bubble ass I buried my face in it and as my load drained out I sucked it up.  He was caught off guard as I then kissed him and shared it.  To my surprise, the next time he fucked me he did the same.

All too soon, the work was complete and the job ended.  As he packed up his tools, I could see his eyes tearing up. I stepped  up to him and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Mark, after the last few months, I have found that I rally care for you.  Can we continue to see each other?"

"Buck, of course we can see each other.  In fact if you continued to live here it could be daily."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am, but there is just one catch.  I have fallen deeply in love with you and you will be my lover is you accept."

"Mark, I love you also, more than anything or anyone .  I'd be honored to be your lover.

He moved in with me and built a shed out back for his equipment. I was thrilled to introduce him to friends as my partner.  They were so jealous.  But the best part, was introducing him to my dad when he came to see my new place and we had a hot three way. Buck loved dad fucking his ass while I fucked his mouth.  And I loved watching them sixty-nine.

THE END.............................                    Next up..VACATION



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