From Part 1............

After coffee, I went in and dressed for work and left. I made a sale and decided to return home early.  I arrived just after four and found Buck working away, wearing just his work boots.  He wasn't expecting me and when I walked up on him, he was surprised and when I asked, "Mind if I join you?" he replied with "It's your house."

I went to the bedroom I was using and stripped and returned to the yard with two beers.  Buck was still nude and working away. I handed him one and said, "Take a break."

He did and after sitting down and opening his beer, he said, "May I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure.  You can ask me anything you want," I replied.

He looked me directly in the eyes and asked, "Mark, are you gay?"


Part 2.....

"Just out of curiosity, what made you ask that question?" I asked.

""Just the way you sometimes look at m and the fact that you are so open about nudity," Buck replied.

"Would it matter in any way if I was?"

"Nope," came his answer.

I looked at him for a moment then said, "To be totally honest with you, yes, I am gay and find you very attractive, and yes, I do enjoy looking at your nude body.  Does that answer your questions?"

"For now," he replied, "but if I have more questions, may I feel free to ask them? I've never been friends with a gay man that I know of."

"Buck, you can ask me anything you want to anytime you want to, and I'm honored that even though I am gay, that you consider me a friend."

He just looked at me and smiled. As I looked back at him, I could see in his face that he had many more questions.  Looking at him, I said, "Since I'm home early, why don't you stay for dinner.  I can throw some burgers on the grill."

"You got a deal.  Let me get to a stopping point.," he replied.

As he finished up, I got the burgers ready. Then as we sat by the pool enjoying a beer, I started the burgers.  Looking over at him, I said, "So, being divorced, I assume you have a girlfriend or two."

"Nah.  After working from daylight to dark, I just want to get home and relax."

I looked at him and smiled slightly, wondering what he did for sex.  Undoubtedly, he knew what I was thinking, because he smiled slightly and said, "Yes, Madam Thumb and her four sisters visit regularly."

"I didn't ask that," I said.

Laughing, he replied with, "No, you didn't but you were thinking it."

"True," I said with a laugh.

Soon the burgers were done and we ate dinner. Afterward, as I started cleaning things up, Buck joined me in the kitchen and began assisting me.  after we were done, he turned and leaned against the counter and without warning, asked, "Mark, what is it like having sex with another man?"

"Buck, I have had sex with women before, but sex with  man is totally different.  A man knows what he likes and feels good and he can provide that feeling to another man, where he has to 'wing it' as they say, when he is with a woman.  And sex with a man lacks the drama that is involved with a woman."

"I see," he replied, then after a pause, asked, "What is it like getting sucked off by another guy?"

"To me, it is better that fucking a cunt.  The use of the tongue it what makes it feel so good. Besides, I've never found a woman that can suck a cock as good as another man."

By now, we each had a fresh beer in hand and ha returned poolside.  "Care for a swim?" I asked. I had to get into the water and hide my growing boner.  The thought of burying my nose in his thick red-orange bush was working on me.

"Sure, but just so you know, I've been taking breaks during the day and diving in to cool off."

"Hey, feel free to use it anytime," I said before diving in.  Buck quickly followed.  After a while, I started splashing him and he quickly retaliated. Seconds later we were wrestling, and in doing so our hands brushed against ach others cocks  and we both became totally boned. I decided to see his reaction to seeing me boned.  I quickly exited the pool an grabbed my beer, pointing my rock hard cock directly at him.  He stared for a moment then climbed out and stood next to me, his cock just inches from mine.  After sipping his beer, he looked at me and nervously asked, "Mark, would you like to blow me? I'd really like to see what it is like."

"Sure, I'd love to," I replied as my heart began racing.

He sat in one of the chairs by the table and once he was settled, I lowered myself between his wide spread legs and gently grasped his hard beautiful eight inch, slightly curved, cock.  Gently, I swirled my tongue around the head and as he moaned softly, I swallowed it totally.

Buck gasped loudly before saying, "Mother Fuck! That feels unreal." 

I continued working his cock with my tongue and soon he said, "Mark, you better stop or you're going to get a weeks worth of cum."

I sucked with even more energy, wanting to feel him shoot in my mouth and to taste his wonderful load. Then with a loud cry, Buck climaxed, filling my mouth with volley after huge volley of  thick creamy cum.  I milked his cock dry with my mouth and as I looked up into his eyes, I swallowed the delicious load.

"Damn, man, you swallow that stuff?"

"Sure, it's nothing but pure protein," I replied.  Then looking him in the face, I asked, "Well, how did you enjoy it?"

"Mark, that as better than any sex I have ever had with any female including my ex-wife. And it was damn sure better than Madam Thumb."

"Buck, there is no need for you to invite Madam Thumb back if you don't want to.  I'll fill in for her if you ever want me to, anytime."

"I just might take you up on that offer."

By now, it was late, and I let Buck use the extra bedroom.  I would have preferred to have him share my bed but didn't want to push things.

The next morning as I entered the kitchen, Buck was already up and had prepared coffee.  I noticed that he was still nude. As I poured myself cup, I asked, "How did you sleep last night?"

"Buddy, that was the best night's sleep I've had in ages and I don't think it was because of the bed," he said with a smile.

"You never know," I replied.

After dressing for work, I said, "I have an appointment not far from here.  When it's over, I'll grab a couple of subs and come out for lunch. "

"Great," came his reply.

I did and we ate poolside.  After eating, he quickly dove into the pool and immediately came back out.

Looking at me he said, with a devilish smile, he said, "I need a favor and wanted to rinse him off." and stepped up to me with his stiffening cock in my face.

"Damn, I didn't know I was going to get dessert," I said before taking his cock in my mouth. 

As I began sucking him, he gently began fucking my mouth and I was in haven.  I knew I had to somehow get him in y ass.  As I sucked, Buck moaned in pleasure and moments later he fed me a huge load, which I eagerly and hungrily swallowed. 

"I need to get going. I have another appointment," I said and as I stood, I quickly leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss lips to lips. He didn't really have time to pull back, yet after the kiss he smiled slightly.  

That evening, I returned to find him in the pool.  without going inside, I stripped right there and joined him.  After some clowning around, he surprised me with a quick lip to lip kiss before getting out and saying, "I need you."

Minutes later I was receiving my second load of the day from Buck. After feeding me his load, he slipped on only shorts before saying, "See you in the morning."

The next morning as I poured coffee, I heard Buck drive up.  When he entered he was naked except for his work boots.  Laughing, I said, "Did you drive out here that way?"

"Almost.  I only wore my shorts and I was commando."

"Nice," I replied, and could see his cock slowly stiffening.

Seeing me look at his cock, he said, "Mark, you have made an addict out of me.  I'm addicted to you sucking me off."

"Hey, stud, I'm not complaining," I replied as I knelt before him and opened my mouth.  He stepped up and slowly deposited it in my mouth as he watched it disappear.  I began sucking him and at the same time stroking my hard cock.  He ha not seen me stroke before. 

He watched and I could tell he was nearing his climax.  I was nearing mine also an he climaxed and filled my mouth.  As he pulled back and I swallowed, my own cock exploded sending numerous thick ropes of cum out onto the floor.

"Mother Fuck!" he exclaimed.  "That was awesome to watch. I've never seen another guy bust a nut before."

After cleaning up the floor, he followed me to my room and while I dressed, I said, "Buck, you have been working six days straight on this job.  It's Friday, and I insist that you take the weekend off and relax here with me."

"Mark, you don't have to talk me into it.  I could use the rest."

"Great, See you tonight," I replied.

I got home that evening to find two nice steaks marinating  in the counter and Buck preparing two salads and potatoes for dinner.

We soon ate and after dinner had a relaxing swim.  After getting out of the pool and sitting poolside, I could see Buck's cock begin to stiffen.  "You need me?" I asked.

Smiling, he said, "Yea."

"Let's go to my room," I said.

We lay on the king bed and I began to caress his hot muscular body not only with my hands but with my tongue.  I gently licked and sucked each nipple as he moaned in pleasure.  At the same time, I fondled his cock and balls.Then, I felt his huge rough hands begin to caress my body.  I decided to go for broke.  I move back up his body and pressed my lips to his and began working my tongue between his lips.

To my shocked surprise, Buck parte his lips and began to kiss me back extremely passionately.  We kissed for awhile swapping tongues and spit before I began working my way down his body to his rock hard cock.  I was kneeling beside him as I swallowed his cock and began sucking.  Then, without warning it happened.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................



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