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The next day I teleported to the helicopter pad that takes kids to the academy. I only wore dark blue jeans and a black tank top. You could see the tattoos on my back that sealed away the demon wings . I can break that seal any time and reactivate it as well.

Im standing in the helicopter that could hold thousands of kids facing out of a window when a girl comes up to me.

"Hi I'm Scarlett" she smiled.

"Gray" I look down at her. She has to be like 5 feet tall.

"Are you nervous at all for all of this"

"Not really are you" i asked.

"Oh my gosh yes" she sighedI laughed a bit," well if you can get into this school you must be good".

"Thanks but that goes for you too" she smiled.

I looked down a bit remembering my nickname. It was given to me for killing so many demons. The name just makes seem like a bad person or something.

I guess she noticed my discomfort, "whats wrong" she asked.

"You know the guy named Reaper right" I ask.

"Who doesn't they say he is goes around hunting demons for fun, that he will kill anyone that gets in his way, but has piercing grey eyes" I look down... at least the last part is right.

"Of course I don't beleive that he doesthe things people say he does" she pulled back a strand of her that fell in her face.

"Really"? I asked surprised.

"Yeah why? Is he your dad?" She taped putting her hand over her mouth.

"No, no" I laughed.

"That would be so cool if he was" her eyes wide open.

"Actually the Reaper is... um its me" I say scratching the back of my head.

"No way you're too young and plus the Reaper has a scythe made from Blagden's wing" she blew it off.

I turned to her and stuck my hand out the scythe appearing " you mean this" I hold it in both hands in front of me.We were directed to go to a ball room where we will spend the night. I mieet Scarlett as we get our sleepinfg bags. We put our stuff together. After I'm done setting my stuff down I look up and see a shirtless guy that is really hot. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, nice abs, big chest, perfect smile he was pretty much perfect looks about 20.

"Thats Blake Wise" Scarlett snaps me back to reality.

"He was the champion of the state tournament right"? I ask.

"Yeah he is a really strong" she says.

"I bet" I laid down am and got into my sleeping bag.

In minutes I was out.Everyone was awake already when a voice on the intercom came on asking certain people to meet by a cliff. Mine and Scarlett's were called along with Blake and couple of other people giving is a total of 8 people at once.

When we all get there we are told that we will be put in teams of four depending on which object that chooses us in the middle of the dark forest. Partners are given to us and thank god mine is Scarlett.

We are given the go to jump off the cliff and we all jump at once. When I hit the ground I start to walk letting Scarlett catch up. There are supposed to be demons thay lurk in these woods so I bring out my weapon.

"Hey wait up" I hear Scarlett's voice.

I turn to see her running towards me.I smile and wait.

"For being called the dark forest it is surprisingly light" she joked.

We walked for about 10 minutes when we see a ruin that has some artifacts on podiums.

We start to run towards them when we are cut of by a pack of wolf demons. They are pretty much demonic werewolves.

I turn to see if there is any behind me. Scarlett grabs a her crystal necklace and pulls it off. It turns into a a bow and she pulls the string back and an arrow appeared at the same time. She shot one in the head I smiled and ran up to the pack and started to slice through some. I jumped back landing next to Scarlett. One jumped towards us and she shot it. There were still about 5 left. I held the scythe behindMy back and the black blade started to glow black. Scarlett stopped shoot and stared at me. I swung the weapon in the direction of the demons and a black crescent shot out cutting through the wolves.

Scarlett stared in amazement. "How did you do that" she asked.

"I inherited magic from my dad" I explained.

"Nobody ever said you can use magic" her jaw dropped.

"Haha yeah well" I shrugged walking towards the artifacts.

We stood in the middle of the ruin and looked at the artifacts floating above the podium. There were all different colored ones but there there was one that started to float towards us. I held out my hand and It looked like a blackCrystal tear.

"The demon tear" Scarlett said.

"Lets get back to the castle" I said.

We got to the auditorium and we were the first ones from our group. There were screens showing us fight. When we stepped on stage everyone got quiet. I was confused but just stood there. A few minutes later Blake walked on stage. He opened his hands and held a demon tear. I opened my hands and held the other tear. They left out hands and floated towards eachother between us. They met up with eachother and shined black connecting with eachother. When the flash was gone all the was left was a black heat shaped crystal. Me and Blake looked at eachother.

The heart then split in half andfloated back into our hands. We looked at eachother and he smiled the most perfect smile that made me blush.

"This team will be name Black Heart" Headmaster Vincent exclaimed.

He gave us all dorm 333 that had 4 rooms, one for each of us. We walked back to the ball room to grab our stuff and then go to our dorm. We all chose our rooms so I walked into my room and started to unpack. I was getting tired.




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