This is just an introduction to the story so it might be a bit boring. Sorry just need some time to finsh some things up.


Linda Crowley, the most powerful weapon master/huntress, was given a mission to kill the most powerful demon. Blagden with his wing cut off still overpowered her but instead of killing her he impregnated her. He turned to his human form and she dropped her weapons in admiration of the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Out of lust they had me.

My name is Grayson Crowley, I'm a gay, 5'8, 170 pound, toned, grey eyed, black hair, 18 year old, half demon. I was trained by my mother as a weapon master and a magic wielder that I inherited from my dad. My father created a scythe from his severed wing that can cut through everything. The handle made from the bone through out the wing and the blade the part of his wing that came to a point. My mother's gave it to me and Its my weapon of choice although I mastered all of them.My magic helps to store all the weapons that my mother and father have collected for me.

Anyway this story begins in the middle of the town of Luna. Everybody in the world knows the struggle between good and evil so its a common thing for a fight to break out. Im walking along the sidewalk when I hear a women scream. I run to see what's happening and when I reach the spot I see a demon standing over a women who is on the ground in an alley. I stick my hand out and the scythe appears in front of my hand I grab it and place the blade to his neck. I pull and his head comes clean off.

"Th- there's more" the women screams pointing behind me.

"Run" I say turning around.A few start to run after me. One sweeps at my feet so I jump holding the top of the blade down so that it catches the things head. I cut through it and a 2 more jump coming after me. I spin cutting through there torsos. When I land I let out a magic blade that cuts through a few of the demon in front. A few flips, severed limbs and 40 demons later I spun around and stopped as I had the tip of the blade to a women's head.

"Uh sorry" I let go of the blade and is disappears .

"That was quite impressive" she fixes her glass.

"Thanks but who are you" I ask.

"Hilda the huntress witch and you are Reaper am I right" she smiles a bit."I'd prefer Gray" the nickname i was given by an unknown person is well.. I'm not a fan.

"My boss would like to see you" she smiles again.

"Umm okay" we start to walk out of the alley.

"You know how to teleport correct" she looks at me.

"Of course"

"Meet me on top of that building" she pointed to one in front of us and disappears with a flash.

I do the same and see that there is a man that looks to be about 40 standing there.

"I only know ok ne other person that can use a scythe weapon at that skill"The man says. "Linda Crowley"

"My mother"I clarify.

"I thought as much" he smirked. "So are you looking to go to the place she trained"

"Night Crystal academy, yes!" I say a little excited.

"Well pack your bags you will be a student as of tomorrow" he announced "oh and I'm head master Vincent".

My eyes lit up and I flashed home immediately. My bags were packed and i was off to sleep awaiting the flight.




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