'You want my black dick, don't you pussy boy! Well I'm going to tear up your white ass on the outside first!' Whack! Whack! Whack!

I can't help thinking about the events of this weekend, even now my asshole is feeling the effects of my punishment and my cockhead is leaking. Derrick a tall, black neighbor of mine came over one evening, after much pleading on my part. He is an intimidating figure, trim but very muscular which helps him in his job as a prison guard. This was our fourth sexual encounter and it keeps getting hotter.

I am married and basically straight but have a deep longing to serve a dominant black man. Each time Derrick and I are together I find myself going further down that path. For this encounter I greet him at the door wearing a dog collar, a first for me. This is a purely sexual affair, but sex at it's hottest.

'You know what you want white boy. Take care of your Daddy's dick!' I get on my knees and start to worship his glorious but intimidating manhood. It swells to over 10' in length and wide as my wrist. Derrick starts to slap my face and lips with it. He grabs my hair and makes sure I lick his balls real good before pushing my face into his muscular ass. The thought of kissing this hot black man's ass makes me so hot, especially the way he verbally humiliates me at the same time.

He bends me over a chair and rubs that huge cock up and down my man pussy. It has been several months since he's stretched out my tight ass and he knows how much I love it. He tells me to spread my ass cheeks and hold them apart. I know what's coming a good thrashing with the strap. Again and again the strap comes down hard on both cheeks and occasionally on my asshole, which causes me to wince in pain. I dare not release the position and displease my Black Master. My ass is a bright red all over and hot to the touch. He commands me to suck his dick once more. I try to leave as much saliva on it as possible to make for easier entry. I am on my knees when he starts to shove it in. It is all I can do not to scream as my poor tortured asshole is stretched apart and inch after inch of hard black cock enters my hot white ass. I know I am going to get fucked and fucked hard. 'You love getting your boy pussy plowed hard don't you?' he teases as starts to piston fuck me mercilessly. He drives me this way and that, occasionally administering a hard spank on my ass cheeks. The neighbors can probably hear the punishment that I am receiving, knowing this makes me hotter than ever. He slaps my hands away from my dick, not allowing me to touch myself. He puts me on my back and spreads my ankles apart hard while he plunges into my hole with a vengeance. There is no doubt that the hottest sexual experience for me has been to be his sex slave and while he is banging my ass I spurt all over my chest without touching myself. Derrick pulls out of my ass before coming and commands me to drink his sperm. I deepthroat of much of him as his hot cum explodes. He will come in my mouth twice more before the night is out and my poor hot ass will be spanked and mercilessly fucked again and again. I look forward to our next encounter, when perhaps he will bring a friend so I can be double fucked.




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