After what had happened with my dad and brother I had barely had time to say hello to them and so no opportunity to speak to them about our 'situation'. I tried to push it to the back of my mind and concentrate on the party that my mom had been organising for me.

It was great to see all my friends and family again and I spent most of the day talking to them, but me, my dad and brother would often steal glances at each other and smirk. One time when I looked over to Matt he quite brazenly rubbed his hand on his crotch. The party lasted until late at night and by the time I went to bed Matt and dad had already gone.

When I came downstairs the next morning my whole family were already awake and dressed.

'Hey Mike' my mom said to me as I sat at the table.

'Hi mom'

'Get ready quickly this morning, your dad wants to take you and your brother fishing like he used to when you were kids'

'Yeah it will be a lot of fun' Matt smiled at me and I had a feeling a different kind of fun had been planned.

I quickly got ready as my dad and brother loaded up the car with the fishing gear. We said goodbye to my mom and Sara (my brother's wife), who I think was a little annoyed about being left with my mom.

'We're not going fishing are we dad?' I asked as we drove away.

'How did you guess?' He laughed.

'Where are we going then?'

'You'll soon see'

My dad drove for about 15 minutes until we ended up down a muddy track that led to a wood. He stopped the car and got out.

'We're doing it here?' I asked, 'what if someone sees us?'

'Relax, me and dad used to come here all the time and have never seen anyone else' Matt replied.

'How did you and dad get started?'

'Same way as you, dad took me to the adult store when I was 21'

'Do you have sex with other guys or just dad?'

'Oh with a lot of other guys but there still is nothing like sex with one of your own but don't get me wrong I do still have a thing for women as well'

'Thought we were to have fun, stop all this talking and let's get to it' my dad said and grabbed the back of both our heads. He pushed us in together and we had a 3-way kiss, sucking on each other's tongues.

There was a lot of crotch grabbing and massaging going on and my dick was straining to be unleashed. Matt then gently pushed the top of my head and I realised he wanted me to suck them off. I sank down to my knees and pulled out my dad's thick cock first and jerked it a little. I then went over to Matt and released his dick.

'Holy shit' I said out loud.

This was the first time I had seen his cock and it was huge. It was as thick as dad's but as long as mine and I admired it as I slowly jerked it. I knew I would never be able to take it all but I had to try. I edged my way further and further down the cock but I could only take about half of it before I gagged on the huge tool.

I then switched onto my dad's dick and was able to take a little more of his but still I couldn't take the whole thing. I continued playing with the two beautiful cocks in front of me, switching between them as my dad and brother made out with each other. They tried to put both their dicks in my mouth at the same time but they were both so thick it was a struggle. Eventually I managed to get both heads in and flicked my tongue around them, savoring the taste of their precum.

'Let me show you how it's done' Matt said and came and kneeled beside me.

He grabbed my dad's dick and began to take it down his throat. It took him a few attempts but he soon had the dick buried in his throat and was hungrily deepthroating it.

'It just takes practise' He smiled at me as he pulled off and offered me the dick again.

We both shared my dad's dick between us, running our tongues around it and we even made out with the cock between our lips. I then began sucking on his balls, taking one in at a time and swirling my tongue around them.

'Damn, this is like a dream having my two hot sons on my cock' my dad moaned.

'I'm glad you introduced me to this' I said as I popped a ball out of my mouth.

'I think there is something else we need to introduce to you now' Matt said and stood up.

'Oh yeah?' I replied.

'Lie on your back on the hood' My dad told me.

I did as I was told and as soon I was laid down my dad pushed my legs up towards my head and buried his face in my hole. Matt came over and joined him by taking my dick in his mouth. Dad licked and lapped at my hole like he hadn't eaten for a week, causing Matt to get a mouthful of my sweet precum.

They both switched between my ass, cock and balls, leaving me moaning in ecstasy at the stimulation. I knew I wanted to cum soon but my dad and brother were obviously experts at edging and when I thought I was about to blow they eased off, leaving me squirming.

A finger then rubbed around my ass, poking at my hole. I felt it sink in and probe inside of me, making we want to cum even more. The next thing I felt was another one push in, I felt a slight twinge of pain but this was soon overcome by pleasure as the fingers began to fuck me and a mouth was still clamped around my cock.

'Fuck that's a tasty ass. Now who do you want to fuck you first?' My dad said as he stood up and slapped his cock on my ass.

I knew it was coming, I knew what guys did with each other, but it still made my heart thud a little harder when I heard him say it. I think it was mostly in excitement but I was a little scared at the thought of either of the huge cocks penetrating me.

'I don't know' I replied quietly.

'I think you should take dad's first. It's a little smaller than mine and there is nothing hotter than losing your virginity to your dad' Matt said.

'Sounds like a good idea to me' Dad continued.

I didn't have to say anything as my dad lined up behind me and pushed my legs up; I grabbed them so that he had easy access to my ass. He then spat on my hole and pushed it in a little before rubbing some along his cock. I knew that it was going to hurt, especially with only spit for lube, as he pushed the head against my ass ring.

'Ohhhh fuck' I yelled as his dick penetrated me.

'Give him your dick to suck on and keep him quiet' Dad told Matt.

Matt offered me his cock which I quickly accepted to give me something to focus on as my dad kept pushing his dick into me. I could feel my ass ring stretching as dad forced more and more of himself deep inside me. The pain was pretty intense and was making my eyes water but I tried to concentrate on the big dick in my mouth. I found I was able to take much more than I had before and had way over half of it down my throat when dad started to speak.

'There son, you've got it all inside of you'

'Holy fuck' I said as Matt withdrew his dick, which had provided a good distraction.

'How does it feel?'

'I feel so ..... full' was all I could manage, the pain was there but it was not overwhelming and Matt and dad laughed.

'Think he likes it dad, his dick is still hard' Matt said. He was right. Even though it had hurt like a bitch I had stayed boned the whole time.

'Just like his brother then, loves a big dick in his ass' My dad smiled.

'Too right' Matt replied.

'Alright, you ready to get fucked now?' dad asked.

'I guess' The pain had pretty much gone and now I could feel dad's cock throbbing inside me

'Come on sound like you want it' my dad laughed.

'Oh please fuck my ass' I yelled.

Dad suddenly withdrew his cock until just the tip remained, before slamming it deep inside me so that his balls slapped against my ass. I shouted out as he began pounding my hole but it was mostly in pleasure at the thick dick stretching my tight ass.

Matt came over my head and I thought he wanted me to suck his dick again but instead he moved further forward so that his ass crack was hovering over my face.

'Yeah, stick your tongue in my hole' Matt moaned.

I had never done this before but I instinctively I reached up and grabbed his cheeks, spreading them apart to reveal a small pink hole. I aimed my tongue directly at his hole as he lowered himself on my face but the fucking I was receiving meant that I ended up slobbering all over his ass. However, Matt was still moaning in appreciation as I messily lapped my tongue all around his hole.

Matt then grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling them apart so that his hole opened up and I had easy access to push my tongue in. The smell and taste was nothing like I would imagine and It was turning me even more than I thought possible. His ass was tastier than most pussy and I grabbed his hips so that I could drive my tongue deeper into him.

Being stimulated at both ends was causing me to leak precum all over my abs and Matt's dick started to drip onto my chest. I could hardly believe that having a huge dick fuck me and eating another guy's ass could make me feel so good but I felt for sure I was going to shoot my load soon. I think they both realized I was close as my dad started to slow down and Matt stood up and pulled away from me.

'I think it's time for me to try some of my little brother's cock' Matt said and quickly squatted over my dick and took it all the way down in one swift movement.

'Oh fuck' I yelled.

It felt like nothing I had felt before, it was like his ass was gripping my cock; trying to milk it and it took me a few moment to compose myself so I didn't shoot my load straight away. Matt just smiled at the look of pleasure on my face and began to ride my dick as my dad pounded away at my hole.

My brother then leaned forward to kiss me and we passionately made out as we both had our asses fucked. I then felt my dad withdraw out of me and I could feel air on my gaping asshole, clenching to be filled by another dick. I suddenly sensed another dick rubbing against mine and realized that my dad was pushing his cock into Matt's ass as well.

'Aw shit' Matt moaned and threw his head back as my dad slowly sank into him.

The feeling of another dick rubbing against mine was almost too much to handle for me, and I could tell it was for Matt as well, as I could feel his hard tool against my chest, precum pouring out. As we began to fuck I could feel my load boiling up and I must have only lasted a couple minutes before I emptied my balls deep into Matt's ass.

My orgasm seemed to trigger everyone else's and Matt erupted all over my chest and neck and my dad's breathing was getting faster and faster and so was his thrusting. When I thought he was about to blow he suddenly pulled out and shoved his dick back into my ass just as his cum shot out. I could feel him unload in me and his orgasm seemed to last forever. When everyone had caught their breath, Matt slowly stood up off my dick and dad pulled himself out my hole.

'I thought it was only fair that you got a load each and I wanted to seed your virgin ass' My dad laughed.

He then motioned us both to lie on the hood of his car and pull our legs up, exposing our much looser and filled holes. Dad quickly buried his face between my cheeks and I could feel him licking and sucking out the cum that he had just planted in me. He switched to Matt's ass and I guess he was giving him the same treatment as I could hear Matt moaning lightly as dad planted his face in his crack.

Dad continued to switch between our asses, cleaning up all the cum that had been shot. He then leaned up towards me and licked up all the cum on my chest before leaning in for a kiss. I tasted all the cum he had cleaned up as he swirled it around my mouth with his tongue.

'Now share it with your brother' dad said, pulling away. I grabbed Matt's head and our lips smashed together and we played with the cum, passing it back and forth before we swallowed it down.

'Fuck that was hot' Matt moaned.

'Mmmm' was all I could manage.

'And it looks like everyone is ready for round two ' dad grabbed both our rock hard cocks and nodded down to his monster dick, standing up to attention.

'Oh hell yeah' I replied.

'What did you like best?' my brother asked me.

'Well I really liked eating ass and getting fucked'

'Oh yeah, you're a real son of mine. I think we can treat you to that again. Are you ready to take Matt's dick this time?'

'Well I definitely want to try' I smiled

'Alright let's do it, and my ass is yours to eat'

Dad leant over the hood of the car and I bent over to grab his ass cheeks and pull them apart. His ass was so muscular it was kind of difficult to expose his hole but I pushed my face in hard and got a sweet smell of his man odor. His ass was a bit hairier than Matt's but just as tasty as I worked my tongue through his tight ass ring.

At the same time I felt Matt rub his dick up and down my ass crack and I pushed my ass out towards him to welcome him in. He grabbed my hips and pushed in. I cried out but was muffled by the ass I had my face buried in. I could definitely feel how much thicker Matt was than dad but Matt was relentless and just kept pushing in as my asshole stretched to accommodate him.

'Fuck that's a sweet hole' Matt breathed heavily as I felt his pubes touch the top of my butt.

The pain was already turning to pleasure and my cock dripped a huge glob of precum in anticipation of what was to come. He slowly pulled out and began to fuck me, quickening his pace with each stroke as I hungrily lapped at my dad's insides.

He knew how to make me feel good and I was squirming around his cock, my load was already building up. I got so into my ass fucking that I withdrew my face from my dad's crack and yelled in pleasure as the huge cock pounded at me.

'Whoah Matt slow down, you're gonna make him cum too quick' dad said as he pulled away.

'Sorry but his ass is just too good' Matt replied, slowing down instantly, leaving my dick throbbing.

'Do you want to try fucking your old man's ass?' dad asked.

'Oh hell yeah'

Matt pulled out from me and I stepped back, dad bent over the hood again and I took my position, aiming my dick at his beautiful hole.

'Now take it easy son, I don't do this that often but I need to try that sweet dick of yours' dad said as I pushed against his sphincter.

I slowly worked my cock head into his tight hole and I could feel him take some deep breaths and I forced more of myself into him. I could tell he didn't get fucked as much as Matt as his ass was definitely tighter but he was still able to take me balls deep.

'Fuck that's a big dick' my dad moaned when he realized he had all of me in him. I felt Matt get behind me again and quite easily he sunk his dick back into me so that we formed a fuck train with me in the middle.

'Alright lets fuck' dad said.

I began to thrust in and out of his tight, silky hole and fucked myself on Matt's huge dick. We all moaned wildly at the pleasure this man sex was bringing us. The feeling of my dad's ass milking my dick and the cock in my hole was sending me wild.

'Awww shiiiit' I yelled. Before I knew it my balls contracted and my load burst out of me and even though I had already cum today I shot a huge load; loading him up with rope after rope of sweet cum.

My dad quickly pulled off me, turned around and pushed my head down onto his cock. As soon my lips closed around him, a volley of cum sprayed the roof of mouth. I savoured the taste for a moment before I hungrily swallowed it down, licking and cleaning his cock making sure none was wasted. I then realized at the same time Matt was depositing his spunk deep in my ass so that I was getting filled at both ends - and there was no better feeling.

Everyone then pulled away but the dick in my ass was quickly replaced by a warm, wet tongue and Matt was cleaning up my hole like my dad had done earlier; sucking and licking at it to get the sweet load. When he finished he stood up and kissed my dad and I could see the cum from my ass that they swapped between them before swallowing.

'Do you want to try it?' dad asked as they broke off.


'Eating out a freshly fucked hole'

'Oh yeah'

My dad bent over again and I eagerly stuck my face between his hairy cheeks. My tongue probed at his hole and cum quickly ran out into my mouth. I lapped it up and then sucked on his puffy ass lips to get out even more of the tasty load I had deposited in him. When I had finished and stood up my dad grabbed both Matt and I's head and pushed us together for a 3-way kiss, swapping the cum between us.

'Aahh' my dad sighed as we pulled apart. 'Nothing like spending time with the family' we all laughed before reluctantly putting our clothes back on and heading home.


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