'Happy birthday Mike!!' my mom and dad shouted as I walked through the door.

'I can't believe my youngest son is 21, makes me feel old' my mom said as she reached out to hug me.

'I can't believe it either I replied' as I then hugged my dad.

My birthday was on a Thursday, kind of annoying day as most people weren't free to party so I had driven home from college to see my family. My parents had organised a big party for Saturday so that my family and friends had time to arrive and I had planned to go out with my old school friends tomorrow night.

'Any big plans for tonight son?' My dad asked.

'No, I'm going out tomorrow'

'Well then I'd love to be able to take you out for your first legal drink'

'Oh yeah sounds awesome'

Me and my dad got on pretty well, we had similar interests; mostly sports and when I had still lived at home we used to go the gym together. My dad had always taken pride in his body and the way he looked and the result was that now he was 45 he still he had an awesome body. If I look half as good as him when I'm 45 I would be happy, currently I was 160lbs of mostly muscle, giving me great definition, especially abs, which the ladies loved.

My mom had cooked my favorite dinner, steak and fries and it was nice to catch up with them by myself without my older brother there, who would be arriving on Saturday. It was soon 8.30 and I went to get ready for our night out. I jumped in the shower before putting on a pair of jeans and a shirt.

'You ready?' my dad asked as I walked down the stairs.

'Yeah' I said as I grabbed my coat.

'You boys have fun, don't be too late' my mom said as she hugged us goodbye.

We walked into town so that we both could have a drink; it took us about 20 minutes to walk to the bar. The barman wished me a happy birthday as he checked my driver's licence and gave me my first beer for free. As me and my dad got along so well, it was almost like going drinking with a friend and we talked about almost anything.

'So are you still with that girl?' dad asked.

'No we broke up'

'I'm sorry'

'It's ok, she was kind of a drain it's a lot more fun being single'

'Bet a handsome kid like you gets all the women'

'Haha I can't complain' I laughed, thinking of the chick I was banging at the same time last night.

The evening continued in pretty much the same way, having a good talk and getting through maybe about 5 beers each so that I was a little buzzed when the bar closed at 12 and we had to leave.

'Thanks dad, that was fun' I said as we walked out.

'No problem, but there is one more thing I want to show you know that you're 21'

'Sure, what is it?'

'Follow me'

We walked across the road to a shop called 'adult shop', it was something I had always noticed when I had been in town but never dared go into. My dad walked straight in and I followed him, the shop was filled with porn videos and magazines. I don't know if my dad thought I had never watched porn before and thought giving me some was a great birthday gift but I didn't say anything. There were a few other guys walking around and checking out the porn but my dad walked straight past it all and walked to the cash register at the back.

'Hi Jake' my dad said to the heavily tattooed and pierced guy at the cash register.

'Hey Tony'

'Can I get another year pass'


The guy checked my ID as my dad gave Tony some money who then gave him a little card in exchange.

'Happy birthday son' My dad giving me the little card.

'Thanks dad but what is it?'

'You'll soon see'

I followed my dad as he walked through a door at the back, where there was a corridor that led off to different rooms on one side and a line of cubicles on the other. We entered one of the cubicles and there was a little bench, a TV playing porn and holes on both sides of the cubicle.

'You know what these are?' my dad asked pointing at the holes.

'No but I think I can guess'

'They're glory holes, if a man puts his mouth up to the hole he wants to suck your cock'


'Like this' a pair of lips had appeared at the hole and my dad quickly unzipped his pants to reveal his semi-hard cock, which he quickly pushed through the hole.

'No one sucks cock like another man' my dad said as he moaned loudly.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing and I don't know whether it was because I was a little drunk or what but I could feel my own cock beginning to stir in my pants. I could tell my dad was enjoying it as he was moaning loudly and I tried to readjust my stiffening cock.

'You have a go son' he said, pulling away revealing his hard dick which was beer can thick and at least 7 inches long.

If I was sober the thought of another guy sucking my dick would have freaked me out but I quickly released my cock from my jeans, which was now a fully hard 8 inches. I walked towards the hole and put my dick through which was quickly swallowed by a warm mouth. He took me all the way in one movement and I yelled in pleasure, no girl had ever taken me like that.

This guy definitely knew how to suck cock and he expertly worked my tool up and down, making me moan like a bitch. His great skills and me being a little drunk meant that I couldn't hold my load any longer and shot straight into the guys mouth. He hungrily swallowed my cum, something I could never get a girl to do, and cleaned my dick of any traces of cum.

'How was that?' my dad asked as I pulled away from the hole. My dad was now totally naked and pumping his dick.

'Incredible' I replied, still a little out of breath from my orgasm.

'I told you guys did it best, now it's our turn to prove that'


'It's only polite to reciprocate' my dad said as a long cock pushed through the hole and my dad knelt down in front of it.

He grabbed hold of it and jerked a little before opening wide and swallowing it all the way to the balls in one swift motion. My dad definitely knew what he was doing as he worked on the guys long tool and there was something about watching my dad sucking cock that was causing my dick to stiffen again.

'Come and join me' my dad told me

I kneeled down next to him as he jerked the cock in front of my face. I had never really studied a hard dick up close before and there was something really erotic and inviting about it. I could see a drop of precum on his cock head and for some reason I decided to try it so I stuck my tongue out and licked across the head. The taste was salty but it was sort of hot and the next thing I knew I was taking the cock into my mouth.

I played with the head of the cock before working my way down. The feel of a hard dick in my mouth was sort of hot and I tried to take the cock all the way like my dad had done but I gagged straight away.

'You gotta do it like this' my dad said as he grabbed the dick and easily deep throated it again.

'You try again, try and relax your throat' he said as he offered me the cock again. I quickly swallowed it and managed to take it a little further.

'Yeah that's it' my dad continued to coach me and soon pubes tickled my top lip as my throat was filled with dick.

It felt pretty amazing being able to take a dick all the way down and I continued to deep throat it for a while. Eventually I moved back to playing with just the head and my dad joined in, licking the shaft. We alternated between the head and shaft, taking turns and running our tongues up and down.

My dad then pulled away and stood up over me, jerking his cock and watching me suck. I continued to enjoy the hard tool, I found it hard to believe sucking dick was making me so hot, my own cock was rock hard again. I couldn't even blame it on the alcohol anymore, I knew deep inside of me I wanted to do it.

I began to flick my tongue in the piss slit when I felt something hit my cheek. I realised he was cumming and pulled away where his cum hit my face. However after I got my first taste I wanted the rest and lunged forward to wrap my mouth around his cock again, getting the rest of the load. I made sure I cleaned off all the cum before pulling away.

'Oh fuck Mike that was hot, I'm gonna blow soon' my dad said jerking his cock ferociously.

I spun around and took my dad's dick in my mouth, it was so thick I couldn't get it all the way down. I didn't have long to practise as he was soon filling my mouth with his load. I'm not sure why girls always refused to swallow, it was really erotic and the taste was really not bad, there was something I liked about it.

'Damn son, that was incredible, have you done this before?'

'No but I'm sure I'll be doing it again'

'Oh hell yeah, now let me return the favor'

My dad quickly dropped to his knees and took my dick all the way down his throat. He was definitely an expert cocksucker and teased my head with his tongue. I was almost about to blow when he pulled off and started to suck on my balls as my dick leaked precum onto his face. He stopped teasing me and began to suck hard on my cock, building up to my second orgasm of the night.

'Ohhh fuuuuck' I moaned as my cum shot out my dick straight down my dad's throat.

My dad quickly stood up and pushed his face into mine and we made out, swapping my cum between us as our tongues swirled around each other. We made out passionately for a long time until my dick had completely softened.

'Fuck dad, that was hot' I said as we pulled away.

We both got dressed and left the place without saying much to each other but every time I glanced over at him I could see him smiling. I wonder if he had planned this all along and was my dad really gay? I would never ever of dreamed my dad would be into guys but then again I would never have dreamed that I would of enjoyed cock and cum so much. The weird thing was I didn't feel ashamed or gross just kind of happy I had discovered it.

'Hey dad, do you mind if I ask you something?' I asked as we were walking home.

'Sure, go ahead'

'Are you gay?' I blurted out'

'No son, I guess bisexual is the correct term. A lot of married men are into it.'

'Do you feel bad for cheating on mom?'

'Of course but I still love her it's just that some part of me she can never fulfil'

'How did you start dad?'

'You really want to know?'


'Similar way to you, my dad'

'No way!' I could hardly believe it, my granddad had been a military hero, a still kind of scared me when I was a little kid he was so fierce but I remember how devastated my dad had been when he died.

'Oh yeah, when I was 21 my dad took me away for a camping trip and introduced me to man sex and I haven't stopped since'

'Dad that's real hot, is that why your parents divorced?'

'Yes unlike me, your granddad was totally gay and had a lover in the military'

When we got back to our house it was about 3 in the morning and as soon as we got in the door dad pulled me in for another kiss and we made out until my dad pulled away. I went to bed that night and jerked off, thinking about what had happened, I even ate my own cum.

The next morning my dad had already left for work by the time I woke up and my mom was busy getting the house ready for my party tomorrow and the arrival of my brother and his wife. My brother was 25 and he and his wife both worked at a high school where my brother was an assistant football coach. He had nearly been good enough to be a player himself but an injury stopped that and he turned to coaching instead.

I was meeting my old high school friends today and going out with drinking with them so I got ready and left to meet my friends at a bar in the afternoon. It was cool catching up with them; we didn't see each other very much anymore so I knew we had a lot to talk about. After having a few drinks and a meal we decided to go to a club in the evening.

Normally if I went to a club I would be checking out girls, trying to find one that would was interested in me. However, this time I kept finding myself drawn to other men thinking about how big their dicks would be and what their cum would taste like, what the fuck had happened to me? My friends encouraged to make out with a girl and I did so, playing along with them but I found I had no desire to go back with her and so I managed to ditch her before the night was over.

The club closed at 2 and I decided to walk home, giving me time to think and sober up a little in the cool night air. I arrived home around 2.30 and walked into the kitchen to get myself a drink of water.

'Hey little brother' A voice said and I jumped. I turned to see my brother sat on the couch with a beer.

'Oh hey Matt, you made me jump'

'Sorry man, I've been waiting up for you'


'Because I've been talking to dad and I know exactly what to give you for a birthday present'

He smirked at me, stood up and walked over to me, grabbing my crotch as he sank to his knees, He massaged my crotch slowly, waiting for my cock to grow before pulling down my pants and my dick popped over the top.

'Oh yeah looks like a nice one' he said pumping on it a few times before taking it balls deep straight away.

'Awww shit' I moaned, my brother definitely knew how to suck cock.

'Keep it down, the family is upstairs' he said quickly pulling off.

I managed to stifle my moans as my brother pleasured me; he expertly worked on my dick and played with my balls at the same time. He pushed me down on the couch and spread my legs as he continued to suck on my dick. He ran his fingers around my hole, giving me feelings that I never felt before and I had to make sure I didn't moan too loud.

The next thing I felt was his tongue against my ass and I jumped in shock and my dick leaked a load of precum. His tongue hungrily lapped against my hole and pushed in, flicking his tongue inside my ass ring. He switched back to my dick as he continued rub his finger around my hole, eventually he pushed it in and began to probe inside me.

He was hitting something inside me that was making me want to blow. His cock sucking and finger fucking quickly worked me up to my orgasm. I put my arm across my mouth to try and stifle my moans as I unloaded into his hungry mouth. He eagerly took every drop before pulling away and leaning towards my face. He opened his mouth showing the puddle of cum on his tongue, then we made out and shared my cum before he broke off.

'Happy birthday little brother'


Chris Miller

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