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Frank sat at his desk thinking about Billy, it had been three years since the camping trip that changed his and Billy's lives. These had been the happiest three years of his life, and the only thing he would have changed would have been to make it happen five years earlier. He and Billy had been best friends since they were eight years old. All of the important 'firsts' in their young lives had been done together.

After high school they both got jobs with the same company and even worked the same 10 hour shift shift from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m four days a week. This crazy schedule kept them from having many close friends but it provided them with long weekends every week. More importantly, it had kept them together as best friends up to that life changing camping trip three years ago that brought them together as lovers as well as friends. They would both be thirty this year with Billy's birthday coming first on August 10th. and Frank's later in October. So far Frank had not come up with any good ideas for Billy's birthday.

Since the time when they were little kids they called each other Frankie and Billyboy when they were alone, If anyone else was around it was just Frank and Bill. It was something that was just theirs, no one else knew or used it. Both of them secretly liked that endearment, more so now that they were partners and lovers as well as friends.

Their jobs had changed since that trip, Frank was now the shift supervisor and Bill was a Crew Foreman. Their hours were the same but now they didn't see each other except at lunch or quitting time. Many guys knew and respected both of them, they were both virile, good looking men who got on great with everyone, looking and acting as straight as they come. They had a long history of chasing women and they were known for catching more than their fair share of beautiful women. No one where they work would have ever guessed that Bill Boynton and Frank Mason were partners in a committed gay relationship.

On that trip three years ago Frank confessed to Billy that he was in love with him. By being brutally honest with himself and with Frank, Billy was able to analyze and understand the events that led up to Frank's confession. Billy realized that he must have had subconscious sexual desires for Frank that he had repressed and pushed back into a far corner of himself. Their first time making love that weekend was a time they both cherished and remembered vividly.

Even now, three years later they often play their game of 'things that make Billyboy's cock get hard.' The second time they made love became a folklore legend in Lake Crawford Park's history. Just ask any Park Ranger about the "Wildcat" incident of 2008 at Lake Crawford State Park, but don't ask the question with Billy around or he might go bezerk.

Frank decided he would talk with their friend Cooper that they met at the park three years ago. He told Coop about Bill's birthday and that he couldn't come with anything cool for them to do. Coop suggested that he take Bill back to Lake Crawford where their live as a couple started.

Frank thought it was a great idea and asked that Coop and Steve come too. The four guys had become friends on that trip and visited and kept in touch, often having dinner together in each others homes, a drink and the occasional bit of weed that they all enjoyed. They would get camp sites adjacent like before but far enough apart for some privacy. They could all eat together and party and chill out like before.

That night during dinner Frank asked Bill if there was anything special he wanted for his birthday. Bill raised his bare foot under the table and pressed it against Frank's crotch

"as long as your big cock is where I am, I'm good anywhere we go. You know how it absolutely fascinates me, puts me into a trance just holding it in my hands. Not to mention what it does when you put in inside me. Oooohhh feeling frisky Frankie? Just talking about Frank Jr. get's me buzzing. Lets leave these dishes and go to Frankie."

"you know I can't refuse you anything...especially making love to my man. Come on Billyboy, I've got something here I think you're gonna like."

There was hardly a night in the past three years that they didn't make love. They were never so insatiable when they were 'straight' or before Lake Crawford. But now they were just so good together in bed that neither of them ever say no to the other..

They both enjoyed long sessions of foreplay and some times that's all they they did. Many nights one or both of them would ejaculate while lost in one of their soul searing kisses. After three years their passion for each other had increased to the point where they were making love twice a day most weeks. Tonight, they would go beyond foreplay, Frank could see the fire in Billy's eyes, this was going to be another one of those hot and sweaty workout they both loved so much.

Once again Frank was humbled by the intensity of their love and the happiness that they shared. Taking a break they lay together in their favorite position, Frank spooned to Billy's backside with his arms holding Bill to him. Frank whispered into Billy's ear

"hey would you like to go camping again at Lake Crawford for your birthday? We could get Coop & Steve to come and we'd set up like before for privacy, I'll get us some weed and we'll have wine and beer. It could be fun. What do you say?"

" fair asking me to make decisions when you're holding me like this...god I love you Frankie...our bodies fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The way your arms feel around were made for me babe... made just for me."

Frank leaned in and kissed his neck just under his left ear and Billy moaned loudly.

"oh god me baby...fill me up with my favorite toy, get Frank Jr. inside me...I need to feel you in me ...get him in there where he belongs...make love to me on your Billyboy...fuck me Frankie, fuck me hard and fuck me your Billyboy how you love get me so hot baby... me...please...I need you now."

Frank reached for the lube and slicked them both up nicely. Billy lay on his back and spread his legs wide as Frank knee walked up to his opening.

"ooohh babe let me...let me put it in...I just gotta feel it in my hands before it goes in me...aahh there's my cock god I love the feel of it in my hands...come on Jr. time to go home...yeah..that's butt is home for Frank Jr. Oh YEAH...give it to me Frankie. Harder, put it to me...fuck my butt...oh jeez you feel so good...yeah...all the way in...grind on it for me...oh yeah ..oh baby...I gotta ride it a while...can I...I need to sit on it baby...can I sit on it...I got this itch down deep...let me sit on it ...oh! yeah"

We rolled never breaking our connection and Billy was on top now. He raised a bit to straighten out his legs and then he started his ride. Settling down as far as he could he had my cock lodged deep inside him. He started with slow circles that quickly became a rapid jacking of my cock with his butt. Billy's hips were a blur as he rode my cock, ooooh...nothing felt as good as my cock lodged deep in his guts. His eyes rolled back as his hips continued their assault on Frank Jr. I could tell by his breathing that Billy was getting close to climax. then he slowed his pace and soon he stopped and lay on my way was he gonna let me shoot that quickly...the longer he made me wait the bigger the load of cum Frank Jr. would spray in his butt. I started to move in and out a bit, slowly fucking him and Billy rose back to his riding position and looked at me with so much love in his eyes.

"You want me on my back again babe? I like it best when I can see your face, kiss your lips, hold you inside me. Oh babe...we're the luckiest two guys in the world...ummm...ain't nothing else that feels like this. Give me all you got Frankie, fuck it real good...ooohhh yeah...that's it...deeper...sic the dogs on it Frankie...fuck it hard...oh gawd yeah...kiss me babe...ummm...slow down a bit Frankie...we gotta make it last longer...I want a bucket full of cum from you tonight...oh man you feel so good in's okay to stop and rest baby. I could shoot off right now just lying here looking into your eyes...I see your love fills me wanna keep that close...that's okay...yeah baby it's time...lets do it...oooo...I love it when your fat cock slides into me so slow... so good...ummm babe your cock...I gotta fuck your cock."

Frank started slowly, letting his cock inch it's way into Billy's butt. Slowly filling him with that hard column of man flesh that could make Billy so crazy. Frank knew all the tricks to get Billy into a fuck frenzy and he used them shamelessly. Billy's aggression was history, he could only lie there and grab fistfuls of bed covers and held on tight as Frank took him to that place where nothing existed but Frank's cock filling his ass. His only thought was 'deeper, Frankie deeper".

Unconsciously Billy began rising up to meet Frank's down stroke, hitting that deepest penetration and then grinding against him for just a little bit more...he wrapped his legs around Frankie's hips and and began spurring him with his heels, pulling him, wanting him deeper, harder...

"Oh...dear hit magic...OH...uunngghh...button...OH FRANKIE...I FEEL IT...its you feel that...I'm gonna pull on your nuts hard babe..feel that...yeah "stretch those balls...I'm gonna squeeze the cum right out of your balls Frankie...FUCK ME BABY...NOW..IT'S gawd...FRANKIE!...fill me up...I feel it...shoot your cum in me...AAARRRGGGHHH...FRANKIE!!! AAAHHH ahh ahh oh yes...that's my baby...that's my Frankie...I love you so much...oh're the best...just hold me baby...just hold feel so good in mm how did we ever live without this...I'm just half a man until you're inside me make me whole're my one and only love Frankie. You're the only one I've ever loved...I'll ever love."

Billy craved the feel of my hot cum spraying his insides. I love it when his eyes roll back and he surrenders to the climax...just lets it happen, his cum spurting on me, on him, the bed the walls, his cum goes everywhere. When it's over we lie there with me glued to his chest. It's always made him feel like he has captured me, I was his now. He had me inside him right where he wanted me and where I always wanted to be. Spooned together again, we drifted off for a nap.

"you awake Billyboy...aahh're the most amazing man...making love with you is always a new adventure. Every time I think you can't surprise me do something that just drives me wild. mmm. Raise your leg just a bit babe."

My cock slipped easily into Billy's butt and we just lay there connected together. Billy stretched and arched his back driving my cock deeper into him....he sighed

"ooohhh yes...mmm...morning Jr...welcome home."

I knew we needed to clean up ourselves and the kitchen too.

"Sorry Billyboy...we need to do some things around the house today...we'll finish this later...I promise."

"no...don't take Frank Jr. away...oh darn...I feel so empty."

"come on sleepy slug...lets shower..okay."

"hmm a shower...alright! I can get Jr back inside me in there. You always get rock hard when we are rubbing our soapy bodies together."

Billy got his way as usual. Shower sex is wonderful too. We were in the kitchen cleaning up the mess we left last night and I asked Billy again.

"So Billyboy, what you do think about going back to Lake Crawford Park for your Birthday?"

"sounds great Frankie...think Steve & Coop would want to go?"

"I talked to Coop yesterday and they're all for it. I'll make reservations today."

"Okay while you're doing that I make a run to the food market and swing by the hardware store for new hinges for the screen door out back. Be back soon ya, bye"

I stood in the kitchen staring at the door he had just closed, and again marveled at my fantastic luck. That man stirred my heart and soul, I give thanks every day for my fantastic luck in having a life with him. I went to my laptop and got on the Internet to find a phone number to call for camp site reservations. Finding it I dialed the number and a man answered. I told him we needed 2 tent sites adjacent but not together and gave him the four names.

"Wait..I remember you guys..two... three years ago right? Two of you were taking 3 or 4 showers a day. Yeah I remember...we don't get four good looking guys like you here very often. I was so jealous of the four of you, paired up and enjoying each other...oh yeah I remember there was the screaming wildcat incident too."

"oh knew about us and kept it quiet"

"sure, nobody was harmed, it was damned funny and it just wasn't anyone else's business. I've hoped you guys would return one day. Looking at you guys all day made my nights a lot more fun, but I was sore for a week after you guys left. By the way, my name is David Laine and you're Frank right the taller one. And Bill is the wildcat, right?"

"Yes, that's us. If you get any time off you'll have to stop by and have dinner with us one night. the four of us will cook and eat together most nights. I'll be sure to pick up a big steak for you David. We became good friends with Cooper and Steve that weekend maybe it's your turn now. We'll see you on the 9th. We'll arrive about dawn but will sleep a couple of hours in the truck. Looking forward to another great weekend."

I called Coop and told him the reservations were set..

"Coop you wont believe this but the same Ranger from three years ago answered the phone. When I gave all our names he said he remembered us, and that they didn't get four great looking guys like us very often. He also said he was jealous of us being all paired up and hinted that he jacked off thinking about us that weekend. I told him we'd have him for a steak dinner one night."

"When I tell this to Steve he may head out for the park tonight. He thinks that Ranger is a stud. I wouldn't mind him on my back either. We've been talking about a 3-way for a while now, just haven't done anything about it yet. How about you and Bill, you into adding a new playmate yet?"

"I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it but I'm so jealous of Bill. I don't want anyone else but me in his butt. I'd be okay with cock sucking and Bill fucking someone. We'll just wait and see what happens I guess. Oh yeah, the Ranger's name is David Laine with an 'i' like the singer."

"I remember well how Ranger Dave looks in those dark green shorts, he has very hairy legs and arms. And a nice crotch bulge too. Don't tell Steve but I've jacked off thinking of him riding me more that once. He's a hunk of man. Steve will lose his mind if Ranger Dave turns out to be a bottom!"

"Hey be sure and tell Steve hi for us...Bill's back with a truck full of stuff. catch you later dude"

I went out to help Billy unload the truck. We carried in enough food to feed the line at the Union Mission.

"Billyboy, what's with all this food, you sure must be hungry."

"yeah Frankie, we gotta keep our strength up, those bedroom push ups you do require a lot of stamina, and you're gonna have to do a lot of them this week."

"yeah...I've been meaning to talk to you about that Billyboy, it's been ages since you topped me, I kinda miss it. Think you could service me tonight Billyboy?."

"you know Frankie, I was just thinking the same thing driving home. Looks like you'll get your wish tonight...but I can't let you off the gotta do me again like you did last nite...uh oh..we need to change the subject if we're gonna get this truck unloaded."

I told Billy about speaking with the Ranger and with Coop....

"Hey Billy, would you believe that the same Ranger as last time answered the phone when I called. As soon as I gave him our names he said he remembered the four great looking guys that were all paired up and so into each other. He all but told me he was gay...said his cock was sore from jacking off thinking about what the four of us were doing in those tents. He even said he remembered the 'wildcat screaming' incident."

"oh god no! not that again!"

"Hey it was funny, and even you laughed about it. Wonder if I can make you scream like that again."

"Well if you can't maybe that Ranger can, Frankie."

"Why you little just remember...YOUR BUTT IS MINE! No other man goes there Billy, ever."

"Hey baby, I'm just teasing you, you know you're the only man I ever want, it's you I love and yes you can still make me scream...I just do it into a pillow now. Come here Frankie...I didn't mean to hurt your pride...I was just joking...I love you Frankie and no one is gettin' into your butt either, that belongs to me. I've got an idea that Steve and Cooper will keep him occupied anyway. I've never heard a word about it from either of them but I get the feeling that they would love to jump into our bed with us."

"Yeah, I've felt the same vibe...especially with Cooper. He wants to try on that 10 inch cock of yours, he has since the night we met them. Billyboy, don't get me wrong with what I'm about to say. But I think I could handle you sucking another guy or fucking one but I know I'd lose it if I saw you kissing someone else. I can't help it, I know I'm possessive and jealous but jeez, if you want to know why just go look in a mirror. You're freakin' beautiful and I want to keep you mine, always.

But even beyond that, you and I make magic in the bedroom. I don't want anything messing us up. I fought for you when we were eight years old and I'll do it again at 30 if I need to. But this doesn't mean that Ranger David can't become our friend. He's a nice guy and with his job he has to be lonely. I'll bet he wants to make friends as much as he wants to make out. I'm sure he's hornier that a Jack Rabbit. I know we're not exactly the 'social club' for our town but gay friends are hard to come by for guys like us."

"Frankie, you're the sweetest guy in the world, here you are worried about a Park Ranger we've met once and you're trying to find him friends to keep him from being lonely. Also for your peace of mind, I agree with you although I really don't think that the issue will ever come up. I'll never be kissing anyone during sex but Frank Mason, period. I know to never say never because things could change in a few years but for now, but I really doubt it. You and I are 'forever' type guys, I don't need or want anyone in my bed but you. I don't see other guys as sex partners or have any desire for them. I'm queer for you and you only. You're my man Frankie, my only man."

I closed the distance between us in two steps and wrapped Billy into my arms, hugging him tightly to me and I felt my body tremble all over...

"thank you my sweet Billyboy, you're my only man too. I love you and need you more every day. I'm hooked, your love is like a drug and I'm hopelessly addicted, and I don't want a cure for this"

"Me too Frankie, ...whoa...wait..I just had a crazy idea....your foxy cousin Rob, that we're like 90% certain he's gay, what if we asked him up for a day and introduced him to Ranger Dave. If nothing happens, no big deal. He lives a lot closer to the Park than we do, he could be there in less than an hour. Although Ranger Dave may already have a friend, we haven't even thought about that."

"That's not a bad idea at all Billyboy, man would they make a handsome couple or what. I'm gonna call him just as soon as we get this stuff put away."

"Now, enough of this talk Frankie, lets get at this and get this food put away and put these hinges on the screen door. Then we need to sort out the tent and sleeping bags, air them out. check out the table and chairs we'll need at least six of the folding chairs."

After the food was stored I went out to the garage and hauled out the tent and related gear. When I unfolded the tent I saw holes everywhere. Something had eaten right through the canvas. I found Billy finishing up with the new hinges. I told him about the holes in the tent that I'd have to buy us another one. Billy wanted to go with me to pick out a new tent. Seems he's been thinking about a larger one that we can stand up in.

I called my cousin Rob on the way to Outdoor World and asked if he'd like to come visit us at the lake one night, I told him that we would have two friends with us and that the Ranger was coming for dinner that night. Rob laughed...

"Frank this sounds like a set up... what are you up too?"

"Well Rob, we've never talked about this but I'm sure that you've figured out mine and Billy's relationship by now. We'd like your company and if you're so inclined there's a guy here you ought to meet. If you're not so inclined you'll get a great dinner, wine, beer and some killer weed for your trouble. But if you are ready to meet someone, you're gonna be thanking me and Billy for a long, long time."

"Finally, we can talk. Yes I'd be happy to meet your Ranger friend. I am so inclined as you put it. And I suspected that you and Bill could be together but you've been friends forever and I just wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing the air. I just couldn't figure out a way to bring the subject up. This feels great to be able to talk with you about this."

"Rob, as much as I'd like to take the credit, it was Bill's idea. We both think you're really gonna like Ranger Dave"

"umm...a Park Ranger? he sounds like my kind of guy."

"well on a scale of 1 to 10 we give him at 15. He's tall, dark, handsome, hairy, and a really nice guy."

"damn..all of my turn-ons in one man..sounds too good to be true...this is great Frank, I know you have great taste is men, your Bill is sure a good looker. I need to do some shopping and get a haircut. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. okay."

I snapped the phone shut, looked at Bill and just shook my head...

"Rob is gay and very happy that we know about each other now. He's off to get a fresh haircut as we speak. I wonder if we should tell David or just let him be surprised."

"surprised is best. Thinking about it could get him uptight and nervous, just put them together and we'll see what happens."

We went to Outdoor World to buy a tent and came home with a house. This tent is 10' square and 7' tall at the center pole and it can sleep 6 people comfortably, just what two people who sleep wrapped around each other need. However, I did learn a valuable lesson at Outdoor World. Never Ever bring Billy here again! Needing only to replace a two-man tent we came home with a 100 sq. ft house, 6 new folding canvas chairs with cup holders, a folding aluminum dining table w/seats for 6 adults, 2 folding canvas stools, a new Camp Kitchen, two lanterns, a set of unbreakable dishes, and other various and assorted 'desperately needed' items. All told we spent $1,200. Billy swore that he would clean and sell the items we had at home in a yard sale or on ebay. I have a real problem saying no to Billy and he knows it.

At last we are on our way to Lake Crawford, We left from the parking lot at work at 1:15 a.m. and arrived at the Park just before dawn. Billy parked and reclined his seat and was sleeping in minutes. I sat there staring at his face and thinking I'm the luckiest man alive. I reclined my seat and settled in, as I laid back I felt Billy's hand squeeze my thigh lightly then let it rest there to keep us physically connected. See why I love this guy so!

I woke to the smiling face of Ranger Dave looking in my window. I raised my seat to upright, yawned and opened my door.

"Greetings Campers and welcome to Lake Crawford State Park, Ranger David Laine at your service."

"Aww, I bet you say that to all the campers around here, Ranger Dave." I replied.

"Hey, sleepy slug...Bill..time to rise and shine." I called to Bill still in the truck.

Bill slowly stretched and yawned and reached over to my empty seat...

"Morning Frankie"

As his eyes adjusted he saw the Ranger and jerked upright and jumped out of the truck. Sticking out his hand he said...

"Hi there, good to see you again, where are you going to put us this time?"

"Good Morning, Bill isn't it? Your friends are already here and you guys will be in the next site over from them like before. We've opened some new camp sites and I've put the four of you not far from here, sort of behind the Ranger station and closer to the showers."

He gave us a leering grin at the mention of the showers.

"I'll lead you over there, just follow my Jeep."

We arrived at a spot that had the most beautiful view of the lake and we could sit and watch the sunsets again. Bill commented on how great it had been watching the sun set on our last visit. This new camp site had a concrete table with benches, a stone lined fire pit and a little pier or boat dock that we could fish from. Ranger Dave said that he had spent a few nights here himself and that a full moon shining over the lake was spectacular and that we should be seeing it tomorrow night. He gave us his cell phone number and said he was looking forward to an evening with all of us. We told him to feel free to come by whenever.

A he turned to leave I remembered that my cousin Rob was coming....

"Oh Dave..can you make it for Dinner tomorrow night, my cousin Rob will be joining us tomorrow and I'd like for you to meet him, he lives nearby and since I haven't seen him in a while we thought it would be fun to get together here at the lake."

The grin that broke across Dave's handsome face told us we had done the right thing. He knew exactly what we were planning and he seemed to be all for it. Now let's just hope that cousin Rob likes tall, dark and handsome outdoor types.

"You guys are the best!"

Dave said as he was leaving and we started setting up our gear. We had practiced with the new tent at home so it went up fast. The rest followed quickly. We had just sat down and lit up a blunt when we heard...

"Ahoy there mateys..." Frank cracks up every time he hears Steve do that."

Steve and Cooper walked into our camp and I nudged Frankie with my elbow...

"Look Bill, it's Ginger and Mary Ann...hey guys what did you guys do with Gilligan?

"He's busy plowing the Professor's butt. How you guys doing. And Happy birthday Bill!"

"Gee, I had forgotten that today is my birthday...thanks take a turn or two on this."

Bill handed Coop the blunt and fetched two more chairs for them and four beers.

" guys brought a house! What a great tent, it's huge. Nice chairs too."

"When I pulled our old tent out it was full of holes, something that likes canvas had a big meal. Of course Bill had to go with me to shop for the tent and that explains Chateau Billy' over there and the chairs too."

"You guys been doing okay, guess it's been a couple of months since we've seen you. Steve, you jumped the Ranger yet?"

Steve actually blushed and Coop laughed, ..

"he hasn't yet but it sure hasn't been for lack of trying...he had Ranger Gorgeous blushing like a school boy with his double-ententes and nasty talk."

"Well, you guys be gentle with him, he's really a nice guy whose a very lonely out here. We just want to be his friends, we're just not ready to share our bed with anyone. Oh guys, I was talking with my cousin on the phone and he's gonna drop by tomorrow and stay for Dinner he only lives about forty miles from here. We just found out that he is gay too. We brought steaks and the trimmings for 6 so I asked Ranger Gorgeous to dinner too, I promised him a steak dinner when I made the reservations."

I noticed that Steve didn't seem too enthused at the idea of my cousin being in camp. Tough, he has a partner and if thinks he has rights to anyone else, that's just tough. I happen to think that Rob and David could at least have some fun together. If Steve has a problem with it he can just put on his big girl panties and deal with it. As the afternoon wore on, we decided on grilled chicken on a bed of wild rice with roasted peppers and onions. Why is it that food cooked outdoors away from home always tastes so good? After cleaning up we all sat down to watch the sunset. I told the guys...

"Ranger Dave said we could see the full moon tonight. He said it was spectacular shining on the lake."

"You sure are full of Ranger Dave talk Frank. What's going on with you and him, have you already been with him" Steve asked.

Bill placed his hand over mine, knowing how I would react to Steve's comment. I took a deep breath...

"We'll I've talked to him on the phone and been with him the better part of the morning. He led us here to this site. Our new found friendship got all of us these prime camping spots. Other than his friendship there's nothing more I want from him. It obviously bothers you that I am on friendly terms with him. Why is that Steve, why does it bother you."

Cooper rose from his chair, thanked us for the beer and smoke, grabbed Steve by the arm and said...

"Get up you asshole..we're leaving before you ruin our friendship with these two like you have with every other friend we've had. You're drunk and being a real shit. Start moving! Sorry guys, sometimes he's just a real pain in the ass. We'll talk with you tomorrow. Good night."

"Wow, Frankie who knew Cooper was the alpha male in that couple! Steve obeyed every word without a whimper."

"Thanks for holding me back, my blood was boiling until I felt your hand on mine. You know me so well. I can't imagine Steve getting so bent out of shape just because I'm friendly with the Park Ranger. Hell Cooper is as good looking as the ranger, I wonder if they're having a hard time. It may be the 'Seven Year Itch', you know, the eye starts to wander to greener pastures when you've been together seven years. Or so I've heard"

"Oh great, in four years you're gonna be acting like Steve!"

"Not to worry Billyboy, I've got all I'll ever want or need right here beside me. I know that we both meant the words we said when we pledged our love and to live our lives together three years ago. You're my man Billyboy."

"You know you're making me horny talking like that...Frankie, you prepared to face the consequences for getting me so horned up?"

"oh yeah, I know exactly what I'm see Billyboy, I know you very well too! I believe we've both agreed that you're gonna fuck my fuzzy ass tonight and as for me, there's no time like the present ...let's get the blood pumping into that wonderful cock between your legs. I've been feeling a little empty all day."

As we stood, Billy wrapped his arms around me and gave one of those knee buckling kisses he does so well. Just like magic we were both instantly hard. It was a little strange walking into the tent without having to crawl in.

Inside we took our time, each undressing the other, once naked the desire and lust began to grow. Kissing a man is so different than with a woman. With a man, there's an urgency, a certain roughness that comes naturally. Nothing about it is smooth or soft. It's Hard, urgent, demanding, and sensual.

Billy reached for his bag and pulled out the 'sex kit'. Lube, condoms, toys, even a bottle of seldom used 'poppers'. He put the lube by our double air mattress along with a couple of towels, we had been tested for STD's regularly before we discovered our love for each other and now that we were a monogamous couple we had dispensed with using condoms.

" been missing this?"

Billy jacked his huge cock looking straight at me...

"oh yes...there's nothing like the feeling of you stuffing that monster up my butt. Oh yeah, lube me up Billyboy, I've got a feeling that this one's gonna last for a while, I need you to pound my ass hard baby...make me know I've had the best up my ass. I need to feel you in me."

I laid on the bed on my back and Billy knee walked up between my wide spread legs. He took the lube and coated his fingers and my anus. His probing started slowly, gently but by the time he had three fingers gliding easily in and out I told him it was time to mount me and make me see stars.

Billy applied more lube to his cock and to my ass. As the big blunt head of Billy's cock pressed for entry, I pushed down and out making it easier for that big helmet to enter. Once inside, Billy stopped still as I began relaxing. He leaned forward and kissed my neck, my ears, my eyes, and finally my lips. Open mouths met and tongues probed and licked and the urgency had begun, raw passion was building within me as his cock crept upward into my bowels. He had passed the pain threshold and now had entered into my pleasure zone.

Every move and pulse of blood in his hard cock triggered my pleasure response. As Billy began to move in and out faster, the pleasure took me. The fullness I felt was overwhelming, I pulled hard on the backs of his legs while pressing down as hard as I could forcing him deeper. I began to roll my hips in circles, I threw them up to meet his down thrust, when his slightest change of position started him massaging my prostate, I was gone. Nothing existed but our union, my eyes had rolled back and fucking Frankie's cock was all I knew. All I wanted. Everything he did was pure pleasure for me but his slow steady downward plunges were what I liked the best. I timed it so that my upward thrust met his downward stroke just at that point of deepest penetration, causing grunts from each of us as we reached the limits of our bodies. I found that grinding hard against his cock brought more pleasure to Bill and to me. It was raw and primal like animals in rut.

Our exertions had pushed our bodies to their limits and now we were soaring to a climax. There was no more slowing down to hold off. This was happening now. I felt my cum start rising up my shaft, we were still doing the deep thrust and grind. I heard Billy's breath quicken and I knew we were going to cum together...a low rumbling moan started deep within me and grew to a loud roar as my cum sprayed our bodies. There was that moment of nirvana, the moment of release and that indescribable feeling of ejaculation, Billy was growling too as his semen sprayed the walls of my rectum. As the physical pleasure began to ebb the emotional feelings swept over us. It's our love for each other that lets us reach such fantastic highs in our love making.

Billy collapsed on my chest and I hugged him to me. Later Billy raised his head and kissed me so tenderly I felt chills run over me. As our senses began to return we felt that moment of complete and utter exhaustion combined with the lingering sensations in our groins. Pure Bliss. He didn't say a word, just smiled at me and I wrapped him in another hug to keep him from seeing the tears roll down my cheek. They were tears of joy and gratitude that I had been granted such a glorious gift as the love of this man. After we rested we both knew we had to get a shower and get things ready for this afternoon, Rob would be here in less than two hours.

Off we went to the Ranger's Station and the showers. Ranger Dave wasn't there so I left him a note reminding him that we would have dinner at about 7:30 or so. We rushed back to our camp and were getting things set up when my cell phone rang.

"Hi Coop, how's it going?"

"Hey Frank, so well...we wont be there for dinner fact we're on our way back home right now. We had a big fight. Steve's passed out in the back seat. I'll call you next week and I'm really sorry for all this drama...I'll call you in a couple of days"

"Coop, if there's anything we can do...please call...I hate to see my friends hurting...We're here if you need us. We'll talk soon, okay."

"Wow, Billy, they're on their way back home now...Coop sounds really down. Well it'll just be four of us for dinner." Just then they heard a truck pulling up to their camp site.

"Great, It's Robbie..right on time."

Billy rushed over to greet him, they had become buddies in the few times we had been together.

"Hey there dude ...oh look great Rob...nice jeans. Frankie tell you I've been trying to peddle your ass off to the Park Ranger?"

Rob blushed very red.

"you're doing what with my ass?"

"Selling it to the highest bidder stud, the way you look today, I might get enough to by me a new truck...what's different...I don't remember you looking so fine Robbie."

Frank walked up and hugged his cousin...

"Hey Robbie..Bill's right, you're looking good dude. How's Aunt Annie?

"crazy as ever Frank...she's the original space cadet"

"tell me something I don't know Robbie, remember I've got her twin at home!, you're walking around looking so fine, I bet you have to beat em off with a stick at home these're a freakin' stud now Rob."

"I've lost a few pounds, working out at the gym, nothing else to do in my little town. Now what's this about you trying to profit of my ass? It's not for sale...but if he talks to me right I'll give it away for the right man"

Just then we heard the Ranger's Jeep pull up, he jumped out wearing a huge grin..Rob's eyes got big, he looked at Bill and I....

"holy shit! IS THAT HIM?...This can't be happening...I don't believe this!"

Frank and Bill gave him a look not understanding and then Frank turned to greet Dave...

"Hey Dave...I'd like you to meet my cousin .."

Dave interrupted me.

"well I'll be damned...Rob?...Rob are you, it's been a while since college, looks like you're doing well. You look great!"

" two know each other?" Billy asked...

Rob was blushing again and had suddenly become shy but managed to say...

"so do you always"

Rob turned to Bill and Frank...

"David and I were at college together, we've known each other for six years..I guess it is a small world."

Turning to David Rob said...

"sorry David, I know you were expecting to meet someone new, then I show up..."

"Rob...I couldn't be happier, I've wanted to spend time with you for a very long time now. I think it's fantastic that we've been reunited by this crazy coincidence. I'm really glad it's you Rob, I really am. You were always shy and stand offish around me at college, I didn't think you liked me very much. Well, I hope you'll get to know me better tonight Rob".

"It's not that I didn't like you you were so popular and always had a crowd of the best looking kids on campus around you...I just didn't fit in."

"Really Rob...I can't wait to tell you some things later tonight when we get a chance to talk. I'm really glad to see you again, I've thought of you often since school.. We'll catch up later, I have to do some paperwork and grab a shower then I'll be back and off duty. And just to ease your mind off duty ranger can't smell strong odors like some cigarettes make, wink..wink!"

"Jeez Dave you sure are full of surprises." Frank stammered.

"You guys catch up while I'm gone because I'll be keeping Rob busy talking when I get back."

With that he gave Rob a pat on the back and a wink and said as he turned to leave...

"I can hardly believe my luck, Rob Greenwood...and I get him all to myself...Wow!"

Billy and I both turned to face Rob. Okay Robbie...spill it.."

"I really can't believe this. David Laine has been my jack off fantasy man since my second year at college, I've pumped gallons of cum from my cock thinking about that man. If you only knew how many times I've dreamed of him. He was always out of reach to me, I was never in his league. And just my luck, he's about twice as good looking now as when we were in school...I can't believe he remembers my name..."

Billy stepped over and took Rob's arm and led him to a chair, pulled out a blunt, lit it and passed it to Rob. The three of us sat there in silence taking turns with the blunt, when it was just past halfway gone Billy looked over to Rob..

"Start talking Robbie...tell us about him."

"there nothing to tell other than I've crushed on him for six years now...I'm surprised as hell that he's here. I'm disappointed that I wont get to meet someone to date but that's okay. I could just sit and look at him all night. He's the best looking man I've ever seen."

"What do you me you wont get a chance to date him...can't you see that he's into to you Rob...dude open your eyes...he was ready to jerk your pants off standing there a few minutes ago, Robbie...he really is into you, I mean it." Billy was grinning as he finished.

"Bill's right Robbie...I saw it too. You're not in school anymore. You're a very handsome man, and Ranger Gorgeous as we call him has a thing for you. We need to get you to relax Robbie. You're all tensed up and that will never do for your first date with the man you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Promise me you will loosen up and be open to him. You'll regret it if you don't take this finish this blunt...Dave will be back here fairly quickly I suspect from that look he gave you as he left. He wants to talk to you so don't mind us, spend the time with him. I can tell that you're gonna leave here a happy man Robbie. Trust me, cuz."

Rob went rigid with that last statement.

"stop it - you'll jinx me talking like that. I doubt I'll ever see him again after tonight. What did you guys see that I missed?" Rob asked.

"His eyes never looked him in the eye, you were looking at the ground...acting like you did at school. Hold your chin up and look into his will like what you see Rob...he's a very good man."

"Hey Rob, you ready for a beer?" Billy asked as he fished out two for us.

"I don't think so Bill...this weed is strong...I don't want to get drunk with David around...I'm buzzing of this blunt as it is."

Just as he said that we heard David's Jeep roaring toward us.

" comes the man now Rob. Just relax and be your charming self, okay."

"Sure Frank...any more relaxed and I'll slide right out of this chair. Before he gets guys are sure about what you said...I mean him being into me...really.."

"We're positive Rob...look at it this way...this may be your best chance to find the man of your two could be like Bill and I...just let it happen Robbie, let it happen ...and here he is, get up and go greet him, let him know you're glad he's here Rob." Frank said with a smile.

With that said, Rob rose to his feet and walked toward David. We could see how pleased David was from our chairs by the lake. They stood and talked for a minute or two then Rob turned and they walked toward us ..David's arm on Rob's shoulder and Rob wearing a stupid little grin and blushing like crazy. Before sitting down, David picked up a chair and set it just inches from Rob's chair, bringing a wider grin to Rob's handsome face.

I told David that Steve and Cooper had left and why. He sighed and said he was really glad because Steve had really embarrassed him yesterday when they arrived..

"I felt dirty when he left. Such a foul mouth and acting like he thought I wanted to be with him..YUK! That type of direct attention really puts me off. I much prefer a guy like Robbie here who's a bit shy in public but I'm hoping he loosens up in private."

Of course Rob was beet red and a bit astonished when David reached over and held his hand.

"does this bother you holding your hand?"

" it's okay...I like it, David" Rob stammered.

"I need to tell you some things here and I just feel better holding your hand. That way you wont get up and run away from me...okay here goes....Frank, know that Rob and I went to school together...I guess you know how shy he can be too. Well for three years we were around each other often and every time I tried to talk with him or even looked his way he would clam up or look away. He did this for three years and I never had a chance to talk with him one on one.

I wound up with a major crush on Rob in school, nothing ever happened and I didn't even get to let him know it. I just told him about it when he came to meet me just now. Without even looking at him now I can tell you he's blushing like crazy...right! Anyway...this weekend is just the craziest coincidence that's ever happened to me. Rob told me he had a crush on me too, so if you guys don't mind we'll be going for a walk after dinner to chat and get to know each other a bit. I don't want you to think I'm being rude but I just really need this chance to be with Rob."

Bill and I were both smiling at them, when David was talking the look on Rob's face as he listened and watched David was priceless. Rob was hooked and it looked as if David was too. I reached over and gave Bill's hand a squeeze.

"no problem David...seems that you've fallen right into our trap...this is exactly what Bill and I hoped for we we asked Rob to come up. We never had any idea that you would know each other but that just makes it all the better. We can make ourselves scarce if you guy's want. 'Chateau Billy' over there is quite comfortable. Bill and I may take the boat out for a while any way...not fishing but just cruising ...Bill picked up a trolling motor from a guy at work and we can buzz along the shoreline quietly."

" know if you lit up one of those funky smelling joints I wouldn't complain...I'm off duty and what goes down on my time is my business...not the Park Services'. Aw hell..gimme one and I'll light it..."

"Here you go Ranger Gorgeous...did you know that Cooper nicknamed you that the first time we were here?"

Now David was blushing and Rob laughed out loud...

"He is isn't he...Gorgeous I mean... " Rob said.

That only set David to blushing more and I saw Rob squeeze David's hand as he said it. Looking over to Bill I laughed and told him...

"Billyboy, looks like our work is done here. Let's get a fire going for these steaks..."

"David, need a beer?"

"Yes please and thanks." David replied.

Dave spoke up when Rob had to take a leak.

"Thank you guys so much for this. I've wanted that man for so long. I've got to let him know just how into him I don't think I'm being rude...I just have to get him to see me again. I can't tell you how happy I am that Rob is your cousin, Frank. He's my fantasy man. This is so good, I'm high as a kite without any help from you know what...thank you guys for this."

Bill and I just sat back and watched the two of them when Rob came back. Dave and Rob were so into each other it was like they had been dating a while, they looked ready for the next step to us. David maneuvered Rob to Lakeside as they walked and talked...facing the lake with their backs to us we saw David put his arm around Rob's waist and pull him closer, it wasn't long until Rob had his arm around Dave too. Billy had his camera out and using the zoom lens started snapping pictures of them. I tried to keep from watching them but Billy kept snapping pictures. We sat there, drank beer and smoked our weed as our friend Ranger Gorgeous began his courtship of Cousin Robbie.

I was reading when I heard Billy's camera snapping shots rapid fire. I looked to the lake and saw Rob and David's first kiss. It was a long one, about halfway into it Rob's arms went around David's neck and their bodies molded together. They were like that the rest of the evening, kissing, touching, staring into the other's eyes. It took two tries to get their attention.

"Hey can I do baked potatoes on charcoal?"

"That's easy...Rob and I'll take them to my station and I know a great trick for micro waving them to perfection when your ready."

"Is that in the Ranger handbook?"

"no, it came from a much higher Mom."

"good...just don't get so into each other you forget to come back to eat."

That set both Rob and David to blushing...

"okay you's time for the potato you've got an hour to get back here with them...." Billy said as he handed them the bag.

"it wont take that long I'm sure" David said

Billy arched an eyebrow at David. "are you sure...Ranger Gorgeous....we're not wanting to rush you if you catch my meaning"

Rob grinned, stood and pulled David up..."c'mon David..I get the hint...."

"well DUH!" Billy said as David caught on....and blushed again.


They got into David's Jeep and were gone. At the station, David and Rob double wrapped the potatoes in cling wrap and set the microwave to half power and the times at 15 minutes. Dave took Rob by the hand and gave him a quick tour of his quarters. They stood in front of David's king sized bed and kissed again. They both moaned, lips locked, bodies glued together and only broke apart to gasp in air. Chests heaving they stood staring in disbelief at the other. This was far better that either of them could have imagined. Finally David spoke...

"Rob...uh...I don't want to rush you but I really want you to stay with me tonight...we don't have to do anything.. .sex wise...I just want to cuddle and kiss you, hold you against me, just be with you. Having you're a dream come true and I don't want to wake up without you here tomorrow. Oh babe...I wish we could just skip dinner and go to bed right now....You are going to let me see you again aren't you, one night is not what I want from you Robbie...I want more...a lot more...I already know that...that first kiss at the Lake just about wrecked me...I was afraid I would cum just kissing you..."

"Oh yes, I'll stay tonight, and yes we'll see each other as often as you want David, I want more too. I want you, always have. You're my dream come true also, David. I like the cuddling and kissing to...but...there's no way I can get in that big bed with you and not make love to you. I've wanted you for so long, once were in your bed I'm gonna be all over you. You're gonna be begging for the shy little Rob to come back before morning...the things we've done in my dreams would make you blush...and we get to do them tonight!!"

Just then the microwave chimed and they went to pack up the potatoes for the ride back to camp.

Rob kept his left hand on David's thigh all the way back to camp. The need for constant contact had taken over already and they reveled in it.


I was getting a salad ready when Billy wrapped me in a hug from behind, I turned in his arms, faced him and bent my head and kissed him long and deep. Lost in the smell, the feel and the taste of him, when we broke the kiss Billy laid his face on my chest and hugged me tighter, as I hugged him back he looked up with an evil little grin and whispered in my ear

"we've got an know...Frankie...just think what we can do in an hour baby."

He took my hand and led me to our bed...time flies by when you're having fun I've heard said. It seemed that we had just got naked and in each others arms when we heard the Jeep come to a stop. Billy sighed and took Frank Jr. in his hands and deep throated me five quick times then got up to dress. I lay there, my body trembling not wanting us to stop...

Billy looked over at me...

"now remember how that felt...I'll pick up right there later tonight you sexy devil."

We dressed quickly and came out of the tent as Rob and David stood looking at the sunset. David had his arm around Rob's shoulder again and Billy and I watched as Rob's arm slowly moved and circled around David's waist. Billy pulled me back into the tent...

"let's give them a few minutes Babe...I'm proud of Robbie...I think he's seeing the guy we saw in David..I wish there was a way to get them in bed soon."

Billy had opened my shorts and shoved them to my ankles as he talked.

"One good fuck is worth a thousand words. Frankie, once those two make's all over but the shouting. They'll be in love so fast it will make even our heads spin."

With that said Billy was on his knees with my cock deep in his throat. With his arms wrapped around my butt and my cock deep in his throat I couldn't stop it, I felt the come rushing up and out and into Billy's throat. My knees buckled and we rolled onto the bed.

"Oh god babe...I'm helpless when you do that....kiss me Billyboy...ummm I sure do love you ..."


Rob and David stood watching the red, pink, orange and blue of a magnificent sunset, arms around the other, side, hips and thighs pressed together.

Rob sighed..."did you ever see anything so beautiful"

David turned his head and looked directly into Rob's dark blue eyes

"not until now..." David turned his body and and slowly leaned in until their lips touched. He felt Rob's body shudder as his tongue slid along Rob's lips asking for entry.


Billy and I heard their moans back at the tent when their tongues touched. Billy hugged me again.

"it's so great to see this happening to two people we care about. I want to watch but I know we can't....guess I just have to kiss on you for a while Billyboy."

"yeah..bring it on Frankie, hit me with your best shot dude."


Back out at the lake Rob's arm were around David's neck again as their kiss smoldered and their bodies pressed together. Their hard cocks ground together as their tongues played in the others mouth. When they drew apart David was shaking all over. He had the most astonished look on his face.

" you always put that much of you in a kiss. I've never felt anything like that before. Rob, can we do that again...this feels too good to stop...ummm."

David didn't hesitate or wait for Rob to answer, he dove right in kissing Rob with a passion that took both of them by surprise.. Rob broke away gasping for breath, David's chest was heaving.

" think we have something you feel it too?"

"Yes, I feel it, It's like that sunset, so big and brilliant and beautiful...yes..I'll come anytime you ask or meet you anywhere or you can come to me. but YES, we'll see a lot more of each other,here, my place, anywhere, I just want to be with you."


As Billy and I stepped out of our tent David and Rob were still by the lake shore, but facing each other, Rob's arms around David's neck and David's hugging Rob tightly to him, they had been staring into each other eyes for a while. As Billy and I got to the kitchen area and with earshot of Rob and David, Billy said loud enough for them to hear...

"oh...Look Frankie, our little boy's are growing up!"

They both turned their heads toward us but didn't let go of their embrace....David yelled out to us...

"I think were stuck like this...can't seem to get the will power to move an inch..."

With that he turned back to Rob and devoured him in a kiss so hot it made Billy and I groan.

Billy said...

"heads or tails Frankie...looser has to tell the kids about the birds and the bees and condoms."


Rob just groaned and let his forehead fall to David's shoulder.

"We'll have to go up there or he wont stop till he has us rolling on the ground laughing. But before we move David, I can hardly believe this has happened. The odds against our chance meeting are enormous. No matter the odds or the reason...I'm very, very glad that you met and liked my Cousin and Billy three years ago. I feel so very lucky today. You'll never know the shock I felt when I realized who was getting out of that Jeep.. Ranger Gorgeous is a perfect fit for you. I look forward to later with you at your place. Let's go and face the music with those two back there. Be prepared for some major ribbing from Bill."

Rob and Dave walked back to the campsite each with an arm around the other. Billy and I both watched them approach. They were so wrapped up in each other they didn't even see us. I nudged Billy with my elbow...

"Look at them Billyboy, they both already goners, each crazy about the other...kinda reminds me of two other guys about this time three years ago..."

"Naw Frankie...we were never that goofy over one another...well maybe you were...I was just an innocent straight boy caught up in your evil homo games.."

Frankie nearly doubled over laughing,

"I guess it was my fault, recruiting you into my evil lifestyle. It seems like I remember you saying...#10 Frankie's cock up his ass makes Billy's dick get hard; and there wasn't a gun to your head either."

"Hi two hungry yet...for a grilled steak I mean...your both the other kind of hungry..I can see that in your I guess that Billy had a pretty good idea when he thought of getting you two together, huh."

Rob and David walked to us and we had a group hug. Billy looked to Rob...

"I told you so, didn't I..."

"Yes, Bill you did and you were so very right. This has been the most amazing afternoon."

Realizing his chance, Rob started kidding around with Billy and Frank.

"So is it gonna be okay with you guys to have us in the tent with you tonight. We promise not to look. Is that gonna be okay?"

Both Billy and Frank looked had never occurred to them that they would share their tent. That meant no making love.

"Well, I guess...that will be okay, right Bill."

"oh..yeah..that's fine...but I gotta warn you we both sleep nude."

" do we" David added.

Billy was getting nervous and pacing around, Frank had a look like his dog had just died...finally Rob and David burst out laughing at them.

"relax you two...I'm going back to his place with Ranger Gorgeous for the night...I wish I had a picture of the looks the two of you had thinking about the four of us naked in your tent. I bet I know what Frank was thinking, I'll bet he was thinking that he and Billy could do it in the SUV, and then come to bed....right?

"It did cross my mind, you had us going there for a minute how do you two like your filet mignon cooked?"

Rob and David both said Rare. "Great all four cooked the same way, that makes it easy. Time to spread the coals and start cooking. Someone open that bottle of red in the cooler, Bill, plate up the salads please. We'll be dining in style in just a few minutes."

We all had a great time over dinner, laughing and talking, David was a gem, really and I couldn't have been happier for him and Rob. They looked and acted made for each other. If there were any doubts about them, they were put to rest as Rob and David fed each other their Flan dessert. Licking the caramel off of the other's lips, playing and teasing with each other.

After dessert we all moved our chairs to watch the full moon over the lake, each couple huddled together holding hands cuddling, kissing then stopping long enough to share the blunt going around. We were four very contented men. It was a toss up as to who had the better time, the newly paired up Rob and David or Billy and Frank watching them fall in love. Frank asked...

"Rob, does Aunt Annie know about you being gay?"

"No but she will Sunday night when I get home. but I really don't think it's going to be any great surprise...she's really a cool Mom. When she get's a look at Ranger gorgeous here I may have to fight her off him. He's her type too."

David rose and pulled Rob up beside him...

'listen guys, Billy, Frank...what you two have done just staggers me. Your kindness, the gift of your friendship and most of all the gift of your cousin...I know you had no idea of the history that Rob and I shared...that part makes all this even more amazing. Well, what I want to say to both of you is Thank You. You've made a lonely Park Ranger a very, very happy man."

"and your cousin too," Rob added.

"David, Rob...we're both happy that you two are getting to know each other. The greatest wish I can have for you is that you end up loving each other as much as Billy and I do. My life, our life, really only started three years ago. So grab your beer, here's my toast to you...

"Be good to each other and be good for each other. May you always see his love for you when you look into his eyes, and may you each live to love him for a very long time. Here's to love."

David and Rob left and Billy and I sat in our chairs alone.

"Thank you for loving me Frankie, you're the best man I've ever known. I love you so."

Bill leaned over and rested his head on my shoulder and whispered...

"you know I'm all horned up for you right now...don't you?"

"Sure and I'm all horned up for you, Billyboy...I always am...are we gonna flip a coin to see who does what to who?"

"no Frankie it's my birthday and I want Frank Jr. right where he belongs, deep in my butt. Just like the first time, three years ago. My favorite feeling in the whole world is lying in bed with you deep inside me. You're mine completely then..there's only you and me. That's when we become 'US'. We become one."


Back at the Ranger Station in David's quarters Rob settled on the sofa and patted the seat beside him. David sat and Rob pulled David's back against his chest with his arm around David's chest.

David snuggled in and said ....

"ahh, this is what I've been missing, touching, holding, just knowing I'm with you, this is so good."

"I can hardly believe I'm sitting here with David Laine, the man I've dreamed of, wanted, and yes I've masturbated thinking of you more times than I can count."

David sat up and turned to face me..

"no didn't!...I did the exact same think thinking about you. I did it just last week before I knew about Rob's cousin."

Rob spoke up.

"this whole thing is just too fantastic to have happened at all. The odds would be off the chart. I guess that sometimes dreams do come true. I felt like I would faint when I realized it was you getting out of that Jeep. Then despair...I knew you wouldn't be happy to see me. I never ever thought you would like me."

"I've been crazy for you since we were in college, Babe. Wow. Hope you don't mind my calling you Babe...I like it. You wanna be my Babe Rob."

"YES! I'll be your Babe...oh yeah....I like it to David, yes, I do."

"Robbie, there only one thing wrong with us sitting here like this."

"What, what is it, your not comfortable.."

" just that I can't kiss you from here....I really like kissing you Rob...really."

"Turn over David, ummm there how's this"

Rob bent his neck and met David's lips, his tongue going to the back of David's throat. A low guttural moan escaped David's chest as Rob's arms encircled him. When their kiss broke David lay his cheek on Rob's chest and they lay there, quiet, just reveling in the touch and feel of the others body. The fact that they each were in the arms of the man they dreamed of, wanted to have and hold forever slowly began to sink into their minds. It's now, he's here....and shiver ran through Rob's body, David felt it and smiled to himself....happy and contented they both drifted off.

Rob woke first and was letting his fingers trace through David's hair, awed at the handsome face laying on his chest. How can I be this lucky he thought to himself, never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible. If God takes me this minute, I'll die a happy man.

David's eyes fluttered open

"thank're not a dream, you're really here. I must have done something right, my wish has been granted."

"David, you ready to take a shower and then we can go to bed."

David was up and off the sofa in a flash pulling Rob's arm to get him on his feet. Then leading him to the shower. In the bedroom, David stopped and gently kissed Rob's lips as he lifted the polo and Tee off him in one move. Another kiss while his hands went for the top button of Rob's 501's. Rob's arms went around David's neck as the jeans fell to his ankles. Rob stepped out of the jeans bunched at his feet and pulled David's Tee shirt over his head and pushed his jeans and boxers to the floor.

Naked together for the first time, each caught their breath, as different as night and day each was the perfect turn on for the other. Dark and hairy David loved the blonde smoothness of Rob and vice versa. A loud moan came from both men as they moved together and pressed their flesh together from lips to knees. Each pulled the other tighter as the kiss wore on.

Almost in a manic frenzy David pulled Rob to the shower and started the water. More kisses while the water warmed and soon they stepped into the spray, lips still locked together. Finally breaking the kiss, David hugged Rob to him tighter, after a few seconds he whispered into Rob's ear.

"I've never been in this position before Rob...there is so much emotion coursing through my mind and lust through body. I've never felt these feelings before. I don't know how or why I know this but more will happen to us tonight. There's more to come, that's all I know....If it feels as good as this, holding you here, bring it on....I'm ready...come with me Rob...we'll do this thing together. It's our journey. We must do it together."

"Yes, I'll go anywhere with you David, anywhere."

When the water started to cool they knew to get out of the shower, they were both lost in the others body, touching, kissing, was all so new and exciting that they forgot about the time. David was stunned by the size of Rob's very hard cock at nearly ten inches long and more than seven in circumference, he privately worried that he wouldn't be able to accommodate it anywhere. Although he had experienced more men than Rob had, the number was still small and David had always been the best endowed in these encounters with his eight plus inch cock. He was truly worried that he wouldn't be able to satisfy Rob.

Both men were enthralled with the touch and feel of the others manhood, David in awe and fearful he would disappoint his partner. Rob lost in the feel of the soft skin and steel hardness beneath. Neither wanted relinquish their hold. Drying each other with towels Rob was first to his knees. Trying his best to not stare at the hard flesh pointing at him. Finally he could ignore it no longer. Taking David penis in one hand then he looked to David's eyes. Rob kept his eyes locked on David's as his lips parted and then took David's hard flesh into his mouth as far as he could. David's body shuddered. Slowly Rob moved it in and out of his mouth, getting accustomed to it's size and he was surprised by the pleasure sucking David's cock gave him. The thrill, the taboo and his own desire all amazed and stimulated him. He began sucking David's cock eagerly, loving the texture of the flesh against his lips and tongue, and the taste,almost sweet and slightly metallic from the pre-cum flowing from it's slit. David was moaning and writhing from Robs lips and tongue loving on his cock, he knew he couldn't last much longer and he backed away pulling himself from Rob's lips.

" oh Babe stop...I don't want to cum so soon....Oh my god...I've never felt anything like that before. You're so wonderful Robbie...oh."

"Sorry David, I just got so into that, like never before. Not that I've done it much at all. You're only the fourth guy I've been with, but it's so different with you...exciting, and it's like I need to do this for you, I need your semen inside me. It will make me closer to you."

"Never say you're sorry for making me feel like that Robbie, whew...come kiss me...Give me a few minutes. That was really close....this is really amazing...come to bed with me Robbie."

As they settled on the bed David pulled Rob to him and kissed him deeply, tongues wrestling and David's free hand pinching and caressing Rob's hard taut body. He broke the kiss and let his lips follow his hand kissing and sucking on Rob's nips, massaging a pec, and lightly drifting down the ripples of Rob's abdomen. David could see Rob's skin pimple into goose flesh where his lips and hand had been; in a matter of moments David came face to face with the biggest cock he'd ever seen. He turned and twisted admiring the feel and heft of Rob's magnificent manhood. Gently he ran his lips and tongue up and down the shaft coating it with saliva as he went. Finally, taking a deep breath he opened his lips and sank almost half of it's length into his mouth. He heard Rob's moans and cries and brought one hand to Rob's sac and pulled tightly on the sac and balls, stretching and pulling the cords within. Rob roared and almost came off the bed, his hands grabbing each side of David's head and gently moving it back and forth on his cock. David turned his body so that they were in the 69 position but asked Rob to just let him do this, he knew he would cum if Rob were to suck on him now.

His new position allowed David to sink much more of Rob's cock into his mouth and throat. As the plum sized corona pushed at the back of his throat David relaxed using his tongue to lave the shaft in his mouth. Gently he inched down and kept a steady pressure as he pushed to get the head into his throat. Suddenly it popped through and he had the full length of Rob's cock in him. Rob yelled and cried as he thrashed on the bed. Gasping for air, David pulled off and stared in awe at the shiny slick cock in his hand. He looked up to Rob with a silly little smile on his face amazed and proud that he had take all of it, only to see Rob's look of disbelief.

"David! no ones ever done that...sucked me to the root...oh migod how wonderful that felt. David, that felt so good."

David gave him that silly little grin again and wiggle his eyebrows and took Rod's cock all the way until his nose was buried in Rob's pubic hair. Rob moaned and quickly pulled David from his cock...

"Oh god I almost shot in your mouth David, it's too soon, I want this to last.

"Robbie, there nothing keeping us from shooting several loads into each other tonight. I want your cum in me, Now."

With that, a confident David quickly took Rob's cock all the way into his mouth and started to bob up and down as Rob moaned and cried out his name. Rob noticed the steady flow of pre cum from David's cock and quickly plunged his mouth onto it. He too took the cock in his mouth all the way to the root and they settled into bobbing up and down and in just a few strokes both shot their partner full of semen, neither could swallow fast enough to capture it all and it dribbled from their mouths and down onto the balls and on into the ass crack of their partner. Both men shuddered and shook as their orgasms wracked their bodies. Both managed to suckle the cock until it limply slid from their lips. Spent, they didn't move but rested and dozed for a few minutes.

Neither could guess how much time had passed as David turned and lay beside Rob and pulled him into a tight hug. Without speaking they just gazed into the others eyes, each of them knew and understood the feelings and thoughts of the other. They knew. What had just happened between them was profound. Their bonding was immediate. Each knew that this was it. No one else would ever be wanted or needed.

David gently kissed the lips just inches from his, then smiled.

"well now, there you go. I think that was a pretty good first time, how about you Robbie?"

"Whew! I'll make you a deal was pretty good alright. I'd say even life changing. We can either talk about it now or just let it sit there. But we both know now, I saw it in your eyes and I sure hope you saw it in mine. I just want to be with you, David, always. I saw your love, you saw mine. You're him, The One for me. You've captivated me heart and soul. I'm all yours if you want me."

"Yes, I saw it, I know, it's the same with me. I need you, you're mine..the man I've wanted for the past six years...we're so lucky, we've had our own little miracle this weekend. Rob pressed to him and covered his mouth with his, kissing him with a passion and desire he never knew he was capable of. their bodies pressed hard together from lips to their toes. As they broke from the kiss they both said I love you at the very same instant. Tears welled up in David's eyes. This happiness was beyond description and he tightened his hug on his lover.

They slept and dozed, waking to hug, kiss and play with the other through out the night. At one point Rob asked David to make love to him. David lubed him well and entered his body and made they new definitions of love for both of them....Knowing that it would take some time, David played with Rob's ass and lubed him and used his fingers and hand to loosen and accustom him to the penetration.

Rob woke sometime later with his hard cock in David's hands, he told Rob that he wanted to try and take his big cock.

"once you get that big thing in me I'll be ruined for anything less. You'll have to stay with me. I have to try it, I want you so badly, I want you inside me Robbie, I need you there."

Rob lubed David up and spent extra time loosening and relaxing David sphincter. He remembered that he had a lube in his shave kit that deadened the pain of entry and he got it from his things on the bath counter. David was squirming with Rob's fingers and hand sliding in and our of him. When he began backing up on Rob's hand he knew it was time.


Billy started riding Frank Jr. again...slower this time...circling then grinding his butt onto that hard column of man flesh deep inside him. He knew all the tricks to get Frankie into a fuck frenzy, and he was using them shamelessly tonight. Frankie gripped the bedding in each hand and held on tight,he was helpless now to do anything but let it happen, he felt it beginning deep in this testicles. Billy had take him to that place where nothing existed but Frankie's cock deep in his ass. The feeling when they ground together trying to get deeper was all he could think of as he bounced and ground his hips to Frankie's groin. Billy was there, his eyes had rolled back as he rode on Frankie's fat cock. Frankie whimpered and moaned and roared when Billy reached behind his butt and pulled Frankie's ball sac hard, stretching his ball back down from their position tight up against the shaft of Frankie's cock. That tug on his balls did it and he lost all control as his orgasm rushed up and into Billy's guts. With each hot spurt inside him Billy called out Frankie's name. With the third shot of Frankie's cum inside him Billy's cock erupted shooting a stream of his cum to hit Frankie's forehead and trail down his cheek and on to his chest. Billy screamed out

"FRANKIE ohmigod Frankie....oh babe."

Billy fell onto Frankie's chest and lay there. both were gasping, lungs heaving as the struggled to get air into their lungs. Frankie's arms held Billy tight to him. There just weren't words enough to describe what they had just shared. He just hugged Billy to him. Slowly the gasping for breath eased and then they were breathing almost normally again. Billy raised his head and Frank grabbed it with both hands and kissed his lover tenderly.

"Thank you Billyboy, you are such an amazing man. First you were my best friend for nineteen years and now you've been the absolute love of my life for the past three years. I know I am the luckiest man alive. I thank God every day for the gift of having you in my life."

"I love you Frankie, you're my world."

They both drifted off to sleep as sexual exhaustion took them. Hours later Frank woke to the familiar feeling of his cock in Billy's mouth as Billy brought him to orgasm again. Frank pulled Billy up to him and spooned to his back, hugging him tight to his chest as they both drifted back to sleep, each happy and secure in the arms of the one he loves.


David was ready to be fucked. Rob's fingers and hands along with the anesthetizing lubricant had him moaning and backing his ass onto Rob's hand wanting penetration. Rob wiped his hands on a towel and put the regular lube onto his cock and knee walked between David's legs and readied for entry. David reached both hands down and held Rob's throbbing manhood, placing it at his anus as Rob began his push to entry. Amazingly he quickly breached the anal ring and David went rigid and there was pain on his face, his eyes wide. Rob stopped still, lowering his face to kiss David, whispering words of love and encouragement, offering to stop, to pull out, to keep from hurting him.

"we don't have to do this David. We can wait till your opened more, it wont change anything, I love you without this."

Rob started pulling back to withdraw when David grasped the backs of his thighs.

"NO...don't pull out...I have to have you...NOW...please Robbie...Please."

David's pulling got more of Rob's cock into him. Rob was amazed at the heat inside David's ass and the soft smooth tissue. As he reveled in the feelings his in his cock, David muttered

"more...Robbie..more...deeper....aaahhh...more babe...I need more."

Almost five minutes had passed since Rob's cock had breached the anal ring and his cock was not even halfway into David's ass. Rob kept up his kisses and loving encouragement when David locked his ankles behind Rob and jerked them pushing Rob's cock all the way into him. David cried out.

"OWWW...god you're so big it all of your cock in me babe....ungh....I'm so full. ohmigawd. ungh...Robbie...kiss me...ooooo fill me so full...uummm're inside feel good there....let's try this feel so good in me...oh yeah...go slow babe but fuck me Robbie, fuck me babe...make us one Robbie"

Rob slowly began his upstroke causing a moan from David, closely watching his eyes Rob began the down stroke into David ass. He could see the pain cross David's face then the relaxation and finally the pleasure showed as David's ass stretched to accommodate Rob's large cock.

"ooooo Rob....that feels so good...more...faster babe...fuck me faster...aaww yeah...oh baby...that's it..fuck me babe...fuck your David....awww good...come on babe ride me feed me that big fat cock Robbie...gimmee all of you babe...gawd ..aww babe, nothing has ever felt like this...oh migawd ...yes ooohhh...ooohhh... ROBBIE! I'M GONNA CUM ...oh baby..Robbie cum in me...cum with me...cum in me...ooohhh migawd ROB!! OH...ROBBIE!! AAWWW UNGH!..ROBBIE...ROB...Robbie, oh baby, my Robbie...I feel you...your hot cum...inside me...I feel it...oh dear god that feels so good...oh my baby....come he here Robbie come here."

David had cum from his cheek to his cock covering him. A massive load sprayed him without him touching his cock. rob collapsed atop him breathless and spent, David's arms held him tight and they lay there exhausted. Unable to talk, to move. Breathing took all the energy they had...slowly the gasping stopped and their heart rates slowed. Rob raised my head and looked into David's eyes, tears were rolling from their corners.

"are we going to survive this?...I've never been anywhere near that intense at orgasm Robbie, never. What are we going to do. I can't bear the though of you leaving me tomorrow, uh today."

"I know David, I know...for right now it's all we can do. I'm only 40 miles away, I'll ask at work about working from home by computer. Where would we live, I surely can't live here with you can I?"

"Maybe so, other rangers have their spouse and family with them. I think they will have to permit us to do so. I'll check on it tomorrow. Meanwhile, just let me lay here and hold you, love you, it's all still like a dream, some fantastical, outrageous fantasy come true."

Just then they heard Rob's cell ring, Rob couldn't remember where his pants were, he found them in a pile and pulled out the phone. glancing at the caller ID he saw it was Frank calling..

"Hi Cuz, how are you guys this morning?"

'We're good Rob, just calling to see if you guys want to join us for breakfast. I imagine you two will have quite an appetite this morning.."

"just a sec, Frank"

"it's Frank & Bill asking us to join them for breakfast, okay with you?"

"sure, I'm hungry, you?"

"Hey Frank, sure we'll be there...when."

"Billy's got the coffee started, we'll wait for you guys before we start the steaks."

"Steaks for breakfast!....we're on our way as soon as we shower."


Frank walked up behind Billy and wrapped his arm around him. Billy relaxed and fell back against Frankie's chest.

"Frankie, you have no idea how the simple act of you hugging me like this makes me feel. Sometimes I love you so much it scares me. Like I have too much, I'm too happy, too much in love."

"I know Billyboy, I know. I thank Him everyday for the gift our you. The guys are gonna shower and come over right away."

"I'll bet!...That shower will slow them down a lot I'm sure. You up for giving me my day after my birthday present Frankie?"

Billy's hand was massaging Frank Jr. through Frankie's shorts. The other hand reached and pulled Frankie into a kiss. Frank Jr. had long since turned to stone. Still kissing, Billy started walking backwards, pulling Frankie with him toward the tent. Frank broke the kiss and ran to the tent.


Frank jerked Billy's pants and shorts to his ankles and quickly sank Billyboy's hard cock to it's root in his throat. Billy's knees trembled as Frankie's throat massaged his cock. Frank was sitting on their cot and reached for Billy's dildo and lubed it while keeping Billy's attention on what his throat was doing to Billy's cock.

Lubed and ready Frank pulled Billy's cheek with one hand and touched his hole with the dildo and pushed. Billy moaned.

"oh babe...that feels good...mmm."

Frankie pushed harder and the dildo sank halfway into Billy's butt.

"oh god...FRANKIE...yes.."

Frank continued his deep throat action and moved the dildo deeper into Billy's butt.

"oh shit...I'm gonna cum Frankie...I'm cumming down your throat baby...SUCK my dick Frankie...yeah...fuck that ass it, fuck it fuck it...ooohhh FRANKIE...I'm gonna cum..aaarrrggghhh Frankie!...ungh!..Frankie...oh baby."

Frank didn't let a drop escape, he swallowed all of Billy's Billy's cock slipped from his lips he eased the dildo out and wrapped his arms around Billy's waist and laid his face on Billy's abdomen and held his lover tight to him.

"Happy day after your birthday, Billyboy. I surely do love to love on you."

'Billy, we need to get it together, the guys will be here soon."

They pulled up their clothes and after a quick kiss went out to the kitchen.

They were greeted by Rob and David who sat at the table drinking coffee.

"Gosh, we didn't hear you guys come up, sorry we were a little distracted there for a while."

"We know Frank, we heard some of it...but don't feel embarrassed, true love knows no shame, and I know for sure that the four guys here right now that have true love in their hip pocket." David said.

Billy beamed at Rob and David. "I told you Frankie, one night in the sack and they would both be crazy mad for each other."

Robbie blushed and David pulled him closer and kissed his neck.

"right on again Bill. You two sure knew what you were doing putting us together. I'm crazy, madly in love with this guy already and I think he kinda likes me too."

Rob blushed even redder.

Billy smiled at them again..

"so guys, when's the wedding?"

"uh...sorry Bill, we eloped last night. That already a done deal. Really, we haven't even talked about that. I don't know what Rob will want. As for me, just the two of us exchanging rings and committing ourselves to each other is all I need."

He looked at Rob who looked as if he were about to cry. Rob's voice shook as he spoke..

"that's all I've ever wanted David. You telling me you love me and want us to live our lives as a couple is all I ever need."

Almost before his last words were out of his mouth David's lips covered his in the most tender loving kiss imaginable. Robbie had goose flesh from it. David remembered where they were.

"gosh, guys, I'm sorry...I didn't mean for Rob and I to get so intimate in front of you guys."

"It's all good David...not to worry, we're all family now. It does my heart good to see how much you two guys mean to each other. We love both of you, right Billyboy."

"Frankie is right, you two are family now and we love you both...ahem...anybody hungry?"

"We're starving David cried. We've had an overdose of proteins but they aren't too filling. Kinda

like Chinese food, hungry again if five minutes."

"Well here's more protein for you in this breakfast steak and eggs, you wont be hungry again in five minutes after eating this." Frank told them.

They all settled in and ate like they hadn't had a meal in three days. It was such fun to watch Rob and David, they were feeding each other, kissing, just generally acting like newlyweds. Once while Frank was watching their antics he glanced at Billy and saw that he was looking at him. Billy had his had this 'god I'm so crazy for you' look and Frank leaned over and kissed him.

"Me too Billyboy, I'm just as crazy for you"

Billy leaned over and put both arms around Frank and hugged him close, his mouth by his ear.

"sometimes I almost cry when I look at you. You're everything to me Frankie, I'm the luckiest guy alive."

"thanks babe but look around Billyboy, there's three other guys besides you that think they're the luckiest guy alive, all sitting at this table. All of us giving thanks for the gift of our soul mate. We all are incredibly lucky."

Billy got up and brought the coffee pot from the camp stove to give us all a refill, as he sat back down he said to Rob and David.

"so have you two talked about how you're going to work out being together while living 40 miles apart?'

David had a sly little grin as he answered Bill.

"We started last night talking about how we could be together. There are two Rangers stationed here for this park. We rotate, I'm on days for two weeks and then nights for two weeks. We do have separate quarters so I'll ask to get Rob to live here with me. If they wont allow it, then I'll move out of the park and get a place that we can be together. The more I think about it, the more I think that living out of the park is the best solution for us. But we'll see."

We had finished with breakfast and David announced that as much as he regretted it, he did have to go to work. He told Rob that as soon as he made his morning rounds he'd be back here. Rob walked with him to his Jeep and they did their first parting as lovers. After David was gone, Rob almost ran back to us. Bill and I were cleaning up the dishes and Rob pulled us both into a group hug.

"There's just no way that 'thank you' covers what I feel for you two. You've given me the life I've wanted since college. You've given me my soul mate. I just can't express how much I love the two of you. You guys are just the best. I only hope that David and I can have a relationship like the two of you have. I'm so excited, I've never been in love before, I feel like I may burst. My face aches from smiling, my lips are raw from his kisses and I have the most wonderful ache in my balls and butt. Damn, guys, ain't love grand.!

"Robbie, we're just as happy for you guys, we knew that David was a great guy and Billy came up with the idea of putting you two together. Billy took pictures of your first Kiss. He has lots of pix of the two of you out on that pier yesterday when you first got together."

With breakfast over and the clean up done the three of us sat and passed a blunt around listening to Rob's constant stream of talk about David. In less than an hour David was back at our camp, his hands and lips all over Robbie. Billyboy and I decided that we would take the boat out and explore the shoreline. We both knew what Rob and David wanted to be doing so we told them to feel free to make good use of 'Chateau Billy' and Bill whispered to David where his sex kit was with the lube and other supplies they might need.

"Hey guys, Billy and I are going to troll up the shoreline as explore some places we haven't been. We'll be gone about an hour I think. Think you guys will be alright here alone?"

David spoke up "Gee Frank, I don't know, if we get in trouble I'll sound the Jeep's horn five times as a signal to you guys." We all were laughing at his mock concern.

Rob stopped us. "Hey guys, I think that we will head back to David's place now. I want to be with him every second that I can before I have to go home. I'll call you guys tomorrow night, thank you a million times for what you've done for us. We love you guys."

"That's fine Rob, I don't envy you and David having to part even for a day or two. Just don't sweat the small stuff it will all work out. The events of this weekend prove you two are supposed to be together. So be patient and all will be well. Say hi to Aunt Annie for us and Robbie. David, Billy and I would love to have you guys visit us anytime you can. I'm sure we'll see you at the big family holiday parties. Take good care of each other. See you soon."

"Whew..everyone is gone, we're alone at last Frankie. This is the time I like best, Just you and me, We've spent so much time together, just the two of us, it's become my favorite thing, being alone with you. You're all I need Frankie."

"I know Billyboy, it's what I like best too. I love you Billyboy, I truly do. You want to just do cold cut sandwiches tonight and not cook again since we're pulling out in the morning. That will give us more time in Chateau Billy over there too."

"Oh yeah..good plan Frankie, especially the part about more time in the tent, Want to start right now. I'm sitting here with a big boner from just looking at you babe. You gonna let me in your butt again babe. You still gotta do me later but I need to love on you a while, I gotta have my Frankie fix, now."

We stood and Billy put an arm around Frank's waist and pulled him close as they walked to the tent. Inside, he slowly took Frank's clothes off, kissing and licking every inch of him he uncovered. Once Frank was naked Billy slid down Frank's body to his knees and wrapped his arms around his hips and lay his cheek against Frank's stiffening cock.

"Frankie, every time I touch your fantastic cock I wonder why it took us so long to find each other when we were together all the time. I mean the loving you as my partner, making love to you as my man. We wasted so much time."

"Oh Billyboy, it just takes time to turn a straight guy like you gay. I took me all of twenty minutes to get my hands on your cock that first night. Even less for you to get your hands on mine that night if I remember correctly. You know I'm just joking with you...but everything has its time Billy. The you and me as lovers time just wasn't supposed to happen until 3 yrs ago. There's a reason somewhere that we just haven't found yet. Don't worry about it Billyboy let's just make the most of the time we have. Loving you is the best thing in my life."

Billyboy looked up with those big blue eyes and took Frank's hard cock into his mouth. His entire body shuddered at the sight. Frank coaxed him off after a minute or two and undressed him, they lay on the bed, turned into the 69 position and took each other to orgasm orally.

They dozed for a while then Billy woke Frank with his fingers lubing up his butt for his cock. After another incredible encounter with his 10" fat cock Frank was completely satisfied. They slept, bodies entwined for a couple of hours and Billy woke Frank again with both hands on his hard cock , caressing and fondling his favorite toy.

"It's my time Frankie, love me Frankie, I want you so badly, I need you in me."

Billy lay on his back, legs spread wide and arms open to hold Frank to him. As he knee walked up to place his cock at Billy's opening Billy's his hand came down to guide Frank Jr. into him. Slowly and gently Frank pushed and soon he was inside his Billyboy. The heat never ceased to amaze him. So hot, so soft, so Billyboy. As his cock continued to that place where their pelvises ground together a whimper escaped from Frank and I held Billy tightly to me. I'm home. I'm deep inside my Billyboy, wrapped in his arms and enveloped in his limitless love for me. For us. Forever.

The end.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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