It's Friday night and my buddy Frank Mason and I are going out to the local meat rack tonight hoping to find a couple of foxy ladies in need of a bit of loving. Friday and Saturday nights are the only times we get a chance to cut loose and have some fun.

We both work a 10 hr, 3pm -1am shift, 4 days a week with Friday, Sat. and Sun. off. With work hours like ours we don't have many buddies to hang with buto we are close, good friends.

I'm Bill Boynton, 26 years old single, 5"10" tall, wt. 170 lbs., dark blond hair, blue eyes and a muscular, athletic body. I'm not the a very handsome man, not ugly but the ladies seem to think I'm cute. Frank and I have been pals since my family moved here when I was 10. On my first day at school a big kid was bullying me trying to get my lunch money and Frank came to my rescue and ran the big kid off. We've been tight, best buds since that day.

that was a life changing day for me, I mad up my mind that day that no one would ever have to come to my rescue because of a bully again. I told my Dad that I wanted to get a set of weights so I could build myself up to where no one would even try to bully me. I set about building myself a body that could take care of most any situation.

I played football and wrestled in high school. Frank played baseball and basketball. Frank is, 6'3", weighs 170 lbs or so, has brown hair and the greenest eyes I've ever seen. I wouldn't want to test him in a real fight. He's one tough dude.

The ladies think he is quite the handsome young man, when we're out on the pull together, the ladies swarm around his vying for his attention, When he's not even trying he can get more ladies than most men could by tossing hundred dollar bills in the air. Frankie is a babe magnet. As his wing man I get a shot at the ones not able to crack through the cordon of women surrounding him. We're both the same age and we're like brothers. Well, maybe not now that I think about it.. He and I are completely different than I am with my real brother who is 2 years older.

Frank and I...we're best buds, we like to hang out together and I trust him to have my back when I need him. I can't say that about my blood kin brother though.

Frank and I have been working this shift for the past five years, we both really liked the work and the 3 days off is well worth a 10 hour shift every day. We take a lot of long weekend trips for fun and we were always on the lookout for the ladies.

Taking a break we had a weekend of camping and fishing planned at the end of this week. We have reservations at a State Park campsite, we had asked for a secluded or remote tent site far from the lake. Frank had scored a bag of Weed for the trip and we planned to zone out while there.

We had everything packed in my SUV and left after work to go to the Park. We arrived at the Campsite around dawn, laid the seats back in the truck and took a nap. The sun woke me at about 9:30 and I shook Frank awake and said..

"Frankie, wake up...we need to set up our camp"

"Aw, Billy boy, I'm too sleepy, gimme 10 minutes more, okay?".

Since we were kids I've always called him Frankie when we're alone and he calls me Billy boy. It's just always been like that. With anyone else around it's always Frank and Bill, but alone we're Frankie and Billy boy. I admit, I really like it, it ours, something that no one else shares, it's just between us.

I opened up the tailgate and started unloading our gear. I set the tent up by myself on the pad provided and rigged ropes to haul our food up into the air away from the non-human critters stalking campsites for food. An hour after I started I was setting up our folding chairs and table when Frank stumbled out of the SUV and off into the woods to take a piss. He came back rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms and body. He looked around, seeing everything set up and said...

Billy boy, why didn't you wake me to help you with this?"

I gave him a glaring look...

"Yeah, Mr. 'gimme 10 more minutes.' I tried but you needed your beauty sleep, looks like you need to go back to bed for another 8-10 hours worth. Your beauty nap didn't work, Frankie."

"Get off my case, dude...what do I need to do here?"

"It's all done Frankie, we just need to decide what we're going to do for lunch and probably change into some lighter's going to be a scorcher of a day."

"By the way, we're here at this site alone. The Ranger told me we were the only "Tent Site" reservation for the weekend at this location. That's why I set up here near the lake. We can skinny dip if we want to."

"That's cool Billy boy, we can set out here in our chairs, smoke a blunt and chill with Ma Nature."

"Your bags are in the tent Frankie...I think I want to take a quick dip in the water..coming?"

I was taking my shirt off and then started on my pants when Frankie asked....

"You going in bare Billy boy?,"

"Naw, just in my boxers...never know when a boat will roar by"

"Okay, I'm right behind you"

We both took off at a run and ran out into the water a few feet before we dove in and started to swim. The water was cold, when we stopped swimming our teeth were chattering. We turned and headed back to shore and briskly walked into the camp.

We grabbed towels and were drying off when I looked over at Frankie, he was drying his hair and had the towel to his head; I was staring at his wet boxers clinging to him showing his limp dick hanging down his left leg to about an inch from the hem of his shorts. With his shorts soaked, I could plainly see every detail, even the pinkish helmet of his dick, even soft, Frank's cock looked huge.

Junior High was the last time I had seen Frank's dick. It sure had done some growing since then. At five to six inches limp, it should be eight inches or longer when hard. for some odd reason, I found it hard to take my eyes away. I felt blood surge into my own dick as it started to get hard..wait...I'm straight, why is Frankie's limp dick such a fascination to me? confused, I forced myself to turn away.

"Hey, Billy boy, we forgot to get the boat off the top of the SUV. When we're dry lets get it in the water and scout out the area, okay"

I had shucked of my wet boxers and tied the towel around my waist. I walked by Frank to get to the tent and he laughed and grabbed at my towel, I tried to grab for the towel but he had it and was laughing as I stood there feeling the blood surge in my cock more.. Damn, don't get a boner now Bill, NO! NO! NO! I was mortified and ran into the tent as fast as I could.

"Hey Mr. realize how long it's been since we've seen each other naked?" he called out.

Tugging on a pair of cutoffs I came out of the tent ...

"Yeah, it was in Junior High...ages ago."

"Billy boy, you've done some growing, that's a right nice piece you were swinging dude. What is it? Eight or nine inches when it's up?"

"Damn Frankie, how the heck would I know, I stopped measuring my dick when I was in ninth grade, and why on earth are we talking about my dick? We're not gay!"

"Hey Billy boy, calm down dude, I was just razzing you, just having some fun."

"Well it's time you stopped having fun with my dick! Shit!...that didn't come our right, but you know what I mean, right Frankie."

"I think I'd have to start having fun with your dick before I could stop having fun with it Billy"

"Whatever! STOP TALKING ABOUT MY DICK! It weirds me out, Frankie!"

"Dude, relax, okay already, I'm just teasing you. Come on, I know what will calm your nerves, lets do this blunt, that will chill you out, grab us a beer as you pass the cooler, please."

Man what a hassle, Frankie freaked me out when he pulled my towel from my waist, I was just getting a boner looking at his dick in his wet boxers when I ran to the tent. I didn't want him seeing me getting hard with him standing there naked.

It's all just to crazy. He and I are both straight arrow. Never anything sexual between us, even as we went through puberty. No jacking off together, we didn't even talk about it to each other. Well at least that embarrassing bit is over, I got a couple of beers and we settled into the folding chairs looking out over the lake, smoked the blunt and watched the sunset.

The shorter the blunt got, the more spectacular the sunset became. A couple more beers and it was almost dark and we were starving. The munchies are a real bitch! We decided to have Tuna sandwiches since it was already made up and in the cooler. Frankie opened some chips and we each wolfed down a couple of sandwiches and a 16 oz bag of chips between us in less than 10 minutes. Then we started on the chocolate chip cookies.

Frank went into the tent and when he didn't return immediately I called after him.

"Frankie...whatcha doing in there?"

"Just rolling up another one Billy boy"

"Oh, okay...we're gonna be wasted dude."

"Yeah, that's why we're here, right."

I guess, just don't suggest we go for a drive...I don't think the Ranger would like that."

"No prob Billy boy, we're taking the boat out, remember!"

"In the dark?

"Look at that moon, Billy boy, it's nearly full and not a cloud in the sky...we'll be able to see just fine. Besides we're just checking around our site to see if we have close neighbors, we don't want to get too rowdy if they're really close."

"Get too rowdy? what you planning on doing Frank"

Who knows, Billy boy, maybe I"ll have some fun with your dick. How about that"


"Billy boy whats wrong with you tonight? Me teasing you doesn't get you riled up like this usually."

"Frankie can we please drop this subject., I don't like talking or you joking about having fun with my dick, okay"

"Whatever you say Billy boy. Jeez, you need this, take a big toke, hell take two!!

We did about half the blunt and got the boat in the water. I had to put the life jacket on Frank or he wasn't gonna wear one. We stayed close to the shore and sculled up to the right of our site. Not too far away we could see a campfire so we headed to it. As we neared we heard

"Ahoy there matey" and we laughed out loud, Frank yelled back

"Ahoy your own self, mate."

Two guys came to the shore and waived and asked us to come for a beer. Frank steered us straight to them. We stumbled out, beer bottles in hand and shook hands, they were Steve and Cooper. They both looked to be near our own age, after the intros we all sat around their fire. We told them about ourselves and our jobs, they exchanged their info.

Cooper got up to get us all another beer and when he came back I noticed how he put his hand on Steve's shoulder and ran it over to his neck and squeezed it just a bit and sat down beside him and their sides and legs were touching. Steve asked.

"So Frank, how long have you two been together?"

Frank passed a blunt around looked him in they eye, put his arm around me and said..

"We met when we were 10 but we didn't become a couple until we were almost 17."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Astonished I started to speak but Frank turned quickly and kissed me on the lips! He whispered to me.

"Play along Bill, they think we're gay. Let's have some fun with them. I mean joking around, not having sex with them."

I know my eyes must have looked like saucers but with his face pressed to mine the other guys couldn't see my disbelief at what Frank was doing. He almost got the giggles then, pressed to my face but told me again to please play along with the gag.

Steve said "wow, you've been together 10 years and you're only 26! "What's the secret to keeping your relationship alive this long?"

Without a blink Frankie said, "Monogamy and Bill's 10 inch dick"

I nearly put out the campfire spewing my beer out of my mouth. Frank elbowed me in the ribs to keep me quiet.

"Damn! 10 inches would keep me in line too!" Cooper said.

Steve gave him a 'look' and Cooper added.

"But being in love is the most important thing for us"

That got an approving nod from Steve. I stood up pulling Frank to his feet.

"We need to go, Frank, it's getting late. Thanks for the beer guys."

Frank stood, thanked them for the beer and company and said that we had to get back to camp and they shouldn't pay any attention to the noise they hear down our way.

"Bill gets carried away sometimes when he's riding me hard."

He got an elbow jab to the ribs from me for that one. I know I was beet red from embarrassment and Frank leaned over to me, winked and pecked my on the lips again. I was ready to kill him. It has to be the weed that's got him so frisky tonight.

On the way back we were quiet, talking in hushed whispers. Trying not to laugh out loud. I told Frankie that he'd pay for this big time. But now that it was over, it was funny.

As we paddled back to camp, I started to giggle myself. Knowing us and how we are normally, it was funny, pretending to be a gay couple for a few minutes. The only thing I didn't quite understand was why Frankie was talking about my dick again. It had to be just him trying to wind me up some more. Back at our campsite we were out of earshot of the guys and we could talk normally.

"What in hell did you think you were doing back there. Those poor guys think we're like them, kindred spirits or something. And the last time I saw you in action you were straight Frankie. You playing on the other team now?"

"Come on Billy boy, lighten up and have fun with me, you knew we were just playing. Let's get another beer and another smoke and sit and watch the ripples on the water; sweet Billy boy of mine.

One thing is certain though Billy boy, When I turn gay, your ass is mine, you hear!"


Frankie is hopeless, the more I complain the more he'll tease me. The only way for me to stop it is to give it right back at him, this is gonna be fun, making Frankie squirm. I went into the tent and changed into a tank top and running shorts with a big slit up each leg. When I ran in them you could see my butt cheeks plainly. I didn't know that when I bought them though. This ought start the tables turning on Frankie. I'm gonna make him think I'm coming on to him. That will stop his teasing. When I came out of the tent Frankie's eyes got big. he'd never seen me dress like this, ever. He gave a low wolf whistle.

"What is it Frankie, you see something you like?"

Frank cracked up. "Okay, so that's how we're gonna be, huh?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I just wanted to be comfortable out here. Where's that blunt Frankie, we need some more, don't you think."

Frankie gave a nervous chuckle "Here you go Billy boy, knock yourself out. I'll get you another beer, too"

He's supposed to be getting nervous not getting more beer, I thought. He handed me the beer and just stood there looking at me and this outfit..finally he said, quietly...

"You've got a great body now Billy boy, you've turned into a real hunk of a man without me even noticing until now."

Determined to make him squirm I replied..

"Thanks Frankie, I thought you'd never notice. I do it all for you, you know."

Frank choked on the blunt and went into a coughing fit. I jumped up and began patting him on the back. As the coughing died down I stayed beside him and let my hands begin making circles on his back, Instead of pulling away he closed his eyes and said,..

"That feels so good Billy boy, please don't stop"

Oh Damn, this wasn't going like I had planned at all.

"I think we need to lie down" Frank murmured.

"Okay you go ahead, I'm going to sit here a while and finish my beer, night Frankie"

"Okay, night babe"

WHAT! He called me BABE!! What's happening to us!!

I began to get worried, Frankie was seeming to like the flirting I was doing and it wasn't doing what I had meant for it to do. Hopefully he'll go right to sleep and we'll laugh about this tomorrow. I waited almost an hour before going into the tent; Frankie lay on his big double sized air mattress with only his boxers on . He had to sleep corner to corner to fit his 6'3' height. He was breathing steady and slowly and I assumed he was asleep. I noticed that the fly of his shorts was pooched out and open. I saw his dick again for the second time today. I stared at it again, and my dick started getting hard again...What is wrong with me. Why did I get hard looking at my best friends dick. Better yet, why was I staring at my best friends dick? When did I become Captain Perv? Me staring at Frankie's dick! Me getting hard looking at Frankie's dick! I'm not gay! What the fuck is going on!!

I stripped and put on my boxers and laid down to sleep I turned the Coleman Lantern off, pulled the cover over me and lay there wondering what I was going to do about my staring at Frankie's dick. My own was growing again, I just gave up and let it do whatever.

I rolled to my side facing away from Frankie. The more I tried to ignore it the harder my dick got, I raised the cover and looked down and as if it had a mind of its own it had worked it way through the fly of my shorts and was standing out from my body. I groaned and the it dawned on me. It's the weed, it always makes me horny!.

I've heard that hindsight is always 20/20, guess that's why neither of us thought about being way out in the woods, nobody around, smoking weed and getting horny as billy goats. Weed does that to us every time, take a toke and it goes straight to the 'Nads. Well now I knew the reason, I wasn't turning queer for my best bud. I just had a raging case of the "horns". That meant that Frank had it too. We were going to have a good laugh tomorrow, Finally I dozed off, hard on in hand.

Sometime later, it was still dark, I stirred and Frankie was spooned against my back with his hard dick poking my backside. I tried moving a way but he threw his arm across me and pulled me to him.

I spoke to him thinking he was awake: roll over Frankie, you're on my bed. He grunted and pulled us closer; we both had removed our shirts so it was flesh to flesh from the waist up and he was so warm against me. I tried asking him to roll over again but he didn't even hear me. I relaxed and just tried to sleep. He did feel good and I can't remember the last time I slept like this with someone. It was a "being loved" feeling. You knew you were cared for when you slept like this.

I drifted off, enjoying the feeling of his skin against mine. I would move and push back a little ever so often making soft mmmm sounds in my throat.

I don't know how long I dozed but I awoke again and Frank had his hand on my crotch cradling my package in his big hand. My first thought was panic but the hand didn't move it just held my junk, no movement at all. Suddenly I felt movement but it wasn't Frankie's hand, for the 3rd time today I was betrayed by my dick. It was getting harder by the second. Soon Frankie's' hand moved to readjust, he felt my hard dick then his hand. moved up my length to the tip and back down again, them wrapped his hand around its girth. I heard a low soft whistle from Frank. I froze as he cuddled closer and said...

"Wow Billy boy, that quiet a weapon you've got there. It so long and big. Why have you kept this such a secret from me, huh?"

I tried to speak but could only stammer as he stroked my dick, I couldn't talk. This was Frankie holding on to my dick and telling me he liked it. I didn't stop did feel good.

Frankie moved and his hand slipped inside my shorts, he felt my testicles and wrapped his hand around my shaft again and slowly jacked me. My dick began to twitch and my breathing was getting labored. Frankie removed his hand rolled back and pulled me with him. I was now on my back and he moved to be on his side and propped his head on his hand, the hand that had been on my dick now was gently traveling over my stomach and then to my chest.

"Oh Billy boy, your chest is amazing, your body really turns me on."

Finally I stammered..."F F's the got us horny that why you're doing this, it's the weed."

"Yeah, the weed got us horny, but I've got to tell you something that's been bothering me, it's my mind for over a year now. Billy, please, please don't hate me, but I think I've been in love with you for years now. It's not just the weed tonight. I've wanted to make love to you for so long... Please don't hate me for this...I just can't help it, I love you, and I crave to hold your beautiful body next to mine."

Billy boy, when we were with those two guys tonight and I played along like we were gay...I really want to be your lover. I thought I'd die when I kissed your lips, I know I tricked you into that kiss and I do regret that I had to trick you, but I don't regret kissing you. I want to do it again right now. I want to hold you close and tell you how I love you. I'm sorry Billy boy, I just can't help it. Please don't hate me for it"

I lay there not believing my ears, Frankie, my best buddy in the world was queer for me. I thought he was such a ladies man and he's been wanting me. What was I going to do. I glanced over at Frankie without moving my head, I could see his shoulders shaking, was he crying or was he laughing, teasing me again?

"Damn it Frank will you stop this teasing about gay sex. I'm tired of it Frank! "

Then I saw his tears...he was crying...oh god...he was really serious? OH SHIT!!

"Frankie...are you okay...Frank!" I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him to me and he lay on his back. I looked down at him, his eyes were closed and was mumbling 'I'm so sorry' over and over. I crumbled, I couldn't take it, seeing my best friend hurting like this. I reached over and pulled him again to me so that we lay on our sides face to face. He kept his eyes closed and wouldn't look at me.

"It's okay Frankie, I could never ever hate you. I am really shocked by what you've just told me, I've never considered that you were anything but straight. But I do know that if I were gay , you'd be the man for me. I love you too. I haven't thought about us sexually, but...wait a minute. I need to be honest with you here.

This has been a very crazy day. Things have happened to me for the first time ever and I've been very confused. That's why I've been so pissed all day about your kidding me. I've been turned on by you all day today.

Its the first time that's ever happened to me, it started when we got out of the water, you were drying your hair and I was staring at your dick and mine was getting hard just looking at your soft, limp dick. Your shorts were soaked and clung to your skin. You might as well been naked, even the pink skin of your dick head was plain to see.

When you pulled off my towel, that's why I was so upset. I didn't want you seeing me getting hard over looking at you naked, then tonight when I came into the tent you were sleeping, the fly of your shorts was gaped open and I was staring at your dick again. I got hard again and I turned over to try and get it to go away, but it held firm and I went to sleep with a hard on and thinking about your dick.

I don't think that makes me gay but it sure makes me think I'm not as straight as I thought I was. Looking at your dick makes mine get hard. I've fought it all day and just keeps happening. So there's my confession. What are we going to do now?

Frank was grinning from ear to ear.

"You were pervin on me Billy! That's a good start for us, how would you feel about a little experiment, Billy boy? I know you trust me, so if I do anything you don't want me to just say stop and you know I will."

"An experiment? Go on, spill it"

"I was just thinking that maybe something other than looking at my dick may make you get hard too, what would you say if I kissed you now, not like earlier, I mean a real kiss."

Why was I excited? I felt like a kid on his first date. Oh god, I wanted to kiss him!

"Frankie, umm I...I mean...uh...I think I'll say okay, kiss me!"

Frankie pulled me close, our groins, bellies, chests and finally our lips touched. I felt his tongue on my glide across my bottom lip and I opened to let him in, when our tongues touched there was an electric jolt from my head to my toes. Lust, passion, flesh, heat, hard dicks poking at each other, fireworks in my head, prickly skin and goose-flesh tingling all over my body. Oh god..this feels so good. Our arms and legs were entwined and we broke, gasping for air. I looked at Frankie astonished at what I had just felt in that kiss.

"What...what the fuck was that...I've never been kissed like that...Frankie what is it, are you're crying again Frankie!"

"Oh Billy, I never could anything feel like good as that makes me want you more...I will never ever forget that kiss. WOW!"

"Frankie...I need to ask you something...okay?"

"Sure Billy boy, anything"

"Well...umm...this experiment. well there anything else besides kissing in it?"

Frank grinned, "Oh I think we can come up with a few other things, he reached down and felt my hard dick. It Seems that looking at my dick isn't the only thing that gets you hard. By the way, let me have your hand, I want you to feel what you do to my dick"

I took hold of Franks big fat dick and it was so hard I could barely move it and it felt so good in my hand, so warm, soft as velvet and hard as steel. This was feeling way better that I could have wished for. I was ready to do anything he asked of meas kong as I could hold and play with his dick. I love the way it feels in my hand, hot, throbbing, hard yet soft. this is way better that holding my own dick.

I loved the feel of his long, lanky, hard body against me as we lay there, not an inch between our bodies and lips, Frankie puckered up and gave me a little peck on the lips that just about wrecked me . I shook and trembled. That innocent little kiss, playful,yet so full of love and the promise of things to come, told me more about Frankie's love for me than that first lightning bolt kiss of a few minutes ago. All my inhibitions melted away, I wanted to explore sex with my best friend. All I could think about was how good his big dick felt in my hands when I held it.

"Well, Billy boy, we've established that" #1) Billy looking at my dick makes his hard,

#2) Me kissing Billy makes his dick get hard we need another test in this experiment... here, let's try this," Frank moved and straddled my hips, his butt sitting on my groin. His hands started rubbing and kneading my chest and pecs.

I lay still and submitted to Frankie, I trust him, he can do what ever he wants to me, with me. Wherever his hands touched my body, his lips and tongue soon followed. When his lips closed around my hard, erect nipple, first he lightly bit it between his teeth, bringing a loud roar from me, in moments he was biting at the other nipple making me thrash around on the air mattress.

Frank reached behind him and felt Billy's dick and said..

"Number 3, Frank nibbling Billy's nipples makes Billy's dick hard."

I was moving about all over the air mattress, I was feeling things I had never experienced, never even dreamed of and it all felt so wonderful.

"Billy, the rest of our experiment requires that we both be naked for the remaining tests. Is that okay with you?"

I felt Billy's body rise with me still on top of him and he shucked his shorts off.

"I'm done, your turn Frankie"

I rolled off him, shucked off my shorts and sat back atop his hips. Billy's eyes got very big as he stared at my hard dick waving around above his stomach. My dick fascinated him, trance like he stared as his hands hands moved to hold it still, wrapping both his hands around it, he fondled and jacked it gently. Billy was as awestruck as a kid with a long awaited new toy. His hands worshiped my cock, caressing, folding it as if it might break.

I asked him to let go so I could move my butt back lower onto his thighs and began tracing my tongue over his fantastic six pack of muscles and then to his navel. As I caressed and kissed, his body shivered and trembled. Next I raised myself to look...then hands over the taut muscles in the space between his navel and his pubic hair.

The 'love handles' on fat, out of shape men, were tight, hard muscle on my Billy Boy. They veered in from above each hip and pointed the way to his now very large, very hard dick. It lay pressed against his stomach and was hard to pry away. Frankie kissed his way down the underside of Billy's dick, which was now the topside as he lay there.

When he reached my testicles he took both into his mouth and pulled hard on my sack, making me cry out in a loud moan, he moved back up to my hard dick and licked and kissed there. I told Billy I was going to turn around and that I wasn't deliberately putting my dick in his face but I had to be in this position to get to him and do what I had to do. I told him he didn't need to do anything, just lay there and let me love him.

With that said I lowered myself and took his dick into my mouth, Billy cried out and his body jerked, but I kept sinking his dick into my mouth and throat. As it hit the back of my throat, I gagged but raised up and let the spasm pass. It didn't take long to figure out how to get that big thing down my throat. When my lips reached his pubic hair and pressed hard against his pelvic bone he groaned louder than ever.

A long "OOOHHHMIGODFFRRAANNKKIIEE" came from deep within me. Frankie's constant deep throating and swirling his tongue around the crown soon had me yelling "I'm cumming, pull off, I'm cumming."

Frank sank his dick deeper into his throat and worked the muscles there massaging that beautiful, wionderful big dick.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh Frankie here it comes...PULL OFF! FRANKIE! OOOOHH. FRANKIE...ohmigod...ohmigod.. Frankie, oh Frankie...come here..come.

My cum shot deep into Frankie's throat, so much that it seeped out of the corners of his mouth as he tried to swallow it all. Frankie lost himself in the act of bringing me to the most fantastic climax of my life. I've never cum so hard and so much, when he raised up to kiss me again he saw cum all over the side of Billy's face. He had climaxed and hadn't realized it he was so lost in his Billy shooting his load down his throat.

He licked Billy face and asked Billy if he wanted to taste his cum, Billy took his face in both hands and hissed him deeply savoring the salty, metallic taste. Frankie broke their silence,

"#4) a blow job makes Billy's dick get really hard." Billy giggled, pulled frank to him and said

#5) Frankie makes Billy's dick get hard, and Billy loves it, and Billy loves Frankie too!"

Frank flipped over and again spooned against Billy's back. One arm around his chest and one hand holding Billy's always hard dick.

"Oh Billy boy, you have no idea what you have done for me tonight. I was so afraid that I would lose you when I told you how I felt. God I love you so much. I loved you as a kid but I fell in love with you a couple of years ago. Damn, what a hunk of man you are, my dick may never be soft again. Your beefy body fits so well against me, think you can sleep with a hard dick poking at your butt"

"Mmmmm oh yeah as long as you hold me like this, I can do anything Frank."

As we were drifting off, Billy mumbled.

"Frankie, is there any of that weed left for tomorrow?"

"Sure Babe, we've go more than we'll need, for sure."

"Mmm I just wanted to be sure I could get you back into this mood tomorrow in case you forget."

Billy boy, I couldn't ever forget what we've started tonight. Billy I've always loved you since that first day of school when we met. We've always been best friends and now we've discovered a new way to love each other. I love you Billy."

"And I love you Frankie, G'nite Babe."

A little before sunrise Billy woke and squirmed, rubbing all of his body against Frank. It felt so good, but Billy had awakened with a mission. He turned and slid out of Frank's arms and slid down to nuzzle and kiss his body, Sucking his nips got Frank awake and groaning with pleasure, Bill let his tongue trail between Franks pecs down his flat taut stomach to his pubic hair. Taking hold of his prize he licked and kissed Frankie's big dick, licking the pre cum from the slit.

Bill had decided that he really did like the feel of Franks dick soft but hard; he put the head to his lips, took a deep breath and he thought, this is Frank, my Frankie, and I'm putting his hard dick in my mouth and I want him to cum in my mouth. I want to feel him shoot his semen in me, taste it. Looks like I am queer, well it's certain that I'm queer for my Frankie, no doubt about that.. He sank his mouth onto that soft hardness until his lips circled the base and were buried in pubic hair.

Frank yelped and thrashed about . "Oh Billy boy, that's amazing, oh Billy, oh Billy, take it,. take it my dick Billy. While rubbing Frank's testicles one of Billy's fingers slid into the crack of Frank's butt and brushed against his butt hole. There was a sharp intake of breath from Frank. Billy kept sucking, his finger returned and started playing around Frankies hole. When Frank told him to pull of, he was about to cum, Billy wet the finger and stuck it into Franks butt as far as he could go. Frank screamed and he spewed semen into billy's mouth, the volume of Franks semen overwhelmed billy, he gagged and semen leaked from his mouth. His own dick shot his cum all over the sheets and Frankie's thighs and legs. Billy got his nut sucking Frankie's dick. Frank pulled Billy up- and wrapped him in his arms tightly, still shuddering from his stupendous orgasm.

"Oh Billy boy, that was the best orgasm of my life. No one could ever take me where you just did. That was the best ever. Just stay with me and we can feel like this forever, Wow! My Billy boy is a born man lover. Such a stud!!"

"I don't have a clue how I knew to do what I just did to Frank." I'd never even seen a porn movie of a dick being sucked. It just came to me naturally."

In an off way I was proud, it really was a huge turn on for me to be able to give my Frankie that kind of pleasure. His dick has fascinated me all day now that it was mine too. I just claimed it with what I had done. His dick, his very special dick, created a memory all it's own today. I would never forget this night, this man, this dick.

We woke around nine, Frank spooned to me kissed my neck gently as I stirred in his arms stretching and pressing against his body...

"Morning lover..."

"Morning Frankie, what a night, you okay?...

"I'm happier than at anytime I can ever remembe. The person I love most in the world is finally laying in my arms...yes, I'm okay! how about you? Any regrets"

"Yes, I regret that we didn't discover this thing between us sooner. I'm sort of in shock to tell the truth. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would wake up cradled in your arms and wanting you to make love to me over and over again.

I had to have these feelings for you hidden somewhere in my subconscious mind. I just never dreamed gay sex could be so hot. I want to have you by me and naked all the time. I can't imagine any thing more than last night. What surprises do you have planned for today, Frankie?"

"I don't know, maybe I can think of a few more things to add to our great experiment of things that make Billy boy's dick hard, that sound alright to you?

Billy giggled,

"It was just a few hours ago that I was yelling at you to stop talking about my dick. Now that's all I want to hear from you. We do need to drive down and take a shower at the Ranger's station, but first What do you want for breakfast... besides that Frankie"

After their breakfast and shower the were back at the campsite and had decided to go out in the boat again, and maybe try some fishing. This time they paddled in the opposite direction than last night and soon were casting their lines and fishing. No luck catching anything big enough to eat so they rowed back toward camp, as Frank was pulling the boat out of the water, Cooper and Steve the two guys from last night walked up.

"Hi guys, been fishing? Steve asked...

"Yeah, no luck though, must be too warm already, around dawn is the best time to fish. What are you two up to today."

Just then Bill came out of the tent walked over and said hi to the guys and came over and wrapped his arms around me and stretched up to kiss my neck. It was like peeing in the bed as a kid. This warm feeling started spreading all over my body, I bent down and pecked his lips lightly, we stood there my arm over his shoulders and his around my waist each holding tightly to the other. I caught Billy staring up at me and he blushed.

Cooper cleared his throat and said maybe we'd better go back to camp, we don't want to intrude on you guys.

" No, no Billy said, sit down, pay no attention to us.. we like that touchy, feely stuff. Hope you don't mind. Want a beer anyone? Three voices chimed yes I do" to my beer offer. I got four out of the cooler.

Frank pulled out a blunt and asked, you guys ready for this.

"Sure as long as we don't run you short. last night was the first time in years that we smoked and we sure had a good time after you guys left. We were wondering if you two would like to have dinner with us. Grilled chicken and corn on the cob with a baked potato."

"Yes" bill answered, that sounds great. A lot better that more Tuna sandwiches. We've got a couple bottles of white wine here, want us to bring them over too"

Steve laughed "You ever know two gay guys who would turn down free wine!"

Bill smiled to himself...Not even gay for 24 hours and we've been asked to dinner and are taking gifts of wine.

Cooper looked at Bill and said "

Bill, what is it, you look like your having a party all by yourself over there."

Bill laughed and said" Coop, it's a long story and maybe I'll save it for after dinner. There's something we need to clear up about last night with you guys. We hope you'll think it as funny as we do, and it may help you understand my odd behavior last night. What time should we be there.

Cooper said that they liked to eat early especially when camping because that gave them more dark hours to be naked and in bed.

Bill blushed and Frank grinned, saying that it sounds great to them too. About an hour later a very mellow Cooper and a much less tense Steve wandered off to their campsite. It was still hours before we were due there for dinner so I guess we knew what they were up to.

Just as I was about to suggest the same to Billy boy, he was tugging on my hand and heading toward the tent...for some reason I thought of my Dad. He had a favorite tape he used to play of this song from the 70's or 80's called "Afternoon Delight" and he told me once that it was all about having sex in the afternoon . Wish I could remember the tune now.

My Billy boy has become an insatiable tiger in bed. He pushed me back on the air mattress and jerked my shorts off and dove into my crotch. This from the guy who 24 hours ago had a fit because I was kidding him about his dick.

"I know I've gone stark raving mad. I can't get enough of Frankie's dick. Me, the straight arrow guy from yesterday, craving Frank's dick in my mouth, my hand, I can't get enough of how it feels, and the scentl at his crotch drives me wild, I had to be some kind of latent or repressed gay man to be this crazy over having sex with Frankie. Whatever it is, I love it. Just thinking about the feel of his naked, body pressed to mine gets my dick rock hard. I just want to lay in bed naked with him all the time. As I crawled up between his legs I looked up to his face; his crooked little smile and the love in his eyes told me all I needed to know. He wanted me to take him and he wanted it now.

I fondled his big dick loving the velvety skin covering his hardness. I licked the dewdrop from his tip and ran my tongue around the underside of his glans, bringing shivers to his body. With his glans in my mouth I looked up to his eyes, he nodded slightly and I sank his length into my mouth and throat until my lips were pressed against his pelvic bone. Frank groaned and thrust hard into my throat,. I backed up to the glans and plunged back to his root. Frank was becoming frantic thrusting, moaning crying out my name, he placed his hands in my hair and caressed my cheeks as my head bobbed fasted and faster. Once again I sank down to the root and ground him hard into my throat and his body tensed, rigid and his orgasm rushed out of his dick filling me with his semen as he cried my name over and over.

Sated for the moment, we lay there with his softening dick in my mouth, my head on his hip and my arms pulling his body closer and closer, Frank reached for me to pull me up so he could kiss me, taste his semen on my tongue and feel our bodies meshed together. As our kiss ended he looked into my eyes.

"Billy boy, you're incredible, each time you've done that it gets better. You make sex the most wonderful feeling I've ever known."

Billy grinned sheepishly at him. "Can't help if Frankie, I love the way your big dick fills my mouth and fills my belly with your cum. I get off on making you cum and call out my name. Just thinking about this big wiener gets me rock hard. Don't you ever stop having fun with my dick, no matter what I said yesterday, because I'm gonna be having fun with yours that's for sure. Frank said "speaking of fun with your dick, it's time I started. Billy smiled and told Frank,

"Uh Frankie...we may need to wait a bit, okay....I kinda shot my load when you started shooting down my throat...sorry!".

"Really, you shot just doing me? Wow that's hot Billy boy, that's really hot. And don't be sorry. That's just about the biggest compliment I've ever received. You getting your rocks because you made me get mine. that's really a turn on Billy boy."

We drove back to the Ranger Station for another shower and were kidded by him about all the showers we were taking. We told him it was the fish smell we had to get off us. He winked and said "yeah, fish, this time of day, go figure`" and winked at us. We dressed in clean shorts and tees and headed over for dinner with Steve and Coop. We got to their site in just a few minutes and Steve yelled out "Ahoy there mateys" again as we got out of the boat. It wasn't long before we had dinner and were sitting around the fire, bellies full, sipping wine and passing and dragging on a blunt.

Cooper asked "okay guys, what's this mystery about last night that you're going to clear up, huh?"

Frank looked at me.."This was your idea to tell this so have at it Billy."

I blushed and started telling our story to the guys. "When we were here last night we were both really ripped on the weed, and Frank decided to pull my chain and rile me up when you asked how long we'd been together. I don't know if you noticed how nervous and on edge I was. The reason is that we weren't gay". Both Steve and Cooper's eyebrows shot up and their mouths fell open.

"The truth is we have been best friends since we were 10 but we were not lovers until we got back to our tent last night"

Both Steve & Coop had astonished looks on their faces, Steve said

"I thought something wasn't quite right last night. When Frank kissed you, there was some tension between you two then."

I laughed "tension is putting it mildly, I had never though of having sex with a man and was not believing my ears when this Doofus here told you we were Gay!" He was telling me to play along while he was trying to kiss me, I was too stunned to resist at that moment. We've been best friends, go out every weekend looking for women and this butt head tells you we're gay! Well we had quite q discussion in whispers as we left and then back at our camp we were laughing and cutting up smoking more. I came up with a plan"

"Yesterday after we went swimming I started getting hard watching Franks dick while he dried his hair, embarrassed and not wanting him to see, I started for the tent. As I passed Frank grabbed the towel from my waist and I was terrified he's see my dick getting stiff. I made it to the tent, put on some shorts and he starts in about how my dick has grown since he last saw it in Jr. High. I get mad and he tells me he's just teasing and having fun. I tell him to stop having fun with my dick and immediately knew that I'd said it wrong , but Frank says that he'd have to have fun with it before he could stop. That just made me madder. "I decided that the only way to stop him was to give him back the same treatment so I put on a tank top and flimsy sexy running shorts and got Franks attention. The more I flirted the more he liked it. It wasn'tsupposed to happen that way.

Finally the beer and the smoke got him sleepy and he went to bed. I stayed by the fire waiting for him to go to sleep. He was sleeping when I entered the tent an I saw that his fly was open and there was his dick again and I stared and got fully hard this time. I couldn't figure it out and turned away from him and finally got to sleep. The next thing I know, I wake with Frank's hand on my crotch, just holding my package, not moving. Then my dick starts getting hard. He moves his hand, feeling and checking out my hard dick then comments on its size and wants to know why I've kept my dick a secret from him."

"Then Frank confessed his love for me and that he had been this way for a couple of years. I was stunned, couldn't even respond to him. He begged my not to hate him and I just laid there unable to speak. He took it for rejection and rolled over away from me. I pulled him back and told him it was okay, I couldn't hate him if I tried.

As I was telling him how I had never had any gay thoughts it dawned on me that I was lying to him. That's when I told him about getting a hard-on staring at his dick twice.. He started grinning like the Cheshire cat and started an experiment to find out what other things make my dick hard. Trust me, it's a long list. So to wrap this up. Last night was the first time either of us had had sex with a guy. I can tell you for certain that it will not be the last.

The best sex of my life prior to last night pales in comparison to what Frank made me feel. I plan on us being up late tonight, I just can't get enough of him" So you see, we lied to you last night and we are sorry for that, but without that little joke of Frank's, we might have remained friends but without benefits if you catch my drift. If we hadn't met you last night it might have taken years for us to make love. So we hope you forgive us, because we will always remember you. Your simple question about how long we'd been together got us started. I hadn't thought about it but we must have looked like a couple to you or you wouldn't have asked that question. I Guess we weren't as straight acting as we thought we were. What matters though is we managed to get together and I am so happy we did."

"Wow, that's quite a tale" Steve said." A story to tell your grand dogs"

Cooper added. "If we get too nosy just tell us. But I'm curious, did you do oral or anal or both last night. "Oral only" we both said at once.

Frank added, we really don't know what we're doing. It just sort of comes to me when I stick my face in his crotch."

"Well, Frank" Cooper said.."it's about the same when you stick you face up his ass. It'll just come to you." Wait, I've got a gift for you, I'll be right back."

Billy and Frank had a quizzical look of their faces as Coop ran back and handed Frank a small brown paper bag. Frank looked in and broke in to a big grin.

"Thank you coop this is so nice of you, we thank you, from the heart our bottoms"

Everyone laughed at Franks joke. The bag held a new bottle of strawberry flavored butt lube! Frank looked to Bill smiled and said

"I'm going to eat you alive tonight Billy boy!"

As the Sunset deepened we rose to go back to our camp. We thanked them for the Dinner, the gift and for getting us moving toward each other last night. Frank held up the brown bag and said

"We'll name the first two after you guys, Steve & Cooper."

Bill blushed a very deep red at that comment. We agreed that they would come to our camp tomorrow and eat with us. Gay for half a day and we already have a "gay couple" as friends.

When we got back to our camp the sun had set and darkness was closing in. The Full Moon was already out and starting it's trek across the night sky. I lit the firewood and we soon had a comfortable blaze going. Frank brought us beers, picked up a chair and sat it down right beside mine. He sat down and took my hand and just held it, we looked at the moon shining on the water and were quiet.

Every so often one of us would squeeze the others hand just a bit, reaffirming our connection or raise them up and kiss the back of the others hand. I realized that I was content. There was no where I'd rather be and no one I'd rather be with. A big sigh escaped my chest.

"What's up, Babe" "you okay" Frank asked.

"Frankie, I'm so okay it's freaking unbelievable. I was just thinking how content I am. This place, the new 'us', how much I crave sex with you. I think about that a lot. You are one sexy man. Oops, I've started getting hard just thinking about you again."

"Well, Billy boy just say the word and I'll shuck off these shorts and you can stare at my dick as much as you want. Anytime, anywhere. I really like this new sexy side of you. I only hope you keep perving on me. It's such a turn on for me to have this stud muffin wanting in my pants. You know I've always loved you Billy boy, but being 'in love' with you is so freaking good. I know what a risk I took telling you how I've been feeling for a while now but it was time. And it worked. When you started telling me about staring at my dick I new we were going to be okay. Then after we made love, oh my god, I never dreamed anything could feel that good. Just remember this; I love you Billy boy, you are my Guy."

Billy squeezed Frank's hand while he was talking, He was content and just wanted to get to their bed and be naked with Frankie. He had never been like this, with women, he wanted out of the bed as soon as it was over. He never wanted to get out of bed if Frankie was in it with him. Then he remembered the gift."

"Say Frankie? What are we supposed to do with that strawberry stuff Coop gave us, got any ideas?

"You are kidding me ...right Billy boy?"

"No, I'm not kidding, I don't know what it's for. do you?

"Yeah, Billy boy, I do. I'll give you a choice, I can tell ya or I'll show ya, what's it gonna be? "

"Well, I know you're not going to do something that would hurt me so I'm gonna go with 'Show Me"

"This is gonna blow your mind Billy boy, I promise. I need to do some things to get ready so smoke on this while I'm away. I need to run down to the Rangers station and the restroom there. You're not gonna run away or anything are you"

"Frankie, you're taking my truck, what am I gonna do row that boat to run away? Beside, If I do any running, I'll be running to you not away from you. Drive Slowly, I don't want you getting to know that Ranger any better for a while. He's kinda hot for an older guy"

"Older Guy!" he our age or younger I'll bet"

"Nah, he's got to be at least 30, you know, older."

Frank grabbed the bag with the lube and headed to the restroom area. Cooper was a gem, in addition to the Lube there was a reminder note that the passive one should prepare himself for penetration. That mean a good cleaning. He wouldn't have thought of that but it made perfect sense.

Frank was excited and nervous. He had never thought of having anyone fuck him. He never considered that it could even feel good. But he had been looking at Gay Porn on his laptop since he had been lusting after his Billy boy. He knew how to do it and to expect pain, but he wanted Billy inside him. That thought sent a shiver of anticipation up his spine. Billy's big fat dick up his ass. Oh that sounded good, Billy inside him..

Frank had a huge hard on when he got to the restroom area.. On his way back, Frank detoured and drove to Steve and Coopers campsite. They were sitting by their fire kissing as he drove up. At first they thought something was wrong but Frank said all was well. He thanked them for the lube and the note. He just wanted to ask them if there were any first time rules or precautions he should take, he told them that Billy didn't know it yet but he was going to top Frank in a few minutes. They both put their arm around his shoulders and gave him the necessary pointers.

He thanked them again and told them that they must exchange numbers before they left. He and Billy wanted to keep in touch with their first gay friends.

Billy smoked the blunt and thought about the new direction his life had taken. He had to admit, he must have been wanting this but had kept it suppressed. All he wanted to do since yesterday was suck Franks dick, rub their bodies together and kiss him, oh those kisses, Frank's kisses could get him to do just about anything; He wasn't sure what this strawberry stuff was for but hoped that he would like it since Frank seemed so eager to show him what they were supposed to do. He heard the SUV roaring up the road and hoped that the Ranger was no where near. They are very strict on the speed limits in the park.

Frank drove into their camp fairly fast, the truck slid to a stop. He ran over to Billy, grabbed his hand and pulled him up and toward the tent. Inside they both stood facing the other slowing stripping of their clothes and teasing the other and kissing just because they could, soon they were naked. Frank told Billy what he wanted him to do and then Billy knew what the strawberry stuff was for. At first he was hesitant about rubbing this stuff on Frankie's butt hole and sticking his fingers in, but why was it strawberry flavored? He'd heard of this but never ever believed it was possible how could Frank take his big 10" dick up his ass.? It just didn't seem possible. He followed Franks instructions and soon had forgotten his questions and worries. Billy was fascinated with the way Frank felt inside. So hot, so soft. He really got into the lubing and his fingers stretching and probing inside Frankie's butt..

Frank looked back at him and said #7) his fingers up Frankie's butt make Billy boy's dick hard. Billy chuckled.

"you are freaking crazy, Frankie, and that makes my dick hard too."

Folks we have #8) Frank laughed.

Frank told Billy he was ready. He turned and lay on his back, told Billy to grab under his knees and push his legs back onto his chest As he did this Frank lubed Billy's sheathed dick and guided it to his entrance. Frank pushed out and Billy pushed in and soon the head popped through the ass ring.

Billy Stopped and let Frank relax. Billy leaned over and lightly bit nipple causing Frank to move on the dick up his butt. Billy moved higher and began a long soulful kiss. before it was over Billy felt Franks hands on the backs of his thighs pulling him in. Billy's eyes got big as his dick slowly slid into Frank's heat. So hot, so soft, so good. The head of Billy's dick was alive with new sensations, how could anything feel this wonderful? Frank's eyes were closed tightly, as Billy descended into him deliciously slow. It seemed like forever before the head slipped past Frank's sphincter...after that the most incredible sensations gradually enveloped his dick.

At last Billy's balls rested atop Frank's. Billy ground his dick hard into Frank's groin locking them tightly together. Frank's eyes flew open, the incredible feeling of .fullness overwhelmed him. He wanted more, he wanted it deeper, harder more, more. Billy withdrew and slid back down to grind his dick into Frank's ass. Again, then again. Billy fell into a rhythm as old as time, faster, he moved in and out. With a slight shift in his position he unknowingly changed the angle of his assault on Frank's ass and began ramming the prostate.

Frank was meeting his downward thrusts, throwing his ass up to meet that cock as it plunged deep onto him. Billy was lost in the feel of his dick up Frankie's ass. So hot, so soft, the sensations starting at his glans and ran back through his hard as steel dick entering his body and like a star burst going to every nook and cranny of his body, creating a tingling that filled his body and mind like nothing else ever could. Billy pounded into Frank, both were soaked with sweat, and consumed by their passion.

There was nothing outside their tent, the universe consisted of that small space and the joining of their bodies and souls. Frank had progressed to a crazed state. His center, his core was in his ass, what Billy was doing to him completely amazed him. How ,'s like no other sensation. He needed it, he needed more he needed it harder. faster. Oh Billy boy, oh Billy.

Frank made his need plain enough, Billy grabbed Frank's ankles, raised on his knees and gave a violent thrust as Frank gave voice to jagged, soulful moans...Frank came alive, riding Billy's dick he sighed, he moaned, laughed and yelled..."that's it Billy Fuck me, oh yeah Billy boy fuck your Frankie, fuck me. Then it happened, Billy rushed headlong into climax and joined Frank at the brink. Their ejaculations were nanoseconds apart as they spewed come, Billy's into Frank's perfect butt and Frank's all over their chests, stomachs and a few drops on Frank's face. Drenched with sweat, lungs burning for want of more air, their minds short circuited by such intense sexual pleasure. they both knew that this was the highlight of their sexual life neither of them had ever experienced an orgasm like this.

No words or gestures could express what they had felt. They did not know how long they lay in their stupor. As feelings began to return to their mind and body, the first overwhelming sensations was an unimaginable love for their partner. As they gazed into each others eyes they new that somehow that orgasm had They couldn't speak yet, they settled for desperately holding each other in a tight embrace, as more faculties were restored, a long soulful kiss was shared.

Some time during that act of making love, there was a profound change, a deeper understanding of what they had become. Billy knew that this union was a gift from Frank, an ultimate expression of love and trust. He knew that he had to give the same gift to Frank. When they both had shared this gift they would be complete. Their love had expanded and magnified. They drifted into sleep each holding the other close so that nothing could take them away, They slept.

It was almost dark when they roused still exhausted from the mental and physical workout they had experienced. Billy opened his eyes to find Frank's smiling at him.

"Hey Frankie, ..what's happened to us, that was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. Do all gay guys go around having sex like this all the time? Geez, when the word gets out about this every man on the planet will be lined up for this. WOW!!!"

"I don't know Billy boy there must be more to it than just having sex. I think that the 'love' part has more to do with it than we know.'s out of this world, huh?"

"Frankie I was watching your face while we were so intense. Did it really feel as good to you as it showed on your face?"

"Billy boy, in a word, yes. but there's no way I can describe the pleasure I felt when your 10" dick was pounding my butt. Nothing in my life has ever felt so good and getting my nut with your hard, throbbing dick up my ass,

Sex wise, It's the best, most satisfying feeling I've ever had. Billy, you are a born top. One time and you've earned your degree in butt fucking. I have a sore but very happy butt right now.."

"Hey Frankie?"

"Yeah Babe? "

#10) your butt hole makes my dick stay hard."

" Well, Billy, I think our great experiment can stop now if you'll admit it's not just the weed that makes your dick hard."

"Okay, I agree, but can't we try just one more thing"

"Sure Billy boy anything you want."

"Uh..I..umm Frankie, I uh I want you to stick your dick up my butt too. I need to feel you fucking me. You liked mine in you so much I just know I'll be the same as you. I love you Frankie, I want you in me Babe."

"Sure Billy, we just have to rest up a bit first, okay. You know I'll do anything you want or that will please you."

"Whoa..oh my gosh" Billy said! I almost forgot....the guys are coming over in just a few minutes. What are we going to feed them. How about we go to a real restaurant and have a great meal. I remember seeing one on the way up here, It can't be more than 20 miles away. Sure that's fine with me, if they're up to it."

Frank replied. "uh oh, I hear them now Bill".

"Hey guys..we're dressing we'll be out in a jiffy, get a beer and have a right there. Frank came out of the tent and Steve and Cooper broke out into gales of laughter.....What?...Frank asked. They couldn't stop laughing, just the Billy came out and Frank knew why they were laughing. Billy's and Franks hair was quite a mess, Frank's Jeans were wrong side out his shirt buttons in the wrong button holes and Billy was just as bad.

"Wow, Steve remember how it felt that first few days together, that's whats going on here. Well it's fairly obvious that you tried out our gift. How did it go boys, no broken bones I trust. I can guess from the looks of you two that you sorta liked it, huh?"

Billy was beet red from embarrassment, Frank was laughing just as hard as Steve and Cooper.

"Yeah, it was okay," Frank said which started Billy to howling with laughter.

"Okay, ...Frank?" I seem to recall higher praise than just 'okay' about two minutes ago."

Oh well" Frank laughed "it was Fanfuckingtastic." That suit you Billy boy?"

"Sure Billy replied, "I just want recognition of my efforts you know."

" I already told you that you earned your Butt Fucking degree first time out."

"Yeah you did!"

"It's kinda hard to be cool wearing your pants inside out. Have your fun guys cause we sure did have ours. WOW! That was something."

"Hey, since we're such a mess here how would you guys like to go to that Steak House a few miles down the road." After what we've just experienced in that tent, I can't swear that we'd have our mind on cooking as long as we're near that tent. We need the rest too."

"Sure that sounds great. you guys tidy up and we'll watch the sunset."

"Here this helps to focus" Frank said handing them a blunt.

We were ready in ten minutes and only needed a quick stop at the rangers station before heading out to eat. The more they were together the more they all liked each other. Steve and Frank had a lot of similar interest as did Cooper and Billy. After the meal they stopped and picked up a few more bottles of wine and returned to camp. They stopped at the guys camp for them to change into sweatpants and pullovers, they were too full to wear tight clothes and belts.

Back at Frank and bill's campsite they sat around the fire chatting, drinking beer and smoking blunts. Billy was antsy, wanting to grab Frank and drag him off to bed. He thought about how this trip had changed their lives completely. Sex with Frank was so natural to him now. He realized just how repressed he had been. As enthusiastic as he was now about doing things to Franks body, he was that uptight just two days ago even mentioning their bodies.

Now when he didn't have his face in Franks crotch he was thinking about it being there. He kept giving sneaking looks at Frank while he was talking to the guys and Frank wasn't looking at him. It was still his friend of a couple of days ago. But now it was like Frankie had a Billy magnet in his crotch. Billy was drawn to him without reason, or so he thought. In truth, it was sixteen years of repressed love coming to the surface and releasing the years of his pent up sexual desire for this man.

This time, just looking at Franks handsome face made Billy's dick get hard. Frank noticed Billy watching him and his squirming in his seat.

"Whats up, Babe?" Frank asked...

"Oh just sitting here perving on you again, can't help it. You get me hot."

Cooper looked at Steve and leaned in kissed him lightly on his lips and said

"you get me hot too, Steve. I want you to saddle up and ride my butt hard tonight. Seeing these two falling in love makes me remember us and how we couldn't stay out of the bedroom. Remember how we were. Let's go ravage each other like the old days. This weed's got me horned up and I need you to fuck me hard."

Just listening to Coop has Steve taking ragged breaths, his eyes glazed over..

"god yes I remember, thinking back it's a wonder we survived. Seems like we lived on cum for days. I want that beautiful butt of yours now."

"Ahem" Cooper cleared his throat..uh... Frank, Billy we really had a great time, thanks for the terrific dinne ...we...uh..need to...well we're so horny we just gotta go and do our thing. Okay, I see in Billy's eyes that he's ready for you Frank."

We'll talk tomorrow, thanks again and good night. Steve and Cooper almost ran back to their camp.

"Frankie we've still got one last experiment to do, remember."

"I was just thinking about that Billy boy, tonight your tight little round butt is mine. Ready"

"god yes, I'm ready..I thought about it all through dinner and sitting here round the fire. Let's go grab a shower and get back here quick."

Back at the camp they undressed and lay together, their naked flesh pressed together sent a shiver through Billy's body, he was both scared and anxious to try this last new sensation. Watching Frankie's face as he fucked him for the first time, Billy knew he had to try it. The very thought of Frankie's dick in his body was enough to make him cum. He fought to calm himself. He lay on his stomach as Frank asked and Frank crawled up between his legs. Franks hands started at his shoulders massaging and touching and kissing. He gradually worked down Billy's muscular back, rubbing and feeling those lats that veed down to that incredible 29" waist.

Frank's big hands could almost encircle Billy's waist. Frank stopped and moved his body farther down and now Billy's perfect, little round butt hovered in front of his face. Remembering what he'd seen in the porno tapes Frank leaned in and lightly kissed one cheek, he blew a breath across those furred cheeks bringing goose-flesh up on each cheek. With one hand on each cheek Frank massaged and rubbed them gently spreading them to see the fur covered opening waiting his arrival.

Opening the cheeks wider Frank led with his tongue and scored a bulls eye as he speared the wrinkled opening. Billy screamed and nearly jumped off the bed. He wasn't expecting a tongue to be rimming his hole. In nanoseconds Billy was clawing at the mattress, making noises Frank didn't understand while his tongue licked and stabbed at Billy's wrinkled opening. Frank eased up and took the strawberry lube and worked a finger into Billy causing a long ooooohhhhhh to escape his chest. when Frank had three fingers inside him, Billy was getting lose, backing up on Franks Fingers. Frank pulled out and told Billy..."this is why this stuff is flavored babe"...and again heattacked Billy's ass with his mouth. He managed to suck on Billy's hole and spear his tongue inside him at the same time. Bill was frantic with these new sensations, who ever could have known that these feelings could come from his butt hole. He had to ask Frank to stop before he shot his load.

Frank explained how he was going to enter and that there would be some pain but if Billy relaxed there would be pleasure beyond description soon to follow. Billy flipped to his back, Frank pushed his legs up and knee walked his dick to the entrance. More lube, more fingers and he could see on Billy's face that he'd found the G-spot, Billy was loving his ass being worked over. Nothing had ever felt like this. Frank leaned down to kiss him and began pushing at his entrance. He told Billy to push out and soon the glans of Franks big dick popped through and Billy screamed. Frank held still, kissed him deeply and talked to Billy telling him to relax, how much he loved him, how great this time together was, how lucky he was to have Billy want him,,,then Frank felt a little tug on his thighs. Billy wanted more dick in him. Slowly Frank pushed into the heat and tightness of his Billy boy. Billy's eyes were clinched shut. His grimace at the pain slowly relaxing. At last Frank was all in, his balls atop Billy's balls. As he ground his dick in Billy's eyes flew open, "

"Ooohhh Jeezus Frankie you're inside me, I'm so full, you fill me up. you feels so good in me."

Billy circled his hips moving on the rigid dick in his ass.


Frank slowly pulled back all the way to the anal ring then back down as Billy groaned, "aaaaahhhhhh."

A few more stokes and Billy was loose. Frank began faster strokes bringing cries from Billy,

"Faster Frankie, faster. Ohmigod Who knew we could do this? Frankie babe, fuck me baby, fuck me hard Frankie,,,oh fuck it frank, Fuck my butt,,,ohmigod, nothing ever felt this good before, fuck mye baby, don't ever stop...fuck me forever, Franking...oh god how I love you. my frankie!""

Frank was at a frantic pace as was Billy. Every thrust down Frank made was met by Billy throwing up his hips and ass to meet the thrust and grind on it. When Frank shifted and began ramming Billy's prostate he yelled each time Frank touched it. Pre cum had Billy's dick and stomach slick, Frank leaned in a licked the nectar from his slit and did a quick bob driving Billy's dick down his throat, Again Billy yelled, Frank kept pounding harder, Billy began to chant, "

"fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me. Oh Frankie don't ever stop, fuck me fuck me fuck me...oh babe fuck me fuck me fuck me...FRANKIE!!!! HERE IT COMES! ARRGGHH! OH, OH, OH, UUUUNNNNGGGHHH. FRANKIE I FEEL YOU SHOOTING IN ME!!! I FEEL IT!!!! FILL ME UP . I WANT YOU IN ME FRANKIE, I LOVE YOU FRANKIE, I LOVE YOU. I love you, I love you....Frankie, oh god. Frankie..come here Frankie, come here baby."

Frank collapsed on Billy's chest, Billy's arms encircled him gently rocking him. "I didn't're the're mine Frankie, you're mine...I love you baby,. you are mine!!

They slept for hours, the sun was up when they woke. Frank went out and make coffee. He was sitting in his chair looking at the lake and sipping his coffee when Billy's beautiful face popped out of the tent.

"There you are...I missed you babe. I don't like waking up without you there now."

"You okay Billy boy"

"Oh yes, Babe I'm the okay-est I have ever been. You fill me up, complete me, thrill me and finish off by telling me you love me over and over."

"That's heaven to hear you say that Billy boy, Heaven! Knowing and loving you as my friend and best pal for sixteen years and now this. Pure Heaven!"

Billy stood behind him, hands on his shoulders,

"I know Baby, I know. There's nothing I can say about last night. it was beyond everything. Too wonderful. I kinda feel a bit guilty that I got so very much pleasure from you, like it was more that anyone was ever supposed to have."

They heard someone call out. "Anyone awake" it was Steve & Cooper.

Yeah here we are.

"Good morning, wee I guess there is no crisis Steve"

Billy and Frank both looked puzzled,

"We heard screams and a lot of Fuck Me's over here last night and just wanted to be sure you are okay. So Billy, do you think you'll eventually get to where you like anal sex?" Cooper asked.

Frank choked on his coffee,laughing, Billy blushed

"Was I that loud?"

"Yep you had a great time. We heard it."

Just then the Ranger's truck pulled in and stopped.

"Oh god, surely he didn't hear me all the way down to his station!!"

The other three were rolling with laughter, Billy was mortified.

"Morning" the Ranger said. everyone is okay I see. One of the campers on the other side of the lake said they heard something screaming last night, might have been a Bobcat, you guys hear anything?"

Cooper said, "Yes,it did sound like a large cat, but it was far away from us."

"Glad it was far away the Ranger said. Well I must make my rounds, see you guys at shower time."

Frank, Cooper and Steve were just about to burst trying to hold off laughing until the ranger was out of sight. When they let loose, Billy had to join in, too.

"That was funny. Thanks for covering for me Cooper" said Billy. "

You guys want coffee"

"No we'd better get back. just wanted to make sure no "Wildcats' got you guys in the night. We need to say thanks to you too. Watching you two fall in love has sorta given a spark back to us remembering how we felt falling in love. You weren't the only one screaming Billy, Cooper got in a few good ones too. We had great sex last night too. When will you guys be leaving to go back to your homes."

"Early in the morning before dawn" Frank said. Oh, here this is our address and phone numbers we really want to keep in touch"

"Billy doesn't know it yet but we will both be moving, but our cell numbers will still be good. We will be getting a place together as soon as possible. Don't want him wandering off with some stranger. Gotta keep him close to me."

"Thanks," Steve said we feel the same. "Here's our numbers. You guys drive safely and we'll call you to come to dinner in a week or so, okay?"

"You bet", Billy replied. "We'll bring the wine and a blunt or too if you like."

"Yes, we like" Cooper said. "See you guys soon"

"I can't believe they heard me" Billy said.

"Well what I find hard to believe is that people across the lake heard you"

Frank laughed. Billy blushed again, Frank pulled him to him, kissed him with a long soulful kiss then said...

"Billy boy, you can scream all you want. I'll take care of any complainers"

"So Frankie, you want us to live together, huh?"

"Yes I do! Don't you?"

"Oh yeah, almost as much as I want to drag you back into the tent right now. You know you've created a sex maniac don't you?"

"I guess it just one of those things that we have to put up with, "I'm

ready, take me to your bed, you maniac."

To be continued.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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