Cam has not heard from Biker Cop Ken in almost a whole year until the found each other down in Florida at the Biker Week Festival, They spotted each other in the pits at the race track were the gay bikers and bi bikers like to hang out. Ken was still looking great wearing those hot Black Leather one piece suit along with his zipper pull all the way down to his mid section showing off his muscle and dark hairy chest. 

Cam and Ken decided to go for a long walk to catch up on things that are happening with their lives and other issues they both might have, " Fuck Cam it is good to see your dude " Ken spoke out fairly loudly as Cam gave him a huge smile before Ken ask him were he is staying at? Cam told Ken he got a little condo rented out over on the beach about a 45 minute drive to where the race track was. How about you come over to my place and stay for a couple of day's Ken ? It did not take long for Ken to give Cam the answer yes that he wanted to here.

Ken then follow Cam over to his place just after the last practise round of the bike race, The time was like shortly after 6 pm as there were both sitting on Cam balcony over looking the sandy beach area. Do you have a swim suit for me Cam ? Before he went into his bedroom to grab a pair of Navy Blue 70's style speedo that had a 38 inch waist and will fit Ken body very well. Cam then went into the washroom to put on his dark pair of green speedo that he likes wearing on the beach.

They had a great time together walking and swimming together in the ocean before they went on back to Cam place for some Chinese Food . The night went on very well until the rain started to come down fairly hard that evening as the two of them started getting into the Jack Daniels liquor that Cam loves to drink. 

The time was almost 10 as the two of them were still in their speedo as they started to wrestle with one another on the living room floor.Cam dick grown very hard when he felt ken mouth rap around his bulge as he was just about to deep throat him, Cam was all spread out on the floor as Ken mouth started to deep throat Cam hard cock as his bristle moustache was tingle Cam balls softly as he was just about to shoot off his load. 

Cam began to have a huge orgasm all down the back of Ken throat as his whole body started to shake of sexual passion, Ken quickly pull his head off of his dick before he grab for the glass of cola to wash down the rest off the hot sweet,salty honey that Cam shot off.

Cam was now yelling loudly as Ken began to fuck his little tight hole without any lube at all, It took a good few minutes until the pre cum started to pour out of Ken cock before Cam stop screaming of pain, The 8 inch cock was in full throttle after each stroke of his dick sliding in and out of Cam ass very easy now, The sweat pouring off the two of them was like water buckets before they both reach climax, Cam really enjoy the sweet smell of the Brute Aftershave that Ken pour on himself that he found in the bathroom medicine cabinet as he was just pounding the shit out of Cam ass.

"Fuck I going to shoot dude " Ken scream out as the cum started to come up through his balls and the penis hole of his cock, His whole body jilted back and forth as he started to shoot his white load off all over Cam hairy chest and hard nibbles,  Both of their body's where exhausted from the fuck before they headed off to the shower room to get all clean up.

They did a lot of fucking over the next few day's as it was now Thursday when Ken had to head on home now. They once again hug each other at the door before Cam open it up. Cam walk with Ken down to where his Bike was park as he watch him drove off out of the parking garage on his way to the main highway back to Georgia.  




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