It was Early one June back when I had just turned nineteen, meeting a whole new set of people, a whole new way of life, new places almost seemed rather overwhelming to me.

I was a dense thick city boy.

rural life to me was dull, and rather uneventful, that is untill I got to getting my ass up and moving around and then things started popping up all over the place to do. Part time summer Jobs etc.

I had started a new rather rural High School, that was a real trip, and then there was catching a bus for the ride to school every day was unusual, Hell! I always rode to school with some of my buddies back in the city, most of the guys my age had their own cars, so it was a big change.

Being raised in a city where there were many kids my own age in the School system had also afforded me the opportunity to find out about my own personal tastes in many things like sex, I was not your usual Kid, I was seventeen the first time I had sex of any kind, and it was with this nineteen year old guy, god could he take your head of with a blow job, the most fantastic feeling on the planet.

Well you guessed it, it was guys for me, I had let this chick in school suck me off one night on this date, it was so dead and dull feeling, I had to think of that dude that had sucked me off to bust a nut, that did it, I wasn't about to waste my time with chicks anymore.

I had been experimenting with other things too, anal, I found out I loved getting a hard hot, throbbing cock up my love canal, I could bust a load from just getting fucked by a nice thick cock, I did like them thick, but I like the long ones too. I also developed a taste for a guys cum too. I guess you could say I was just plain addicted to dick, anyway you cut it.

I was getting so horny for cock I found myself crusing bathrooms at local hangouts without luck, I was almost getting desperate for some male companionship, if you get my drift.

It was on a Monday morning that I was waiting by the side of the road in a School Bus stop that I saw the bus comming down the road and I got on walked to the second to last seat in the back of the Big Yellow School Bus. It then stopped and picked up about sixy more kids and by then the bus was getting full.

We stopped in the road to pick up what was to be out last kid when Justin stepped on the bus.

Most of the seats were full and I was by myself there in the back and Justin walked back and looked at the empty seat beside me and just very softly and quietly almost like he was embarrassed asked, 'May I set here Please?' I looked up and straight into Justin's eyes, they were a steel blue, I noticed his hair was a light red, sorta sandy colored, 'Sure, please have seat,' I said.

'Thanks your really kind.' he responded. I thought that was a really strange thing to say.

I introduced myself and when I saw Justin reach out to shake my hand and Introduce himself as Justin Kershaw, I saw the biggest hand I had ever seen, it was huge, his fingers were thick, powerful, his hand wasn't abnormal looking, he had nicely shaped fingers, but they were just plain big, damn man, his fingers looked as big as quarters.

I shook his very powerful and manly hands and noted a touch of gentleness, Justin stood about six-four, nicely built, but he was just big, he told me later he had to order special shoes, size fifteen EEE.

I just smiled at him, 'Damn Justin, is every thing on your body this big?' He just blushed and smiled, 'Your funny,' he said.

I began to befriend Justin early on that year.

Justin was a down home country boy, very friendly and kind, and he was one of those guys that because of his being so different he was part of the in crowd.

Justin had two sisters and lived on a farm back up in the hills there in rural Missouri.

Justin was having a time with his book work at school, especially math.

I told Justin if he would like I would give him some private tutoring, little did I know just what kind of lessons those tutoring sessions would turn into.

Justin would come over to my house and we would go over his math and history lessons, he was doing great, getting much better grades on his tests and daily lessons. He and his parents were so pleased, I used to laugh at Justin and tell him he looked like one of the seven dwarfs, 'DOPY,' His ears stuck almost straight out round, but other than that he was not that bad looking.

Well, it was getting bad weather and Justin was at our house, I was going over some math lessons, and a strong snowstorm, almost like a blizzard had blown up, I heard Dad come in early from work, because of the bad weather.

Justin spoke up,'Man, I better be gettin home,'

My Dad just spoke up and said, 'Hey Justin its Friday night,there's no school tomorrow and that snow is kickin up pretty bad out there, why don't you just stay over here tonight and in the morning if you want, we can run you home, if that storm is over, its alright with us. You can just bunk with Ken.'

I was totally surprised at that statement from my Dad, but due to the bad weather it was a good Idea, it was really BAD out there.

Mom called Justin's parents house, they said, 'fine, Thanks for thinking about their Kid.'

Well we went down for supper, Mom had made a great winter supper of Homemade beef stew, biscuits and Iced tea.' Justin ate like he was starved, It really was fantastic, and he seemed to enjoy it so much.

It got to be about ten o'clock, cable t.v. was out due to the bad weather and all we had was a radio for weather reports.

We decided to head up to bed, I had almost forgotten about my feeling for other guys untill that moment, when I realized that Justin was just that, another guy, I began to noticing things about him that I hadn't given thought too.

when we got upstairs we sat on the end of the bed and talked. I had my own small t.v. and a Nintendo, we played a couple games, and just had a great time, almost like a couple little kids on a sleepover, and I guess that's about what it was.

Then things started to getting serious.

Justin and I stripped down to our underwear and quickly crawled under the covers.

Justin acted a little nervous. I felt like a kid again.

I felt his warm legs against mineand I began to have those sexual urges and stirrings, I didn't move my legs, I just looked over at Justin, who was looking at me in the little bit of night light.

'If we cuddle we will be warmer,' I said to Justin.

He crawled over against my body, I felt his body's heat against me, and my cock did that old familiar thing, shot out like a seven inch missile ready to launch.

Justin, just sorta studdered and stammered as he spoke, 'Ken tell me something, do you ever,,,,,, well you know, your a young guy like me, Well! I get these boners and I was just wondering if you ever?' 'Jerk off!' I said.

He looked up at me and smiled,'Yeah!' he said.

'Hell Yeah Justin, all guys that I have know do it, when they reach puberty its just natural, they start doing that, and my Dad says they don't ever stop doing it untill they die, its perfectly normal.'

'Wow Really,' he said.

'Really, Why do you ask?'

'Just wondering, I guess I'm normal then, But HUMMMMMM!!!' he said, 'I was wonderful if it is normal for a couple guys like say, me and you, if we did it together. Is there anything wrong with that.'

'Fuck no man, back in St. Louis, me and other guys did it all the time together.' I said.

I was beginning to wonder if I had found a new sex buddy Here in the country.'

Now up untill this time I had not seen Justin's privates unclothed, I had heard the myth of Big Hands and Big Feet, I only thought that it meant you had to buy big Gloves and Big shoes, other than that no difference in guys. Fuck man was I ever wrong.

I just looked over at Justin, 'Hey man, why don't we do it, you know Jerk together, it would be fun.'

Justin smiled and said, 'I have never done this before but I've always wanted to try it.'

The next thing we knew we were peeling off the briefs and boxers, pitching them on the floor and it was 'Get after it time,' we both were staring into each others eyes and stroking our cocks under the covers.

'Damn Ken, this is really exciting, But I want to watch you stroke it, you know see your cock,' I pulled back the covers and exposed my hard thick seven incher, cut, nicely shaped and hard as diamonds.

He smiled when he saw my cock, wow, its really nice looking, maybe we can trade off you know, I have heard of guys doing that.'

'Sure Justin, I'm game for that,' hoping that maybe before the night was over I would get to suck him or maybe have him fuck me, that was untill I had him pull back his covers.

When Justin pulled his covers back, Holy Fuck man, I stopped stroking my cock, looked straight at his smiling face and said, 'What did you do with the rest of the horse that cock came off of?'

If I'm lying I'm dying, his cock was at least eleven inches of the thickest cock I had ever layed my eyes on, at least as thick as my wrist, it was fucking unbelievable.

I looked into Justin's eyes, 'Do you like it Ken, I'm hung just like my Daddy,' he said.

'Horse cocks run in your family?'

'Don't know about that, but my uncle has a big one like this too.'

'Your Uncle?' I asked.

'Hell yeah, its not as long but just as thick,'

'And please tell me something Justin, just how did you find out about your Uncles cock.'

Justin turned red, 'When I was just seventeen he let me Jack him off and suck it for him in the Barn one afternoon. That don't make me a queer does it? Truthfully Ken, He had me do it a lot, actually I still do it to him every now and then.'

I smiled and said,'Wow that sounds awesome, Justin.'

Justin leaned over and said, 'I would like to suck yours for you if you want me to, you would like it.'

Oh yeah! I had found me a new sex buddy, I flipped over, and began to rub the biggest nuts in the state, I felt them begin to tighten up against Justin's body and as I slipped his country boy foreskin back and exposed his thick cock head and began to lick his cock, Justin took my cock to the hilt and began to suck me like a professional, very experienced cocksucker, and that he was.

I could hear Justins own wimpers and moans as I sucked his cock, he was definately into this sucking thing.

He was quickly bringing me to a big climax, 'Justin, hold back man, I'm gonna cum in your mouth,' I said.

'I know Ken, that's what I want, I love the taste of a nice load of cum.'

That was all the go ahead I needed. I let it rip, and began the buildup as Justin sucked my cock like a hoover, and damned was he good at it.

I felt his cock growing so thick in my own mouth, and there was now way in hell I could accomodate that cock all in my mouth even with deep throating it was just too big.

I felt his almost getting wild as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, the taste of his pre-cum was astounding, and his cock just felt like it was getting thicker, and flaring out more with each thrust, untill I could take no more, and I felt my cock began to flex and pump out its semen into Justin's mouth and I felt his cock as he let out a loud moan, began to fill my own mouth with his cum. That was the most awesome sixty nine I have ever had with anyone.

After we had unloaded our loads and swallowed our mouthfuls of semen, we crawled back up and just held onto each other, dozed off for an hour or so.

It was about three in the morning I woke up and had the urge to play with Justin's huge uncut cock again, it was still wet from earlier and I was enjoying the slickness as he got a massive boner.

'That feels so good,' I heard him say.

I leaned over and kissed his lips, something he had never experienced before, and he loved it, and returned the passion with loads of love kisses.

His cock was againg like a steel pipe sticking up tall and proud, I wasn't going to let his big thick boner go to waste.

I got some lube I had stashed away, and slathered some over his thick tower of love, and really lubed up my asshole, I wasn't sure about that huge cock tho.

I got up straddle of Justin's cock and body, He looked up at me puzzled, I found out later he had never fucked anything male or female.

I let myself down gently, I reached around took hold of his towering log of cock, slid that awesome foreskin back and placed the head against my asshole, I sat down the first few inches were tight and hurt a little, then I just went for broke, I let the whole thing slide tightly into my intestine, I felt like I wasn't going to be able to breath, I was filled full.

I began to ride and raise my ass up and down his shaft, I heard him began to breathing really heavy.

'Holy Fuck this is the most fantastic feeling, your ass is hot, moist and I Love it, Justing began to hold onto my waist and pumping upward as he wimpered, thanking me for doing this, he had no Idea ass fucking was so awesome.

It took us about twenty minutes and I fucked him dead, he was a gonner when he finally blew his thick hot load up my ass, and I was so taken by it I grabbed my mow raging boner stroked about five time and shot cum in Justins face. He smiled and just licked it off and ate it all.

Hey what can I say, Justin was awesome, a better friend I would say I never had.

And also he was the most phenomenal lover I ever had. Justin and I are still intimate friends and I couldn't ask for a better buddy, sex or otherwise.

He definately proved that the statement sometimes worked, Big Hands, Big Feet, OH FUCK YEAH man, Big EVERYTHING.



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