That evening with Kyle was one hell of an awesome experience, which of course led to many times of draining Kyles huge nutsack of its contents, which I loved with a passion.

Well time has a way of bringing things to light and well Gregg was not in the know about what had happened with Kyle, or so I thought.

It was about a month later I had been invited to spend the night with Gregg again, to which I jumped at it, due to the possibilities of what might happen with Kyle, but as of yet Gregg didn't have a clue that I was sucking the cock of his older hunky brother.

What was even funnier than that scenario was that Kyle was getting into sucking my cock too, which was a total shock to me since Kyle was 'Lady Killer #1 during his High School days.'

It was a Friday night again when Gregg and I decided to go to the Mall and kill some time, my mind was on sex of course and I was thinking about Kyles delicious cock most of the evening, which was not all that unusual for me, I thought aboutsucking on a good hard cock most of the time.

Gregg had been acting more considerate and kinder than usual, at least to me, but he just seemed more attentive and affectionate, sorta physically touchy, if you know what I mean.

It just seemed to me that he was being overly affectionate.

We had our supper out at the food court in the mall and then at about eleven he was ready to head home.

Kyle met us at the door and made that I could use a good head job look on his face, then winked at me, and Gregg noticed it and just glared at Kyle.

We went on up to the bedroom and thats when I got the shock of my life.

Gregg stripped to his white briefs and turned around to me and just smiled and said, 'Well Ken, how about my cock, are you interested in sucking me, your best friend off too?' I was stunned.

'Well I found out about you and Kyle last week, and frankly I'm kinda hurt and shocked you have never been interested in me, I would have loved doing that with you and yes I would even suck you off in return too.'

I stood there with my mouth open, looking at Gregg.

I slowly stripped to my briefs and stood there looking at my best friend Gregg, 'Sorry man, I had no idea you would be interested, sure maybe a jerk off now and then but not a blow job.' I said.

'Hey man lets get into bed.' Gregg said.

'If you only knew how many times I wanted to all but rape you since we were kids, man, I would lay next to you, and even sometimes when you were asleep I would fondle your hard cock, I wanted to make out with you so many times. I almost ached for your affection, and to find out that you were doing the very thing with my older brother that I wanted to do, well I was crushed.' Gregg said.

'I'm sorry Gregg, I had no Idea, man I have had the hots for you since we were on the swim team together, I wanted you so bad.'

'But tell me something what made you come to the knowledge of liking male on male sex?' I asked.

'Well my initiation was about four years ago, it was in July when Dad took me and Kyle on a campout, we were up in the Ozark hills in Mark Twain National Park. We had been there camping out for about three days and Dad and Kyle decided to go out on the lake in a boat and go fishing, I decided to take myself a hike, I put on my shorts a tank top shirt, hat, took me a canteen and went off in search of what ever I could find.'

'I had been hikeing for about and hour and a half, I was getting deep into the woods, I guess it was about four in the afternoon when I heard some voices, down by this creek.

I slowly and quietly wandered over and stood behind some bushes and saw a very exciting and illuminating site.'

'I pulled back the bushes quietly and saw these two guys, looked like they might be Kyles age, they were laying there on a beach towel, naked, and making out, I had heard about guys doing such things but Never thought I would ever see it in real life.'

'Well I watched them kissing, and rubbing all over each other, and the more I watched the more turned on I was getting, my dick was harder than concrete and as they lay there and did the 69 thing, and sucked each others cocks, damn that was exciting I dropped my shorts and began stroking my cock, I watched intently with much interest as this handsome guy with black hair, I noticed he was slightly hairy, got up behind this more sandy brown haired looking guy and began humping and rubbing his big cock up and down his ass crack, got it was excitig.

Then the guy under the black haired dude, just said, I want your cock in me, fuck me man, they got some sort of oil and then he got his cock wet with the oily stuff and I heard the other dude on the bottom sorta grunt as the black haired dude stuffed his big thick cock balls deep into the other guy, it was so fucking exciting I wanted to rush over and join them.

The guy getting fucked was moaning and groaning like he was loving it. I wanted to feel that myself and slid a finger up my asshole, Damn it felt so good.

Well then after I got home I started sticking things up my asshole when I jerked off, I tried a cucumber, a zuchinni, and a carrot, but they don't feel like the real thing.'

Well I began to getting into the watching them there in the woods and I was getting close when they heard and noticed me.'

'I heard one of them say, We're being watched.'

The other guy ran over and pulled me from behind the bushes and saw my pants down around my ankels and smiled as he saw my boner in my hands.'

'Well looks like someone is enjoying what we're doing here, maybe he would like join in?'

I got stripped naked, a the next thing I knew I had that same cock up my asshole, and the other dudes cock deep in my mouth pumping away, and I was enjoying the fuck out of it, I can't say that huge cock in my ass didn't hurt at first but soon it became enjoyable and before you knew it I was swallowing this sandy haired dudes cum and feeling the other dudes cock explode in my asshole, damn it was intense I shot my load from just lightly touching my cock as they finished up in me. And for some reason I loved the taste of cum.'

'But outside of that dude I aint been fucked again, I was sorta hoping it would be you man, I love you man, always have and always will.'

Damn was I stunned at this revelation but turned on by it.

I looked over at Gregg and noticed his hand down inside his briefs and he was bone hard, and it was fairly nice sized too.

I smiled at Gregg, 'well why don't we just take care of that little desire for you Gregg?' His face lit up like a christmas tree.

It didn't take Gregg very long to have his lips kissing mine in the most passionate, sex starved Kiss imaginable, and we were exchanging tongues like crazy.

I had Gregg going wild and I leaned down and heard his gasp as I slid off his briefs and engulfed his eight inch cock to the balls.

'Oh holy Fuck' he said, 'I have wanted this for so long, I want you to fuck me Ken, Please,'

And Fuck him I did, it took me about three minutes to have Gregg bowed over in shotgun fashioned with his legs up on my shoulders and my cock was almost buried into his intestines to the nuts.

'Holy Fuck Gregg, your asshole feels awesome,' I said, 'Almost as awesome as your cock feels Ken.' he said.

We made love and fucked like breading horses almost most of the night and when we werent fucking we were eating out each others asses or sucking each others cock.

Gregg was sexually insatiable and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Gregg, neither of us go unsatisfied or left uncared for sexually and Kyle? well lets just say he still gets his too. you'll see in the next chapter.



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