Growing up in a midwestern middle sized town was sometimes rather boring, but yet it had its good points. I had been raised by conservative parents, rather religious, and very family oriented, which is not really that bad. I have One Older brother and One older Sister.

Jeremy, My older brother is five years older that I am, and Patricia is six years older than me.

We have always gotten together for the holidays and enjoyed a wonderful time with each other, especilly now that I have nephews and neices to enjoy. It makes the Holidays more exciting especially seeing their faces when they open the presents on Christmas eve.

I was really looking forward to this year because I was now in the Marines, I had been away from home for almost a year and a half and I was getting sorta homesick. But this year was going to be a special year, I got a thirty day leave for the Holidays, Christmas and New Years.

I arrived home about the twentieth of December, Mom and Dad met me at the airport and It was so good to see them, we went out to eat and headed for home.

As we were talking about the town and how it had changed so much in the past two years, actually since I had joined the Marines, Mom interjected that Quinton, the next door neighbor boy that I had grown up with, was home for the Holidays too, He was in the Navy, and had just came back from the Persian Gulf.

I got really excited at that bit of news.

Quinton and I had been best buds for almost as long as I can remember and I was so anxious to see him, actually I had had the hots for him almost since we were teenagers and before I knew anything at all about sex.

Quinton was about three inches shorter than I am, I'm 6'1' and hes about 5'10' or there about. Hes sorta blondish and rather well built, as I recall he was always into sports. He ran track and did field sports, played baseball, and some football. Just an alround good athlete.

We got to the House, took all my stuff in and went downstairs to the basement bedroom where I had my bedroom, It was exactly as I had remembered and left it, I even noticed my old Posters of Nascar Drivers that I liked were still plastered on the basement walls. I looked into my private little hidden cubby hole in the wall, and found my old stash of gay magazines that I had hidden there just as I had left them, I opened one up to read and out fell a twenty dollar bill, and then I remembered that I had used it for a book mark, what a thought.

I had just stripped to my briefs, changing clothes into some civilian gigs, and I heard a voice that I recognized coming down the steps to the basement, 'Hey Little Bro, Hows it hanging,' My brother asked,' Then he noticed me in my white briefs, Since I was almost naked getting ready to get dressed.

H stopped short, looked straight at my white briefs and saw my basket and smiled, and said,'Fuck, little bro, it looks like your Hanging pretty heavy there, you've damn well matured pretty fucking well.' I just smiled and looked at Jeremy and said, 'Hey Big Bro, Don't get jealous.'

'Damn, Bro, Just how big are you down there?

'Almost eight inches hard,' I said.

'No Shit, I only got a little over seven, But then Dena don't seem to have a problem with it, She actually complains its to big sometimes.'

I said, 'Looking at litte Ryan and Katie, you must have done pretty good with it.'

We chatted back and forth as I got my civilian clothes back on. I really felt proud that I was bigger in the cock department than my older brother, because as a kid I was always stealing a glance at his cock every time I got the chance and wondered what it would feel like to touch it and stroke it, but that never came to be.

We went upstairs and Mom had set out some sandwiches and chips, Iced tea and Pepsi, and made some coffee and we just had a cold cut lunch. It was so good to be back home again.

We had just finished the lunch and I was helping Mom put stuff away when the door bell rang, Dad yelled 'its open, come on in.'

It opened and I saw Quenton, my stomach gave a lurch, God he was beautiful, I started having such sexually desirous feelings for him as soon as I saw him, Not like I felt when we were younger but a mature heated lustfull compulsion. God he was gorgeous.

Quenton almost ran over to me and grabbed me and we hugged like long lost brothers and told each other how good it was to see one another.

I told him I wanted to get with him and go out and do something, I had to get alone with Quinton.

I was going to finally tell him that I had sexual feelings for him. I always have had. I really don't think he ever suspected I was gay and wanted him sexually as we grew up, if he did he never let on.

All I could think of was that awesome ass on Quenton, his big balls and that huge cock, I may have just been wishing but it looked like it was six or seven inches soft, and I really wanted to see it angry, altho I had felt him up when he came over for a sleepover, he would be asleep when I did that.

Quenton told me that he had his little sports car, actually it was a Toyota Camry, but he called it a sports car, go figure.

We made arrangements to go to a Movie together that night and for him to spend the night with me in the basement which was really private in the event something developed. Mom hardly ever came down those old steps to the basement and Dad only came down when he needed something or needed to change a fuse in the fuse box.

Quinton came back over about six thirty, I told Mom and Dad not to wait up, I would be back when I got here. Dad said, 'Son, enjoy yourself, we know your a big boy now,' and he laughed.

We went and wathed a Movie, which I didn't really get my mind into, since Quinton was all that was on my mind.

We got back home about eleven that night and went down to the basement bedroom. I was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking Chairs. We got to the basement and I turned around and said,'Hey Quinton, I Need to tell you something before we get undressed.' I was looking very serious as I stared into his eyes. He smiled and said, 'Hey man,whats so important that it couldn't have waited untill we go into bed?'

I just looked up at him and really nervous like said, 'Hey man do you remember when we used to have sleepovers and would sleep together?'

'Yeah, What about em?' He said smiling at me.

'Well I need to confess something to you.' He just smiled and said,'You mean about you reaching over and playing with my hardon while you thought I was asleep?'

'Damn, You knew about that?'

'How could I not have, It felt so fucking good, but you would always stop before I got finished.'

'I didn't want you to wake up and catch me and maybe loose your friendship, or maybe have you tear my face off.'

'Loose My Friendship, are you nuts man, I was falling in love with you, but you never would come out and tell me that its what you wanted.'

I just stood there stupified at Quintons words.'You mean you would have liked to get it on with me, even back then?'

'If you only knew how many times I layed in bed at night and thought of you rubbing my cock when you thought I was asleep, Oh Jesus man, how many time I busted a nut thinking about you rubbing my cock.'

'I wish I had known that Quinton.' Do you still feel that way about me?'

'Even more so now that I'm a grown man. I have never gotten you out of my mind since we were teenagers.'

'Quenton walked over to me, looked straight into my eyes and grabbed my head, pulled it to his and our lips met, I started to go weak in my knees, and Quinton was just kissing me and working his tongue over my lips, and into my mouth as he took me to the Outer limits.

Quinton started kissing my neck and licking my earlobes whispering how much he had always wanted to do this, I was agreeing with everything he whispered, then we started undressing each other, I was getting so excited, I was like a kid in a candy shop, all I could think of was how sweet Quinton would taste, and how much I wanted him.

Well Evidently Quinton had gotten some experience while in the Navy, he was all over me. God It was absoultely the most exciting day of my life, I felt like a school boy again on his first date.

We both got down to our underwear and we just layed on the bed, Kissing and making out, My cock was aching as it rubbed Qintons leg and we were kissing and licking on each other.

Then Quinton slid down and pulled my briefs off my body and for the first time in my life I wanted to scream, Here was the object of my lifes long desires massagging my nuts and making loving statements to me about how gorgeous my body was and how he had wanted to do this since we were kids.

I found out that I love his touch, and the lips of love had found their target my nuts first were being bathed in his saliva as he sucked and made gentle loving licks at them, then he licked his tongue up my throbbing shaft as light shocking thrills of excitment shot thru my body, and the nerves in the head of my cock were so alive with sensations, then the final touch, His hot wet mouth went over the throbbing tight pinkish purple head of my cock and I almost fainted, the sensation was so fantastic. I was afraid I would awake and find out this was just a wonderful dream and Quinton wasn't really there.

I told Quinton to lay opposite of me. He shuffled around and I faced that awesome looking crotch of his,his cock was sticking out like a big tree limb. God his cock was gorgeous, it must have been a good seven and a half inches long, dark skinned, with a beautiful dark circumcision scar around it about two inches behind the head on the shaft,and quite thick, it was truly a real masterpeice of art. His nuts looked like they were the size of oval Plums, already laying up against his cock at its base.

Quinton made a loud moan as I took his cocks head into my mouth and I worked his nutsack with my hands. He began moving his hips in a forward pumping motion as his cock slid in and out of my mouth, God it was the most awesome experience of my live.

We silently made love to each others cocks for about fifteen minutes, and I felt him getting closer, I could tell by the way he was jerking and moving that he was really close. his nuts were all but gone inside his body and his cock was like a peice of flint as I rythmicly worked a slow steady movement back and forth on it.

He finally stopped suking my cock long enought to say,'Oh Fuck, IMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMM! and It started to happen, his stomach jerked a couple times, a I pulled his ass with my hands, and wouldn't let him back away and his cock started that little jerking dance and firing off into my throat, 'Oh Shit, Oh Shit, HUMMMMMMMM.' and he just layed there, not moving as he got his breath, I held his throbbing jerking cock in my mouth as he finished leaking his awesome cum into my mouth.

The word for the taste of Quintons cum was fenominal.

Quinton looked at me and Said, 'God I love you,'

I just smiled and said, 'Quinton your delicious.'

Quinton went back to work to finish me off which took me about three more minutes, and the feeling of shooting my load in Quintons mouth was a feeling I could say that only happens in Dreams. It was awesome. Quinton just swallowed every drop and kept up the licking untill every little after drop was gone.

Before Morning Quenton woke me up trying to put his cock up my ass and when I woke up and helped him out it was Katy bar the gate, fenominal, I had never been fucked like Quinton fucked me that night, I was Screwed, Blued, and Tatooed before the sun rose the next morning.

There is a shower stall Dad had installed in the basement for us boys back when we were in High School, so we wouldn't mess up Moms bathroom.

Quinton and I had awakened to the sunlight comming thru the basement window and we got up, smelling a wild night of pure raw sex and decided to take a nice hot shower together. Quinton washed my back and fingered my asshole and I fucked him in his ass while showering, it had been the most awesome night of my life, and I knew that there would be many more to come.

Quinton and I made an agreement that when we got out of the military that we would get an apartment together and live with each other.

I would like to say to all that Being home for the Holidays this time has been the Best Holiday Season of my life. Happy Holidays everyone.



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