I had just gotten up from the living room recliner chair and went into my rather small kitchen, and got myself a cold beer, Since I live alone in an appartment, I was watching a porn video and setting there in my boxerbriefs and had a hardon that would split my shorts, I was a rather introverted and shy person, I have always wanted to have sex but other than my hand, had never had the equisit pleasure of someone elses mouth, pussy, or asshole to fill my longings with.

You see I have fantasized with both sides of the coins, but I rather lean to the male side, I love to look at mens bulges in their trousers, at the mall I stand at the urinals just to get a glimpse of other mens cocks and I love them, I have always wanted to touch and feel them and see just how another guys dicks felt, and I would love to see a cock shoot cum in person, But alas I have only viewed that pleasure on film or DVD.

I had just sat back down and turned on the video, a straight video, but I would still always center in on the cocks rather than the girls pussys, and I reached down as I took a swig of my Michelobe Beer, and I felt the hard swollen cock in my undershorts beggin to get out and have some attention, I was standing up and had just dropped my unerwear and sat back down and leaned my head back and started stroking that hard thick cut beauty and Oh fuck the feeling was building up to a fantastic blast and fuck man I was almost there and Oh Shit, I was starting that feeling, my cock was tensing up, my balls had tightened up against my groin and I was twisting my right nipple with my left hand as I slid my very pre-cum soaked hand back and forth on my cock, and I started grunting and shooting a clean and long shot, completely to the T.V. screen, and when I had finished shooting several streams, long ropy, white awesome looking cum was running down the screen, fuck, I stood there getting my breath back and I felt a shock as I come out of my dream world, What the fuck, Oh! the phone was ringing.

I answered the phone and It was my oldest sister, and she wanted to know if Her son Timmy could come over and spend a week with me, Her Oldest Daughter was comming and spending the week with her and She needed a place for Timmy to stay. I said Sure, thats fine with me, and She said he would be there the next Morning, I just said fine tomorrow's Saturday and I would be at home. She said Thanks Ken and said I appreciate this.

Well I got to thinking, My appartment is rather small and I only have one Queen sized bed, and I have no sofa just a recliner and a Love seat, or short couch, really not big enough for anyone to sleep on unless your a midget.

Well I hadn't seen Timmy for about seven years and wondered what he looked He was thirteen when I had last seen Timmy. So I got up and cleaned the mess off my T.V. screen and started cleaning up the apt. and finally finished about time to go to bed.

I awoke about 7:30 the next morning and made coffee and some toast went out and got my mail from the previous day and then the newspaper and I noticed a young man pulling up on a motorcycle, black leather jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses and he pulled right up to my Apt. door and said Uncle Ken? I said Timmy? he said please just Tim O.K. I said alright then Tim, is that you? and he said Yep, Sure Is, I watched as he very sexually and erotically lifted his leg up and over the beautiful bike and let down the kick stand, and stood there in his tight fitting, button down front Levi's and white tee-shirt and leather jacket, He looked almost like a Fonzie look-a-like, only taller about 6'1'. I just smiled as I noticed a very sexy gorgeous young man with outstanding stomach muscles and very sexy looking hands and an enormous bulge in the crotch of his Levi's. I almost swallowed my tongue, I said Tim come on in. He said sure thing Uncle Ken and he came up and gave me a hug and said Long time no see. I said yea, is has been, Then I said Man Tim you have really blossomed out and man, your a fucking hunk, He smiled and said Why Uncle Ken, I didn't know you noticed something like that about a guy, I said I don't make a habit of it but I'm not blind, Tim your quite a handsome young man, I'll bet the girls, well lets just say, do you carry a stick to fight them off with? he smiled and said hot hardly uncle Ken, I said thats surprising.

We came into the house and I started showing him where to put his things and clothes and he said, Man I have to take a leak I showed him the bathroom and I was talking to him, showing him the linen closet where the towels and showering amenities were, he just whipped out one of the most gorgious cocks on a human being I had ever seen, It had to be eight inches,beautifull cut, and I guess that was with the sort of piss hard he was sporting and It looked like it was thick as his wrist, I said My God in Heaven Tim which side of your family did you inherit 'THAT' from? He held up his cock for me to get a good look at it, and said, what this thing, he smiled and just said it came with the package, and giggled. He finished pissing and put his cock into his trousers and we went into the living room and set down. I had forgotten to take the video out of the VCR and He grabbed the remote and turned the T.V. on and punched play and as soon as I saw It I yelled, the video was a bi-sexual one, and the scene was two guys and one was fucking a gal and the other was being sucked off by the guy fucking the girl at the same time.

He jumped and said what the fuck, I said I'm sorry, he said not the video, Why'd you yell, I have seen guy on guy videos before, I love em. Shit, Man don't scare me like that, I said I'm sorry Tim, he just smiled and looked at me.

Well we spent the day doing several different things, He went with me to the store to stock up on food and I ask Tim how old he was and he said Unce Ken I'm twenty, and I said do you like beer and he said almost as much as I like to have sex. I just smiled and said I like Michelobe is that alright, he said excellent man, I said alright, I got snack foods for watching T.V. and He said can we visit the porn shop? and I said I have several good ones at home, he said Awesome man, I am gonna like staying with you.

We got home and unloaded the goodies from the car and went in and He said I noticed you only have one bedroom and no couch Uncle Ken, and I said yea, Is that a problem with you, He said you men me sleeping in bed with you, He said no not at all, It might get interesting, I just looked at him sorta stunned like. We watched T.V. and went out to supper At Burger King and came back and watched one or two shows on T.V. and then Tim said Put on a porn flick Uncle Tim, I said do you really want to watch a film like that, all it does for me is make me want to have sex, He said me too, and he said, Uncle Ken I know how to give myself pleasure , I jerk off all the friggen time, and some of my buddies and I have had races, to see who could cum off first, I said really, I have never done anything like that ever, Tim just smiled, you like pussy uncle Ken? I said Tim I have never touched a girl or a guy or had the pleasure of letting one touch me either, I'm in all respects a friggen Virgin and Will because or my shyness and stupidity stay that way for the rest of my life, sad huh? He smiled and Said Uncle Ken theres a first time for every thing, now ain't there? I said I guess so.

We watched movies untill about 11:00 that night and I said well I'm gonna turn in, and went into the bedroom and I looked and Tim was right behind me, I stripped down to my briefs and Tim looked at me and said Uncle Ken your hot looking for a twenty seven year old man, I said thank you Tim and your very hot looking too, he said, You think so, I said yes I know so.

WE crawled into bed and I shut the lights off and I layed with my hands up under my head on my pillow laying on my back and I thought about Tims cock in the bathroom, the moonlight was comming thru the window an I could see Tims hand down in his shorts and I was getting a hard on watching him, I just closed my eyes and thought It was all just wishful thinking and sorta dozed off, My cock stiff and bulging upward in my briefs quite noticable, I was asleep and I was sort awakened by a movement in my bed since I wasn't used to anyone sleeping with me, I felt Tim turning over on his side and just very gently reached over and layed his hand onto my cock and just felt it up and down with his fingers and sorta rubbed at the tip and followed the rim of my cock head around on the cotton underwear I felt like I would swallow my tongue and I didn't move I just layed there and the feeling was incredible, maybe I could let myself go and really enjoy this for the first time in my life. Shit man the feeling was getting better, different that me doing it, gently and erotic, I know I was breathing harder and almost panting, and I felt Tim as he leaned over a little farther and pulled my briefs out away from my cock and slid them down as far as they would go with out me raising up to let them come off. and he gently lifted up my nuts which were drawing up tight and caught the elastic of my briefs under my nutsack and then returned to my throbbing Hard, hot,cock.

I thought I would explode, the feeling was just plain fenominal, I had never had that feeling before I wanted to help him and make it feel even better, I don't know how that would have happened and then I thought I would faint He took my hard, throbbing cock into his mouth and started sliding his mouth up and down and a feeling like I had never had took over my body and I was transported to a Island in the clouds and It was awesome, joy like a flood and sensation in the full length of my cock was flooding over me an I was melting into a pool of the most pleasurable sensations I have ever encountered I felt this way, untill Tim brought me to a creshendo of delight and I felt that feeling I knew would take me over the top and he was just sucking and taking it to the pubic hair and I started moaning and I tried but I couldn't stay quiet I started that feeling of spasming in the lower part of my cock and the ejaculatory muscles started firing off and contracting and Tim started sucking and slurpping and swallowing a massive Load of my man cream, My nuts were totally drained, sucked dry and I was making noises of pure satisfaction, no doubt Tim knew I was awake now, And I layed back and breathed like a person with asthma almost gasping for breath and Tim just smiled pulled my briefs back up over my very wet cock and said, Now Uncle Ken your not a virgin anymore and smiled and kissed me on my mouth, I said Tim, where in hell did you learn to do that? He said, I am gonna teach you more, too. We went on to sleep, Tim Didn't want me to return the sex favor to him this night, I said well tomorrow night it's your turn and he said o.k., and rolled over and went to sleep, Shit I layed awake all night thinking about the awesome thing that had just happened to me, this virgin man, What an awesome memory.

The next day I called My sister Shirley, Tims mom, and said Tim had made it alright, Then Shirley confessed something to me, about Tim, she said Ken, I must tell you, and I know it's not fair to you, but Tim's Gay, and that's why I sent him away, I didn't want him around Pats Kids especially her boys. I am afraid for them, I don't think he would do anything to them, and I stopped her dead cold, and said Shirley, thats not how it is with gay men, they want another man, not a kid, wake up and smell the coffee, It is a proven fact most men that molest little boys are not what you call gay, there sick. and Tims not sick He's gay.

Well she said at least you know the truth and If you don't want him there, I stopped her again and said Shirley, I have no problem with Tim and he is welcome to stay as long as he wants. She said alright then and hung up.

Tim came back from where ever he had gone and came in in time for supper, later that night we went to a small concert in the local park a sort of battle of the local bands and had a really nice time and I said ready to head for the house? and we went home and I remembered what Tim had said last night He came out of the bathroom, naked as a jaybird and sporting a really hard stiff cock. he said ready for some love making and I smiled and said yes, he said I got this stuff to make it better for you and I said Whats gonna be better for me, After he said and he layed me back took my shorts off and raised me up and spread my ass cheeks and started slipping his tongue into my poopshoot I started writhing, it felt so fucking good and after a while I felt it as he lubed up my anal orafice and slid a finger, then two, then three, letting me adjust to each as it happened and then he started massaging a sorta spot inside my rectum canal and I started feeling like I would cum again and fuck me He knelt up and said Uncle Ken your ready now to loose you virginity completely, I said I don't understand and he gently said baby, you will, and he leaned over and stuck the head of his cock into my asshole and I jumped like I had been shot with a shotgun and I felt pain and burning sensation, and I could feel my asshole stretching almost beyond limits as Tims Thick, hard, hot cock slowly slid into the canal and when he was finished I could hardly get my breath and he said there, now just let it get adjusted and the pain will go away, I said, I muther fucking hope so, and after a few minutes It started to disapate and I felt a nice hot, throbbing cock as it started to enter and exit and then repeat the process and I was beginning to feel like a whore on freebie night, I couldn't get enough cock in me. fuck this was awesome, and I started talking dirty to Tim and saying You fucking Stud, jam it in me, give me that cock and I was like loosing a sense of reality and Tim was Smiling and Pumping and pouring on the heat into my asshole, Man I felt like my innards were on fire and I needed Tims cock to put out the fire. I was getting wilder by the minute and I saw the beeds of sweat pop up on Tims forehead and I heard him saying Oh Fuck man, his face was getting redder and he was huffing and puffing and humping and making passionate love to me and I felt his body get very rigid as he jammed his cock all the way to the hilt, I felt his balls rubbing up against my ass, and he started that jerking motion in his stomach and I felt Hot liquid explode into my intestines and Fuck I lost it then with that feeling I stared blasting vollies of ropey white love cream from the head of my cock, and I grunted, gasped for breath and then went as dead as a doornail, Tim just collapsed over onto me, and we layed like that for almost thirty minutes, Fuck that was the most awesome fuck I ever had he finally said, I said that was the most incredible beginning I ever had too, I said. Tim just looked up and said I love you Uncle Ken, and I said I love you too Tim.

Well you can guess it, we had a wonderful week and Tim continued to stay for a while longer than a week and at least once a week he comes over an spends the night with me and we have a wonderful sex filled night of wild passionate love making and I have come out of my shell sexually and I meet nice people and have some good times, but the best is always when Tim and I relive our first time ever chance we get.



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