My body shivered with pleasure as I looked down at Wesley and told him, " Wesley, meet my two boys Lucas and Van.

"Van was sucking the head of my cock like he was slurping for gold making me shiver from the pleasures of being so cock sensitive. You guys know the feeling after you bust a nut and your cock is sensitive to the touch that your body feels so crazy good that you don't know what to do.

As Van was sucking on the head of my cock Wesley stood up and faced Lucas who was pulling down his jeans to show off his hot teen dick that was already at full attention. Wesley was about drop to his knees and suck some more cock when I grabbed him by his jeans and pulled my cock out of Van's mouth.

"Why don't we all get more comfortable and get out of these clothes." I told them as I stepped out of the new black boxers. No sooner than the words had left my mouth than the three studs shucked their clothes and I had three studs in front of me all naked with fully erect cocks and soft unblemished skin ready to be fucked. I looked at Wesley's ass and knew I had to have a piece of that. It was like to two half melons pressed up together with not a single hair anywhere.

'God I was gonna have to hit that ass.' I thought to myself.

"Lucas why don't you get Wesley's ass ready for some Daddy cock and Van why don't you get Daddies cock lubed up ready to pound this tight boys ass."

I said to the three. Lucas pushed Wesley up against the wall, knelled down behind him and went to town on his ass causing him to moan out loud over the sound of slurping on his ass action.

I looked down at Van and could tell by the look on his face that he was the one that wanted my Daddy cock.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry son after I tap that ass of his I'll send those two off and you can have Daddy all to yourself. Ok son."

I looked down at his cute lips and watched his eyes light up like the fourth of July.

" So why don't you get Daddies cock lubed up so I can tap that boys pretty ass." I told him pointing my head at Lucas eating the hell out of Wesley's tight ass that was getting wetter by the second. He didn't need any further encouragement and dove on my shaft and started slobbering on my cock using spit and his tongue to give me a wet and juicy blowjob.

I watched as the boys head dove up and down on my cock with gusto. The boy was trying to get every inch of my cock down his throat and was doing a good job. He must have had a lot of practice cause the boy was 3/4 down on my shaft with no trouble. Hearing the sound of his sloppy sucking and his moans of pleasure was music to my ears and should have be the soundtrack to my life.

My cock felt hard as a rock and wanted some tight ass to ride it.

"Bring that ass over here so I can tag that ass boy." I told Wesley.

Lucas came up for air and Wesley walked over to me turning around to me sitting on the edge of the bench in the dressing room and presenting his hot bubble ass to me.

He looked back at me and said," Be gentle, I'm a virgin." When he said that I felt my cock twitch with excitement of getting some virgin ass and popping this Twinks cherry. Van reached for my cock and lined it to Wesley's tight ass lips. I grabbed Wesley by the hips and guided his hole right on to my cock. I knew he was a virgin and should take it easy but I didn't want to wait. I wanted that ass now.

" Hey boys, why don't you two give this studly fellow some head to ease the pain." I told them as my cock head just sat at his ass lips ready to nail the heel of this boy. Lucas suck on his cock while you Van suck on his nipples to make them nice and hard.

Wesley leaned his head back against my chest from the pleasure the two boys were giving him. I knew then that he was ready.

I put one hand on his hips the other on his shoulder and whispered in his ear," Here comes Daddy." I told Van to bite on his nipple. Then I pulled him down and thrust my hips up and rammed all ten and half inches of my raw raging thick cock up his virgin ass causing him to scream out and throw his head back. But I wasn't slowing down.

"Take it like a man guy. I know you wanted this cock since the moment I walked in here." I whispered in his ear as I pushed my cock in and out of the tightest piece of ass that I've ever had. I was so horny and in overdrive and I lifted his ass off the bench and pounded my cock into his ass trying to rearrange his insides touching him in places that he never knew another man could touch.

As I was hitting that ass I grabbed his ass so I could pound him harder without him going. anywhere. I was grunting every time my pelvis hit his ass making him moan out in pleasure from the triple loving he was feeling from us three. My cock was feeling so tight as it was hugged by the warm ass that was riding my cock like a bronco.

All too soon I felt that feeling rising in my body from my cock, my balls churning around my sperm. In front of me Wesley leaned back his head on my shoulder as an orgasm ripped through his body from Lucas's professional sucking of his cock and my pounding of his ass. I felt him tighten his hold around my cock causing me to hit the point of no return. I roared out loud, as with all my strength, I lifted my hips up into that tight raw ass and unloaded a massive load of cum, pumping my pent up cum into him. He screamed out as my cum was pouring into his ass hitting his prostate with such force causing him to scream out as his body shivered while his cock shot out another load hitting both the boys in the face as they rushed their heads to suck some more of his load.

When i came down from that awesome high with my thick rod still jammed up his no longer virgin ass I grabbed him by the sweaty chest and pulled him close to me. He looked at me with his eyes glazed over and locked in some serious French kissing action. As I was kissing Wesley I felt two tongues licking my shaft that wasn't buried in Wesley's ass trying to lick the cum that wasn't fitting up his tight ass.

After we were done kissing and the boys had cleaned my cock and balls, that they had pulled out of his ass, and cleaned off Wesley's cum, Wesley stood up a bit wobbly and looked at me and said," thanks Daddy."

"Oh you're very welcome.”  I whispered back to him and don't worry I'm not leaving you all alone. You can have your new friend for the night Lucas, while I take Wesley with me tonight." I said. That created smiles all around.

As Lucas and Wesley stepped out of the room I looked at Van and asked him, " Are you ready for a night with some daddy cock cause I don't get tired. After I fuck Wesley at home one more time I'll have the rest of the night for you and Lucas. While I fuck Wesley you can play with Lucas and he can prepare your little ass for me."

His face lit up again when he said, " Oh bring it on Daddy." He then straddled my hips and gave me a nice tongue kiss. "I'm so glad you want me to come sleep over at your place. I love your cock so much."

Oh ya, we were going to have a lot of fun tonight.

The End of Chapter 7




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