As I was stroking my fat cock I stared at the vein that was

throbbing with each down stroke. My head tilted up and I looked at the flat

screen that was playing some hott gay porn that was blasting in my room.

It was of a forty-year-old strapping man pounding his long tanned cock into

a screaming twink that was moaning to high heaven. The twink looked like he

was running from the man as he was being slammed but every time he would

move towards the headboard the man would grab him by the hips and pull out

his cock till you could only see the purple head of his throbbing cock and

slam it violently into his the boys ass.

As the guy fucked him faster my hand would stroke in time to each

thrust until my hand was a blur and my eyes rolled back into my head. I

could feel my balls tighten; my dick grew a little thicker and knew I that

I was about to shoot another super load onto my chest. I felt my toes curl

and could feel the load building up in my balls. I grabbed my balls and

made a ring so I can shoot harder and higher load. I let out a hiss from my

lips and felt the first spurt shoot out and arc high in the air that hit my

headboard. The next flew out and hit my forehead followed by seven more

that hit my face to my belly bottom including one juicy one that shoot

right down my throat.

As I sat there in the afterglow of another nice hard orgasm I

clicked the remote to turn off the porn playing which flipped to the screen

that was on MTV and knew my son and been in my room watching reality shows

again. I would have to have another talk with him about my flat screen or

just solve the problem all together and buy him his own.

I grabbed the damp rag on the side of the bed I made for occasions

just like this and wiped myself clean and then wiped the cum off my

headboard. I jumped off the bed and headed into the shower to clean of the

smell of cum off me. Even though I had no problems with the smell I didn't

want my son to smell that coming off me. Even though I had smelled that

from him and his room many a mornings and knew the kid had hit that point

in his life where he stroked his cock every chance he got with those raging

hormones. I was the same way at that age although I had someone to help me

out with that. His is gone.

I came out the shower and put on a pair of khaki shorts and a

white tee and hoped on the computer to check my emails and my schedule for

the day. I noticed it was already on but didn't really care since I didn't

have to boot it up. I had a few emails about some future jobs that I

responded to and lots of junk mail. There was an email from a stud I went

out with last week saying he couldn't wait to go out again. I wrote him

that I'd give him a call later in the week and logged off. I had a job with

two models from the agency that were coming over in a hour so I went to the

kitchen to get some breakfast before they arrived.

As I passed my son Lucas's room in the hallway I noticed his door

was opened and that wasn't like him. He must have been in a rush this

morning and left it open. I peeked and the room and it looked like a normal

17 year olds room. A XBOX 360 sitting in front of the TV. Books in the

corner. Homework and notes all over his desk. Dirty laundry sitting in

front of the closet. Yep, a typical teenagers room. I started picking stuff

up and putting it in their place like I usually do when I noticed some

magazines sticking out from under his bed. I grabbed them to put them on

his desk until I saw the cover that shocked the hell out of me.

PORN. And not just any old porn. GAY PORN.

It wasn't that it was porn that shocked me. It was that it was gay

porn and the cover told me a lot about my son. It was a magazine I had

never heard of called Daddy Love and there was a picture of what looked

like a 45 man year old shoving his eight inch rod into his sons tight

ass. I was shocked and appalled but my cock was a different story as it

started thickening in my khaki shorts. It may be frowned upon but it was

making me throw super wood. I threw the magazine under the bed and rushed

outta the room into the kitchen to process what I had just seen and why I

was still raging hard. I grabbed a glass of water to clear my mind but the

first thought that popped in my head was of my naked son that I saw in the

bathroom last night and how perfect his bubble butt looked.

What the hell he's your son for god sakes. I thought to my

self. This is wrong in every way yet my cock felt rock hard in my

pants. Harder then it's ever felt before. Just as I was picturing my sons

bubble ass the doorbell rang. It's off to work.

It was nearly five hours later when the models left about 5:00

usually when my son gets home from soccer practice. All day my mind was

clouded with that's of him in ways a dad should never think of his son. Him

on his knees, him flat on his back, or on all fours. It just wouldn't

stop. The thoughts were getting more explicit then the last and my cock was

hard the whole day, which thanks to my work wasn't a problem. What was

happening to me? This was wrong in every way but I wanted it so bad.

As my thoughts started to wonder about his cute lips could do the

door slammed and in walked the object of my fantasies and lust.

"Hey what's up dad?" he asked breaking me out of my trance.

"Not much here. How was practice? Want some water?"

I jumped up from the bar stool and walked to the fridge and grabbed

two bottles of water. I tossed one to my son that fell to the floor. I

looked at his face and saw him staring at my crotch and realized I was rock

hard in my gym shorts that I changed into after the models left. Since I

was always going commando you could see how big and thick my cock

was. Every nock and cranny was there. My son just turned around and ran up

the steps to his room. I couldn't believe my son had just seen me with a

boner now he's probably freaked out.

I stood there until my boner died down which took a couple minutes

and headed up stairs to have a talk with my son. It was about time to give

him the birds and the bee's talk and jerking off. I knocked on his door and

pushed it open before I got a response.

"Lucas, it's perfectly normal to have an erect..." the words were

cut of by the seen before me. My son was stripped completely naked on all

fours with a foot long didlo sticking out his ass. One hand was pumping his

eight-inch long boner that was dripping pre cum and the other was pumping

the didlo in and out of his tight puckered ass. My cock turned into instant

steel. The sight before me was so wrong to like but I didn't care. And then

my hott ass son said the words that made up my mind for me.

"Fuck me Daddy. Please. I need to feel your thick cock in me now,"

he moaned as he started pumping the didlo harder and further into his ass

making it almost disappear in his ass. He was still pumping his cock but

not as fast. I needed no further encouragement from him since my cock had

been hard as hell all day needed release.

I drooped my shorts down and pulled off my shirt and jumped on the

bed causing the bed to rock. I pulled the didlo out and tossed it aside

admiring the fact that my son could take such a fat and long cock. It was

like he was practicing to take my rod all this time. I grabbed the tube of

lube sitting on the bed and applied it liberally to my rod and lined up 10

1/2 inch cock at his whole and looked at my hott ass son and saw him

looking over his shoulder with love in his eyes looking at mine filled with


"Please Daddy. Fuck me. I need your cock in me." He moaned to me as

he pumped his boner between his legs. That was all I needed to hear and

shoved all 10 1/2 inches into my son with one violent thrust that pushed my

son to the headboard as he gasped.

"You asked for it son. Get ready for the ride of your life son." I

said to him as I saw a single tear drop from his eye. I didn't care as long

as he didn't tell me stop I was going to hit that ass for all it was

worth. His ass was so hot and tight. Like my rod fit perfectly into it. My

son's ass was made for me by me.

I pulled out and pushed back in but not as forceful but still

elicited a gasp mixed with moan from my son. Both hands grabbed on to his

tight waist and I proceeded to fuck the living shit outta my son. As I

pulled in and out I watched my rod go in and out of his tight ass. Watching

his ass lips push aside to take my thick cock in his ass. It was the

hottest sight ever. My son was moaning and withering under me, which made

me want to fuck him even harder.

Then he said something that sent me into over drive, "Fuck me

harder Daddy I know you can. Fill me with your seed." Godamn this kid knows

really who to turn a guy on.

I was about to give this boy a nice and deep drilling. I got up on

my feet behind him. Squatted so my cock was aimed at his ass, grabbed his

hips and pushed my cock and started fucking him like a rabbit. I was

pounding the living shit outta my son that was shaking the bed and slamming

it against the wall. I put one hand on his shoulder for more access to that

sweet ass. Good thing my neighbors are to far away or at work cause I was

making a lot of noise banging my little stud of a son. I rammed my cock in

and out of my son's tight ass before I felt the build up in cock and the

tightening in my hanging sac that was smacking up against my sons sack. I

knew I close and wanted it to last. I wanted to bang my son all night but

also wanted to pump a load into his hott ass.

I pulled out my cock, which caused Lucas to moan, and flipped him

over and threw his legs over my shoulders and pushed my rod back in his

tight ass. I picked back up my pace as I heard the smack of my hips hitting

his tight ass. Those would definitely leave marks later. I was fucking him

so hard that he stopped stroking himself but that didn't stop the cum that

erupted out of his boner as I was hitting that ass passing the point of no

return. I watched the cum shoot out of him and hit my chest and all over

his face and some even down his throat which I planned on shooting down

later. A look of ecstasy came over his face. The kid was in heaven getting

fucked by his dad, damn.

As the last of his load was shooting out of his dripping cock I

felt my load about to shoot out of mine and pushed my cock so far up his

ass that he yelled a roar that ripped from his lips. I screamed as I pumped

my load into my son. It felt like I hadn't cum in years even though I just

stroked it this morning. I looked down at my son and he looked so hott

that I leaned down and kissed him on his sweet lips and pushed my tongue in

between his lips and tasted the sweet and tangy taste of his cum and knew I

was in heaven.

We must have been kissing for two minutes and then I leaded back on

my knees and saw my son covered in his thick and creamy load. I pulled my

spent dripping cock out of his not so tight ass and proceeded to lick the

load off his chest as he moaned my name which made me lick even harder. Yet

I saw my real prize swinging between his legs that was coming back to life

after he just shot that amazing load.

I engulfed his cock with one gulp and started to suck the living

shit out of his cock wanting that sweet teen son cum that he had in

there. He grabbed my head and face fucked me as I was sucking his cock all

the way down the 8-inch shaft to his short and curly pubes. The boy was

screaming in ecstasy as I was driving him crazy.

"I'm going to blow daddy." were the words that sent me into

overdrive. I slurped that cock down and grabbed his tightening balls and

shoved a finger up his used ass, which sent the first shot right down my

throat. As soon as I felt that first shot I backed off his cock to just the

head and slurped like it like it was the last bits at the bottom of a

milkshake with a straw. Lucas started shaking when I did that like all men

do and grabbed my ears for all they were worth.

After the last spurt went down my throat I licked my way up his

chest spending time on his belly bottom to each nipple until I got to his

mouth and kissed him letting him taste his load from my mouth. When we were

down kissing I looked into his cute blue eyes and knew I was glad I chose

to pound that ass. It was worth any consequences. I just started at him

with smile on my face.

Lucas looked at me and said"Whats up Dad"

"Nothing. Just that you just made me the happiest dad in the

world." I said as I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

He looked up at me and said" Can I have some more Daddy. Please"

What could be hotter than your son begging for your cock up his

ass. Nothing. Not A Thing.

"Anytime. Anytime" I said as I felt my cock hardening.

Across the back yard I didn't see the blinds of the window close in

the house there.

The End




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