It was around four o'clock in the afternoon when I finally woke up from a

quick nap after banging the shit out of Lucas for a couple hours until we

both fell asleep spooning on the bed. It felt so nice to be next to him

with nothing between us than the air we breathed. But nature was calling.

I crawled out of my bed and headed to the bathroom to relieve my bladder.

After I pissed and shook my cock, I went and stood in front of the mirror

and admired my tight and toned body. Thanks to good genes and working out

my body was looking nice and solid. The push-up and sit-up regiment was

really paying off. Looking at my slightly hairy body was hot. I felt

myself up and down rubbing down from my pecs with their hard nipples to

below my six-pack were my happy trail was leading. I stopped myself before

I got horned up and headed downstairs to see if I could find anything to

eat for lunch for me and my sweet Lucas boy.

Before I got into the kitchen I heard the doorbell and headed in the

opposite direction. I wonder who this could be maybe the postman with a

special package or the hunky neighbor ready for a show.

I opened the door and there standing before me was a god in a in a military

suit. A marine to be precise. Standing there at nearly 6 ft 6 inches was a

dark chocolate god in a dark green Marine outfit which hugged tight in all

the right spots including that bulge right between his legs that looked

like it held a monster there waiting to be freed. I wonder if what they

say about black men is true. Cause you know if a man has big feet they

must have other big things and by the look of his feet, they seemed a size


I checked him out from head to toe lovin' what I was seeing. That dark

skin under that dark green suit was so nice. His broad shoulders above

that tight waist were nearly bulging out of his shirt. I looked at his

face and saw him blushing because I caught him looking between my legs. I

looked down and noticed that I was throwing major wood that was about to

sprout through the open fly.

I looked up and shined my trademark smile as if I didn't notice or care.

He blushed again but his eyes went back down to my raging cock that was

trying hard to brake free of my boxers and knew at that moment that he

batted for my team. I looked down at his crotch and knew he was packing

mega heat. I could see his hardening cock descending his leg growing

thicker and thicker. It looked to be about as long as mine maybe even

thicker. I could see the head of his cock against his military pants along

with his raging cock with all its veiny glory. It even looked as if he was

going commando by the fact that I was able to see every vein and line on

his cock. Looking at that hot cock and him wrapped in that military garb

was turning me on so much that my fat rod popped out of my boxers flap and

was at a 90 degree angle from my chest. As I looked down, a bead of pre

cum oozed out and glistened in the afternoon sun.

The marine looked at my cock and into my eyes then back to my pre cum

coated cock and licked his lips as if he wanted to dive between my legs for

my hot sausage there and then on the doorstep.

I was about to give him the go ahead when I heard someone descend the

stairs and then followed by " Hey dad, there's someone at the door cause I

heard the doorbell..." he cut off when he saw me with my 10 inch cock

sticking out dripping pre cum in just my boxers with a Marine standing in

front me with a raging boner lusting after my cock, standing in the


The marine blanched when he saw Lucas and I think maybe he was a little

scared and about to flee until Lucas solved that problem like the hot and

studly son that he is. Lucas took hold of his arm, pulled him into the

hallway and closed the door. Then he knelt right in front of me not caring

what the marine saw and stuck out his sluttish tongue and wiped it across

my throbbing cock licking off the glistening pre cum from my cock causing

my body to shiver from the contact. My body was so filled with lust that

any touch was causing me to shake with ecstasy. I looked from my son to

the hot marine in front of me and saw his eyes bulging out of their

sockets, astonished that a son was giving his hot dad head. I pulled my

dripping cock away from my son and went over to the stud marine. I stared

into his eyes seeing them filled with lust that he was about to get into

something hot and sweaty.

I pulled him closer and inhaled his male scent that was some sort of

cologne mixed with sweat from the exercises he was doing to get that body

as hard as a rock. As I licked my lips and brought my tongue out and

dragged it across his neck to the bottom of his earlobe and nibbled lightly

on his earlobe. When my tongue reached his ear he let out a gasp of breath

at the feeling my moist tongue was giving him. At the same time Lucas was

below me not wasting any time and had engulfed my cock all the way to its

base burying his face in my pubes. I could see the look of shock on his

face as he watched my throbbing shaft disappear down Lucas's throat with no


As my son was expertly sucking my rod I wanted to explore this stud of a

man that was before me. I reached across his chest and undid the buttons

up and down his shirt. After that I freed his chest from his snug fitting

pants. He wasn't wearing anything underneath seeing as it was hot as hell

outside. As the shirt fell apart I looked at his dark skin that was smooth

all over from his puffed out pecs, across his six-pack that had a little

sweaty glisten to it that I wanted to lick up, all the way down passed his

belly button. From there it was a little hairy happy trail that lead to

the real prize. While my son was still sucking my cock I leaned forward

and ran my tongue across his nipples that were perky as hell causing the

Marine to shiver with delight. I gently bit the left one and feverishly

ran my tongue across it making him moan out load making me go faster. I

grabbed him by the hips and switched to the right one doing the same thing

there. For ten minutes I switched back and forth making him moan and

shiver from my expert tonguing. As I descended his sculpted body I reached

between his legs and felt his giant cock throbbing in my hand hot and

blazing with fire. As my tongue worked it's way up and down between his

six-pack I unzipped his military pants and freed, from his trousers, the

snake that smacked his abs leaving a trail of hot sticky marine cum as it

smacked with a load plop against his six-pack.

His cock had to be about 11 inches long and as think as a hard cucumber.

This stud was packing major wood. I licked my lips and grabbed the

swinging pole and licked the dripping pre cum that was pouring out of his

purple head. At the touch of my tongue the Marine gasped out loud when he

saw me swipe his pre cum down my throat. As his eyes went back in his head

I dropped to my knees forcing my cock out of Lucas' sucking throat. With a

smack and one swift movement from years of practice with thick tools, I

took that cock straight to the back of my throat letting my tongue massage

that vein that ran along the bottom of his cock.

I guess that swallowing his cock was too much for the Marine cause all of a

sudden I could feel the same vein shaking and spasming, his balls that were

in my hand tightened and rose up his sack, he grabbed my head as he was

gasping and shot his thick creamy load straight down my throat hitting my

tonsils with force. This Marine was blowing a major load that was bursting

down my throat. I wanted to taste his load so I grabbed his shaft and

pulled it out until just the head was in my mouth and then like a lollipop

I sucked the hell out of that purple throbbing head as he fired five more

shots of his manly cum down my throat and I savored ever single finger

licking drop in my belly. It was a creamy goodness that tasted so good,

but not as good or as sweet Lucas boy's seed.

As the stud came down from his high his cock started to soften a little bit

and I let him stand there as I got up from my knees and walked into the

living room, and took a seat on the couch. Lucas and the Marine followed

me into the living room and as soon as my ass hit the couch Lucas's mouth

was swallowing my cock and bobbing up and down on my shaft. I put one hand

on his head pushing him down on my cock as he swallowed all 10 1/2 inches

of throbbing leaking daddy cock straight down to my curly pubes. With the

other hand I patted the cushion next to me for the Marine to sit next to me

and watch my son give his daddy head. The Marine pulled off his shirt and

pants standing there just in his boots and his marine hat looking like a

Greek chocolate statue that Da Vinci could have sculpted and then sucked

off. He stood there with his whole body glistening with sweat and his rod

already back to full mast. He was like a vision out of the most perfect

porn movie without a corny plotline or stupid acting, just hot and sweaty

sex. That was just what I was going to give this stud.

His eyes were glued to my son's head as he went up and down my cock never

needing a breath just taking my cock from root to tip like a pro. The

Marine looked from my sons bobbing head into my eyes and I could tell he

still wanted more but was a little shy. I had to cure him of that habit.

I leaned over to him and looking into his eyes I gently brushed my lips

against his kissing him ever so softly. Then I parted his lips and

explored his mouth tasting and smelling the faint lingering of French

fries. At first his tongue stood still and then as my other hand that

wasn't forcing more cock into my son's throat I started to tweak his

nipples causing his tongue to start to press up against mine.

As our tongues danced a tango I could feel my son bringing me to the point

of no return. He must have known this because he started to bob even

faster trying to coax out my manly seed to feed his aching insides but I

had other plans for that load.

When I felt my balls tighten I grabbed the Marine by his neck and pushed

him towards my crouch and whispered in his ear "Taste this you'll love it".

His neck resisted but I pushed him towards my crouch and at the same time

pulled Lucas off my ready to blow cock hearing a loud popping sound

followed by a "Daddy, I want your load down my throat". He begged.

"Don't worry son, you'll get much more where that came from" I told him as

I felt the cum rushing up my shaft ready to squirt up this stud's throat.

The first shot hit him on the lips before I was able to place his unwilling

mouth around my throbbing cock. I pushed up into his mouth and fired five

huge shots of thick, creamy cum into his mouth. At first it spilled out

along my shaft, but then from the cum hitting his tongue he must have liked

the taste of it cause he latched onto my cock and sucked the cum right out

of my aching, spewing balls.

After I fired my last shot I fell back against the cushion watching this

hot assed Marine sucking my cock, my son pushed the guy away saying "This

is my cock, not yours". Lucas licked my cum that was dripping down my

shaft and cleaned up my cock and balls. God it was a hot sight, your son

cleaning your cock after you fire a massive load down a cum swallowing

virgin's throat.

I looked from my son at the Marine and seeing the cum drip from his lips

made me crazy with lust. Yet before I could lean forward and lick it away

Lucas saw it and jumped up from my crouch and straddled the surprised

Marines waist and started to lick all the cum away from around and in his


"This is my cum too" he said taking a breath before returning to lip lock

with the dark studly Marine.

"Goddamn does life get any better than this" I thought to myself. Do you

know what could be better than this cause, I can't think of a single thing.

The End of Part 4 - Part 5 coming soon




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