It was a month later since me and my son had our first threesome with the strapping marine who had put his cock into my son. I was still having wet dreams thinking about those chocolate globes and hot lips sucking on our cocks. Good thing I had my son to help me out in that department. With his soft skin sliding up and down over my tanned body. God that kid is so hot I thought to myself. I was lying on my bed with just a sheet covering my naked body that was springing some serious wood that was causing a tent in the silk sheets.

As I slid the covers off my body I ran my hand down my rock hard abs towards my rod that was red hot and rock hard, I thought of a good reason why I let my son out of my bed without tapping his sweet ass for his morning fuck. Then I remembered he was visiting his friend Van, that he hadn't seen in a long time. Not since the day I caught him with that huge didlo in his ass and fucked him into next week. Van was his friend from school that he was hanging out with since grade school. That kid was a hot little stud like my Lucas and definitely flaunted his good looks and always had me wanting to rip off his clothes and ravage his hot little teen body. The only thing stopping me was what Lucas would think. Now I thought the next time he came around I'd give it to him and bang the hell out of that hot ass of his.

I slid my hand up and down my shaft while fantasies of Van were getting my cock so worked up. I moved my other hand up to my hard pecs and used two fingers to massage my nipples while my other hand was stroking my shaft. I spit on my hand for some natural lube to speed up the process. I needed to nut fast. As I tweaked my nipple harder and harder my other hand was stroking faster and faster and causing my cock to get to that point of no return. I moved my hand from my nipple to my balls and pulled my balls down a little bit as I felt the cum rushing out of my cock like a geyser making me arch my back, close my eyes and let out a yell as the cum flew out of my dick. The first shot hit the headboard above my head as the next one hit me right above my chin and the next couple hitting my abs and sliding down.

As I came down from my high I wiped the cum off of my body with my hand and brought it to my lips and took my time tasting each and every creamy salty drop. After sucking down my sons load I never let a single drop go to waste, whether it was mine , my son's or a hunky marine's cum all the cum was licked and sucked into my hot waiting mouth.

I hopped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up so I could go pick up Lucas and take him shopping for some new summer clothes and other things. I turned the water on to let it get at the right temperature and went to stare at the full view mirror and stared at my rock hard body. Looking at myself made me happy that I got the personal gym installed in the shed in the backyard. I know my son enjoyed it and the results that all the machines have on mine and his bodies is awesome. My son lets me know every time his tongue wanders up and down my hard abs before he sucks his daddies cum down his throat. God I was springing a boner just thinking about those hot lips causing me to throw some serious wood again. If I kept going like this I'd never get out of the house. I looked down at my hard cock and told him he'd have to wait for Lucas to finish him off.

I hopped in the shower, took a quick wash up and stepped out grabbing a terry towel to dry off. I brushed my teeth, ran the razor across my face for a quick shave and splashed some diesel cologne (Lucas's favorite) on and headed into my bedroom and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed my wallet and keys and headed down the stairs. Since I didn't have time for breakfast or felt like cooking I grabbed a couple of granola bars out of the pantry and a can of arizona iced tea and headed out the door. I locked up the house and hopped into the Dodge Durango and pulled out the driveway and headed downtown to where Van lived. After two granola bars, half an iced tea and 4 songs off my sons newest cd he had left in the car (today it was Jesse McCartney studly self) I was sitting in front of Vans house and honking the horn waiting for Lucas to come. I knew he would never turn down a shopping trip on me.

He came out of the house about two minutes later followed by Van. Both of them had their messenger bags slung over their shoulders heading towards the Dodge. As they both headed to the car I rolled down the window on the passenger side and looked at Lucas giving him the raised eye questioning why Van was following him.

As he leaned his head in the window he asked, "Hey Dad, do you mind if Van comes with us since he's home alone again with no one to keep him company?" Then he shined those pearly lips that last night I had blasted cum all over. He knew I couldn't say no to that sweet face.

"Sure. Both of you hop on in. I'm sure there's room in the back of the car for the both of you." I told him and elected a yes from both those studs. They both rushed into the car Lucas in the front and Van in the back. Lucas reached over the middle to where I was sitting and planted a big kiss on my lips with those sweet lips of his. He definitely knew how to turn his dad on. And from the look in the rearview mirror I wasn't the only that enjoyed the kiss.

To Be Continued. . .

Just playing with you.

After thirty minutes of driving with the boys talking non-stop we made our first stop at Best Buy to pick up the boys and me some new electronics. First we hit the movie section and picked up the latest movies like Iron Man, Hulk, Baby Mama and Don't Mess With The Zohan. Then we hit the cd department getting all the newest albums like Michelle Williams, John Legend and Pussycat Dolls (one of Lucas's favorite groups). Then we went to the video game department with the kids picking out new games that they could play on their XBOX 360 including the elite I bought for Van. They got the new Guitar Hero, Fallout 3 and the one I was looking forward to Fable 2. Then we hit the electronic department. Where we all got the newest 32GB Ipod touches with all the necessary attachments like docks, cables, skins, and earbuds. After that I got Lucas a flat screen , so he'd stop watching mine and Van a smaller flat screen since he said he already had one in his bedroom and wanted one for his playroom.

After that the electronics were loaded in the car and dropped of at home. It was about six o'clock so we headed to the mall to do some much needed clothes shopping. The thing about having a growing boy is that you seemed to be shopping for new clothes what seems like once a month. But it didn't bother me much cause i got to watch sexy Lucas try on new clothes for his daddy always shaking his sweet little bubble ass knowing I liked it and now maybe Van would do the same. First we went to Foot Locker to get some new shoes cause I needed some new workout shoes and the boys seemed to go through shoes like they were nothing. The clerk seemed happy since we were giving him a big sale by getting so many shoes.

Once we got those to the car we headed back and the next stop was Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Hollister where all the cute Twinkie studs get clothes to show off their hot Pecs, rock hard abs and tight bubble butts. After following those two, shopping in those stores and trying on all those clothes and the other Twinkies there, my cock was rock hard in my pants ready to burst out of the confines of my pants. Every now and then I caught one of the cute studs staring at my crotch which seemed ready to burst out of its prison and which needed immediate attention and release. When we walked into Old Navy I knew that all this was about to change when I saw the cute clerk welcoming us in the store. It was thirty minutes to closing time and there was no one else left in the store except us.

The boy looked fresh outta high school with a slim tight body. He had black messy hair with a slight five o'clock shadow. He had on a blue Old Navy shirt that was tight across his hot body and some blue low rider jeans that showed a little belly giving me a peek of his happy trail leading to his nicely sized pouch. He looked me up and down and I guess he liked what he saw because he licked his lips and stared me in the eyes asking "Is there anything I can help you with sir." With a slight smile across his face like he knew what I wanted.

I knew what i wanted and asked him, " Do you guys have any boxers that can handle a big package in them.

He licked his lips again and told me to follow him. As I was walking behind him I got to check out that hot ass of his which was looking all tight and confined in those low rider jeans ready to be ripped off at any moment by me.

When we got to the underwear section, right next to the dressing room, he handed me a couple of tight fitting pairs and pointed to the dressing room without saying a word. As I walked into the dressing room I was throwing some serious wood. I stepped out of my pants and FTL and tried on the boxers that seemed to hug my balls and cock in all the right spots and showed of my erection that was strapped to the side of my thigh throbbing as if it wanted to break free. I was about to open the door when i had a better idea for this stud clerk that would definitely make his day.

When I opened the dressing room door the clerks eyes ,whose name tag said he was Wesley, seemed to bulge out of his head. I could see that he liked what he saw. There I was standing in front of him with nothing on but those tight boxers. He looked me up and down, his eyes sucking in the sight from my rock hard abs to my treasure trail that led to the cock that was against my thighs looking like a huge sausage trapped in there. The kid looked dumb struck like he didn't know what to say.

I gave him my trademark eyebrow raise and asked him, "Do you think these boxers make my cock look big?" That seemed to break him out of his stupor. He looked me in the eyes and then at my crotch and licked his lips.

" You wanna try it out." I said to him.

" The boxers?" He asked with a puzzled look mixed with lust across his face.

"No stupid. What's in the boxers." I said as I made my cock jump up and down in the boxers.

The stud came into the dressing room, locked the door and dropped to his knees. His long tongue slivered out of his mouth and licked along my shaft and caused my body to shiver with pleasure. He gave my crotch a tongue bath through the new boxers and then slid his hands into the waistband, sliding the boxers down my thighs, making my rock hard rod cock slap him in the face with a strip of pre-cum hitting him on the chin. His tongue went straight to my spongy purple mushroom head and licked away my cock juices and then gave my throbbing cock a wet tongue bath covering every inch of my rod and balls never missing a spot.

After five minutes of this treatment, licking and sucking on my balls, I couldn't take anymore of this, my hot rod needed some attention and it needed it now. I grabbed his head pulled him away and lined my rod with his mouth and hit bulls eye as I slid all ten and a half inches into his hot and soft sucking mouth. As the stud sucked on my cock he paid extra attention to the vein on the underside stroking it with his tongue as his mouth when up and down. Sometimes he would go real slow and linger with his tongue and at other times he would get rough, growling like a dog and pushing my cock from left to right in his hot moist mouth. My cock was in heaven. This kid was obviously a pro because he didn't need any instructions as he bobbed up and down, moaning over my rod that was getting close to the point of no return.

As the stud was pushing me closer to the edge I was fondling my right nipple using my other hand to bash my rod in and out of his warm sucking teen mouth. When I felt my cock getting closer I pushed in faster and faster using my hips to make my cock hit the back of his throat each time causing him to moan louder and louder, knowing he was about to get my special treat. As I hit the point of no return I grabbed my cock and pulled it out of his mouth making a big plop noise as it came out, The stud's mouth leaned forward wanting me to put it back in there for his special creamy treat, but I wanted to paint his face first. As he leaned forward my rod fired its shot of molten hot cum, hitting him in the eye making him moan as it dripped down his chin. Then I shoved the rod all the way back down his throat as my cum fired in his mouth with my cum hitting his tonsils like I was banging in a gong. He grabbed my cheeks and pulled me into him deeper trying to force more cum out of my cock. I just closed my eyes as I held his head and fired six more good man sized cum shots down his throat with him sucking my cock like it was a slurpee ice cream and he was trying to get the last out of the bottom.

As I came down from my high and opened my eyes I heard a loud pounding on the door to our dressing room. Someone had came in the store while I was firing my load down the clerks hot throat. There I was sitting in the bench with Wesley staring at me in nothing but sandals and a pair of black boxers around my ankles and my hard dick throbbing between my legs with cum and spit dripping out of the purple head. He was on knees in front of me was the licking his lips, fresh cum all over his face. He had a scared look on his face.

We both hurried up and pulled on our clothes as the door was banged again. I was still pulling up my pants when Wesley opened the door




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