Hey boys glad your back for another installment of everyone's favorite

father/son. You know the rules if you're under 18 or 21 in some states

stop reading otherwise unzipped and enjoy.

There was my son straddling this stud of a Marine I had just fed a hot and

sticky load to and Lucas was trying to do his best to lick all of my cum

right out of his mouth. It was a hot sight that was making my solider rise

to attention once again. My sons tanned white skin against the Marine's

dark colored skin was a sight to behold watching them exchange spit with

their cute DSL (dick sucking lips) and Lucas grinding his hips on the

Marine causing his shaft to start to rise up along Lucas's tight hole.

I got up from the couch listening to the two moaning and dropped in behind

the two. I saw the Marines cock grinding up and down Lucas's clenching ass

hole that was begging to be pounded. I would be happy to oblige them both.

I licked the Marines throbbing cock making him moan with pleasure wrapping

his arms around my son. As I bobbed up and down his shaft lubing it with

my spit just the way Lucas liked it, the two were moaning and groaning as

they pumped and grinded they hot and sweaty bodies against each other.

When I was sure that his cock was lubed enough I reached for Lucas's hips

lifting them up and grabbed that meaty 11 inch cock and lined it up with my

sons tight ass and rubbed it back and forth on his rosebud. They both

moaned out loud as I rubbed his cum dripping cock against my sons quivering


"Daddy, please put it in. I need some thick cock in me now before I burst"

Lucas pleaded looking at me with those sexy blue eyes that I fall into

every time I see them. How could I say no? I pulled his hips down hard

making Lucas yelp as he felt that thick monster invade his tight ass to the

base causing the Marine to gasp in his breath as he felt my sons tight ass

engulf his throbbing cock like no other had ever done for him, male or


As soon as I shoved his hips down Lucas was riding that cock like a true

pro that he was. Going straight up and down, grinding his hips around in

circles making the Marine feel things he had never felt before. My son was

going up and down as fast as hell trying to push down harder and harder,

trying to take more of that throbbing cock up his tight ass. He clenched

hard when he pushed his down on the Marine's cock making his ass feel even

tighter than it already was. My son was definitely a pro at riding a cock

and I was going to have to find out from whom he had learned this


Watching these two go at it was hot in itself but I was never one to take a

back seat in sex whether it was just one or five. I spit on my hand and

lubed my leaky cock with it and squatted behind my son ready to give him

the double dicking of his life. I lined my cock up at his hole where the

Marine cock was shoving in and out at a rapid pace. I grabbed Lucas's hips

and shoved my cock in his overstretched hole feeling the Marine hard cock

rub up against mine.

Lucas screamed at the top of his lungs when he felt my cock enter his hole

stretching his hole to the limit. I was about to pull out thinking it was

to much for my son but my cock was feeling so good and I was overcome with

lust. I slowly pulled out and shoved my cock violently back in his hole

making him yelp again. It was so good. The feeling of his hot hole along

with the Marine monster cock rubbing against mine was pure ecstasy. Heaven

on earth.

"Harder Daddy, fuck me harder, you two fuck me harder and fill me with your

cum" Lucas moaned out loud causing me and the marine into a fucking frenzy.

We both were pulling and pounding into this hot piece of teen ass making

him moan out loud in between the marine grunting in pleasure mixed with my

screaming "Take all of your daddies cock and get ready for us both to pump

your pussy ass full of our man cum". He begged for it with his tongue

hanging out of his mouth as we fucked him like rag doll.

The only sound in the house was of hard adult cocks thrusting and sliding

into a hot teen ass that was getting the fuck of his life. The only smell

was that of sweat mixed with lots of hot sticky, creamy cum. As we fucked

the hell out of my son I could feel the Marines cock swell and knew he was

about to fire and right on time as I felt my balls tighten.

I reared back and with all my strength I slammed into his ass and shot six

shots of hot and sticky cum into my son's bowels. He screamed out when I

slammed into him and begged me to fill him with my hot daddy cream. I was

happy to obey him. I could feel the Marines cum shooting into my sons ass

and knew all three of us where in heaven. I could hear my son moan out and

by his spasming I knew he had shot his load all over the Marines chest.

When I felt the last shot come out of my cock I pulled my dripping cock out

and knelt between their legs and licked the cum that was overflowing from

his ass. The marine pulled out his deflating shaft that I hungrily licked

clean and then finished eating Lucas's ass that was brimming with creamy

white milky cum.

After I was done I plopped on the couch and took a deep breath.

"Damn that was good son. You have a hot ass. You sure know who to please

a guy." I said.

"Anything for you daddy." he said as he leaned over and kissed me on the


"So solider what's your name?" I said to the Marine wanting to put a name

to that long black cock.

"The name's Private Benjamin Deaver, but my friends call me Benji, sir" he

said taking a deep breath.

"Drop the sir, son. You just pounded my son's ass like an animal. Call me

Parker."I said to him looking at his slick covered chest as my son laid his

head on his shoulder recovering form the ass pounding he had just received.

Benji was stroking my sons sweaty back as we talked.

"So what brings you here solider? I know it wasn't to chew on my cock and

fill my son's ass with cum" I said shining my trademark smile.

He blushed and said "I was looking for recruits for the Marines but it

looks like you're the one who recruited me" and he flashed a devilish smile

as he leaned in and kissed me fully on the lips.

"I've never done anything like this before" he said as he leaned back from

the kiss.

"You're a virgin?" I asked quizzing, because after the way he just fucked

my son I couldn't believe it.

"Naw man. I mean I've never done it with a guy. I've always wanted to try

it. Just never gotten the chance."

"Damn man. Well I guess I don't have to ask you if you liked it or not

after that load you just shot" He blushed when I said that and looked down.

"No but I'd like to try it again" he said as his cock began to rise from

the ashes of his pubes.

"Well I think we can help there. Can't we sonny boy?" I said to my son.

He lifted his head up off Benji's chest and said "We sure can daddy" and

kissed Benji square on the lips.

It makes a father proud. Wouldn't you be proud of your son? I know I'm

proud of mine.




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