After i pumped another two loads into my sons hot not so tight ass,

he curled in my arms and into a deep sleep. i sat with my arms wrapped

around him and started at his tight and tanned body he got from soccer and

thought how i was so lucky to have a stud like this begging for me. nothing

could have been better than this. Only second to when this stud was born.

I gently uncurled myself from him and went to go relieve my bladder

that was ready to burst after pumping him with three loads. I took a piss

shook it and stood buck naked in front of the full legnth mirror sitting on

back of the bathroom door and admired my still rockin body. i was gifted

with genes form my dad that always keep me looking hot. I ran my from my

pubic region up my scuplted abs from my daily regiman of sit-ups and

push-ups. Up across my hard pecs and tweaked my nipples that i would show

my son the enjoyment of nipple play some day soon. I ran my hand up my neck

through my short buzzed cut blond hair. Not to be conceited but i was damn

fine and knew it. And all the other women and some men that flirted with me

wherever i went knew it to.

My thoughts turned a little sour when i thought about how i almost

didn't get to have this stud sleeping with me. I thought about that bitch

of an ex-wife that i divorse the minute i found out she was dicked with

some other dudes behind my back like my 10 rod wasn't enough for her.

Whatever she got to keep my othe 17 year old son Peter and i got Lucas. I

figured the younger would be easier to tame then Peter but I never thought

id be taming him with my cock. Then i thought of the last time i saw Peter

naked and that tight bubble ass like his brother. Godamn im already

thinking of screwing my other son after i fucked one raw last night. Maybe

one day when he comes to visit this summer well see. i got a few ideas for

the pair of them.

I hoped on the computer to check if i had any appointments with any

models and saw my day was clear and new id be fucking my son most of the

day. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

I clmbed back in bed grabbed ahold of my son and feel asleep with

my son curled in my arms.

That night I had the most wonderous dream. There was a blond head

bopping up and down my throbbing cock and burying their face into my

pubes. They were slurping it and moaning out load at the same time. It was

the greastest feeling in the world as his mouth when up and down on my

shaft. Then i felt a hand tug on my balls and noticed that i wasn't

dreaming Lucas was giving me wake up suprise. A good morning blow job.

I watched as his short blond hair swung from side to side as he was

gulping my shaft. It was so good. I reached one hand around the base of

neck and procedded to face fuck the hell out of my son's throat. What felt

the best that he din't gag or scrap with his teeth. Somewhere my boy had

learned to deep throat cock like a pro. he was just slurping up and down on

my bulging shaft with each stroke he was bringing me closer the point.

Watching my cock dissappear and reappear from his throat, seeing his cheeks

bulge from my girth and hearing the slurping sounds of lips on cock was to

much for me. I had busted last night in his ass but i felt like i was about

to shoot another super load down his hot throat.

As i felt my balls tighten and my cock throb I knew i was about to


"i hope your ready there boy." was all i could say before i felt my

climax rack through my body. I lifted my ass up off the bed and grabbed the

top of his head pushing my cock down his throat and blew my creamy load. As

i was moaning to the high heavens i heard the glorious sound of my kid

sucking to get every drop of the daady cream that made him. As i felt the

last spurt come out my cock I let my ass hit the bed and looked at Lucas

still suckling my cock like a baby on a bottle.

"Damn boy. You're a regular cum slut huh" I told him as he licked

the head of my cock causing me to shiver from cock sensetivity.

"With cum like that how could resist" he said with that lusty look

in is eyes like he wanted more. Yet first I needed some refuel so I can be

ready to tap that ass.

"Alright buddy, but first let's get some breakfast and then I want

some dessert." I said grabbing his half erect cock as jumped out of my bed.

We both headed downstrairs, him naked me just some white boxers

that showed by bulging cock, and went into the kitchen to make us some

breakfast. I made some bacon eggs and hash browns that we both woffed down

since we didnt eat anything last night.(Unless you count me eating his cum

which i do.)

After we eat I threw the dishes in the sink and went to grab the

newspaper from the front lawn. When i came back into the kitchen I had the

sight any guy would die for. There was my son bent over grabbing something

out of the bottom cabinet. His naked tanned cheeks were pointed to the

heavens showing his rose bud winking at me with a little of my leftover cum

dribbling out. It was to much for me.

My rod turned into instant wood and popped out of the flap of my

boxers. I spit on my palm and christened my cock with slimy spit , getting

it nice wet and sticky. I got into postion right behind him and lined up my

shaft to his juicy hole that was begging to be pounded. I was real quiet

and was I was up close I grabbed the edge of the countertop and before he

knew what was happened I shoved eight inches into him with one voilent and

hard push.

"DAMMMMMNNNNNN" he screamed as he felt my giant cock but like a true cock

slut he didn't miss a beat and pushed his ass up againist me spearing

himself even further on my rod until his ass check was toching my waist. I

pulled out and started pounding my son for all he was worth feeling my cock

go in and out of his tight ass. Where he learned to have sex was just

amazing cause the boy was working it like a pro. It was making me think was

the virgin I thought he was. He was clutching his ass checks as he held

onto the cabinets making his ass tighter causing me wanting to fuck him

even harder.

I grabbed him by the waist, lifted him up and put him on the

kitchen table to royally fuck his ass. He was face down on the table

moaning as I rammed my cock in and out of his tight hole. I was in the back

grunting as my cock worked it's way in and out his hot and tight hole

making him scream everytime I bottomed out in his ass which was every third

stroke. The ass was just so good.

As i was hitting that ass I looked up and saw betwwen the trees of

the backyard and saw my neighbor was standing on the deck of his pool. He

was standing there facing away from me and he just pulled down his trunks

to sun bath. Seeing his slighty hairy ass causing me to ram his hole even

harder making Lucas moan even loader. I grabbed onto his shoulders to

thrust my cock in his hole even more.

My neighbor was standing there streching cause exposed his hot ass

to me. When I saw that tight asshole I shoved hard into my son causing us

both to scream as i pumped another load into his streched ass. I guess we

musted have screamed load because my neighbor turned around and looked me

dead in the eye as he saw me with my cock buried in my sons ass, I don't

know what he was thinking but it must of been naughty thought cause he cock

started hardeding and was at full mass 90 degrees from his chest. He was

throwing major wood. he grabbed his shaft and start stroking his thick

shaft. I looked down at my son his eyes were closed with bliss and hadn't

seen the guy. So I turned to the side so he couldn't see him and proceded

to give him a show.

I first gave my son a nice long tougue kiss tasting leftover bacon.

I made a trail kissing him from his neck to that prize between his legs

engulfing it with one breath and gave the boy the blowjob of his life. he

grabbed ny ears and face fucked me as I slurped his cock for all it was

worth. He was moaning Daddy as I could fell his cock throb between my

lips. I felt his balls tighten and stuck my finger up his ass feeling my

cum that I just pumped there and tasted that sweet teen cum flood my mouth

as he moaned "DADDY" out loud. As he came down from his high he massaged my

ears as i slurped the last remnants of his nut.

"God, your the best Daddy." he said looking down at me. Just seeing

that hot as face and cute smile made me go bonkers. I lifted up his legsand

rocked him forward and licked out that tight ass tasting my sweet cum out

of his sweet boy ass. he moaned as my long tongue licked and suck at that

nice ass. It was so good. Guy puusy is way better than any pussy. Don't let

anyone tell you any different. Once you get a taste of it you won't any


I buried my tongue in that ass for a good ten minutes till Lucas

yelled that he was about to shoot another load. I exchange my tongue with

my finger and put my mouth over his dripping cock as soon as he shot his

first load that I drank down and lowered my mouth on his cockhead and

sucked the rest of his load right out of his cock. I looked up at him and

his eyes were closed with his head leaned back after that super load he

just shot. I finished sucking his cream and wiped my lips and stood up over

him smiling down at his cute at his hot and toned body covered with a sheen

of sweat from my pounding.

"Daddy you sucked two loads out of me." he said smiling this wicked

smile that made me want some more.

"Well with cream like that what else do I need?" I said returning

the wicked smile that was trademark with the Walker boys.

"Go get cleaned up and Ill be right behind you to join you in the

shower ok."

Sure Daddy don't be long." he said hopping of the table. Seeing

that bubble ass made me want to eat it again and I knew I would have it

anytime I wanted now. No more stranger bopping on my rod.

I turned around and looked across the lawn but my neighbor was gone

with just a pair of swin trunks lying there. 'I hope he enjoyed the show.'

I thought to myself turned around to head upstairs to the only man in my

life that mattered to me right now. Sweet Lucas.

The End of Part 2

Part 3 coming soon

Feel free to comment and let me know what you like.




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