I woke up the next morning with my studly son lying in bed after a

marathon fuckfest of me filling him with cum up his ass and down his

throat. He looked worn out but had a serene look on his face like the

happiest kid in the world. I hope he did cause I felt like the greatest dad

in the world.

I stared at his tight and tanned body. His body sported tight

muscules from his soccer trained legs to his six-pack that was rippling

across his midsection. That tight bubble ass like two perfectly shaped orbs

completely hairless. So perfect that you could spend your life eating those

dimpled cheeks spread out to recieve your probing tongue or throbbing

shaft. Those developing pecs that were on there way to looking like his dad

built pecs. Those perky nipples just asking to be mnched on which I would

later. I wanted to just ravcish him right then and there but wanted to give

him some rest so we could have some more fun before the week started again.

I hoped out of bed threw on some tight white boxers and headed

downstairs to find something to eat. Banging a tight ass all nite really

takes a lot out of you. Know what I mean?

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and went to grab the newspaper to see if

there was anything important in the world since I spent the last two days

in Lucas sweet ass.

I grabbed the paper of the front step and a white note slipped

out. I picked it up and looked around the street to see if anybody was

there. Not seeing anyone I walked in the house and closed the door. I took

a seat on the couch and opened the note and read the following words.

Nice show. Hope for a live in person one soon.

Signed You Know How

I knew who it was and was getting hard just thinking about that

guys sweet ass. Making him beg for my cock. I was springing major wood that

was going down my thigh getting thicker and thicker leaking precum out the

slit. Damn I was getting horny as ever these days. I slipped out my boxers

and threw them aside while placing the bowl on the coffee table and stared

at my throbbing cock. I started stroking the throbbing rod from the base to

the tip and long slow strokes. Seeinf vein up the front was making it even

harder. I was so lost in thought that I didn't even see the stud of my life

come down the stairs and when i looked up and saw he's 8-inch throbbing

veiny cock looking me dead in the eye.

"Need some help with that Dad?" he said with that killer smile.

"Sure son. Hop on." I said back ready to plow my son for a nice

morning fuck.

He jumped up on the couch and straddled my legs lined my shaft with

his recently loosed rose bud. I grabbed on to his waist as he took a deep

breath and right before he eased himself down i pulled him down and pushed

my 10-inch rod and deep dicked him with one rough and hard stroke.

"FUCK ME DADDY" he screamed out when he felt my dick slam into

him. before I could even do anything the body was riding me like a pro bull

rider. Leaning forward and backwards with every stroke making my cock feel

amamzing. He was looking at my eyes with lust and passion grunting

everytime my cock bottomeding out in his hot ass.

It was an amazing feeling to feel his ass working up and down in

his ass, hearing the slap of his cock againist my chest everytime he went

down. God it was so hot him taking control of his daddies cock like that,

but it was daddies turn. I grabbed him by his hips and lifted him and

followed with my waist till my ass was lifted off the couch and pounded

that ass from below. feeling my pubic area hit his ass was awesome with my

cock digging deeper and deeper into his ass with every stroke. He was

moaning out loud as i was grunted with every thrust and stroke.

I kept banging that ass for a good ten minutes feeling his ass

squeeze my cock and his arms around my neck with him beeging into my ear

for more and more. I fell down on the couch and let him ride me as I

focused my attention on those perky nipples that were begging for my

attention. I locked on to the left one with my teeth and flicked my tongue

across it driving Lucas crazy as he started riding faster. I switched to

the other and sucked it pushed my tongue againist cause my son to shot his

cream load all over us including hitting my chin with force. Yet I didn't

make me stop sucking those hot teen titties.

After he down I released his nips and flipped him over with one

fast movement and stared to ride my sons tight ass. I lifted his ass up

intop the air and squated above and bent my knees slightly and lowered my

cock into his hot ass. He held his legs down and I grabbed onto the back of

the cocuh and started to fuck the hell out of my sons sweet hairless ass. I

was grunting with every down stroke trying to push my cock into the depths

of his insides making him scream out loud, "DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME


Hearing my son scream out my name was making me so hot that I

couldn't wait any longer and had to pump my load into him. I was at the

point of no return feeling my balls tighten and my cock throb even harder.

"TAKE THAT LOAD SON!" i screamed as i felt my load coming out my

shaft and pushed hard into his ass and shot eight shots of cum that seemed

to rip out of my cock. It was so nice as my cum poured into my son's ass

looking down at him seeing him covered in his cum was so hott.

As we both came down from our high I hopped off and licked the cum

off his chest and pad special atttention to his nips that caused him to

shudder with pleasure.


"Ya son?"

"Your the best dad ever"

"Your the best stud of a son in the world." I said as I kissed him

on the lips exchanged our cum.

The End of Part 3

Part 4 coming soon

Feel free to comment and let me know what you like.




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