I had finally gotten my bachelors degree from the local community college in communications. I was hoping to get a job somewhere down the line as a news reporter on a newspaper or at a t.v. station if possible, even doing commercials would be a great thing.

I got my response from a newspaper in another city, and they wanted to hire me as a cub reporter. I accepted but that meant leaving my family, friends, and neighbors.

I packed my belongings, and left home for the first time in my life, at least for any given length of time.

I was traveling to a city about four hundred miles away from home. But that was alright, I needed to spread my wings, hit life straight in the face.

I was a bit on the nerdish side, not badly built physically, not a real olympic built dude, but not really bad either, just not to much of the athletic type.

Well I got to the city found a one bedroom apartment, with one living room, asmall kitchenette, full bath,it was a second floor apartment.

I took the money that I had saved up over several years, and bought my furnishings to the apartment.

My final step was to supply my apartment with some groceries, which I did. I was set for living, I had brought my t.v. and dvd player and my stereo player too. I was just plain set.

But as the weeks and months progressed I found myself getting rather lonley, calling home was getting expensive, that is untill I got the nationwide phone service on my cell phone, but I still needed that special contact, that friendship with a person that everyone needs sooner or later.

I had lived at he Apartment Complex for about five months when I began noticing Jerome.

Jerome was a man that looked to be in his upper twenties or maybe even early thirties. Jerome was different very introverted, didn't speak very many words and just very quiet, I found out later that he had just turned to the inside ever since his bad accident, Jerome was crippled in his left leg.

He walked with a definate lip and sorta hobbled up the hallway to his Apartment door using a cane.

I desperately wanted to be his friend, because I noticed that no one ever visited him either. I was really feeling for him in a big way.

I was trying to figure out some way that I could meet Jerome and possibly become his friend, we both could use the companship. Maybe even go to a movie, or rent one and enjoy each others company watching a movie or something.

I was loading my dishwasher up in the apartment, getting ready to take a shower one afternoon, when I heard this 'Thud' sound out in the Hallway, I rushed to the door, opened it up and saw Jerome there trying to get up off the floor, A bag of groceries had broken open and were laying all over the floor, I rushed out and took him by the arm and helped pull him up and asked him if he was hurt.

'No, I'm fine thank you, just sometimes my leg gives out in the knee where it had to be operated on and if I'm in the wrong position or carrying something I end up falling to the floor, but Thank you for the help.'

'Man, let me help you to your apartment with your groceries.'

'Thanks man, that would be great, By the way My name is Jerome, and you are?'

'Oh! Sorry, I'm Kevin, Kevin Langston, I live in an apartment three doors up from your apartment.'

'Well Kevin, I'm very glad to meet you, and I appreciate what you did for me.'

'No problem man, anytime you need help with anything don't hesitate to call on me, I will be glad to help.'

I helped him in with his groceries and he flopped on his chair in the living room, 'Sorry for the messy Apartment It's kinda hard to do a lot with a bum leg.'

'Don't worry about it, I didn't come in to see your apartment, I'm here for you.'

'Hey man, Im not use to anyone being available for me.'

'Don't you have any friends or family that comes and sees about you?'

'Don't have any friends anymore, at least since they found out.' Now that statement was puzzling to me, but I didn't push it.

I said, 'Well man, Im here now, I need a good friend, I haven't made any since I got here, Im new to the area.'

I said,'How about me cooking some supper for us and you can come over and have supper with me this evening, How would that be?'

'Wow, Ive eaten t.v. dinners and lean cuiseneand sandwiches for so long I forgot how a good meal tastes.'

I smiled and said, 'About six thirty then this evening.' Jerome smiled and said,'Great then six thirty it is.'

Well I must say, I was happy as a lark about making friends with Jerome.

Right at six twenty five, there was a knock on the door, I opened and there stood Jerome with a half bottle of wine and his cane, he said, 'Sorry I didn't know ahead about this dinner or I would have bought a whole new bottle,'

'Hey man, thats just fine with me, Pinot Noir, one of my favorites.'

Jerome smiled a beautiful smile and slowly limped into the living room, walking with a very decided limp using his cane.

yet I noticed all in all Jerome was a very, very handsome man, nicley built and facialy beautiful, his almost Italian features were outstanding, he was narrow waisted adn thick chested like a statue and his smile could light up the darkest room, but I didn't like the emtpy saddness that was exuding from his eyes, that told me a story, but what story?

I finally got our baked chicken and dressing on the table, we had a really nice dinner and then just set and chatted, I put on a DVD and we started watching a movie, I felt just wonderful, actually I had to reserve my feelings, I wanted to lean over and kiss him he was so friggen handsome, and I was getting to that point of being quite horny, actually needing someone.

I began the questioning of Jerome, you know 'The Probe' fishing for those juicy tidbits that would give me a hint as to what I was dealing with here, Is he straight, or Gay, or maybe, the best I could hope for was the chance he might be 'BI,'

all I knew was I was going to make it my quest to find out.

I began asking him personal questions about his family, and if he had been married, a female companion, maybe even a girlfriend. He said, 'No, no girlfriend, no family anymore, no one.' I found this puzzeling. I just said 'are your family living or dead?' He finally told me,

His family had deserted him or more or less disowned him when he came out and told them he was gay, His father asked him to leave and told him that he was not welcome at their home any more. He hadn't seen any of his family in several years.

'I looked rather shocked at his revelation,


'Yes I am, Sorry, I guess I should have told you, if thats a problem, I'll leave, if you want me to.'

'Why on earth would I want you to leave, just because Your Gay?'

'I just thought,'

'Well you thought wrong,I don't think that way.'

'Jerome,do you have a lover?'

'No, not at the present, actually I haven't had the pleasure of being with another guy since before the accident.'I have been too self conscious of my leg since my accident.'

'For Gods sake Jerome Why? your a beautiful man, I would be honored to have you as my lover.'

His face looked a little shocked at my statement.

'Please don't make fun of me Kevin,'

I walked over to him and leaned down, and I took his head pulled his face to me and started kissing his hot mouth, I felt such a sensation go thru me I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I tasted his saliva as his tongue danced against my tongue, I felt his gorgeous snow white teeth with my tongue and his mouth had the taste of fine wine. I was beginning to feel such feelings of euphoria.

I finally sat next to him on the sofa and wrapped my arms around him and just began making out with him, 'Jerome I have been watching you in the hallway and I have really, honestly, wanted you so bad I could taste it, your beautiful, and don't let your injured leg cripple your mind, your very sexy and hot, and I would feel honored to make love with you.'

I had his face between my hands as I gently and lovingly kissed his lips and tasted his tears that was flowing down his cheeks.

'No one has ever shown me this kind of awesome tenderness before Kevin, I don't know what to say.'

'Don't say anything Jerome, just lay back and let me show you how much I want you.'

I felt all the anxiety and tightness go out of Jeromes body as he just relaxed and let me make love to him.

I began to hear him give out little wimperings and grunts as waves of pleasure began to take over his inhibitions, and reservations.

I began to undress Jerome, I undid the buttons on his shirt, his bare beautiful chest, covered with just a breath of dark curly hair was incredible looking, I slid my hands inside that shirt and found his nipples and began to play a tune on them. I leaned over as I pulled off his shirt and started sucking on those nipples as Jerome made little funny sounds of pleasure.

I finally reached down and started unbuckling his trousers belt buckle, unzipped his levis, and opened them up, I licked at the top of his briefs and pulled back the elastic as I went south with my mouth, I realized by this time my cock was about to split as I had him raise up and I slid his trousers down, I noticed his leg with the scar, which was not as bad as I had thought it would be, then I leaned over and began to kiss his leg and that scar, Jerome sorta jumped as my tongue hit his scar, and said, 'Why you kissing that scar Kevin?'

'Because Jerome, its part of who you are. and I want to know all of you.'

He just smiled and layed his head back down.

I slid his trousers and briefs off and I looked at his crotch, and I found myself looking at a very stiff, eight and a half inch, by six inch thick cock. throbbing and bouncing with each beat of his heart.

I smiled at his cock and said,'Jerome this has been going to waste laying inside your briefs, giving no one any pleasure, doing nothing for all these years,'

He just smiled and said,'Yeah I know,I have almost forgotten just how it feels to have someone else touch it.'

I leaned over and tasted the most awesome taste I had tasted in many months, his cock was fantastic, and as I took his beautifully shaped, cock head into my mouth and licked around that cut cock head, I began to realize what I had been missing.

I just slid his cock all the way to the pubic hair into my mouth and listened to Jerome let out a loud groan as I sucked his cock for the first time in years.

I was working his cock like a pro, feeling his hands push on the back of my head as he said,'Oh fuck, aw yeah man, that feels awesome, fucking awesome.'

I just began to suck all the better for him. I wanted him to enjoy my lips effort on his cock.

I had taken my cock out and was working my leaking cock with the pre-cum as I sucked Jeromes dick like it was the last one on earth.

I began to feel it tighten up and noticed that Jerome's nuts had pulled up besides his cock so friggen tight.

I felt his body making little funny jering movements as his cock started firing of his nut juice into my mouth, at about the same time My cock started belching a load of cum all over my carpet, I wanted all of his load that I could get.

He was totally exhausted,wiped out.

He just layed there and moaned as he came down from that crescendo of sexual high he had just been on.

Finally Jerome, opened his eyes, and in a worn out raspy sounding voice, he smiled and said,'Kevin, that was unbelieveable,' I said, 'I know, I loved it.'

Jerome and I sat there and just recouperated for a while.

Finally Jerome said,'Kevin, would you care if I spent the night, Im so worn out that I don't think I can get back to my apartment,'

'I would love that Jerome,'

We loaded up the dish washer and went to the bedroom got naked and went to bed, and before the night was over Jerome had fucked me like no one had ever fucked me, eaten out my asshole like a rotorooter, and sucked me off, He seemed to be insatiable in his sex drive.

To date we have had a sexual relationship like two guys should have between each other, totally satisfying.

We have put in for a two bedroom apartment to live together in,well only one bedroom will get used, and we will be a proper couple then. Jerome is amazing and I love him.



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