Because I Wanted to

I still sat out on the deck and watch him stretch his lithesome body and then like a gazelle run out of sight down the beach until he was out of sight. Then I would sit on the deck counting my blessings until he came back into sight. Then I’d watch in awe as he ran. Anyone who saw my face as I watch the rippling of his sleek muscles as he jogged up the stairs would know that if not him, I was in love with his body.

Chris taking a shower was a symphony in motion. The rippling of his muscles as he moved across the deck, the delicate way he stuck his hand under the flow as he adjusted the temperature of the water. The way his muscles stretch and flexed as he pulled he’s panties off his hips and slid them down his muscular legs, before they fell down around his ankles.

My breath would catch in my throat as I watch Chris’s hand glide over his body as he applied soap. When he stepped out of the shower he’d glide so gracefully across the deck that his feet didn’t appear to touch the wood and take the sports drink out of my hand as he walked through my patio door.

Inside I would suck Chris’s suck dick wherever he alighted, be it at my kitchen table, the couch in the living room, in my bed, while he was standing and looking out the window or anyone of a hundred places. I didn’t care where as long as I had his dick in my mouth. Chris had ambitions and while I was sucking his dick he liked to talk about them. He’d been taking dancing lessons of one form or another since he was 5 years old. It was his goal to get into Julliard to study dancing and become a professional dancer.

Chris enjoyed being touched so I started give him massages and relaxing him before I’d suck his dick. To this day I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone who enjoyed cumming in my mouth as much as he did.

Chris also enjoyed the feel of my mouth wrapped around his cock so much that he like for me to sit at his feet and nurse on his flaccid cock while we were sitting around chatting and watching TV.

I sucked Chris’s cock every day for the rest of the summer. Because he considered me...and I guess I was...his personal cocksucker, Chris didn’t always wait until after his run. If he got horny during the day he’d popped over expecting me to drop what I was doing and suck it for him. And of course I did.

Our houses were rather secluded so I never worried about closing curtains and such. There was never anyone around to look in.

Except the day I was blowing Chris in the living room and the UPS man walked up to the front door. It was a sight to behold. Chris kicked back on the couch in a state of sexual bliss and me on my knees at his feet sucking his big powerful cock. I chuckled because the UPS guy was nice enough to wait until we finished before knocking on the door.

A couple of weeks later when the UPS guy came by instead of rushing like they usually do, he lingered to chat. As we talked he kept cupping his balls. Knowing what he wanted and wanting to tease him a little I said, “I though you UPS guys were always in a hurry.”

“We normally are but I’m on my lunchbreak.”

“Oh,” I said, “Does that mean that if I offered you a blowjob you’d have time to take it?”

He had time. While I was sucking his dick the UPS guy told me that his wife had quit sucking his dick as soon as they got married and that he hadn’t had his dick sucked inn 3-years. After that instead of a tip he expected a blowjob. He had a nice dick and he was so damned appreciative that I didn’t mind.

 Later that day after his run as he was kicked back relaxing while I sucked his dick, Chris got a kick out of hearing about me sucking the UPS guy’s dick.

Chris showed up unexpectedly one afternoon while I was sucking the UPS guy’s dick. Instead of being mad Chris just laughed and waited his turn. It was kind an embarrassing when they talked about my dick sucking skills over my head like I wasn’t even there while I was finishing up the UPS guy...but then again being treated like a piece of meat was kind a hot.

Next thing I know instead of leaving my mail in the box down by the road the letter carrier was bring it to my door. And of course he wanted the same ‘tip’ that I was giving the UPS guy. By the end of the summer besides him, I was blowing the UPS guy, the letter carrier, both the water and the electric meter readers and the realtor’s husband. He came by to mow the lawn, saw what was going on and wanted in on the action. Even the pizza guy wanted a blowjob for delivering my pizza.

As I gained more experience and realized that I was a born cocksucker, I also realized that from his actions Chris was also a natural born feeder. He’d treated me so callously all summer because to him I was nothing but a cocksucker, a mouth to service and to satisfy his sexual pleasure.

Even though young, like all feeder she probably had a sixth sense about such things so I have no doubt that he’d found himself another cocksucker by the time he was checked into his dorm.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I blame Chris for turning me into a cocksucker because nothing could be farther from the truth. He just allowed me to come out of my cocoon and spread my wings. A cocksucker is born not made. The funny thing is that you don’t have to be gay to be a cocksucker. You just have to have an unquenchable desire to please more powerful males. And whether you’re gay or not sucking their cock is the way to serve and please them.

And I have that desire...I’m a cocksucker

I never heard from Chris after that summer but he must have gone on and attained his wish because years later he was the star of a dance troop that passed through town and performed at the civic centre. It was one of those black tie affairs.

As for I said...feeders have a sixth sense about found me and started feeding me within days of my returning home.

The end...



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