Because I Wanted to

I’ve read all kinds of stories on line about guys who were coerced into sucking dicks by a boyhood friend-an older relative-trusted family friend or what have...a myriad of reason too numerous to list. I can’t use any of those excuses. The truth is I started sucking dicks because I wanted too. That’s right, no one tricked me into it or anything like that I did with my eyes wide open with no illusions about the consequences. I did it because I wanted to.

It all started about a year ago. I got snowed in some backwater town in Montana while I was there on a business trip and had to spend 3 boring days and 3 even more boring nights in a sleazy little motel on the edge of town. The only redeeming factor for the motel was a 24-hour Denny’s within walking distance and cable TV with a porno channel. The first time I tried to watch a porn movie I discovered it only got one porno channel...a gay porno channel.

Of course I’m sure most of it was acting but the guys sucking dick seemed to be having so much fun that I was fascinated. By the time the weather broke and I was able to leave I’d made up my mind and try it. Not being a fool I knew what affect it could have on my accounting firm. This was still the age of the Bible belt and homophobia.

All my life I’d always did exactly what I wanted to do. The only influence I let others have on my actions was how discrete I had to be. This would be no exception.

As I said I owned an accounting firm that employed a dozen of the best CPAs in the country. Our service was the best money could by and our price reflected that. A large conglomerate wanted to purchase a small insignificant firm to get a patent that the company owned.

Before the sale went through the larger company wanted to be sure the depts. They acquired with the little company didn’t out weight the benefit of getting the patent. Hence they hired my firm to audit the books and look for hidden liabilities. The present of the big company wanted me to do the job personally rather than one of my employees, and was will to pay my inflated fee to get me.

So at the beginning of summer i found myself living in an extremely nice beach house for the summer compliments of the large company. It wouldn’t show up on their bill as a beach house but they would pay none the less.

When the realtor showed me around and gave me my key, since I planed on working out of the beach house I was a little concerned when she told me that the owner of the house next door was letting his nephew use the house for the summer before he went off to college.

All I needed was a parade of drunken teenagers and endless loud parties next door when I was trying to work.

The first time I saw him it was right before sundown. When I first saw him I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was a young Greek god. He was around 6-feet tall with what they describe as a sleek swimmers body but with enough muscles to tell that he worked out with weights. But not to the point of getting too pumped up, just enough for strength. He had a bronze tan; sun bleached stylishly tousled blonde hair and the bluest eyes that you could imagine.

I quickly learned that right before sundown everyday he ran a mile down the beach and back. He’d come out wearing what looked more like panty briefs than jogging shorts and do his stretches. Then he’d jog barefooted on the sand for a mile up the beach and back.

His pubescent body would be covered by a fine sheen of perspiration and obviously aroused by the run, he’d have an erection. His panties were so tiny and so tight that when he came back his erection would stick up good 2-inches above his waist band of his panties in clear sight. It was clear for all to see that he wasn’t circumcised.

When he ran he was beautiful to watch. He moved with the feline grace, his muscles rippling powerfully under his skin like that of a through breed race horse. When he returned with a fine sheen of perspiration I wanted to lick the moisture off his taunt nipples.

The first week I watched him discretely from inside the house. But as I got more aroused I moved out on the deck and watched him openly. He wasn’t the least bit shy and didn’t seem to mind my watching him do his stretches. In fact he seemed to expect it.

Our houses were about 30-feet higher than the beach and were so close together that we shared stairs down to the beach and our decks were only separated by a low railing. After I’d openly watched him return from his run for a week, I tossed him a cold bottle of sports drink when he got to the top of the stairs, saying, “You look like you need this.”

“Thanks,” he said.

Being a polite young man Chris lingered to make small talk while he drank it. It became our custom for me to toss him the sports drink everyday and for him to make small talk while he drank it. Although I was seated, Chris still keyed up from the run he would pace while we chatted. As we chatted, he would often pause with his crotch only inches from my face as we talked. It was all I could do not to keep my mouth off of him.

Chris’s deck had an out door shower for rinsing off the sand before going in the house. One day he asked, “Would you be offended if I rinsed off before I sat down and drink this?”

Of course I said, “No.”

When Chris rinsed off and his panties got wet, they became so sheer that I could count the hairs on his tight balls. There was no way that he didn’t know that I was staring at his crotch while we talk. This went on for 2-days and then I said, “For all the good you shorts do you after they get wet you might as well take them off.”

The next day Chris casually stripped off his panties before he showered and sat naked while we chatted. His dick was beautiful...a thick tube of flesh with a purple head peeking out of his the wrinkles of his foreskin jutted out from a thick clump of curly black pubic hair. Below it hung 2 golf ball size balls in his wrinkled nut sack. It was all I could do to keep my face out of his lap while we talked.

The third day of being naked when Chris came over after his shower for his sports drink and conversation, I told him, “I left the drinks in the kitchen. Come on in and I’ll get you one.”

Inside I got him a drink out of the fridge and Chris leaned casually against the kitchen counter while he drank his energy drink and we chatted. He didn’t seem to mind when I just as casually to his flaccid cock in the palm of my hand like I was hefting it to test it weight.

We stood and chatted like that until Chris’s dick started hardening in my hand. Chris’s dick soft was a fat 5 inches. Had I not seen it in that state, the skin pulled back so far that when it attained its hard 8-inches I wouldn’t have been able to tell that he wasn’t circumcised. Then I fell helpless to my knees in front of him, face-to-face with a very large and very hard cock. It was standing straight up, giving me a view that made me dizzy; Chris’s large low-hanging balls, leading to his glistening shaft, veins bulging in every direction…its dark plum-shaped head, a droplet of pre-cum now dripping ever so slowly off the head…flat, rippled abs above that and him looking down at me with pure lust on his face.

As our eyes met I slipped that purple head between my lips and ran my tongue all around it in my mouth. As Chris held my head and slid his cock in and out, I knew that I was where I belonged…on my knees with a mouth full of his hard cock, my lips wrapped around its shaft.

“Your first time isn’t it?” Chris asked as his dick continued move smoothly in and out of my mouth.


“It had to be,” he chuckled, “otherwise you wouldn’t have taken so long to make your move.”

“Am I doing it right,” I asked around a mouthful of his hard cock.

“It feels right to me, but I’m no authority. It’s my first time too.”

Then my mouth got to busy for any more conversation.

After I finished sucking him off and swallowing what must have been a pint of cum, I asked, “Was it really your first time?”

“Yes. Not to brag but I’ve always had a pretty face and body so older men have been after me since I was a kid. I wasn’t even safe at school. The male teachers and even one principal tried to touch me inappropriately. In gym class the coaches were all so worried about my hygiene that they wanted to help me take a bath. But you were different. You obviously wanted me but you restrained yourself and just tried to be my friend. After I decided that you were going to be the one and I flaunted my nakedness in your face you still tried to hold back. Honestly I thought I was going to have to stick my dick in your mouth to get you to make your move.”

Then Chris asked, “Did you like it?”

With a grin, I said, “I'm here to tell you... you have NEVER had a sexual experience like the one when you let another man shoot a load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. It was mind bending counting the number of shots as I swallowed your cum.”

I still sat out...

To be continued...



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