Ken had work in construction for well over 25 years before he got a huge promotion as the new General Foremen of Steels Construction Company. He had to be accountable for around 40 people by scheduling  their shift and duties during the Company huge contract in building the city  of Boston new Convention Centre on the out skirts of the city. 

Ken was very hard spoken and have a very good street smart scent for type of men working in this field. He grew up in a very tough neighbourhood in Worcester Mass. His Father and mother work very hard in the city Bakery factory making Wonder Bread until they both retire in the late 70's, He was also they only child they had. He stood well over 6'2 weigh a solid 225 and also play baseball in the summer and hockey in the winter months, At school he was just average and got great grades in Science and English. His parents both wanted hi to get some sort of College degree in Education so he can become a teacher.

It was late Friday when he had to called Brent into his office to give him his six month evaluation since he was new to the Steels Construction Company.  They're meeting last around 15 minutes before Brent left the office with a huge smile on his face. Ken had just give him a major pay increase and also a top grade report on his work ethnics. 

 Brent ran into Ken down at the Gold Gym Fitness club late Friday night in the fitness club new steam room that they just put in. They both smile and had a very nice conversation as Brent eyes were glued on Ken bulge that was showing off very well in his tight Under Armour swim trunks that he had on. Brent always wonder about Ken sexuality by the way he looks at him and hardly never talks about girls or has any relationship with them. 

" Fuck it so hot in here Brent "

" You got that right Ken "

" I got to take the trunks off now "

" Go for it Ken "

" Do you mind at all ? "

" Nope, I like to do the same "

The two of them were soaking in so much sweat by now they both had to go out and take a cold shower for a few minutes before they join each once again in the steam room. The door just open up slowly and both of them got very excited as the Worcester most famous Pro Wrestler walk in wearing his yellow wrestling trunks that show off everything he has. His name is Mark Lewin who is around 6'0 feet and a great body for someone over 60 years old.

The three of them had great conversation before Mr Lewin made a pass at Brent by touching his thigh with his feet before he began to rub himself a few times. Now it was Ken turn who started to stoke his massive 7 plus cock before the 3 some got started. 

Brent love taking turns sucking both Ken and Mark off as they just sat there on the wet sauna bench. Mark then took his time and began to suck Ken cock as for Brent sat behind him playing with his hairy nipples. 

" Love your cock Ken " Mark keep on saying as his lips and mouth were going up and down on his hard shaft. Ken was now in some kind of sexual pleasure now as both Mark and Brent work over his balls and cock good and hard by now.

 " Fuck I am close guy's "

" Fuck I am close "

" Let me take him Mark "

" Go for it Brent "

" Holy shit Brent here it is "

Ken scream very loudly as his cum flew out of him like a bomb all over both of Brent beard and Mark hairy sweaty chest. " Fuck guys that was fucking hot " Brent then bent over and started to lick off all of Ken white load of cum that was hanging off of Mark hard hairy nipples still before they all got up to take a shower to get clean up before they all head home .

  Brent love sitting then on the beach and deeply enjoy watching both Mark and Ken get dress and was totally amazed by what kind of underwear they like to wear. Mark was old fashion he like wearing they tight white boxers as for Ken he always love wearing powder blue or red Hanes pouch briefs. 

It was a good 3 months later the three of them decided to get together once again this time over at Ken house for dinner on Saturday night. The time was well after 9 pm when Ken took the two out to show them both his new hot tub that he has just put in. Once again Brent love licking the outline of Ken cock that was showing through his wet powder blue briefs that he had on. As for Mark he just sat their watching the two of them get it all on. They all took turns sucking and blowing one another before Ken took both of them down to his sling room in his basement that he just build. 

The Sling Room was perfect and it had everything in it from a shower in the corner  to a huge closet were all of the sex toy and other items kept for sex. Brent explain to them both that he has never been fuck before by a man. " Hey Ken would you be my first one to fuck my ass " Mark then grin before he said " I sure will dude " Ken then walk over to the closet and got out some massage oil and poppers and lube. They all took turns pouring massage oils all over their hairy bodies as Brent legs were put into the foot harness.

Mark stood right behind Ken and help him guide his hard cock up Brent tight hairy hole. They all took a huge snort of Rush poppers as Ken cock started to enter the very tight hole that was cover in lube and massaged oil. It took a good minute until Ken was totally inside of Brent as he was now screaming of sexual please coming from Ken cock.

" Fuck me Ken "

" Give it to Me dude "

Mark then pass the bottle of poppers once again to Ken and Brent before he took a good riff as his cock was now hard rubbing up and down against Ken hairy ass cheeks. Ken was now in full throttle fucking the hell out of Brent Virgin hole as Mark was pinching his erected nipples good and hard. 

" Only shit I am close now guy's

" Give me your juice Ken "

" Give it to me "

" Here it comes Brent '

" Holy fuuuuuckkkkk '

Ken body shook back and forth as his cock gust out a huge load of his cum all inside of Brent not so Origin hole anymore. Now it was Mark turn to fuck Brent as Ken went over to take a shower. The water was good and hot as Ken stood they're jerking his cock off once again as he was watching Mark fuck the shit our of Brent. " Fuck me Mark " As his balls and cock were slapping up against his juice hole very hard by now. 

" Fuck Brent I am close "

" OH Fuck Brent "

" Shit here it is dude "

Mark pull out of Brent very fast as his cum started to fly out of him like a rocket as it hit Brent hairy chest and nipples while Ken shot off another load all over the shower wall at the same time when Mark hit orgasm. 

The time was well after 1 am when both Mark and Brent left Ken house . Marc drove Brent back to his place were he stay the night and fuck once again in the morning. Ken finally got to see how Brent was doing when he saw him at lunch on Monday. They both had a great chat before they went back to their duties.

The End.




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