Holt and I have been partners in Beach Volleyball for at least six years, I thought I knew Holt very well. I had been having these feelings for Holt now for the past several years, that I couldn't explain.

We had met at a tournament for Beach Volleyball about six years ago, I was 19 then and Holt was 24, for some reason we just hit it off, we were a perfect match for the game.

I had seen him play with another dude, didn't know his name, but Holt really caught my eye. He was gorgeous, he was about six ft. one inch. and he was built really well, not body builder heavy but raw sinuey, strong and ripped, Holt had very dark brown eyes, gorgeous face and a hairy chest, the hair stuck out from under his Tank top shirt.

He would always work up a sweat during the game, and perspiration would drop of his face and hair like it was falling rain, He was as hot as anyone could possibly be.

Now here we were playing in the national championships in Malibu, Calif.

We had played the elimination rounds and were down to four teams, each team consists of two players and we would play three sets, with the winners going on the to the finals, where the teams that had won the best of three rounds, and the ones that had elimated the other teams.

We were finally down to three teams and had eliminated the other untill we were down to the finals and we were the top pic.

But I will say at this point, that there were many really good players to eliminate and some of those players left me almost hard after the matches, with their awesome body's, I ws in a state of constant heated motion, god I was so turned on, If I hadn't had a jock strap holding down my seven and a half inch cock, I would have been really embarassed most of the time, good god man, there was so much 'eye Candy' walking around there on the beach that I thought I would go nuts.

I was just waking up the morning of the final match, whoever won this match was the winners of the tournament.

I woke up about six, and looked over and saw Holt there laying uncovered on his bed, we had rented a Hotel room a singel, since it was all they had left. Any way,Holt was laying there and had his leg sorta raised up laying on the the bed on his back, and I noticed that Holt's cock was sticking straight up out of his boxershort, thru the slit in the front, God I had never seen it like that way before, it was darkskinned and he still had his foreskin, it was just covering about half of the head, It was awesome, I felt my stomach tighten up with electric shock sensation an feeling, I wanted to lean over and take it into my mouth so friggen bad I could taste it. I gently walked over to Holts bed and knelt down, and reached up with my left hand and wrapped my hand around this gorgeous cock. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, at least to me it was beautiful, it felt so thick and smooth, the head was about half way out of the foreskin, and I started sliding it up and down, exposing the head each time, I wasn't trying to wake Holt, but just wanting to satisfy my own curiousity, I just knew it was something I really needed to do. I was feeling emotions for Holt like I had never felt before, I gently leaned over and took Holts cock into my mouth and he just moaned and layed back, straightened his legs out and sorta shoved his hips upward. I knew he was still alseep, but I didn't want to arouse him to wakeing. I was feeling so much excitement that I was sucking like a 'hoover' and I really getting bolder, damn, I even was so much in love with what I was doing that I didn't care if Holt woke up and hit me upside my head, for sucking his cock, but I was in for a surprise. I heard Holt start to really breathing hard and moaning and saying under his breath Aw Fuck, UGHMMMMMMM and I knew he was liking it an he was already awake, He stopped me and he looked into my eyes and just reached down and took his boxers off and said, 'Lanny, where did you learn to suck cock like that, its awesome,' I said, 'Holt man, I have been doing that for several years, to the right dude.'

Holt just looked at me and straight into my eyes, and said 'Please, Continue', I took his cock and pulled that foreskin back exposing his beautiful dark pink head and started licking it like a lollipop and he started moaning again, God I was loving this, I noticed he was getting harder and harder, I notice he had grabbed a handful of the bed covers and was clinching them and I started working his cock over like a crazed maniac, God I was lost in cocksucker Heaven, and I wanted, no needed, his cum in my mouth, and I knew he was close. I started deep throating him, and taking his cock, all eight inches of it, all the way down to the pubic hair, and I was almost ready to have a fit. Well finally after a good fifteen minutes of slowly working on his cock to the point of total meltdown, Holt raised up on his elbows, moaned and grunted really loud, and lifted his crotch upwards and I felt it start pumping cum into my mouth, and god was it an awesome load.

Holt flopped back down on the bed after he finally shot his full and complete load, I was wiping my mouth off and smiling, staring into Holt's eyes and he said, 'God Man, Damn son, I never had any Idea you liked to do that,' I smiled, and said, 'Are you mad?' He looked up and said, 'Fuck no, man, it was awesome, I was getting tired of sneeking off and jerking off to get some relief.' I felt so damned proud to have brought Holt, my Idol and mentor to complete satisfaction, Holt got up and grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kissed me on the mouth, and he said, 'after that I need a good hot shower.'

I was so happy after that I never even concerned myself with the fact that I had not even gotten off yet, Holt came out of the shower and said, 'Man, just wait untill tonight after the tournament,' I said, 'Why, He said, 'I think you will be happy, and surprised,' And thats all Holt said.

That afternoon I noticed a big difference in way Holt acted and It was for the better, he played in the final match much more smoothly and completely on target, he never missed a ball, we won the sets, two out of two, it never even got to the third one. We had won with a shutout in the second round, 21 to 0, never before done.

We walked away with the Trophy, we were both very proud.

I knew we would be leaving going back to Dallas, back home the next day, and start practicing for the upcoming year of games.

We had gotten back to the Hotel room and went to the Hotel Lobby restaurant and had a really nice dinner and a few drinks and took in a show there in the hotel theater. We had an almost perfect evening, it was awesome, but I noticed that Holt was staring at me almost the whole evening, I didn't figure why he was almost ogling me, and each time we got a new drink He toasted me, I was feeling a little conspicuous, and sort embarassed.

We had a wonderful evening and really enjoyed ourselves and it was time to go back to the room, I unlocked the door with my key, and Holt grabbed me and Picked me up like a bride and said, 'Now for Desert,' he carried me across the threshold and kissed me on the lips and carried me to the bed, and layed me down like he would his newly wedded wife, I just laughed, He looked at me very serously, and he said, 'You laugh now, but in a few minutes you will change that to a loud groan of pleasure.'

I smiled and said, 'WOW, I watched as Holt went to the radio there in the room, and he turned it to a sexy sounding music station, an then he kicked off his shoes, and started to do this dance, and doing a slow, erotic, sexy strip, fuck it was awesome, I just layed there and felt my cock slowly rise to full hardness, as Holt looked at my eyes and never once did he take his eyes off mine, and he just kept on doing the dancing and stripping. He slowly got down to his trousers and he just so erotically removed his trousers and I was thinking this won't work to well with boxers there just not that sexy, but I was in for a surprise, He was wearing a very sexually explicit, and provacative looking pair of very skimpy bikini briefs and he had the pouch stuffed full of his manhood, which I might add was almost hard and pushing the pouch out almost straight, He just smiled and said, 'YOU LIKE?' I smiled a great big smile and said, 'OH HEll yeah, Holt, I damn sure LIKE,'

I started stripping and Holt walked over to me and said, 'Here, Let me help you with that,' I just layed back and let Holt strip me, all the while I could feel my very stiff cock aching to be set free from its confinement, I was looking at his briefs and watched each time his cock flexed in his briefs. I wanted to reach out and touch someone, but this was Holts evening and I was letting him handle it. I was down to my briefs, just the plain white kind, but I do look sexy in them, and then Holt reached down and took my cock in his hand and said, 'Baby, your gonna enjoy this, I just moaned. He slid my briefs off and It was sticking up like a flagpole, damn I was hot, I was leaking pre-cum and he was grabbing my cock and wiping it off with his thumb and sticking it in his mouth, god that was so fucking hot. Holt finally took his briefs off and grabbed a bottle of lube and put his hand on my chest and shoved me back on my back ,and just straddled me and got to line up his rectum to my cock and balls. and He slid some lube up his ass and I realized he was going to have me fuck his ass, God Damn man, I didn't even know he liked gay sex, four days ago, and now here he is setting on my cock and taking it in the ass.

He had set down onto my cock and I felt it as it slid upward into his intestine, God he was hot inside, and that was an awesome feeling, to have my cock buried into my best friends asshole and He was enjoying it too.

I started pumping upward as he raised up and slid downward onto my cock, I can't tell you this feeling knowing he was doing this to please me, god it was awesome.

Finally, after about ten minutes of the most sensational, and awesome feeling sex that I have ever had, I felt my cock started feeling like an explosion was taking place, It started jerking and shooting cum, I was completely taken over by the sensation.

I had never felt so wonderful, satisfied, but on top of it all, Holt had just shot off a load too, he had been stroking it while we were fucking and a glob of his awesome tasting cum hit my mouth, God I was somewhere out there, in la la land.

Holt finally leaned over and just wimpered for about ten minutes as I stroked his hair and felt like heaven. Holt kinda came to his senses and started kissing and making out with me, God we were haveing the most awesome time in our years of being best buddys.

WE Played Beach Volleyball for several more years after that, even made it as far as the Olympics, but were beat out by a team from Brazil. But Holt and I are still together and we still play, but mostely just with each other, and sometimes we play Volleyball too. We still live in the Dallas area but now we live together. I just Love Holt and I feel like we have a lifetime ahead to really play as a team, if you get my drift.



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