Nothing like a hot young bottom boy's ass draining your balls.

I'm a regular visitor to the gay bathhouse in my hometown. It's busy

enough on weekends, but weeknight cruising is always a bit chancy.

I hit paydirt one night though. The place was practically empty,

just me and a couple older guys who were cruising me. I'm almost

40, but I have a body that looks a good ten years younger. I spend

a lot of time at the gym. Having an eight inch cock doesn't hurt

either. I'd be traveling for work for over a week and hadn't had

five spare minutes to jack off, let alone fuck any ass. The night

I was back in town I hit the bathhouse, hoping that at least one guy with

a decent body and serviceable ass would be on the premises. For almost

an hour, it looked like I was going to have to choose between Older Dude

A and Older Dude B, both of whom looked like they'd been taking it up the

ass for years. I was just about to make my move on the better looking

of the two, when the twink showed up.

Even on busy weekends, guys like this were a rarity at the baths.

The kid was not just cute, he was gorgeous. Short, toned, equally

parts smooth and tan. His towel covered what looked like a decent

sized dick. But it was his bubble butt I was interested in.

You could tell blondie was a newbie. He practically jumped out of

his skin as the two older guys tried hard to cruise him. I patiently

waited against the door outside my private room. This kid was going

to notice me sooner or later.

When he finally rounded the corner on my end of the hall (2 older dudes

close behind) and turned to make small talk with him. Of course the

oldsters lurked nearby, probably hoping I'd scare him away so they could

get a nice piece of young meat up the ass. When one of them brazenly

approached the twink, I told him to fuck off and then opened the door to

my cubicle. 'We can talk in here,' I said, 'where no one will bother

you.' I pulled the cutie into the room and made sure the two guys

I was leaving out in the hall saw my smile as I closed the door.

Leeches, I thought. They're probably already pinned to the other

side of the door so they can hear everything.

I dropped my towel and smiled as the young blond gawked at my tool.

I walked over and began to kiss him; softly at first, then deeply.

I wanted him to relax. I let my hands down so I could undo his towel.

Both naked, I ground my hard body against his. It was like dry-fucking

a buttery leather chair. He was that soft and smooth. I sat

the kid on the cot and took him to the balls. Like most guys, he

really got into the way I give head. I got him close a few times,

but didn't want him to cum. Keep a guy on the edge and their likely

to go along with whatever you throw their way.

I flipped him onto his belly and climbed on top, giving his naked body

a nice relaxing rub down. I kissed my way down his back and kneaded

his hot ass cheeks. I pulled them apart and blew a little warm breath

on his hole. When I started to rim him, he responded like a dog in

heat. The kid was squirming and moaning like a slut in heat, his

tight pink slot twitching against my tongue. 'You like this, huh?

You need something up that ass?' I licked one of my fingers and began

to push it inside his asshole. I applied a little pressure where

it counted and enjoyed the high pitched gasp of pleasure my little slut

let out. 'Need something more?' I asked, gently sliding a second

finger into his snug ass. 'You need to be fucked, don't you?'

He turned his head to face me and our eyes met. He didn't say a word.

I asked him again, slowly twisting my fingers inside him. He nodded.

He wanted it up the ass.

I reached for the big bottle of lube and greased him up, adding a like

amount of lube to my tool. I pulled blondie up on all fours and started

to sink my tool into his hole. I think he'd been fucked before, but

that ass was plenty tight. 'Jesus, your ass is awesome! What

a sweet little pussy!' Inch by inch I buried my cock, watching the

young slut's eyes grow wider as my thick shaft opened him up. I reached

down and tweaked one of his nipples, which sent that ass into a tailspin.

After waiting so long to cum, I couldn't hold back for long; I quickly

filled him up with a week's worth of hot sperm.

My dick was still hard, so I kept fucking him. I knew I could

shoot again if he let me nail him for awhile. I tried him out in

every position, pushing him onto his stomach and pounding him hard from

above, flipping him over and making him ride my tool and then tossing him

on his back, with his legs over my shoulders so I could make the long deep

thrusts needed to drain my balls a second time. At first I wasn't

sure I could cum again, but when the twink popped himself, his ass milked

another load right out of me.

I think he was a little shocked to see how cum-filled his ass was after

me fucking him. When I opened the door to take off, some new guy

was hanging around, eavesdropping on the sounds of our fucking. I

asked him if he liked to eat out a freshly fucked young hole and his eyes

lit up. I took off as he was letting himself into the room where

the blond kid was waiting. Fucking hot to think of some other guys

tonguing my cum out of that young guy's ass!




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