I nailed a beautiful young guy over the weekend. I saw him out

at a gay club, one of those that caters mainly to college guys, twinks

and young gym bunnies. If you aren't the type to describe yourself

as a 'hottie,' a 'boi' or any other young label, you'd probably be ignored

in a place like this. Myself, I am 38, 6 feet, 180 pounds of hard

muscle; tan with body hair shaved close or down to nothing. I've

got 8.5 thick inches and I wanted a young bottom to plant my load in.

I couldn't think of a better place to find one.

The young men in this place usually stick together in small groups.

The place was hot and already more than half of them were shirtless; many

had already stripped down to just their underwear. Though the hot

young flesh on display was nice to look at, I prefer my bottoms to be a

little more inhibited. I knew as soon as I saw him, he was the one

I wanted.

He was cute, young.. probably 20 at most. He had the preppy look

with stylish dark hair, green eyes and a long lean body that was going

to look great stretched out naked under me. You could tell he was

shy. He was sitting alone at a small table in the corner, nursing

a bottle of beer, eyeing the half naked men dancing under the lights.

He hadn't looked in my direction yet.

I walked over near him and stood against the wall. I looked down

at the back of his neck, feeling my own neck tingle as I imagined how delicious

his skin would feel against my lips. He must have sensed me looking,

because his head turned. He looked at my face, then his eyes dropped

to my crotch. Back to my face, then back to the dance floor.

I could see the color flush into his cheeks.

I didn't say a word, just crossed my legs and waited for him to look

back again. Thirty seconds later he took another look, this time

quicker. I walked over and took the other seat at the table.

'See anything you like?' I directed my gaze out onto the throng of

dancing twinks but made sure he could see my crotch as my hand gentle caressed

my bulge. He said something to me, but his voice was so quiet and

timid that I couldn't comprehend a word of it. This was bullshit.

I cut to the chase.

'Why don't we get out of here and go back to my place. I can't

even think in all this noise.' The kid knocked his beer bottle over

and looked directly at my bulge. Then his eyes met mine. 'How

about it? You want to see what I have under here?' I stroked

myself obscenely and stood up, walking out of the club.

The night air was cold, a slap in the face compared to the sultry atmosphere

inside. I stood by my car and lit a smoke, waiting to see if the

quiet guy was coming out. I was halfway through my cig when the door

opened and he slid out. He loitered near the front of the club, working

up the courage to walk over to me. Let him sweat it, I thought.

In a couple of hours I knew he'd be doing whatever I wanted.

Finally, he ambled over. 'Got a place?' He was shivering

a little and I'm not sure it was entirely from the cold.

'Maybe. What about you?'

'Mine's over on the other side of town. Not really close at all.

It's pretty small. Yours is probably closer.'

I let him yammer for a bit then tossed my smoldering butt and exhaled.

'You drive. I'll follow.' He seemed like he wanted to say something,

but didn't. He walked to the far end of the lot and started up a

small car. I hopped in my own and peeled out after him, making sure

to stay right on his ass. Ten minutes later we pulled up in front

of a small house in a residential area.

'Nice place,' I said, checking out the neighborhood. He looked

scared shitless, like one of his neighbors might see him returning home

with a stranger.

He walked us up the driveway, to the garage. 'I don't live in

the house. My place is up there.' He glanced up at the upper

level of the garage and unlocked the side door. As I followed him

in, I read his name off the punched label on the mail box. Jason.

As I climbed the stairs, I was trying to count in my head how many Jason's

I'd left loads in before.

The place was small, just a studio with a small kitchenette and a pull-out

sofa bed. I told Jason to pull out the bed while I used the bathroom,

which was barely large enough to stand up in. In the bathroom, I

tore off my shirt, dropped my jeans and eased my sticky briefs down.

I sat on the toilet long enough to kick off my shoes and socks. Totally

naked, I went back out into the main room.

'Ohmygod,' was all Jason said, gawking helplessly at my cock, which

stuck out like a club. The bed had been pulled out, but he was still

dressed. I walked up to him and put my lips close to his ear.

'Let's get you naked,' I moaned, rubbing his ass through the seat of

his tight jeans. I let my hand slide between his legs and close in

on his crotch. He was hard, and hung from what I could tell just

by feeling him up. I sat Jason down on the edge of the bed and took

hold of his sweatshirt. I pulled it over his head, taking a minute

to appreciate his smooth tight body and clean fresh smell. I held

his arms aloft, caressing the dark hair in his pits and then moving my

fingers to tease his nipples, which were large, dark and perfect.

I pushed Jason back on the mattress and climbed on top of him, bringing

my warm wet mouth to one of his tits. He closed his eyes and moaned,

putting his fingers in my hair as I fed. I ground my cock against

the front of his jeans and reached down to unzip him. I could feel

the (wet and sticky) head of his cock peeping out of the top of his low-rise

briefs. I stopped feeding on his chest long enough to work my way

down and wrestle him out of his jeans. I pulled back his underpants

and watched in delight as his beautiful cock snapped back and smacked his

tight belly. A dark treasure trail snaked from his navel into his

sweet-smelling pubic hair, from which the aforementioned beautiful cock


'Do you suck?' he whimpered hopefully.

I took his rod in my hand and looked up at him. 'Jason, I do everything.'

I took his dick in my mouth and carefully took him all the way in, letting

him enjoy the talents of my mouth while wondering how in the fuck I knew

his name. He squirmed like most do while getting sucked, panting

and begging as I brought him closer to the edge. I would stop only

long enough to ask little questions: 'Does this feel good? Do you

want me to stop? Do you think this might make you cum?'

I teased him closer and then cruelly removed my mouth from his wet cock.

I tongued the shaft, inching closer to his smooth egg-like nuts.

He liked having those licked. I lifted the sac, burrowing my tongue

into the nerve-laden spot behind the balls. Gentle at first, then

firmer. My eyes roamed up to his cock's slit, which was oozing precum.

I pushed my tongue into his miracle inch and dragged it even farther south.

'OH MY FUCK!' Jason's entire body tightened up and his gasps were

coming once or twice a second. I spun the tip of my tongue devilishly

around the perimeter of his asshole, working it gradually right into the


'You like that, huh?' I asked. He answered with his body, thrashing

around in extreme pleasure. He snatched a pillow from the top of

the sofa and buried his beautiful young face in it. I could only

imagine the stifled screams of pleasure that were lost in the pillow; Jason

surely didn't want the sleeping landlords in the small house to wonder

what sort of carnal activities their young tenant was up to at one in the


I rimmed him tenderly, feeling his tight hole relax against my talented

tongue. I lifted both Jason's legs and placed them on my shoulders.

I wet one of my fingers and carefully began to open him up. It took

awhile to insert the finger (his hole was fighting the intruder) but his

slot began to release its tension, with a lot of tongue action. I

slid the finger back out and licked two more, easing the pair in before

his hole had a chance to tighten back up. I flexed my fingers and

felt him stiffen. I moved my mouth to his cock, taking him to the

balls. He was in heaven.

I kept the fingers buried and began to weasel in a thumb. Once

I had it in past the first knuckle I was able to pull that smooth fuckhole

open. The head of my cock is pretty thick and I knew Jason was going

to have to be pretty loose to take it. 'Got any lube?' I asked, jacking

his hard cock while he tried to think about my question. Jason's

right arm flopped back and felt around at the small table next to the sofa

bed. He pulled open a drawer and fumbled around. He came up

with a large jar of Vaseline. Messy, but effective. I flipped

the plastic top off the jar and scooped out some of the grease. By

the looks of it, he'd been using the Vaseline as jackoff lube for awhile.

I slathered enough of the jelly on my hard cock so I wouldn't tear him

open when I buried it.

'Are you going to fuck me?' he whimpered, squeezing my neck with his


'You want it, don't you?' I let my tongue tease the dripping head

of his cock while he decided.

'Put it in slow.' He knew how big and thick it was. 'And

not all of it. Just the tip. I've never been fucked before.'

I reared up and began to push my greasy cock head against his fluttering

asshole. 'I'll go slow,' I promised. The tongue action and

finger fucking had already loosened Jason up quite a bit more than I had

thought; my slippery hard-on sank into his ass like a thick hot poker.

'Oh man!' he moaned, his hands on my pecs. His fingers squeezed

my nipples, pulling them hard as I sank deeper. 'Only half!

Please, only half!'

I reached down and felt. 'It's all the way in.' I smiled

as he winced, then I began to slowly pull my dick out of him. His

entire body flinched when I slid it back home, my greasy pubes rubbing

against his open hole. Each time I pulled out a little faster and

added a little more force when I buried it again. Jason was going

nuts, giving me every variation of 'Oh my God!' known to man. The

pillow was cast aside and he instead had his face against my body, voraciously

kissing my chest, neck and face as I long-dicked his virgin hole.

I have pretty good stamina, allowing me to give a hot guy a nice long

fuck before cumming. Sure, I could feel my balls ready to boil over,

but I concentrated on fucking Jason's brains out until his ass was a nice

willing receptacle for the load that was about to explode inside him.

I reached down and took Jason's cock in my hand and began to jack him off.

There was enough precum on his dick to really get him close.

'Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!' he finally gasped. He arched his back

and began to fire ropes of sperm. With each squirt, his tight ass

squeezed me; I couldn't hold back any longer. I looked him in the

eye and told him that I was going to cum. He simply wrapped his arms

around my neck and let me fuck him, my scalding seed flooding his tight

young ass. It felt like I was emptying a gallon of hot jism up inside

him and I could tell from the look in Jason's eyes that he could feel my

thick liquid filling him up.

Both drained, we lay intertwined on the bed, neither of us speaking.

I left my cock (still hard) up his ass and began to fuck him again once

the urge returned. Before the sun came up, I gave Jason three more

loads. I left him naked with his freshly-fucked hole leaking cum,

pulling away in my car before the neighbors got up and saw me leaving.




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