I decided to call my good old friend John up who work for many years as a Banker Manager close to where I work.  It was late  Friday afternoon when John got a chance to see me. " Hi Tom what can I help you with " ? I told him that I was interested in buying some land about 100 miles from here. I must say that  John was a very good looking middle age man. He stood about 5'11 around 180 with a blading hair line. The meeting lasted a good hour before we went out to the local pub for a few  Beers. It was weird once again that John did not have a wedding ring on his left finger like usually  does. " Got a question to ask you John " ?  I can see he look a little scared a bit. " Were is the wedding band my friend ? " He gave me a sad look and started to tell me all about his ex-wife cheating on him. I really felt for him because this is wife number 4 who has left him now in over the last 20 years or more. 

I then order one more before I got my nerve up to ask him back to my place. " Hey John would you like to come over to my place for some more and you can check out my new 60 inch Sony TV set" ?He then took about a few seconds before he said " Why not Tom that will be great " We then pay the Bar Tab off before we got into our cars to head back to my place. " Nice TV set Tom" he told me with a nice smile. " Thank you John what would you like to have to drink "  He then took a few seconds before he ask me to make him a double rum & coke. The time was like 7 pm now as the 2 of us were feeling great from all the Jamaica Rum that we had. 

Hey John can I ask you something personal , "What would you like Tom " Would you feel offended if you let me suck your cock" ? That will be a first for me Tom for a man sucking my tool " He then got up from his chair and came over to me. I watch him slowly open his belt buckle up before he pull his zipper down, I then pull his dark black slacks down to his ankles. I then got on my knees and stared up at him in his tight blue spandex briefs. He slowly pull the briefs  down to his balls before my mouth started  to suck him deeply " Fuck Tom it feels nice dude " He told me a few times as the pre cum was filling up my mouth. We then took a little break as we both headed into my bedroom to continue the blow job. I was now deep throating and tonguing his nice 7 inch shaft all the way down to his nicely trim crotch area.

It was about 20 minutes later he was now fucking my ass good and hard. My God did he know how to fuck very well, I can feel him thrusting me nice and slow as he was moaning with great pleasure.I can now hear him tell me that he was getting close in cumin.  " Fuck Tom I am close , Fuck Tom I am close, Holy shit  Fuuuuuck " !  I felt his whole body vibrate for a few seconds while he was having a huge orgasm inside me.  " My God Tom that was the best fuck dude " ! Before he withdrew from my ass. He then pull off the Trojan Condom that was full of his hot juice and got up to put it into the basket in my washroom. We both shower and dry each other off before I watch him get dress to head on home.  " Thank you some much Tom for the great time " as he was getting on his coat.

I then walk with him down to the elevator as he got on. I then went walk back to my apartment and finished some paper work before I went to bed. The next morning I got up  to check my e-mail as I spotted one from John . He wanted to let me know how much fun he had last night, I reply back to him to call me anytime when he has some free time.

I saw John about a few month later at the shopping mall with another women in his arm's laughing and carrying on like a happy couple. He spotted me right away has he quickly ran into the music store to avoid me wow ! He wrote me about 6 month later and wanted to meet me over at the Irish Pub for a drink. I wrote him back and told him that I was busy and don't ever e-mail me again. 

Part 2 to follow 




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