"Oh, what a day. I stole a wealthy gem, played with a security guard, and even harassed my ever so loyal cop." I thought with a smile creeping under my mask.

"I suppose I should call him detective,  but somehow it doesn't sound right." I thought over the topic as I walked the rooftops, trying to blend in with the night.

The nights chilling air whispers the secerets of the city as i notice a stray shadow move swiftly, along with the clanging sound of metal.

Turning swiftly, my throut is caught by massive hands. I'm lifted from the buildings roof and held to the sky by massive arms. I struggle to no end until a sound of aprouch echos across the night.

"Ah, senior Shadow. A pleasure to see you again," says the cloched figure.

As I grasp the massive hand tyed around my larix I recognized the sound of it's unpleasant tone.

"Vex" i said with a descusted voice.

"Yes," he laughed low and diabolicaly.

"You always were the best of us, at stealing that is."

His vioce made my ears burn with anger from the retched memories i had of him.

"You may release him Jackel, he won't run. After all, he has to repay his dept."

As the hulking frame known as Jackel released his grip I shift my shadow to create my copy and send him to attack. To no success, Vex shatters my shadow back to it's unsolid self.

"Now now, no need to get testy." 

"You retreave me with a mut, knowing i was on my way to finish the payment. With this in mind you expect me to fall in line like Jackel here. Get off your high horse you prick, I'm only here to break the dam chain you put around my neck. You lewd ass." I comback at him with clear anger in my tone.

Vex smiles under the hood, as if amused by me anger.

"Ah, your unique unchaind heart is so refreshing. I was begining to think you'd lose it, but it seems you were just working to release yourself from my influence."

 Anouther chuckle as he pulled out a breifcase and tossed it at me. Reacting on instinct I pull out the gem and grabbed the case. After placing the gem inside and tossing it back over, Vex ordered Jackel to pin me down. This time however I was prepared with a shadow in my place. With that I knocked the big loaf out like I did with the guard, a touch here and there with hypnotic suggestion and he was out like a light.

"You really should get a better muscle man." I replied with pride in my tone.

If he was going to try and get more out of me, he'd have to truely have the power to take mine away. Luckly he can only do so for a short time, and even then its range isn't far. Vex was about to begin his assalt when anouther cloaked figure appeared between us.

"You have no more buisness here Vex, the master awaits his prize," said the figure.

"But, mistress. We could get so mutch more. All we need is his eternal enslavement, we don't need to let him go." Said Vex with a slivering snake tone.

"The master declared the contract nullified as of this moment, he knew that shadow would follow up on his side of the deal. Now drop it, or I will revoke you slave holder's lisense," threatened the figure toward Vex.

"A pleasure doing business, but i have places to be," i said walking away.

"Just you wait shadow, I'll have you be mine again one day," Vex cursed disappearing into the night's darkness along with the other figures.

Walking to a nearby roof door i entered, opening to a small apartment with two room and bathroom. It was more like a hotel room then an apartment, a small kitchen conected to the livingroom and the livingroom conected to the bedroom, separated by a set of two doors. The bathroom was more apart of the bedroom then separate, but that never bothered me. Being late, I showered so that my bones could finally relax. Vex was an old highschool bullie that injoyed tourturing students.

He took a particular liking to me when he found out about my power, how he did still illudes me. However, he hasn't seen me without a mask. Obviously, my highschool wasn't like others. This one didn't require you to show your face so long as the chip inplanted in your arm was visable. Back on topic, Vex belongs to the group that clearly indepted me to them. Thankfully, I am free now.

The words crossed my mind and I slowly felt releaved. Leting out a sigh I exited the shower and found the bed. It was only moments before i drifted to sleep dreaming up ways to tease my loyal cop Jess.


"Fuck, that's just perfect. The croock gets away and now I have a head ache," i say with an earitated tone.

"The corporal will probably chew my ass out for leting his ass get away," i muttered silently.

"Relax, no one knows you let him get away," says my subordinate.

My headache pulsed with furry as my anger overheated my face. He was driving me home in the police cruiser, the radio was singing a heavy metal song that only made my ears bleed with uncomfort.

Ariving at the apartment complex, i undid my seatbelt and went inside not bothering to look at my subordinate. 

"What a fucking perfect day," i muttered to myself.

"First, you get a parking ticket because you parked in a no park zone, then you get told by the boss that your going to become the head of the department, you don't have a lover, and lastly you let the fucking basterd shadow slip through you grasp." 

When i finished ranting i was in my apartment a simple two room one bathroom with the bath conecting to the bedroom. The only other room in the apartments, like mine is the one across the hall. Owned by a man by the name Shad, i say man; but he resembles more of a kid. I guess it's just because he's younger then me.

After stripping i find the bed and colapsed onto the heep of pillows drifting to sleep.


Pen-ave haven

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