"A dark night with a glummy unsuspecting gaurd. The gem is as good as mine", i thought to myself. "Funny you'd think they would have beter security, but who am i to complain". Sneaking my way behind the guard plaing my right hand on his sholder i implant a small hipnotic idea in his head. He stands up and turns around supriced, but soon he starts to relax (as well as get hot and bothered).  Obviously, having a sex fantasy. Sadly, as much as I'd love to stay and watch him undress i was more conserned about when he snap out of it and unhulster his gun. Now, where is that gem?


"Bob! Get your ass in gear or he'll get away!" I yelled at my partener. He was a fatass trying to run up a simple flight of stairs, i told him to lay off the dam donuts. 

"But, how do you know ...*huff* he's even here? ...*huff* There are at least... *huf* five skyscrapers with...*huff*  expensive jems.... why this one? Said Bob.

"Because it's the most expensive and i have a feeling now herry your ass up! And for fuck sake lay off the dam donuts!" I yelled again.


"Inching the jem off of the pressure plate while placing the fake isn't easy, but it helps with timing" i said to myself with my hood getting in the way of the final bit. i was starting to think I'd  trip the alarms, but somehow i managed. Now in my hands is the beutiful gem of blood, aka the ruby of blood. Worth just enough to get me out of my dept, "finaly, I'll  be free from that prick and be able to do as i please again." I thought as i stared at the ruby that i could berly hold with one hand. 


The words boomed into my ear drums so loud i felt my grip on the ruby lossen. I thought I'd  dropped it, but thankfully i hadn't.  

"What the hell Jess, you almost made me loose my prize." I managed to say without earitation in my voice. 

"I said freeze!" Yelled jess

Placing the gem in my bag i slowly razed my hands in the air and thougnt to myself "and so begins the dance of shadows"

(Cop) -Jess

"I finally cought the famous theif of shadows. Funny, i thougnt you'd  be taller" i said with pride knowing I'd cornered him with no escape. 

"You seem confident. Though, you realy shouldn't be so happy until you've actualy cought me." Said shadow with a tone that suggested he was laughing. I couldn't  see his face through the mask and hood he wore. His build wasnt all that impressive, but that just means i can take him in a head on fight. I held my finger on the triger, waiting to see if he'd  make a move. His pasture appeared to be relaxed, even with a gun pointing at him. He thinks ha has a way out, but I've covered the intire building the only way out is to be aressted.

"You have no escape shadow come quietly and let me take a look at that face of yours and mabye I'll reduce your sentence by a few hours."

"Ha, that's cute. However, I'm afraid this is the part were i get past all your policeforce and make my getaway." Said shadow scoffing. 

"Oh? And just how do you plan to do that?" I asked with curiosity and a grin sweeping across my face. 

"Simple, have my shadow talk to you long enough for me to escape." Explained shadow.

"Huh? Your shadow? You must be realy insain if you think shadows can protect you from the law." I said my grin replaced by seriousness. Suddenly, he was gone. The feeling of a hand touching my crouch appeared. I froze, unable to justify what just happened. First he stood before me now he's behind me getting a feel for my junk. He started to move his hands up my lower torso and to my chest.

"It's a shame I'm not here to personaly touch your manly body, but unfortunately that's life. It was a valiant effert. Sadly, you've lost" said shadow as he disappeared into thin air. Only whispering his words of farewell,

"let's play again anouther time."

And with that he was gone. Blood rushed to my face of both fury and embarasment flooded my emotions. With this along with adrenaline i yelled, "god damit..............shadow!!!!!!!!!"


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