He looked out over his balcony to watch the parade of people passing by. They always were passing by, it seemed. Shawn was just 22, had lived in this tiny little complex for over 3 years, and still didn't know anyone in the building, let alone elsewhere. He tried, he really did but his nights were spent alone, watching the tube or some twink video.

It wasn't that he was ugly either, least he didn't think so. He wore his hair short, sort of. It didn't hang down but it was neatly trimmed, sandy brown colored, without the other stuff some liked. No streaks, no highlights, just his natural hair color. He was slender, a typical twink he thought. Okay his ribs didn't show when he had his shirt off, but it wasn't like he packed a lot of weight or muscle. Dripping wet, he might hit the scales at about 135 pounds, which wasn't bad for a guy who was 5' 10.

Yet he never seemed to connect. It was becoming a bit rough. After all how many nights could he spend, just whacking off to some nameless person boinking another on just one more porn flick? He watched a lot of porn, these days, because he was horny.

Standing out on the balcony, he would spot some hot guy, one that would give him an instant hard on, but rarely did he manage to make eye contact. If he did, they seemed to just stare straight through him, like he didn't exist. Shawn didn't understand it, because he knew inside that they could never get a better fuck, than him. He really believed that sex with him would make a person not want sex with anyone else, even if they experienced thousands of others.

Okay, yes it was a bit conceited, but to him, it was merely stating a fact. After all he was who he was. He had the looks, the talent, and the dick to go with it all. Still, even the few he had managed to pick up in the local bars, never seemed to call him back. It amazed him, but he thought that most likely they were jealous of him. They more than likely didn't think they could stand having a second round of sex with him, because it was like drugs. The more they tasted, the harder it would be for them to move on to someone else.

Problem was, he liked the taste of a cock in his mouth, or the way it felt when his was in someone else's mouth, or up their ass. He liked that feeling, that sensation. He knew he wasn't the ideal date, maybe even a bit demanding but shit, he knew what he liked, and how to get it done. Didn't that count?

Obviously it didn't, because once more he had struck out at the bar. Here he was, a Saturday morning, leaning out over his balcony railing, trying to pick out some hot stud, to think about, while whacking off. The latest porn video he had played till 3am hadn't really done much, so he was once more forced to try and come up with some other fantasy.

What seemed to be working the best, was to stand out here, and find some guy down below. To just stand there, watching him walk or lay out on the grass across the street. The beach wasn't far off either, you could see the sand and water, which helped. Most of those he would fix his gaze on where scantily clad, which certainly made it easier for his mind to dream about. He could see their chests, their legs, and he had pretty good eyesight too.

If that wasn't good enough, he always could snatch up the pair of binoculars he had, and use them. Shawn would pretend he was looking out over the ocean, but would now and then quickly zoom in to get a better look at their package. Rarely could they tell, and so what if they did notice? Not like they could get into his complex, or even know which was his apartment.

The trick was to not get noticed though. He had put up some of that plastic siding on either side of the balcony, insuring his neighbours couldn't see in, and the overhang from above had that area covered. It was all rather a nice little set up, so that while most who looked up, could see him peering down, they had no idea that he was only wearing a pair of white undies.

Most hang out, shirtless, and that was all they could see. It gave him the security he wanted, because the goal wasn't to just stand there and think about what he'd do to those he paid attention to, but was to also relieve the pent up tension inside. For the time, he kept his undies on, though the idea of just standing out there, naked and stroking his cock was appealing. Shawn just didn't have the guts to go quite that far, at least not yet. It had taken him a bit to just go out of his one room apartment in his underwear, but he was glad he had.

To stand out there, then run inside and jerk off, was too hard. He would forget the details he had seen, and it just never satisfied him well enough. Many times he would spot some stud, think about him, then rush inside to strip off his pants, and start to jerk off. Problem was, by the time he got his pants down, his mind had forgotten most of what had gotten his attention in the first place.

Now he had come up with this plan. Instead of wearing his clothes, he would go out in his underwear. The white jockey shorts worked out best, as they had the best fit to his slender body. While he could get his hand inside, they gave him enough resistance to make it interesting. It added to the sensations, which was why he wore them for these little jaunts outside.

He loved the thrill of it as well. To be standing out there, in full view of everyone, and be jerking himself off made it seem all the more enjoyable. Course deep down he wasn't thrilled, but what else could he do? No one really seemed interested in being with him for more than one night. It was their loss, because while he wasn't hung like a horse, he thought he was more than average, both in length and size. Still that didn't seem enough for those who he had managed to get home.

Hell one guy had woken up next to him, looked at him and rushed to the john, where he puked. Then white faced he came out, grabbed his clothes and left, even before fulling putting them on. He never understood that, and he knew that when he walked into the local bars, people talked about him. Shawn wasn't sure if it was envy or what, but he knew that wherever he went, people would talk about him.

Shrugging, he pushed those thoughts aside. All he knew was that dates were getting harder, which was also why he was thinking of moving elsewhere. Maybe Florida, but hurricanes sort of kept him from actually pursuing the thought. Instead he glanced over the railing, watching the milling people along the walkway. It was not that busy so far, as he stared at a few possible prospects. They certainly weren't the cream, but hell, a few were rather interesting.

As he stared down, his eye caught the glimpse of golden skin, with bleached blonde hair off in the distance. He turned his gaze as he saw a rather tall young man come skateboarding down the pathway. He had no shirt on, but had something tied around his waist. Shawn hated that, because it really forced him to think more, as the view was hidden. He wished those skate board freaks would also wear some tighter pants. Every time they would come streaking by, all you could really see was the smallest of details.

He followed the moving figure as it stopped just opposite him. Licking his lips, he stared as the tall young man kicked the skate board up and walked off the pathway, towards the beach. He stopped about halfway, and set the board down. He then untied what was around his waist, laying it out on the grass. Shawn felt himself getting excited, as he realized the guy was going to lay out in the sun.  It could be interesting, he thought, as he stared at the figure.

Looking at him, he decided to call him Sam. One more of his little tricks. He would name the object of his day's attention. He thought it helped to make things more personable. So Sam was what he decided to call this blonde. Looking at him, he saw he wore the usual baggy shorts, but as he looked on in disgust, he noticed 'Sam' push the shorts down. Quickly he got his binoculars out, to get a better look.

He watched as the baggy shorts were pushed down and laid next to the skateboard. Sam was wearing a pair of tight fitting blue shorts. More like the old style gym shorts that they used to use in PE classes in schools. Licking his lips again, Shawn zoomed in on Sam's rear end. Two perfectly shaped orbs were nicely outlined by the tight fitting shorts.

'BINGO' he thought, as he felt his cock growing inside his own shorts. He had found his mark for the day, as he leaned on the railing, his binoculars aimed right at Sam. He saw the legs, the way the calve muscles jutted out, and he could tell that this guy was built. The ridges along his back were clearly defined too, but it was those two perfect shaped cheeks that made him reach down, adjusting his boner.

He could feel the sweat beginning to bead up on his forehead as he watched Sam. There was no mistaking what he was going to do, and now his only hope was that Sam would like to tan his front side first. It would certainly make his fun more enjoyable, and watching, he felt himself suck in his breathe. Sam was definitely going to lay on his back, and best of all, his head would be towards him.

That was by the far the best position. It gave Shawn the best viewing of the prone body. His hand was prodding his hard cock, as he watched him sit down, his back to him. He still hadn't seen his front yet, but that was coming. He was certain of it, as his hand pulled at the stiff cock in his underwear. He could feel the heat from his dick, and already he could feel the pre cum beginning to ooze outwards. He wanted to reach inside, but held off, waiting for when his Sam would lean back. Right now he just enjoyed watching him smear sun tan lotion over his arms and legs.

If only he could be the one doing that, he thought, as he pushed and poked at his hard cock. For a moment or two, he thought about going inside, donning some shorts and heading down, to stretch out next to Sam, but he just couldn't pull himself away from watching. Sam leaned back, staring out at the beach and ocean. He had finished putting the lotion on, or so it seemed, but he wasn't lying down.

He hated teases, but he felt his hand pulling at his dick. It was rock hard inside the shorts, tenting them but he liked the feel of his hand as it pushed at his erection. His eyes narrowed as he peered through the binoculars. He sighed, as finally Sam leaned back. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses, so Shawn couldn't see his eyes. Didn't really matter, because it was what was between his legs that he really wanted to focus on.

Moving down, he saw the pecs, the firm nipples too. He was very glad that he had paid the extra $50 for these binoculars. They showed such detail, when zoomed in. It was perfect, as he held them up close with one hand. His other moved up from his crotch, rubbing his belly. He felt the paunch shake and move to his touch, and briefly thought that he needed to cut back on is beer intake. He was getting a belly.

Sam on the other hand, looked rock hard around the belly. It looked firm, and for a brief moment or two, Shawn thought he could actually see the ripples from his muscles. It made him send his other hand downwards, to work its way under the waistband. He felt his own fingers reaching down, to touch is own throbbing pole, just as he moved the binoculars downwards to check out Sam's crotch.

Shawn felt himself suck in his breath, bit his lower lip as he saw the bulge. There was no doubt, Sam was sporting an erection, and the tell tale tenting of the blue shorts confirmed it to him. He felt his own hand reach around the base of his cock, grabbing it tightly as he stared at the shimmering image.

His eyes began to mist up, and he let the binoculars drop down. Wiping his eyes, he stared out at the prone body of his Sam. It was amazing, at how the legs moved apart. Shawn felt his hand pulling on his throbbing pole. He moaned a little, as he stared down, ignoring everything else. His mind had found its mark, and he felt the power in his hand, as it began to slowly pull up on his shaft, twisting his cock, and then reaching up around his swollen cock head. He felt the sticky pre cum on the palm of his hand, as it swept over his head. The cock seemed to jerk a little, as he began to twist his hand around the head, then slide it back down his fully erect cock. His pre cum was helping him lubricate the cock as he just stared. The throbbing was becoming all consuming. He could hear it, in his ears, as he pulled his hand out and spat on his fingers.

Quickly he smeared his spit over his cock, feeling it jerk and tremble. He picked up the binoculars with his other hand, as he leaned over the railing, peering at Sam. His lips were dry, and his heart was pounding as he let the binoculars focus on that bulge. It was bigger now, which made him grunt a little, in complete satisfaction. His hand was beginning to stroke his cock a bit faster too, as he kept the binoculars focused on Sam's bulging groin.

He could even see the small tuft of hairs along his belly, just under his belly button. It was leading right to what was making those shorts tent so much, which made Shawn moan a bit louder. What he wouldn't give to follow that little treasure trail he thought, as he began to stiffen. His legs were growing taut, and he adjusted his stance. Feeling the ache in his body, his hand was moving a lot quicker now. The calves on the back of his legs grew taut, as his body was absorbed by the vision of Sam. The way he lay there, his legs spread apart, his hands off to either side. His head was tilted back, and he could see the crotch perfectly, thanks to his binoculars.

The hand was moving quicker now, as he began to pant a little. The vision of Sam was staring at him, as he thought about how he'd like to ram his cock up between those two perfect cheeks. How he'd like to be sitting on Sam's well defined chest, and feed him his cock. To let his lips wrap around his hard shaft, and stuff it down Sam's throat. It would be the perfect suck job, he thought, as he felt his balls slinging upwards. He felt them pushing up as he stared at that bulge.

It would be perfect, to sit on his chest. To feed that mouth his meat, to push it past the teeth, to stuff deep into his throat. HE could feel Sam's tongue too, as it would lick at him, taste him, but he wouldn't cum in his mouth. No, Sam was the type you would not waste your cum in the mouth. He would flip him over, spread his cheeks, maybe even poke him a bit with one or two of his fingers, to just make sure it didn't hurt too much when he would ram his cock in.

There wouldn't be any need for condoms either, because Sam would be the one to stay, to never leave. He would never go to another, he would be Shawn's bitch for as long as Shawn wanted. That was how it would be, as Shawn felt his body quiver. He knew that it would be too, as he pulled on his cock. He knew that Sam would be tight too, that the first press of his cock up against Sam's hole would make him beg Shawn to not do it, though he would really want him too.

Shawn knew he wouldn't disappoint him either. He would hesitate just a second, to tease Sam, to let him think he wouldn't ram his cock in, but then he would push. With every ounce of his strength, he would push his hips forward, sending his cock in like a missile. He would hear Sam cry out, hear him scream even, as he took Shawn's throbbing cock deep inside. He would fuck him hard too, not letting up. He would pound that ass, until the screams became nothing but moans.

As he visualized the moment, when his cock would be ready to cum, to let its seed out deep inside of Sam's ass, he felt his own body shake. The trembling motion made him whimper, as his hand was a blur inside his shorts. He could feel it rear back, feel it as the whole cock jerked backwards, then came rushing forwards, between his grip. He felt the hot milk come flooding out, felt the blood that had rushed down to his groin. His arms ached, his legs were cramping up as his body quivered and jerked.

His cum was flowing through his fingers, and he let the binoculars down onto the railing, as he felt himself shudder. He bit his lower lip again, tasting the sweetness of his own blood, as he came. It was still making him tremble, as the last drop dribbled out, and he rubbed his cum all over his crotch. He leaned backwards, sighing a little as he let his body slowly recover. His eyes had closed in those last seconds, and as he opened them, the sun made him squint. It took him a few minutes to see, and realize where he was.

His head had tilted back, but he slowly let it move forward, to once more seek out and find his Sam. Slowly he found the spot, and stared down. His eyes widened as he saw his Sam, no longer laying prone. Instead he was sitting up, twisted to stare up and over at Shawn. He stepped back, out of sight, as he tried to let himself calm down. He smiled, thinking more of getting dressed and heading down. He leaned back forward, to see Sam had disappeared. He felt disappointed, but then reached back down, to feel the dried cum on his underwear. It didn't matter, he thought, as he headed back into his apartment. There would be others.



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