Jake lay back, letting the warmth of the sun wash over his naked body. He loved to do this when Stella was away. He had grown used to his girlfriend's puritanical ways in the sex department. So to have the freedom to sunbathe nude was something he relished whenever he had the opportunity. A light breeze tickled the hairs around his nipples, making them tighten and stand to attention. He stretched out his long muscular legs, setting them apart so that the same ticklish sensation travelled up the dark hairs on the inside of his thighs, allowing the breeze to play on his plump balls and the underside of his cock, as it lay exposed across his abdomen.

Jake took pride in his appearance. He liked to keep fit, playing soccer with his workmates. They took the piss out of him when he spent ages styling his hair, even resorting to combing his neatly trimmed pubes to ensure everything looked perfect. He languidly drew his left hand through his hair, resting his head on it, as it progressed to the nape of his neck. His chest flexed involuntarily and his tight stomach drew itself in, causing his cock to roll into a seemingly erect position, the bulbous head just below his navel. With his eyes shut he fell into deep relaxation, and it was almost unconsciously that his right hand reached across and started to stroke his lengthening cock. If only Stella was into outdoor sex. If only Stella was into sex! Increasingly he found himself having to work harder to get her to participate when he felt horny. Aged 22 - a frequent desire!

His dick was hard now. The velvety skin sliding smoothly through his grip as the breeze continued to caress his richly tanned, lightly muscled frame.

'Err...Mr Davis?'

Oh shit!!

Jake's eyes snapped open. His whole body tensed. Instead of letting go, his hand gripped his cock tighter, causing the now shiny, pre-cum-slicked head to flare.

The pool guy!!

Jake turned his head from the glare of the sun overhead to see Marc standing beside his prostrate body.

'I'm real sorry to disturb you. I know I don't normally come on a Sunday... It's just that Stella hasn't paid me for last month and I could do with the cash...' His voice tailed-off.

All the time Jake had been aware of the young man's presence Marc had maintained direct eye-contact with him, but now, for a fraction of a second, his pale blue gaze darted onto Jake's right hand and his stiff dick, which was unashamedly maintaining its erection, before returning to hold Jake's own hazel, slightly startled eyes. Marc was a couple of years younger than Jake. He had been maintaining his small pool that took up most of the backyard, for the past year, to subsidize his journey through college.

Jake was always a little wary of Marc. For all her frigidity, Stella thought he was 'gorgeous', and often remarked on her appreciation of his beauty. He stood about six foot; a golden, tanned, naturally-muscled body. As was his custom, in the summer months, he had turned up today in nothing but his obviously favoured cream, high-cut cut-offs, resting low on his slim hips. The heat of the day was making him sweat slightly, making his body shimmer in the sunlight. Unlike Jake, his body appeared almost hairless, although there was evidence of a light dusting of pale gold on his taught legs, and a trace running from his navel to his shorts, to match the sun-kissed mop on his head.

'If I'd known you were busy...'

Jake tried to decide if he saw the trace of a smile as Marc made this statement.

'I guess Stella must be away again. I can come back when she returns, if you like.'

'No it's OK.' Jake suddenly got animated. He tried to get up from where he'd been lying, but, like a turtle on its back, he was struggling.

Marc held out a hand and took Jake's in his firm grip, pulling him up. Seconds earlier, the same hand had been sliding backwards and forwards over an excited cock, which even now, stood out proudly from Jake's now erect body. Marc didn't seem in the least concerned, as the two young men stood facing each other. On the contrary, as he released Jake's grip he moved both his hands to the front of his tight cut-offs. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband, he pulled down slightly, exposing neatly trimmed golden pubes and closing his slender fingers of his left hand over the healthy looking bulge that appeared to be snaking its way towards his already exposed hip-bone.

Jake realised he was watching this and quickly drew his gaze back to Marc's face, only to find it met with a now definite grin, supported by sparkling eyes. Embarrassed, Jake turned slightly to look around him.

'I'd put on a towel or...or some shorts...but I don't have any out here.'

'Hey, you're OK!' Marc laughed. 'If a guy can't look after his sexual frustration in his own backyard, when his girlfriend's away...'

'You don't know how lucky you are,' Marc continued. 'I still have to live with my parents. What I wouldn't give to strip off and take advantage of the beautiful pool you guys have. When all I get to do is keep 'em clean and move on to the next one, getting all hot and bothered as I work. You want to know what real frustration is?'

There was a pause.

Jake realised he was supposed to answer.

'Yeah?' He struggled to find his voice and sounded all husky.

'Become the pool guy!' Marc laughed.

Jake found himself relaxing slightly. Even his cock appeared to be losing some of its tension - but not enough to be polite! He laughed at Marc's facial anguish.

'There you are with your all-over tan - all my customers are the same. Handsome studs with not a care in the world. And here's me in these things, leaving annoying white bits. I can't get them any smaller and remain decent!'

He tugged with his thumbs on his waistband, pulling it down even further and offering the evidence of his pale cream mid-section. The action exposed what Jake suspected was all there was to see of Marc's pubic hair. In fact, Jake caught a glimpse of the smooth root of a thick (perhaps thickening) cock.

Realising that once again he was staring at what he felt he shouldn't be, Jake returned to look once again into those blue eyes and found himself gripping Marc's shoulder.

'Hey man, you can use our pool anytime you like! You put in the work, and it's not like we pay you a fortune. Can't afford to' he added quickly.

'Are you serious?' Marc's face lit up.

'Yeah, no problem!'

Marc turned from Jake, releasing the grip in his shoulder. In an instant and rapid movement he slipped himself out of his cut-offs, revealing what was left of his nakedness, and dived into the pool. The last view Jake had was of Marc's pale cream, tight buns as they disappeared below the water surface. Closely followed by a pair of long tanned legs. Marc quickly surfaced, shaking his mop-head and laughing as the water ran over his face.

Jake was struggling with the situation he found himself in. He found he was trying to work out how big Marc's cock was by peering at it through the rippling water surface. It looked a good size - years of comparisons in the locker room told him this. The habit of all straight guys - right?! But was it erect or was the buoyancy in the blue water making it stand out from Marc's body?

'That really needs attending to,' Marc laughed, nodding towards Jake.

Jake looked down instinctively, and to his embarrassment realised his prick was once again standing to attention. Reminding him that he hadn't completed the job of relieving its frustration.

Marc waded through the water towards Jake. 'Sit yourself down and let's sort this out.'

He couldn't have explained why he did it, but Jake did as he was told and sat on the edge of the pool, his legs dangling to the knee in the cool water. Marc kept advancing towards him until he stood immediately in front of Jake's parted knees. Jake brought his right hand towards his cock, accepting responsibility for his predicament. As he did so, his wrist was gripped by Marc, and at the same time he felt a cool wet hand close over his hot, excitable cock.

Jake went to say something, but he found the words caught in his throat. He watched dumbly as Marc's hand slid back and forth. His masturbator seemed to be totally focused on his task, staring intently at his manipulation. As Jake watched, slowly, very slowly, Marc brought his face closer and closer to the object of his concentration. Suddenly Jake's cock was inside Marc's warm, silky mouth. Of course he'd had blow jobs before, but not like this! His body started to shake with uncontrollable ecstasy. He couldn't help it. His body wouldn't support him. He had to lie back, writhing and groaning with feelings he was experiencing for the first time in his life. Another man was taking his cock into his mouth and the sensation was beyond belief!

But there was more to come.

The action of lying back made it possible for Marc to progress from sucking to licking - down the length of Jake's shaft to his balls. One at a time they entered Marc's mouth. This was completely new territory. But still it didn't stop. Jake felt Marc take hold of both his ankles and lift his legs out of the water, curving his spine and lifting his ass off the edge of the pool. Without losing contact, Marc's tongue lapped around Jake's ball-sack, before tracing a line down to the tight pucker of his asshole. Jake cried out as Marc started to saturate his hole, lightly probing its centre every so often with the stiffened tip of his tongue. His actions became more intense, penetrating Jake's ass and creating unbelievable shock waves through his body. He realised that at anytime his cock was going to explode and he wasn't even touching it! By now he was almost shouting, unable to control himself. He was completely resigned to whatever Marc chose to do with him - and at that point Marc chose to gently lower Jake's legs back into the water, licking back up across his balls, back up his shaft and swiping a very large tear drop of honeyed pre-cum from the tip of his prick.

Jake lay still for what seemed like ages, his chest heaving and the breeze delivering an incredible cooling sensation across the now moist areas of his body. He heard Marc pull himself up out of the pool and opened his eyes when he felt water dripping onto him, as his pool guy stood over him. He was looking up at a beautiful (not a description he would have used until today) cock. Without thinking, he got up onto his knees, grabbing Marc's penis in one move. It seemed the most natural thing in the world for him to lean forward and allow Marc's cock to slide between lips.

'Ooh, you're good!' Marc whispered softly, stroking Jake's hair and lightly manoeuvring his head as his throat sheathed the pulsing, wet popsicle. 'But two can play at this.'

Keeping his cock inside Jake's mouth, Marc positioned them both so that Jake found himself once again on his back, revelling in his newly discovered role as a cocksucker, as Marc returned his mouth to close over Jake's dick. A perfect 69!

Jake started to copy Marc - learning from the master - discovering what it was like to suck on another man's balls - and then the ultimate - licking and probing another man's ass. In perfect unison!

Once again it was Marc who was in control, as Jake found himself separated from his new best friend. Marc was once again standing over Jake, only this time he was smiling down at him, feet planted either side of Jake's torso. Jake watched in disbelief as slowly, Marc lowered his beautiful, creamy, tight, muscular ass down so that his puckered, lubricated hole rested on the very tip of Jake's throbbing cock, that Marc was holding up to meet his decent.

'Are you ready for this?' Marc smiled warmly at Jake, creating an emotional connection that he had never experienced with any sexual partner, and he in turn looked back nervously and nodded dumbly.

The emotional fire that worked from his cock to all parts of his body was so intense he almost passed out, as slowly his cock became enveloped in Marc's ass. In no time Marc was sitting on Jake's abdomen, rocking slowly, teasing him to new levels of ecstasy. The, using his powerful thighs, he started to lift himself up until only the tip of Jake's cock remained inside his ass and then rapidly sat back down, making Jake gasp.


This manoeuvre was repeated, and as his movements became faster and more vigorous, so Marc's cock leapt about of its own accord, slapping against Jake's belly. Soon Jake could bear it no longer.

'This is my territory!'

He lifted Marc off his cock and rolled him onto his back. With a degree of passionate aggression he lifted each of Marc's legs onto his shoulders and plunged his cock back into the young man's ass. The pace quickened now as Jake pistoned the centre of his body into his lover. Now it was Marc's turn to cry out.


They lost all sense of time as they worked in harmony to bring Jake to climax.

When it happened, Jake thought he was going to die. His cock actually withdrew completely before plunging back into Marc with inspired accuracy. He drove in so hard he felt the bones of his pelvis grinding against Marc's.


Hi lover screamed as Jake felt his cock explode and become soaked in hot cum as he held it deep inside Marc. Then he withdrew slightly, but thrust back in immediately. And again. And again. He lost count, all the time showering Marc's insides with scalding cum.

As the moment started to subside Jake lowered his body down onto Marc, and as their faces closed in, he kissed him. Tentatively at first, and then with unbridled passion. Eventually he withdrew one last time from Marc and rolled off him, collapsing onto his back, exhausted. Marc moved to him and started to stroke his hyper-sensitive body - kissing and nibbling on Jake's nipples. Finally Jake's breathing returned to a level of normality, and he managed to sit up. Marc was now sat opposite him. He was leaning back, resting on his arms, stretched out behind him. His legs were bent at the knee, feet flat on the floor, Spread wide, presenting Jake with a clear view of a raging, rock hard cock, a fat ball sack drawn up to meet the base, and beneath it a puffy, gaping asshole, dribbling Jake's cum onto the poolside. Jake watched as Marc reached down and drew his fingers across his asshole, scooping up a handful of Jake's cum. He then wrapped his hand around his cock and worked it so it became wet and slimy, and slick.

'Oh no! I don't think that's fair, do you?' Jake found himself saying.

He got to his feet and stood astride Marc, his softening cock in his face. As Marc poked his tongue out to lick the last of Jake's ejaculation from the tip, he was caught by surprise as, without thinking too hard about it, Jake lowered himself down and took his huge cock into his virgin ass.

'No!' Marc cried out, but it was too late as searing pain seemed to split Jake's body in two. The weight of his body had him sitting in Marc's lap, with the entire shaft buried up his ass, which seemed to have gone into spasm.

Marc quickly took Jake's face into his hands. 'You beautiful fool!' he smiled. 'Now very slowly, try to relax. Don't move. Just make a conscious effort to try and relax the muscles in your ass.'

Jake couldn't speak. He did his best to do as he was told. His asshole became the total focus of his being. To his surprise it started to work. He felt this sensation of fullness, right up inside him, but no pain!

'How brave are you?!' Marc grinned.

With concentration Jake used his leg muscles to raise his ass off Marc's prick. He experienced for the first time the rippling sensation as the walls of his ass slid across the lightly veined ridges of Marc's thick cock. He stopped his upward movement and slowly lowered himself back down. This time Marc's cock seemed to penetrate even further. It was then that Jake felt something that seemed to hit him in the base of his stomach. He made him feel like either he was going to pee - or alternatively cum again. It was amazing! He repeated the process to feel it again. Soon he was bouncing up and down in Marc's lap, the two of them holding on to each other for all they were worth, kissing passionately, in between gasping for air and emitting animalistic noises from deep inside their being.

Suddenly both men shouted as cum spurted simultaneously from both their thrashing cocks. Marc coating Jake's insides, with his partner gluing them together with his second sticky deposit of the afternoon.

Eventually a calm washed over the two lovers. Carefully Jake raised himself from Marc and they rolled onto the ground in each other's arms, and eventually into the pool.

Marc was in the shower when the telephone rang. Jake was about to join him. It was Stella.

'Oh... Hi Jake! Erm...I'm at my mother's.'

'I guessed as much.'

There was a long pause, that only Stella could break.

'I suppose we need to talk. You know things haven't been right for a long time...'

Jake didn't interrupt her. They'd been here before...only this time things were very different.

'I need some space. I'm going to stay here for a few days.'

'Stay for as long as you like.'

'Oh... That sounded a bit final. You seem very calm.'

'I'm just fine. I really think this time we should move on.'


'So I'll wait to hear from you.'


Another long pause.

'Jake? There's just one thing... You know Marc, the pool guy? Well, I've forgotten to pay him. Could you settle up next time you see him? He's such a nice guy and I wouldn't want us to owe him.'

'Don't worry. I can assure you he'll get everything he's owed and more. Let me know when you want to come and collect all your stuff - we can talk then.'


'Bye then!'


Jake put down the receiver. He felt a great sense of relief and freedom...and joy! He happily turned to the task in hand. Towels!

He walked into the bathroom to be confronted by the naked beauty of Marc standing in the centre of the room dripping.

'Will you dry me?'

'Come here!'

As Jake wrapped Marc in a big fluffy towel and started to rub him dry, in places he hadn't dreamed of touching another man until a few hours before, he heard a muffled voice from under the towel.

'Who was that on the phone?'

'Oh, just someone from my old life before you.'

Marc's golden locks tipped back to reveal a happy blue-eyed grin, as Jake ran his hand gently across the beautiful, untanned, creamy ass cheek of his pool guy.



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